57 Best AI Blog Writers (Ultimate Guide For 2024)

I write blog posts for a living, so I’ve tried TONS of AI products over the years.

In this article, we’ll discuss 57 of them (including 100% free options). And, yet, one AI blog writer clearly stands out above the rest.

What’s The Best AI Blog Writer?

The short answer: my favorite AI blog and article writer is Jasper.

Jasper is an advanced machine-learning AI that can write original, compelling copy. Jasper generates the best content for blog posts and articles with less need to edit. Jasper offers 50+ powerful tools, a Chrome Extension, Chat, and text-to-image features. Jasper can write blog posts in any niche.

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I made this image – best ai blog writers

I use Jasper every day across my portfolio of websites, for my individual clients, and on other writing platforms.

Combined, Jasper makes me between $4,000 and $8,000 per month.

Get a free trial when you try Jasper today.

Next, let’s look at all 57 best AI blog writers for your websites and platforms.

For each writer, I’ll go over the ai writing software, give examples, and talk about the features, ease of use, pricing, and my personal take on the tool.

1) Jasper

Jasper was one of the first AI writers on the market. It’s not the cheapest but, after trying the others, I still think Jasper is superior in output.

Here’s why:

  • Jasper is constantly learning and evolving. That means that it gets better and better at understanding and responding to your needs over time.
  • Jasper is highly customizable. You can train it to respond in whatever way you want, so that it perfectly meets your needs.
  • Jasper is incredibly fast. It can process large amounts of data very quickly, so you always have the most up-to-date information at your fingertips.
  • Jasper gives the best content. This is my litmus test. I want the best content with the least amount of editing needed. The content I get from Jasper is almost always near perfect with very little need for changes. It is also plagiarism free.

Jasper Examples

As promised, here are some examples of Jasper AI-generated content. After all, you want an AI writing tool that gives you the best results for your time and money.

All of these examples were 100% created by Jasper.

Example of AI-written content for the health and fitness niche:

The word “cell” means the smallest building block of living things. It is like a plant or animal. Muscle and fat are two different types of cells in your body. One helps your body move, while the other stores energy for you to use when you need it.

Example of AI-written content for the finance niche:

You can’t save your way into wealth. You must invest. Saving money is a critical part of building wealth. But the real magic happens when you invest that money. Your savings will grow much faster if they’re working for you.

Set up an automatic investment plan so you contribute a set amount each month. You’ll never notice the difference, but your savings will grow over time.

Example of AI-written content for the pet niche:

Have you ever seen your cat kneading a pillow or blanket before he lies down? You might have wondered why your cat does this and whether it’s normal. Kneading is an instinctive feline behavior that makes the kitty feel good, giving them a sense of security and comfort.

The simplest way to find out how Jasper writes is to try Jasper for yourself. Be sure to take the free video training and Jasper Bootcamp to make sure you give the tool a complete test for your content.

Features of Jasper

Here are some of the features that make Jasper so useful:

  • Jasper can help you with your research by scouring the internet for relevant information (you still need to fact-check).
  • Jasper provides one-click blog posts.
  • Jasper can summarize long documents.
  • Jasper can produce examples, stories, case studies, poems – whatever you need.

Ease of Use

Jasper is the perfect tool for anyone who wants to start using AI, regardless of their experience level.

With its user-friendly interface, Jasper makes it easy to get started and begin reaping the benefits of AI. As a complete beginner (when I started), I found Jasper surprisingly easy to learn.

There are a ton of training videos and a Facebook community full of tips, tricks, and “hacks.”


Free Trial: Yes
Starter Plan: $24/month
Boss Mode Plan: $49/month

Get the cheapest price for Jasper.

My Personal Notes

Since I started using Jasper AI for my blogging business, I’ve been nothing short of thrilled with the results.

Not only has it allowed me to streamline various aspects of my work.

But I’ve also found that it helps me create better content. The intuitive interface makes it easy to use and while I may occasionally switch up templates here and there, the paragraph generator template is always my favorite.

From getting blog snippets done quickly to turning out larger pieces of content without breaking a sweat; Jasper has revolutionized how I work.

Check out this good video that shows why Jasper is the best ai writing tool for bloggers:

YouTube video by Jasper – Best AI Blog Writer

2) Writersonic

Writer Sonic is an AI writing tool that can help you create quality content quickly and easily.

Writer Sonic is one of the best options available, and my second favorite AI writer.

Here’s why:

  • Writer Sonic produces high-quality content
  • Writer Sonic continues to innovate with long-form content generation (longer than Jasper, in fact, although I think Jasper has a slight edge on quality at this point)
  • Writer Sonic includes all the templates you need
  • Writer Sonic offers text-to-image AI

Writersonic Example

What is SEO and Why Does it Matter?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a broad term for the process of improving the visibility of a website in search engines. This means that the goal of SEO is to get your website one step closer to being the first result when someone searches for something related to your company or product.


