Jasper Commands Template: Ultimate Guide + 300 Commands

Jasper AI added a new command template to its impressive suite of over 50 ai tools for writers, bloggers, marketers, and copywriters.

This is your ultimate guide to maximizing the Jasper Commands Template.

What Is the Jasper Commands Template?

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Image by the author via Canva – Jasper Commands Template

The Jasper Command Template is a powerful tool that allows you to ask the Jasper AI platform to do anything for you.

Simply provide any background information you want up to 800 characters, then give Jasper a command. You can choose between 1 and 10 generated outputs, and you can ask for lists, answers, questions, examples, code, stories, bullet points, sales letters, emails, and much more.

The possibilities are endless! Let’s take a look at 300 example commands for the Jasper Command Template.

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300 Ways To Use the Jasper Command Template

Here are 300 ways to use the Jasper Command Template – no matter if you are an experienced user or brand new to the ai writing platform.

For the best results, enter as much detail as possible into the background details text box.

For example:

  • Copy and paste detailed product information
  • Write a few sentences to steer Jasper
  • Insert story details
  • Write a sample paragraph

1) Brainstorming Ideas

You can use the Jasper Commands Template to brainstorm ideas about anything.

Here are some example commands to get you started:

  1. Make a list of ideas about [Topic]
  2. What are different ways to solve [Problem]
  3. Give me 10 solutions for [Problem]
  4. Write a list of 1-10 creative ideas for how to [Topic]
  5. List 20 unusual ideas for [Goal]
  6. List 11 crazy ideas about [Topic]
  7. List emotional ideas about [Topic]
  8. List practical ways to [Goal]
  9. List powerful ideas about [Topic]
  10. List out-of-the-box ideas for [Topic]
  11. List commonsense ideas to [Goal]
  12. List doable ways to [Goal] without [Resource]
  13. List ideas for [Topic] that don’t take money
  14. List ninja tactics for [Goal]
  15. I need five ways to [Goal]
  16. Creative ways to [Goal]
  17. What is a good slogan for [Product or Company Name]?
  18. How can I [Goal]
  19. Unique ideas for [Topic]
  20. Best way to [Topic or Goal]

2) Writing Blog Posts

Here are some of my favorite commands for writing blog posts with Jasper:

  1. Give me a blog post title about [Topic]
  2. Write a clickbait headline for a blog about [Topic]
  3. Write a statistics headline about [Topic]
  4. Write 3 emotional blog post titles about [Topic]
  5. Make an outline for an article about [Topic or Keyword]
  6. Create an outline that includes [Subheadings or Ideas].
  7. What are some related topics to [Topic]
  8. Write a listicle about [Topic]
  9. Run sentence expander on the sentence above
  10. Run paragraph generator using the background details
  11. Write some takeaways for a blog post about [Topic]
  12. Write a blog post brief about [Keyword or Topic]
  13. Write an introduction for a blog about [Topic]
  14. Write an introduction for a blog post titled [Tittle] using keywords [Keywords]
  15. What are the benefits of [Topic]?
  16. Compare the pros and cons of [Topic or Keyword]
  17. How to [Topic]
  18. Define [Topic]
  19. Discuss [Topic]
  20. Explore [Topic]
  21. Give a detailed breakdown of [Topic]
  22. Give me an example of [Topic]
  23. Break this subheading [Subheading] into a small outline of subtopics
  24. Can you tell me more about the history of [Topic]
  25. What are some frequently asked questions about [Keyword]
  26. Explain [Topic] using multiple paragraphs
  27. Write a paragraph about [Subtopic]
  28. Answer the question: [Question]
  29. Convert the background details into a content brief
  30. Write a summary of the above information
  31. Write a paragraph using these keywords: [Keywords]
  32. List and explain five reasons to [Topic]
  33. Rewrite the above information for a 5th grader
  34. Simplify the paragraph above into 2 sentences
  35. Tell me more about [Topic] with a focus on [Searcher Intent]
  36. Write a list of FAQs about [Subject]
  37. What are different ways to say [Keyword]
  38. Provide a conclusion to a blog post about [Topic]
  39. Rewrite the paragraph above for a child in 10 words.
  40. Write a Google Featured Snippet about [Topic] in 3 sentences
  41. Generate a meta description for [Topic]
  42. Give me a call to action that gets the reader to [CTA goal]
  43. What are five different articles I could write about this topic
  44. Write a product description about [Product] using the background details
  45. Write a review of [Product] using the info in the background details section
  46. Draft a few paragraphs about [Product] using several real-life examples
  47. Write a paragraph about the features of [Product/Service]
  48. Write a paragraph about who the [Product] is for
  49. Write a paragraph about the price of [Product]
  50. Answer the question: Is [Product] legitimate?
  51. Answer the question: Is [Product] worth it?
  52. Explain How [Product] works
  53. Explain how to use [Product]

