Rocket Content AI Review for 2024 (Personally Tested)

I personally tested Rocket Content AI this year for my portfolio of websites.

In this Rocket Content AI review, I’ll share everything you need to know about the bulk content writing service—pricing, pros and cons, content quality, and ranking potential.

Here is my honest Rocket Content AI review.

My Overall Rocket Content AI Review

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Reliability5 Stars
User Experience4 Stars
Quality3 Stars (With Caveats)
Original Content5 Stars
Ranking Potential4 Stars
Overall Ranking Score4.5 Stars
Overall Rocket Content AI Review Chart

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I will go over my ratings in more detail below, but I want to explain my quality rating here.

Rocket Content AI repeatedly informs you on the website not to expect the same writing quality as human writers. That’s reasonable. I didn’t expect that same level of quality at all.

However, because I only gave a list of keywords (and not detailed outlines), a few of my articles suffered in terms of quality.

To be fair, it’s partly my fault.

Had I provided a detailed brief and outlines, I strongly believe the quality of the articles would have been much better right out of the gate. Instead, after some back-and-forth emails, Rocket Content AI happily made my requested changes to those articles.

Ultimately, I was happy with my results (especially for the price).


Speed up website growth: When you are starting a new website or want to see growth quickly, Rocket Content AI can help generate content that is both high quality and keyword rich, which can dramatically help you launch or re-launch a site.

Generate multiple articles at once: With Rocket Content AI, you can generate 1,000 or more articles at once on almost any topic. This can be a great way to test keywords and topics, as well as launch or re-launch a website.

Save time and money: Writing high-quality articles can take a lot of time, but with Rocket Content AI, you can get good-enough articles quickly and at a fraction of the cost of hiring a professional freelance writer.

SEO friendly: All of the articles generated by Rocket Content AI are SEO friendly, so you can be sure that your website will rank higher on Google with their help. They also pass Copyscape plagiarism checks (super important).

Flexible: You can choose how many articles you want generated, what topics they should be about, and even have some control over the tone and style of the writing. This makes it easy to get the content that you need exactly how you want it.


Quality: The quality of Rocket Content AI articles is not as high as those written by a human writer. Don’t expect content miracles from this service.

Editing needs: In order to make the Rocket Content AI articles shine, you’ll need to do some editing. This includes fixing grammar mistakes, ensuring the content is correctly formatted, and making sure the article is readable and flows well.

Article length: The Rocket Content AI articles are typically 1,000 words long. This is great for ranking on Google, but it may be too short for some topics. You’ll probably need to expand them eventually if you want them to compete for rankings.

Competition: Your competition may have higher quality articles than you do. This means that they may rank higher than you in Google search results. You’ll need to produce better and (often) longer content than your competition if you want to beat them.

Detailed content outlines: In order for Rocket Content AI to generate great articles, it needs detailed content briefs from you. This includes information on the topic, target keywords, what you want the article to cover, and more. Without this information, Rocket Content AI will not be able to generate good content for you.

Here is a video I made about my personal experience and my Rocket Content AI Review:

YouTube video by Writing Secrets—Rocket Content AI Review

Rocket Content AI Review (With Personal Details)

When I tested Rocket Content AI earlier this year, I ordered 10 articles from them.

If you’re thinking about using Rocket Content AI, then you probably want to know who they are, what they do (and don’t do), and what to expect from your order.

Keep reading to find out the secret to getting better content with Rocket Content AI.

What Is Rocket Content AI?

Rocket Content AI is a full-service bulk-content writing agency that uses AI tools to generate content fast.

Here is how Rocket Content AI describes itself on its own website:

100% Done for You Cyborg Content Marketing Agency…

Launching Your Traffic With Massive Content!
Combining Human Editors + AI tools to create rankable content at an unbelievable value.

If you’re looking for good-enough content at volume, Rocket Content AI is a great resource.

What Does Rocket Content AI Do?

As mentioned, Rocket Content AI combines both AI tools and human editors to produce 10, 100, or 1,000 articles for website owners and bloggers.

To put that into perspective, it takes most solo bloggers a year minimum to write, edit, and publish 100 articles.

1,000 articles can easily take up to 10 years.

Rocket Content AI can produce that much content for you in the first year. You can even order higher volume by negotiating custom deals directly with the company.