Here are some of the key features that make WriteSonic so special:

  • Over 70 different templates to choose from
  • 25 different languages
  • Writersonic ai also offers a landing page generator
  • With the 1-click WordPress export feature
  • Additionally, Writersonic ai offers browser extensions and Zapier integration

Ease of Use

It is simple to use and only requires a few minutes to get started. I find WriterSonic to be one of the best ai writing software on this list. And, the creators keep making it better.


Free Trial: Yes
Basic Plan: $10/month
Larger Teams: $13/month

My Personal Notes

The Sonic AI tool is a powerful writing assistant that can help you improve your writing skills and speed up your workflow.

If I didn’t use Jasper, I would go with Writer Sonic immediately.

Get the cheapest price for WriterSonic

3) Copymatic

Copymatic is another of my favorite AI writers and a great alternative to Jasper. They also sponsored this blog post.

I purchased the pro plan and tested the AI writer, so I know how it works.

Copymatic AI offers some unique features you won’t find anywhere else. Of course, the software allows you to autogenerate original text very quickly.

With Copymatic, you get over 50+ content, SEO, and writing tools.

My favorite features include the “Rewrite paragraph with Keyword” and the blog post template that essentially writes 50% or more of an article for you right from the start. Copymatic also comes with a clean user experience paralleled only by Jasper.

Copymatic Example

What is a niche?

A niche is an area or topic that you specialize in.

I have found my niche to be fashion blogging. I think it’s been a great outlet for me to share my personal style and encourage self-expression through fashion.

It’s allowed me to connect with so many other people who understand the importance of individual style.

Even if it’s not what’s currently “in” or trending.

Finding my niche has also taught me valuable skills that I don’t think I would have otherwise.

From coding HTML for social media campaigns, creating photoshoots, and managing branding for myself – all of these activities have sharpened my creative skills and knowledge base, which serves as an invaluable asset today.

 Niche finding can open endless possibilities for growth and I’m eager to see what the future holds.


Here are some of the features that Copymatic offers:

  • Copymatic can provide you with the content you need in 25+ languages.
  • The chat support team is always ready to assist you.
  • Plus, with API access, you can easily integrate Copymatic into your workflow.
  • For WordPress users, we have a handy plugin that makes it even easier to use Copymatic.

Ease of Use

Copymatic is an AI tool that makes it easy to create new content.

It can help you come up with ideas for new articles, blog posts, or even social media posts. I find it extremely easy to use.


Starter Plan: $19/month
Pro Plan: $32/ month

My Personal Notes

I recently had the chance to try out Copymatic AI Writer and it was one of the best experiences I’ve had with a writing tool.

After entering the required information, I was amazed at how quickly and accurately Copymatic AI Writer wrote the first draft of my blog post. It contained all the necessary facts and valid points, so I only had to make minor tweaks as opposed to starting from scratch.

As always, I checked all the facts (a good idea with any AI writer).

Get the cheapest price for Copymatic.

4) Rytr

Rytr is one of the best AI blog writers because of its ability to provide high-quality, well-written articles on a variety of topics.

Rytr is an AI tool that can help you with your content marketing.

It can help you come up with ideas for blog posts, social media posts, and even email campaigns.


What Is AI writing?

AI writing is the combination of artificial intelligence and content creation.

By using AI technology, machines can create written pieces that humans would have created in the past- such as articles and blog posts.

AI can identify patterns, reduce human errors, and make more informed decisions based on data.

Rytr can create an article with greater accuracy and speed. It’s not just a tool for writers either. AI writing is becoming increasingly popular amongst businesses across industries, especially when it comes to customer service automation or repetitive workflow.


  • Over 40 use-cases
  • Write in 30+ languages
  • Built-in plagiarism checker
  • Create your own custom use-case
  • Premium community

Ease of Use

It provides a user-friendly interface and a wide range of features to help you create smarter AI applications.

In other words, it’s very user-friendly.


Free AI Plan: Yes
Saver AI Plan: $9/month
Unlimited AI Plan: $29/month

My Personal Notes

After doing a lot of research and reading reviews, I decided to try out Rytr AI writer and it didn’t disappoint.

Every feature it offered was easy to use and understand.

Which makes for a much better, more enjoyable experience. I found the algorithms to be incredibly accurate in capturing my voice, which is always important when writing anything.

With this AI writer, all your written pieces come out sounding professional and genuine.

Get the cheapest price for Rytr.

5) Persado

Persado can generate high-quality, engaging content that resonates with readers.

This AI copywriter will create unique content based on your keywords and can even make suggestions for titles. It is one of the most popular programs out there due to its easy availability and high-quality output.

It is extremely efficient and able to generate large volumes of content quickly and with minimal human input.


Standing out in a sea of copywriters isn’t easy, but it’s definitely possible.

To make sure you don’t get lost in the competitive world of copywriting, there are a few ways to stand apart and make your mark.

First, strive for excellence in every project you put your name on.

Look for unique angles and perspectives that others haven’t tried and find innovative solutions to common problems. Don’t be afraid to take risks and get creative with strategies or techniques, so long as your work meets professional standards.

Second, network with other copywriters and share your successes (and failures) openly.