Before you move on to the other commands, here’s a good video about the Jasper Commands Template:

YouTube video by the Jasper YouTube Channel – Jasper Commands Template

3) Writing Essays

When you need to write an essay, report, or paper fast, the Jasper Command Template has your back.

These commands can help you get started on an essay quickly and efficiently. Give them a try next time you’re feeling stuck.

Here are commands you can use for writing essays:

  1. Give me 5 professional titles for an essay about [Topic]
  2. Write an introduction for an essay about [Topic]
  3. What is the main idea of the paragraph above?
  4. What are the three supporting points for an essay about [Topic]?
  5. What is a counterargument for an essay about [Topic]?
  6. Write an essay paragraph comparing [Topic] and [Topic]
  7. Compare and contrast [Topic] and [Topic]
  8. Rephrase the paragraph above
  9. Use Content Improver on the paragraph above
  10. Define [Topic] in a few sentences
  11. Critically analyze [Topic or Book]
  12. Explain [Topic] in 3-5 paragraphs
  13. Write 3 paragraphs about the facts mentioned above
  14. Write a paragraph that includes [Data, Statistics, Names]
  15. Make an outline for an essay about [Topic]
  16. Give me three examples of [Essay Topic]
  17. Use an analogy to talk about [Topic]
  18. Give me 10 questions to answer in an essay about [Topic]
  19. Write an essay paragraph about [Subheading]
  20. Summarize how to [Topic]
  21. Provide a good conclusion for an essay about [Topic]

4) Writing Stories

If you’ve never written stories with Jasper, now’s your chance.

Jasper is surprisingly good at writing compelling scenes, characters, and dialogue – especially with the right input in the background details section.

Use these prompts to write stories with the Jasper Commands Template:

  1. Create 10 catchy titles for my story about [Topic]
  2. Create a plot outline for a story about [Topic/Theme]
  3. Create a plot outline for a story about [Topic] with a clear beginning, middle, and end
  4. Generate a story beat sheet for a novel about [Plot]
  5. Write a dramatic opening scene for my novel [Title]
  6. Summarize the information above into a concise premise statement for a story
  7. Rewrite the information above using figurative language
  8. Write a scene where [Character] + [Action]
  9. Describe a [Setting] for this novel scene
  10. Write an argument between [Character] and [Character]
  11. Generate a scene with these details: [Characters ] + [Setting] + [Conflift]
  12. Generate a list of scene ideas based on the theme: [Theme]
  13. Write a compelling back-cover blurb using the background details
  14. Write a love story about [Plot Summary]
  15. Write a horror story about [Plot Summary]
  16. Write a short story about a [Character Description] who must [Goal] before [Deadline]
  17. Describe the physical appearance of a [Gender] character with an internal conflict about [Topic/Theme]
  18. Create a cast of characters for a novel about [Topic/Theme]
  19. Write the opening scene for my novel using the premise: Premise
  20. Generate a list of creative scenes for a novel about [Topic/Theme]
  21. Compose a logline for a story about [Topic]
  22. Compose the next paragraph in a scene where [Action] just happened
  23. Describe [Character name] infiltrating the bad guy’s hideout
  24. Describe a hand-to-hand combat fight between [Character] + [Character]
  25. Compose a scene about [Topic] with [Characters]
  26. Write a character bio about [Character] with [Flaws] and [Strengths] and [Goal]
  27. Compose a suspenseful scene where a mother realizes a stranger is somewhere in her house
  28. Compose a tense scene where a divorced couple falls in love again
  29. Compose and end scene of a novel where [Scene Summary]
  30. Write a painful scene where a man slowly has a mental breakdown
  31. Describe a playground with a somber tone and eerie mood
  32. Write a montage scene where an untrained civilian learns how to fight

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5) Getting Published

After you write a novel or book, you may need to create a query letter to send to a literary agent or directly to a publisher.

Use these commands in the Jasper Commands Template.