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What Does Rocket Content AI Not Do?

Rocket Content AI is not going to generate award-winning articles at the same standard as a fully-human writer.

Speed and volume are the highlights.

The quality of the articles is good enough but not great. If you expect really good articles, you’ll be disappointed.

However, you can set yourself up to receive higher-quality articles.

Based on my personal experience, here are my suggestions:

  • Do intensive keyword research to find low-competition or no-competition topics
  • Build a keyword content cluster by submitting keywords around the same topic (i.e., 10 keywords about mountain climbing or 100 keywords about grills).
  • Create a detailed content outline with simple and clear instructions for each subheader.

Who Is Rocket Content AI For?

Rocket Content AI is for bloggers who are looking to produce content at a high volume and are willing to sacrifice some quality in order to do so.

The articles that are generated by Rocket Content AI are still good enough to rank on Google, but they will not be as well written as those produced by a human writer.

This makes Rocket Content AI ideal for bloggers who are looking to jumpstart a new or lagging website.

It can help them quickly produce a large number of articles that will help them start to rank higher on Google. However, it is important to note that the articles will need to be edited, updated, and manually fixed over time in order to upgrade and maintain their quality.

Who Is Rocket Content AI Not For?

Rocket Content AI is not for you if:

  • Want 100% pristine quality.
  • Believe in quality over quantity (at least in this instance). The service offers up to 1,000 + AI-written articles for a lower price than hiring a human writer.
  • Expect articles in perfect English grammar. The articles will be good enough to rank on Google but may have slight mistakes.
  • Want human-quality articles at AI prices. The service offers AI-written articles at a massive discount compared to most other writing services.

How Does Rocket Content AI Work?

Astronaut on Spaceship - Rocket Content AI Review
Image by the author via Canva – Rocket Content AI Review

When you order content from Rocket Content AI, you do some things and the Rocket Content staff do some things.

You pick a mission (test flight, moon mission, or Mars mission), provide a site URL and suggested keywords, and grant Author or Editor access to your WordPress site.

The Rocket Content AI team uses tools like Ahrefs, Jasper, Surfer, MarketMuse, Frase, SEMRush, and Copyscape to create your content.

They will do keyword research and mass content production.

If you prefer, the Rocket Content AI team will publish the content for you directly onto your site. It’s a completely hands-off process.

That was my experience.

I submitted my keywords and waited to receive my content. I didn’t ask the Rocket Content team to publish my articles since this was my first test. I communicated with the team through my Rocket Content AI dashboard.

Get the Cheapest Price for Rocket Content AI

Rocket Content AI Pricing

There are currently three pricing tiers with Rocket Content AI:

  • Test Flight
  • Moon Mission
  • Mars Mission

Here is the simple breakdown of Rocket Content AI pricing and what you get with each tier:

Pricing TiersWhat You GetPrice
Test Flight10 SEO-optimized Articles$200
Moon Mission100 SEO-optimized Articles$1,000
Mars Mission1,000 SEO-optimized Articles$9,000
Chart: Pricing for Rocket Content AI Review

I recommend that you start with a Test Flight, then scale up to 100 or 1,000 articles as soon as you can.

My Rocket Content AI Tech Stack

Check out this chart for my personal tech stack that I use with Rocket Content AI:

Tech StackGet the Cheapest Price
RankIQ (Easy Keyword Research)Get the Cheapest Price
Passive Income Geek (Blogging Program)Get the Cheapest Price
Rocket Content AI (Bulk Content)Get the Cheapest Price
Jasper AI (Content Generator)Get the Cheapest Price + 10,000 free credits
EasyBib (Plagiarism Checker)Get the Cheapest Price
Ezoic (Display Ads & Optimization)Get the Cheapest Price
My Tech Stack for Rocket Content AI Review

I use RankIQ to find the easiest and fastest keywords to rank for in my multiple niches. There is simply nothing else like it on the market.

Then I create an outline following the strategies I’ve learned in the Passive Income Geek blogging course.

Finally, I send a detailed outline to Rocket Content AI.

Once I get articles back, I use Grammarly and Jasper AI for quick fixes and to add more content (if necessary).

I run the content through the EasyBib plagiarism checker, and add graphics with Canva and YouTube videos with Tubebuddy. Finally, I’ll set up my site with Ezoic to display ads to monetize my traffic.