You never know who may recognize you or even offer opportunities later down the line.


  • The ability to personalize messages for each individual customer
  • The use of data and machine learning to create more persuasive messaging
  • A/B testing capabilities to ensure that the best possible message is being delivered
  • Integrations with major marketing platforms (such as Salesforce, Marketo, and Adobe)

Ease of Use

The Persado AI tool is about as easy to use as it gets.

Just enter some basic information about what you want to say and the algorithms take care of the rest.


Free Mode: Yes
Starter: $4.99/month

My Personal Notes

My experience with the Persado AI writer was one of convenience and innovation.

Generating quality content that captivated my audience had become a tedious task, but Persado made life much easier.

The AI writer allows you to personalize your pieces of content tailoring them to the specific needs and wants of an individual or group which helps you figure out what compels people to act.

Plus, you can even convey emotion in an email marketing campaign.

Which makes your trust-based relationship with customers stronger.

6) Pepper Type AI

Peppertype AI is the best AI blog writer because it can help you create content that is both informative and engaging.

The program does so by letting you:

  • Letting you create your own library of content
  • Change first-person to third-person point of view
  • Write blog posts one paragraph at a time


How to make $10,000 as a blogger?

Although becoming a successful blogger with the ability to make 10,000 per month may seem like an unachievable goal, it is within reach for those dedicated to working hard and networking.

The key to success in blogging is to establish a solid understanding of the individual’s particular niche.

This means researching popular keywords in the industry, developing quality content, and collaborating with others in similar industries.


  • Peppertype.ai enables users to produce email campaigns that convert in just 30 seconds, eliminating the need to spend hours writing and revising emails.
  • This AI writer can automate the creation of high volumes of long-form content such as blogs and whitepapers, enabling users to save hours of time.
  • By using Peppertype.ai, users can write SEO blogs and meta descriptions that are keyword-rich, which can help them achieve top-of-the-page rankings on Google searches.
  • With Peppertype.ai, users can easily switch between 45+ content types to write copy for an entire landing page in under 30 minutes, allowing them to create landing pages quickly and efficiently.
  • By experimenting with multiple ad copies generated quickly by Peppertype.ai, businesses can improve their CTR and increase their sales.
  • Peppertype.ai features a content rewriter that allows users to repurpose old content quickly and easily, helping them to stay ahead in the content race.

Ease of Use

The Peppertype AI tool is designed to be as user-friendly as possible.

In just a few clicks, you can have an AI-generated blog post that looks and sounds like it was written by a human.


Free trial: Yes
Personal: $35/month
Team: $40/month

My Personal Notes

I really like the idea of this tool because it offers a lot of potential for personalization and customization. Creating your own personal library of content from which the AI learns is a gamechanger.

7) INK

INK is one of the best AI blog writers because:

  • INK is powered by AI, which means that it can produce high-quality content quickly and efficiently.
  • INK’s content is also well-researched and fact-checked, so you can be sure that what you’re reading is accurate.
  • INK is constantly learning and improving, so you can expect its content to only get better over time.


The woman looked out of her window as the sun was setting.

She had been born on this day and forty years had come and gone, but it felt oddly like nothing had changed. She sighed deeply, torn between a feeling of accomplishment and dread.

She thought about how she wished things had turned out differently, but it seemed like life rarely went the way she planned.

All those dreams she’d held so dear at twenty – would she ever achieve them?


  • Generating ideas for new pieces of content
  • Researching and identifying relevant keywords
  • Optimizing existing content for better ranking
  • Planning and organizing your content marketing strategy

Ease of Use

The INK AI Blog Writer is designed to collect ranking data from articles all over the internet and feed you specific steps to improve your content.

INK is more than an AI writer. It is an AI SEO tool.

Everything you need to write content that ranks is within your reach inside of this AI content generator. Super easy to use.

The transfer to WordPress could use some tweaking and improvement.


Free Mode: Yes
Starter: $59/month
Professional: $118/month

Get the cheapest price for INK.

My Personal Notes

I really appreciated all the prompts and suggestions for words and paragraphs.

If you work best with more suggestions, this might be the AI writer for you. Besides, the articles came out SEO-friendly and high quality.

8) Prowriting Aid

ProWriting Aid is an ai writer that eliminates many standard grammar and spelling mistakes, but it also does much more.

It allows you to choose genres and types of writing such as fiction or nonfiction.

You can even compare your writing against bestselling authors in your genre. You get reports that show your progress as a writer and sentence paragraphing.


Social media post:

Do you sometimes find yourself dedicating several hours to creating a social media post and sharing it, only to receive no response and question why your content isn’t being appreciated?


  • Make your writing better in less time
  • Improve the style and strength of your writing
  • Progress reports
  • Rephrasing and summarizing
  • Plugins and integrations

Ease of Use

I found it very easy to use.

However, you might struggle a bit if you are not already well-skilled in grammatical rules. While Ink is helpful, it’s not as full-fledged of an AI writer as many other tools on this list.