  1. Write a query letter for my novel [Novel Title] that includes a character goal, deadline, and story consequences
  2. Write a lighthearted query letter about [Novel Title] using the details in the background information
  3. Write a dark query letter about [Topic/Theme] for [Literary Agent Name]
  4. Write a plot synopsis of [Novel Title]
  5. Generate an [Adjective] query letter about [Character] who wants to [Goal] but is thwarted by [Conflict], [Conflict], and [Conflict]
  6. Generate a query letter about [Protagonist] who has [Number of Hours/Days/Weeks] to {Goal] or else [Consequences]
  7. Generate a query letter about a government conspiracy, rouge spy, and David and Goliath-like battle for good and evil
  8. Generate an introduction to a query letter to [Literary Agent] and include a reference to [Literary Agent’s interest]
  9. Generate a polite and professional query letter conclusion/salutation
  10. Using the details in the background information, craft a query letter with an introduction, plot summary, and salutation
  11. Write a query letter and mention that I have included [Sample Chapter, Synopsis, etc]
  12. Write a query letter paragraph comparing my novel to [Published Book in the same genre]
  13. Write a query letter paragraph describing my story about [Plot]
  14. Write a query letter about a kid’s book about [Topic]
  15. Generate three versions of a plot synopsis using the details in the background information
  16. Generate three back cover blurbs about my novel [Title]
  17. Write a query letter plot summary about a non-fiction book on [Topic]
  18. Write a fantasy query letter for [Title] about [Characters] + [Plot]
  19. Write a query letter for a romance novel about [Characters] + [Premise]
  20. Write a query letter for a mystery novel where [Character] is forced to confront [Internal Conflict] to stop [Conflict] before [Story Consequences]

6) Writing Emails

Writing emails just got a lot easier.

With the Jasper Commands Template, just tell Jasper what you want him to do, fill in any background information, and hit that beautiful “generate” button.

Here are my favorite email commands:

  1. Write an email to [Name] about [Topic]
  2. Write an email where I politely decline a salesperson
  3. Write an email in 2-5 paragraphs about [Topic]
  4. Write an announcement email that includes [Date, Time, Location]
  5. Generate an email introduction that shows empathy for [Person]’s [Problem]
  6. Generate an email for [Reason]
  7. Produce an email that describes [Topic/Product] using the information above
  8. Produce a short email to touch base with my customer, [Name] about [Topic]
  9. Write an [Adjective] email response to [Topic]
  10. Write an email about [Topic] with the statistics above
  11. Design an email to inform my team about [Topic]
  12. Design an email template to [Goal]
  13. Craft an email autoresponse while I’m on vacation
  14. Write a follow-up email to an employee about [Topic]
  15. Rewrite my email to be more catchy
  16. Rewrite my email with more sensitivity to the other person
  17. Rewrite my email to grab attention
  18. Rewrite my email with more active language and active verbs
  19. Rewrite my email above to sound happier
  20. Rewrite my email above to sound like a CEO

7) Social Media

You can also use the Jasper Command Template to 10X your social media posts.

Check out these useful commands:

  1. Write a Facebook post about [Topic]
  2. Write TikTok Captions for a video about [Topic or Keyword]
  3. Write a TikTok video script about [Topic]
  4. What are 10 tweets to send about [Topic]
  5. Create a Twitter thread about [Topic]
  6. Generate 5 social media posts about [Topic]
  7. Produce 10 tweets about the above paragraph
  8. Come up with witty puns about [Topic]
  9. Give me Instagram photo captions for a picture about [Topic]
  10. I want 10 viral Instagram reel ideas about [Topic]
  11. Write social media posts that generate leads for [Product/Company]
  12. Write social media posts that drive traffic to [Website]
  13. Write social media announcements about [Product/Change/Launch]
  14. Compose social media posts to create a community of fans and followers that are engaged
  15. Write a social media post to create a more personal connection with customers
  16. Come up with ways to build brand loyalty on [Social Media Platform]
  17. Write a controversial tweet to get engagement
  18. Give me an interesting question to post on my Facebook Group about [Topic]
  19. Write 3 short inspirational messages for [Audience] on social media
  20. List 7 daily challenges to post on [Social Media Platform] for [Audience]

8) YouTube Video Scripts

You can fire your YouTube script writer now that you have Jasper.