Rocket Content AI Alternatives

Is suggest that you give Rocket AI a try with a Test Flight.

However, if you’re looking for alternatives, you might want to consider a few of the services listed below:

Rocket Content AI alternatives:

  • Jasper AI—You’ll need to write the content yourself but that really just means creating a content brief and clicking a few buttons.
  • Fiverr—It’ll take time to find good writers on Fiverr but you can find decent writers that will produce 10 articles for around the same price as Rocket Content AI. However, you’ll have to pay Fiverr sales tax. You can also not get 100 or 1,000 articles at the same price.
  • Black Hat World—If you check out the content marketplace on Black Hat World, you can find comparable services for around the same price. Again, getting the volume (over 10 or 20 articles per month) is going to prove difficult.
  • Other Content Writing Services—There are dozens of good content-writing services that will happily produce as much content as you want. However, their prices are much higher.

Rocket Content AI: Frequently Asked Questions

No Rocket Content AI review would be complete without answering some of the most commonly asked questions about the service.

So, let’s dive in!

Is Rocket Content AI Free?

Rocket Content AI is definitely not free.

The cheapest pricing there is the Test Flight at $200 or $20 per article. That’s .02 cents per word. The next level up is the Moon Mission for $1,000 or $10 per article. That’s a jaw-dropping penny per word.

Finally, for high-volume users, there is the Mars Mission plan for $9,000 or $9 per article.

That’s just .009 cents per word!

Is Rocket Content AI Worth It?

After testing Rocket Content AI myself this year, I would say that the service is worth it.

You get decent-quality articles at a low price and fast.

What I would do differently next time is provide very low-competition keywords along with detailed outlines for each article I want them to write. I think that will vastly improve the quality of articles you get back from them.

Does Rocket Content AI Use Jasper AI?

Yes, Rocket Content AI is clear that they do use the Jasper AI platform.

Jasper AI is the most sophisticated AI writer on the market and produces the best results for bloggers, writers, and marketers. I use Jasper every day across my suite of websites.

If you want to learn more about the tool, we have a great article covering the Jasper AI tool from top to bottom.

Can Rocket Content AI Help Rank Your Website?

Yes, the content from Rocket Content AI can help rank your website.

Even if your site is brand new.

However, ranking depends on more than good-enough content. It depends on keyword research, building silos of authority, how you set up your website, backlinks, etc.

All else being equal, Rocket Content AI content will rank.

If you use tools like RankIQ, ShineRanker,, or Ahrefs, you can speed up your rankings by going after keywords with easy-win ranking potential.

I also highly recommend that you edit, fact-check, and put your personal touch on every article.

Does Rocket Content AI Produce Plagiarism-Free Articles?

Yes, Rocket Content AI writes plagiarism-free articles.

They use Copyspace and Frase to ensure that you only get 100% original content. Jasper AI, which they use, almost always produces completely original content.

Just to be sure, I ran all 10 of my Rocket Content Articles through my own paid plagiarism checker.

They all passed with flying colors.

How Long Does It Take For Rocket Content AI To Write My Articles?

The amount of time it takes for Rocket Content AI to write your articles depends on how many you want to be written.

I only ordered 10 and received finished articles back within 2-3 weeks.

If you order more articles (such as 100 or 1,000), you can expect to wait a bit longer—up to 1 month or more.

How Many Articles Can Rocket Content AI Write For Me?

The listed plans allow for 10, 100, or 1,000 articles.

However, you can’t order 1,000 articles until you have first tested the service at 10 or 100 articles first.

This is to avoid the Rocket Content AI team from generating 1,000 articles that you dispute because of quality or other reasons. I think it’s smart to start with 10 or 100 anyway.

Once you’ve tested and approved 10 or 100 articles, you can then order 1,000 or more articles from the service.

Final Thoughts: Rocket Content AI Review

The bottom line is that my Rocket Content AI review is that the service is an affordable lifesaver for bloggers or website owners who want to publish a lot of content fast.

With the right keywords, you can easily start ranking within 2-6 months.

Then, it’s just a matter of time before Google gives you topical authority, you start attracting natural backlinks, drive thousands of page views worth of traffic, and start making money from ads and affiliate marketing.

Get the Cheapest Price for Rocket Content AI

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