Free Mode: Yes
Starter Price: $20/ month
Yearly Subscription: $6.58/month
Lifetime Subscription: $399

My Personal Notes

I recently used Prowriting AI as an AI editor and writer. Overall, it was an okay experience.

I found the number of features it offered nice, but I felt the content it created wasn’t quite up to the standard I expected. For editing purposes, I still prefer Grammarly as my go-to tool while Jasper AI is great for writing engaging content such as blog posts and stories.

9) Flacked AI (Now called WriterX)

Flacked AI is a combo ai tool that helps you summarize, do your copywriting, and generate emails.

It went through some rebranding and is now called WriterX.

You’ll probably enjoy it as much as most other AI writers with many similar features. One feature I like is how you can personalize your content for your specific needs.


Is AI writing tool used in creative writing?

There is much debate about whether or not AI is used in creative writing. Some writers feel that the tool can help spark new ideas and help the process of writing more efficiently.


  • WriterX is the perfect tool for anyone who wants to improve their writing skills.
  • With WriterX, you can rewrite any piece of text in nearly any way you like.
  • Whether you want to improve your grammar, style, or simply expand your writing horizons, WriterX is the perfect tool for you.

Ease of Use

WriterX is designed to generate content quickly and efficiently. It has a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to use.

The tool is designed to assist users in generating high-quality content, and it has received positive feedback from users for being easy to use.

However, it is important to keep in mind that using any AI writing tool requires some learning and familiarity with the technology.


Free Trial: Yes, a 7-day trial
WriterX Basic Plan: $9/month
WriterX Standard Plan: $29/month
WriterX Pro Plan: $59/month

My Personal Notes

It can be a useful part of your workflow.

The output, as with many ai writers, is somewhat inconsistent. Sometimes it is fabulous and right on the mark. At other times, you might find it lacking.

To me, it’s one of the better options on the market.

10) Anyword

Anyword AI is another comprehensive ai tool with some unique features that set it apart.

For example, Anyword gives you a score that predicts how your content will work in the real world for engagement and other common metrics.

The quality is good and the speed is impressive.


How do you write content automatically?

Writing content can be time-consuming, but it doesn’t have to be hard. With these 10 tips to help you write content automatically, you’ll soon have new content flowing in no time at all.


  • Over 100 AI writing tools
  • Predictive performance score
  • Multiple languages
  • You can create specific customer personas
  • Incorporate keywords into your copy

Ease of Use

Anyword AI is designed to be as easy to use as possible.

Simply type in a keyword or phrase and the tool will generate a list of related topics or content. I found it as easy as other ai writers on the market.

Keep in mind that the character limits can be tough, especially at lower plans.


Free Mode: Yes
Basic: $24/month
Data Driven: $83/month

My Personal Notes

Anyword is a great AI tool that you’ll probably really like.

I was amazed at how easy it was to produce quality content that I could actually use for my websites and blog posts.

I would happily recommend Anyword if someone didn’t like Jasper.

11) Copy AI

Copy AI can help you save time by automating the process of creating content.

Many people swear by Copy Ai for the user interface, high-quality content, and beginner-friendliness of the entire platform.

Like many other ai writers on this list, you’ll get tons of features to help you write almost anything.


Can AI replace writers?

Undoubtedly, the realm of artificial intelligence (AI) is advancing and progressing at a rapid pace, becoming more intricate each day. This triggers the concern of whether AI will, at some point, take over human writers.


  • Unlimited projects
  • Priority email support
  • Access to the newest features
  • Blog Wizard tool makes it easy to create compelling blog content
  • You get multiple options so that you can choose your favorite one

And with support for over 25 languages, you can reach a global audience.

Ease of Use

My experience using Copy AI was great.

It was intuitive and easy to use, making it a great tool for quickly creating content. I didn’t have any problems with the platform, and it felt reliable throughout my time using it.


Free Trial: Yes
Pro: $49/month

My Personal Notes

I enjoyed testing out Copy AI.

I personally prefer working with Jasper because of its outmatched quality of writing and its greater range of capabilities.

But Copy AI is a great alternative.

12) H-Supertools Ai Writer

I’ll try not to oversell it here, but the H-Supertools Ai writer is one of my current favorite free ai writers.

I tested it out a few months ago and was absolutely gobstoppered by how good the quality was for free. There are, of course, serious limitations.

You can only generate a paragraph of content at a time.

However, with some practice and time, you could write an entire email or blog post at no cost. It’s not going to be as good or as fast as paid writers, but you will save tons of money.


How do AI writing tools work?

Artificial intelligence (AI) writing tools are advanced computer programs that leverage cutting-edge technology to assist you in crafting superior content. They analyze your writing and offer suggestions for improving grammar, style, and clarity.


  • H-supertools allows you to choose the quality and creativity of the output
  • H-supertools is super simple to use (you just need to sign up for an account to access the full features)
  • H-supertools can help you save time by automating the process of writing a social media post or email

Ease of Use

The tool is also very user-friendly, and you can easily customize it to suit your needs.

You can choose the length of the content, the creativity of the output, and even give the tool a short prompt.