Ok, don’t fire them. Just ask the to use the following commands to produce viral-worthy videos:

  1. Make a list of YouTube video ideas about [Topic] for [Audience]
  2. Create an outline for a YouTube video where I [Describe Video in a few words]
  3. Write a YouTube video script about [Topic] in [ToV] Tone of Voice for [Audience]
  4. Generate 4 YouTube video hooks
  5. Produce 3 clickable YouTube video titles
  6. Give me 5 unique YouTube video titles
  7. Describe my YouTube video about [Topic]
  8. Produce 3 clickable YouTube video titles for a video about [Topic]
  9. What are 10 video tags for a video about [Topic]
  10. Write video direction for a YouTube video titled [Title]
  11. Write an opening for a YouTube video about [Topic]
  12. Produce a conclusion for a YouTube video about [Topic]
  13. Write 10 funny jokes about [Topic] for a YouTube video
  14. Generate a YouTube intro for my video about [Topic]
  15. Generate a YouTube outro for my video about [Topic]
  16. Write a sponsor script about [Product]
  17. Rewrite the video script above to make it more natural and conversational
  18. Rewrite the video script above to make it more exciting
  19. Rewrite the video script to make it funnier
  20. Rewrite the video script in the tone of voice of [Tone of Voice]

9) Copywriters

I’m admittedly lumping a bunch of use cases into this one category.

My hope is that the example commands in this section will trigger your own creativity for using the Jasper Commands Template.

Try these commands:

  1. Give me crazy marketing ideas about [Product/Company]
  2. Write a video sales letter about [Product/Service] and include [Client Pain Points]
  3. Write a creative sales letter for the [Product] in a [Tone of Voice] tone of voice, using the keyword [Keyword]
  4. What’s a good response to [Customer Objection]?
  5. Paint a picture of the customer’s life after using [Product/Feature]
  6. Write a paragraph about [Product/Service/Company] using the data above
  7. Give me creative hooks to get attention in a cold email
  8. Create a cold email about [Topic]
  9. Produce 5 [Adjective] email subject lines for an email about [Topic]
  10. Give me a personal story about [Topic]
  11. Write a bold statement about [Topic]
  12. Craft a bulleted list that appeals to customer’s emotions and positive outcomes with [Product/service]
  13. Provide 3 powerful calls to action about [Topic]
  14. List customer objections to buying [Product/Service]
  15. Finish this paragraph: I’m excited to offer you my new [product name] that can help you (benefit).
  16. Make a list of benefits for [Product/Service]
  17. Write about [Topic] and include [Information]
  18. Write a PAS about [Topic]
  19. Write an AIDA about [Topic]
  20. Write a BAB about [Topic/Problem]
  21. Compose a sales letter opening that empathizes with people dealing with [Problem/Pain]
  22. Generate landing page content that prompts people to [Call to Action]
  23. Write a customer testimonial in first person

10) Songwriters

Whether you want to compose music, write a song in any genre, or boost your creativity, you can do all of those things with Jasper.

Use these command prompts in the Jasper Commands Template:

  1. Create the structural outline for a [Genre] song about [Topics]
  2. Write a chorus melody about [Song Topic]
  3. Write an original musical score for my song about [Topic]
  4. Compose music to go with the above verses
  5. Write a rap song about [Topic]
  6. Write country lyrics that include [Place], [Person], [Dog name]
  7. Compose a bridge for my song called [Title]
  8. Compose a song intro for an R&B song about [Topic]
  9. Compose an outro for a rap song about [Topic]
  10. Compose a [Genre] cord progression in the key of [Key]
  11. Give me 10 song titles for a song about [Topics]
  12. Compose a melody for the lyrics written above
  13. Create a catchy hook for my song called [Title]
  14. Create a chorus for my reggae song about [Topic]
  15. Write a song verse that builds on themes [Themes]
  16. Compose more verses that follow the example in the background details
  17. Write a love song for [Name]
  18. Write rhyming lyrics about [Topic]
  19. Compose a song that includes these words: [Word], [Word], [Word]
  20. Compose a grunge song about [Topic]

11) Business Writing

There are a ton of different uses for the Jasper Commands Template when it comes to business writing.