The better the prompt, the better the output.


This tool is 100% free but almost impossible to use without registering with the H-Supertools website.

Registering is free.

My Personal Notes

As I said, the H-Supertools AI writer is my personal favorite free AI tool.

Even better, H-Supertools offers a dozen or so other free ai tools for SEO and marketing. For the price, you really can’t get any better.

13) Zyro

Zyro is able to generate high-quality content quickly and easily – by category.

It’s known mostly for being a drag-and-drop website builder.

However, it does come with some AI tools to help you produce content for your website, portfolio, or store.

For bloggers like us, this can be a Godsend.

With Zyro you get an “all-in-one” website and content generator. While I still prefer using WordPress and hosting through Bluehost or HostArmada, this is another option for you.

 It certainly keeps things simple.


Can an AI writing tool be used to write books?

This is a question that we get asked a lot, and it’s one that we’re always happy to answer. The short answer is: yes, AI writing tools can be used to write books!


  • Easy website builder
  • Produce blog post titles
  • Generate paragraphs of text at a time
  • Create blog post images
  • Heatmaps to show how visitors navigate your site

Ease of Use

Zyro’s AI tool offers an effortless approach to begin content writing.

You can create an account and start writing without any hassle. Its low cost makes it an unbeatable option for those seeking a basic AI Writer.


Free Trial: No
Basic Zyro Plan: $2.59 per month/ 2-year billing (renews at $11.99 per month)
Premium Zyro Plan: $3.59 per  month/ 2-year billing (renews at $14.99 per month)

My Personal Notes

I think that the Zyro AI tool is a cool tool, especially if you are starting with your first website.

It keeps things simple and easy.

And it’s hard to put a price on reduced friction. If you’re brand new and don’t want to build a website with other tools, you might try this one out.

Eventually, I suggest that you move to WordPress for more flexibility and control.

14) RankMath

RankMath is one of my go-to SEO tools. In the last year, they have introduced an AI blog writer to go along with their SEO suggestions.

Personally, I use RankMath on all of my personal websites for SEO purposes.

I highly recommend them for that purpose (I use the free version).

If you want to get double benefits, you can pay for the AI writing feature of their tool. It integrates with WordPress seamlessly.

RankMath AI will generate SEO-optimized content that is hyper-relevant to your blog post.


Our website is full of everything you need to know about blogging and SEO.

With up-to-date advice on topics such as keyword optimization, website optimization, and engaging content creation, we can help you hone your blogging skills in no time.


  • Promises to help you rank better
  • You can cancel at any time (you are not locked in)
  • RankMath offers support 24/7
  • Suggest content upgrades based on competition metrics
  • You can use the AI writer on an unlimited number of websites

Ease of Use

RankMath is one of the most user-friendly SEO tools on the market.

The Rank Math AI Blog Writer makes it easy to get started with blogging by automatically creating high-quality, keyword-optimized blog posts.


RankMath operates on a credit-based system.

Free Trial: Yes
Starter Price: $19/year (50 credits)
Middle Price: $49/year (150 credits)
Pro Price: $99/year (450 credits)

My Personal Notes

RankMath AI is the best tool for optimizing your website for search engines.

Improving your website’s visibility can attract more potential customers and elevate your search engine ranking.

I really like the potential of this tool for SEO content.

15) Articoolo

Articoolo is one of the best AI blog writers because it can generate high-quality, original content at a fraction of the time and cost of traditional methods.

It is best used for general topics and information needs.

If you want to write specific information on a subject, you’ll need to give the tool more instructions and data. Otherwise, your content will be broad.


Knowing what type of cat to buy can be a tricky decision. But it’s also an exciting one.

When selecting a new feline friend, consider carefully what kind of personality and activity level you are looking for in a companion. Will your home be better suited to the energizing mischief of a young kitten or the more relaxed demeanor of an older cat?

Both age groups come with their own sets of advantages and challenges.


  • Create original blog post sections at a time
  • Rewrite blog post sections
  • You can choose the topic to guide the AI
  • You can choose the length of content

Ease of Use

Articoolo AI tool is very easy to use.

You simply need to enter some basic information about what you want to write about, and then the tool will do the rest.

I found it very straightforward and user-friendly.


Free Plan: No
Unlimited Plan: $29/ month

My Personal Notes

Articoolo is one of the simplest AI writing tools available on the market today.

It can help you create high-quality, unique content for your blog or website quickly and easily.

16) WordTune

WordTune is an AI tool that can help you write better blog posts.

It uses natural language processing and machine learning to analyze your writing and suggest improvements.

WordTune can also help you to save time by automatically creating blog posts for you.


Screenshot of WordTune example
Screenshot of WordTune example – Author Screenshot


  • Improves the clarity of your writing
  • Makes your writing more concise
  • Fixes grammar errors
  • Finds the best way to phrase your ideas
  • Free Chrome extension
  • Provides multiple rephrasing options

Ease of Use

WordTune is super easy to use on your blog.

The Chrome Extension makes it versatile, as the tool integrates into the most popular writing platforms and apps. I didn’t have any trouble using it from day one.


Free Plan: Yes
Starter Plan: $9.99/month (billed annually)
Team Plan: Contact WordTune for special team pricing

My Personal Notes

WordTune is great for those who want to improve their writing skills or for those who want to get started with writing AI content.

It’s not going to offer as many options as other tools but is also cheaper.

If you’re looking for more of an occasional AI helper or to rephrase sentences, you might really like it.

17) Neuraltext

Neuraltext is an all-in-one AI tool that can provide keyword search, keyword clustering, SEO guidelines, and AI content.

Personally, I like a lot of the features but think it might be overkill.

I prefer tools that specialize in AI writing instead of going global with all of these other features. On the plus side, you can eliminate other AI tools, save tons of time, and get some really great content from NeuralText.


Coffee is one of the world’s most popular beverages, enjoyed by people from all walks of life and across cultures.

For many, coffee is a ritual that ushers in the day – its strong aroma brings with it an instant energy

 A cup of coffee can also serve as a delightful way to take a much-needed break throughout the day. From light, energizing espresso shots to rich and creamy mochas, this beverage truly has something for everyone.

Whether brewed at home or enjoyed in a café setting with friends, there’s nothing quite like the joy that comes with sharing a cup of freshly brewed coffee.


  • Optimize your blog post for search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Create clusters of keywords for better ranking
  • Topic research
  • Long-form text generation

Ease of Use

Neural text is overall user-friendly, but it could be improved.

I don’t think you’ll have any problem with their interface – which is what many beginner bloggers worry about when testing out AI tools.


Free Plan: No, (5-day trial for $1)
Starter: $19/month
Basic: $49/month
Pro: $ 119/ month

My Personal Notes

Neurotext AI tool is good but the features available seem to be behind some of the other AI writers on the market.

For the price, I think you’re better off going with another option.

18) Frase

Frase is an exciting AI blog writer for a number of reasons.

Not only can Frase help you to produce content faster than you could on your own. It also can help you with topic research and SEO optimization.

The topic research is what I’m most thrilled about as a blogger.

But I would be remiss to leave out the other cool features that can make this tool a gamechanger.


  • You can create custom templates
  • Score your content
  • Produces content briefs
  • Very user-friendly

Ease of Use

One of the best things about Frase is that it is extremely easy for completely new users.

Even if you have never used AI before, you will be able to quickly get started with creating high-quality content using this tool.

Also, the content briefs cut down on the time it takes to research and write articles.


Solo Plan: $14.99/month
Basic Plan: $49.99/month
Team Plan: $114.99/month.

My Personal Notes

The Frase AI tool is an amazing blog writing tool that I would recommend to anyone who wants to improve their writing skills.

However, my recommendation comes with a big caveat.

The price of the tool compared to how much text you can generate is far below other tools I’ve seen and tested.

Therefore, if you don’t write more than a few blog posts per month, go ahead and try this tool.

If you write tons of blog posts, you are going to run out of text fast.

19) Scalenut

Scalenut is an AI tool that can help you with your online scalability issues.

It uses machine learning to automatically research and create content based on your topics and instructions.

Like a few of the other tools, Scalenut is more than just an AI writer.

Any tool that can legitimately cut down on research time is a big win in my book.


It comes with a range of features that make it easy to use, including:

  • 30 SEO reports
  • Cruise mode (write a blog post in 5 minutes)
  • Paraphrasing
  • SERP facts provided for you
  • Collaboration tools
  • Instantly generate topic clusters

Ease of Use

Scalenut AI tool is designed to make your writing process easier and faster.

It can help you come up with new ideas, outline your blog posts, research ideas, and write complete 1,500-word blog posts for you.


Free Mode: Yes (7-day free trial)
Individual Mode: $17/month
Growth Mode: $47/month
Pro Mode: $89/month

My Personal Notes

Scalenut AI tool is one of the most innovative and effective tools that I have come across in my research.

I love how it builds topic clusters and provides SERP-based research points.

That alone makes it worth a try.

20) ChatGPT

ChatGPT is upgraded from GPT-3.5, a language model intended to produce text.

To further hone ChatGPT for dialogue, it underwent what’s called Reinforcement Learning with Human Feedback (RLHF) – a technique that uses human coaching to help steer the model toward better output.


Stem cells are basic cells in the body that have the ability to develop into many different types of cells.

This makes them different from other cells in the body, which have a more specific function and cannot change into other types of cells. Stem cells have the potential to treat various diseases and injuries by replacing damaged or missing cells in the body.


ChatGPT has a range of features that make it perfect for beginners in the blogging world, as well as professionals:

  • It has an intuitive UI that makes it simple to use
  • It remembers what you said earlier in the conversation
  • It can write stories
  • It can write code
  • It is one of the base models from which all other AIs are trained

Ease of Use

Writing a blog post with ChatGPT is incredibly easy.

Leveraging billions of data points along with cutting-edge reconfiguration and finetuning, the AI is able to generate stunningly professional content.