Here are just a few examples:

  1. Write a business Meeting Agenda that includes [Topic], [Topic], [Topic]
  2. Write a business proposal about [Topic] that includes [Details]
  3. Write a business report outline about [Topic]
  4. Write a business report introduction about [Topic]
  5. Write a business report conclusion about [Topic]
  6. Write a paragraph about [Topic] for a business report
  7. Write an outline for a User Manual about [Topic]
  8. Generate instructions using the steps above
  9. Describe how to [Topic] for a business guide
  10. Make a business bio for [Company]
  11. Create a Contact Us Page for [Company]
  12. Give me 3 mission statements that include [Ideas]
  13. Generate a business letter to [Goal]
  14. Generate a business letter about [Topic] for [Audience]
  15. Write a fundraising letter to [Goal]
  16. Write a speech outline about [Topic]
  17. Write a speech introduction about [Topic] for [Audience]
  18. Make a list of 3 examples of [Topic]
  19. Generate a personal story about [Topic] that teaches the lesson [Lesson]
  20. Write an emotional speech conclusion about [Topic]
  21. Give me a press release that includes [Info]
  22. Generate a newsletter article about [Topic]
  23. Write a job description for [Position] that includes [Info], [Info], [Info]

12) Job Hunters

If you’re looking for a job, odds are you need to make a resume, a cover letter, and prepare for interviews.

Jasper can help with that.

Try these helpful commands in the Jasper Command Template:

  1. Write a list of catchy resume bullet points about [Your Job/Position]
  2. Write a resume for [Position] with my experience as a [Former Role]
  3. Create action-oriented resume bullet points about my job: [Your Job]
  4. Write a cover letter for [Position] that includes [Information]
  5. Write a cover letter outline for [Job]
  6. Generate a writing sample for a job application for [Position]
  7. Generate a list of interview questions for a job interview for [Position]
  8. List 3 good answers to the interview question: [Interview Question]
  9. Write a job application letter for [Position] that includes [Information]
  10. Write a simple cover letter for [Position]
  11. Write a cover letter that highlights my experience: [Your Experienece]
  12. Rewrite the background information into resume bullets
  13. Write an engaging cover letter that includes [Details]
  14. Create a resume for me that highlights my [Experience/Accomplishments]
  15. Create a resume with high-performance language
  16. Create a resume with business language
  17. Create a resume in marketing language
  18. Create a resume with freelance writing language
  19. Create a resume that uses professional, action-oriented language
  20. Create a resume that perfectly matches the requirements listed in the background details

13) Just for Fun

You can also play around with the Jasper Commands Template for fun.

  1. Write a love letter to [Name]
  2. What are some romantic wedding vows?
  3. Write a dad joke
  4. Compose a poem
  5. Write a letter to my future self, telling her all about what’s happened in the last year
  6. Rewrite the ending to my favorite book [Title]
  7. Make me a slogan for my
  8. Create a comic strip about me
  9. Name my pet dog/cat/fish
  10. Tell me a secret nobody knows
  11. Write a Grammy acceptance speech
  12. Write a wedding toast for [Person]
  13. Describe a love story between [Celebrity] and [Celebrity]
  14. Draft a breakup text from a magical unicorn
  15. Transcribe a courtroom confession from [Cartoon Character] about [Topic]
  16. Tell me how to cure every disease
  17. Write code for building a simple webpage
  18. Create a Twitter Thread by [Famous Historical Person]
  19. Write a winning series of football plays against [Your Most Hated Sports Team]
  20. Compose and explain a new viral dance

Meta Commands for Ultimate Jasper Mastery

Some commands are so meta that you can use them with almost any other instruction in the Jasper Commands Template.

Here are my favorites:

  • Use multiple paragraphs
  • Write a long explanation
  • Write a detailed explanation
  • Include [XYZ]
  • Only talk about [Topic]
  • Don’t talk about [Topic]
  • Give me a list of verbs I can use to command you
  • Start with these words [Phrase]
  • Give [Number] options

You might also want to experiment with using different action verbs in your commands:

  • Define
  • Write
  • Generate
  • Analyze
  • Make
  • Combine
  • Compare
  • Rewrite
  • Rephrase
  • Reword
  • Summarize
  • Condense
  • Expand
  • Describe
  • Explain
  • Produce
  • List
  • Provide
  • Create
  • Craft
  • Compile
  • Forge
  • Discuss
  • Estimate
  • Defend
  • Argue
  • Criticize
  • Illustrate
  • Critique
  • Predict
  • Propose
  • Arrange
  • Recommend
  • Design

Final Thoughts: Jasper Commands Template

I hope you can see how much possibility there is in the Jasper Commands Template.

If you haven’t already, try Jasper with 10,000 free credits.

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