All that’s needed is a simple introduction as if you were texting a friend and the AI will take it from there.


Free Trial: OpenAI offers free, limited use of ChatGPT for research purposes
Basic: Monthly billing is based on your usage.

My Personal Notes

I enjoy playing around with the latest AI advances, and ChatGPT is no different.

Using ChatGPT for blog posts is natural and I was impressed with the outputs. I don’t think you can go wrong using the “source code” for most other AI systems.

21) Article Forge

Article Forge was one of the first fully automatic AI article writers to generate blog posts in one click.

This AI writer bills itself as being able to research and write a completely on-topic long-form blog post. Most of the other AI writers specialize in everything.

Article Forge is hyper-focused on producing accurate blog content.


To let the flavors of your steak shine, it’s important to season it before grilling.

Start with a good-quality olive oil and some fresh cracked pepper. Rub both sides of the steak with oil and sprinkle generously with pepper. You can also add garlic or herbs for additional flavor.

Let the seasoned steak sit at room temperature for 15-20 minutes before grilling to allow carried seasonings to penetrate into the meat.


With Article Forge, you don’t have to worry as much about the quality of your content.

Other features include:

  • Trained to write on virtually any topic
  • You can generate 1,500 words in a single push of the button
  • You can create articles up to 4,000 words long
  • Logically flow throughout the article

Ease of Use

Article Forge AI tool is easy to use.

Just enter your keyword and the tool will do the rest, creating a high-quality article for you in seconds.


Free Trial: Yes
Basic: $13/month if billed yearly or $27/month if billed monthly.
Business: Contact Article Forge for more details.

My Personal Notes

I was impressed by how quickly and easily it was able to generate a complete article based on a single keyword.

I found that the articles generated were of generally high quality.

The grammar and punctuation were often better than in many human-written articles, and the content was relevant to the topic presented.

Furthermore, Article Forge gave me options for customizing the post further with additional keywords, which provided more in-depth material for each post.

22) TextBlaze

Textblaze is a chrome extension that allows you to automate through Ai-generated templates.

You can save “snippets” of text and save them under shortcuts.

Then, anytime you want to generate the repetitive text snippet, you simply type the shortcut into TextBlaze.


Subject Line: Thank You

Dear [ Recipient Name],

Thank you so much for [action taken]. It is greatly appreciated. It was wonderful to have your help.


[Your Name]


  • You can save entire reusable templates
  • You can use TextBlaze across multiple platforms
  • You can share and edit templates together

Ease of Use

TextBlaze is designed to be as easy to use as possible.

The interface is straightforward and intuitive, and the software is able to handle a variety of tasks with little input from the user.


Free Trial: Yes
Pro: $2.99/month
Business: $6.99/month
Enterprise: Contact TextBlaze for details.

My Personal Notes

If you repeat a lot of similar types of communication, I can see where TextBlaze would save you hours of time. It’s not something that I need personally for my business.

But it provides a unique AI solution – especially at scale for larger businesses.

23) Hyperwrite

Hyperwrite is an AI writer, editor, and plagiarism checker all rolled into one.

It suggests phrases and sentences as you write as if it is an assistant helping you finish your writing tasks. Like most other AI writers, it’s trained on the latest version of GPT.


Flyfishing is a form of fishing that uses artificial flies to catch fish. It is a popular sport in North America, Europe, and Australia, and there are many different techniques and types of flies that can be used.


  • Built in grammar and spelling checker
  • Plagiarism checking option
  • More than 50 templates
  • The unlimited plan is cheaper than the competition

Ease of Use

Using Hyperwrite is easy but the free trial is very restricted.

Plus, the language options are also very limited. As long as you are writing in English, you shouldn’t have any trouble using the software.


Free Trial: Yes
Premium Version: $19.99/month
Unlimited Version: $44.99/month

My Personal Notes

One thing I did like is that you can create written content and images.

As someone who writes multiple blog posts every single day, I know how much time it can save you to get your complete blog post written in one place.

24) Sassbook

Sassbook is a no-frills ai writer with some interesting applications.

The software includes a template for ai article writing (right up our alley), ai story writing, and ai summarizing to name some of the most helpful. Very few ai writers focus specifically on writing stories, so that sets Sassbook apart.


Two characters discover a spaceship that crash-landed in their backyard.

The ship was a large one. The two men found it by chance. They were looking for a place to hide out from their parents, who were away on a long journey.


  • Four specific templates
  • Free version available
  • Writes original stories by genre
  • Crafts powerful titles and headlines

Ease of Use

The Sassbook AI Tool is designed to be easy to use.

You don’t need any special training or knowledge to use it. Simply enter your text, ideas, or instructions.


Basic: Free
Standard: $32.50/ month
Premium: $49/ month

My Personal Notes

I think that the Sassbook AI Writer is a great tool, especially if you don’t need the bells and whistles of other software.

And, the Ai story writer is fun.

On the downside, you only get 100 words at a time (at most). That means it will take longer to write even a 1,000-word blog post. Plus, the content is usable but not top-tier.

For the price, I think you’re better off going with another AI blog writer.

25) CopySmith

CopySmith AI Writer promotes itself as the ai writer for product-focused content.

That’s good news if you write blog posts about products and services, or create tons of guides and reviews. It can also create entire marketing campaigns for you.


Writing a blog post from your phone is easier than you think!

Here are some tips for how to get started:

  • Make sure your phone is connected to the internet.
  • Download a blogging app or platform and create an account.
  • Get familiar with the interface of the blogging platform.
  • Draft up your blog post.
  • Add images, videos, and/or gifs to make your post more engaging.


  • Bulk content in a few clicks
  • Chrome extension available
  • Generates ai images
  • Collaboration options
  • Integrated with over 10 services and platforms

Ease of Use

The CopySmith AI Writer comes with an easy interface that allows you to create product-focused blog content in a snap.

You won’t need a ton of tutorials to use it effectively.

At the same time, support is available should you need it. There are also training videos to teach you some tips and tricks.


Free Trial: Yes
Starter: $19/month
Start Up: $299/month

My Personal Notes

I don’t write a lot of product-heavy content or product descriptions but the few times I’ve tested this ai writer, I was impressed.

If you need descriptions for new products on a regular basis, you’ll probably love it.

26) Smodin AI

Smodin Ai is an interesting twist on the other ai blog writers because it can also completely write research papers and essays.

Even with references.

This could come in handy if you write blog posts where you include sources or if you write education-related content.


Inspect Your Tires: Make sure that you check the tread on all four tires and inflate them to the correct pressure as recommended in your owner’s manual.

If you reside in a region that experiences frequent snow and ice, it could be a wise decision to contemplate utilizing snow tires.


  • Plagiarism checker
  • Generate sources
  • Paraphrase content
  • Offers multiple languages
  • AI Grader Mode

Ease of Use

All you have to do is write five words to instruct Smodin.ai to write complete blog posts or articles.

It doesn’t get much easier than that.


Limited: Free
Essential: $10/ month
Productive: $29/ month

My Personal Notes

This is the only Ai writer that says it generates content by rephrasing other existing content found elsewhere on the web.

With advanced options, you can make the output more creative.

And, therefore, less likely to trigger alerts on plagiarism checkers.

27) Content Bot

Content Bot ai writer is a tool that can help you write or rewrite content super-fast.

It includes many features that you have to pay for with other AI writers. While not all of the content will blow you away, it handles certain niches very well.


Some AI writers allow you to train them to better understand your needs and preferences.

Take advantage of this feature to get more accurate and personalized answers from the AI writer. Choose an AI writer that is designed for your specific task.

For example, if you need an AI writer for copywriting, choose one that is specifically designed for that purpose.


  • User-friendly interface
  • Great customer support
  • Bulk content rewriter
  • Idea generator

Ease of Use

The Content Bot ai tool is designed to make writing blogs and articles easy.

As with most other ai writers, simply enter the topic you want to write about, and the tool will generate the content. If you don’t like it, you can choose to re-generate new content on the same topic.


Free Trial: No
Prepaid Plan: $1 per 1,000 words
Starter Plan: $29/month
Premium Plan: $59/month
Premium Plus Plan: $99/month

My Personal Notes

Content Bot AI Writer is an incredible tool for blog writing.

It has a full suite of features, allowing you to create engaging blog posts quickly and easily. From generating topic ideas to changing the tone of your writing, Content Bot makes it effortless to craft compelling content.

With its paraphrasing capabilities, you can ensure that your work is original and unique.

28) Closers Copy

Closers Copy AI Writer is one of the most advanced ai writers on this list.

Perfect for writing high-level blog posts.

It offers more templates than you’ll need to write any kind of blog-related content, from articles to landing pages (and more).


Scheduling all your posts ahead of time allows you to think strategically about how they align with other marketing campaigns or events.

It also makes sure that valuable resources are not wasted by making sure each post is released when it will get the most attention from potential readers.


  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Long-form content
  • Product reviews
  • SEO optimization
  • Custom frameworks

 Ease of Use

Closers Copy AI is one of the most user-friendly on the market. The interface is clean and easy to navigate, and the tool provides clear instructions on how to use it.

Also, you can create your own custom frameworks for blog posts.


Power: $49/monthly
Superpower: $79/monthly
Superpower Squad: $99/monthly
Squad Lifetime: $49/ Instalment (3 installments total)

My Personal Notes

To me, Closers Copy is one of the closest AI writers to Jasper that I’ve tested.

Copymatic is on the shortlist of ai writing tools I’d consider going with if I stopped using Jasper. Otherwise, if you haven’t made up your mind yet, Closer Copy is worth a try.

29) AI Writer

Yes, there’s a software simply called AI writer.

With AI Writer, you can get an entire draft of a blog post by only giving the software a title. You can also get a list of citations for reference, which is great for us bloggers looking for accuracy.


Prompt engineering is a growing field due to the increasing use of AI language models and their dependence on high-quality prompts.

The field involves creating effective prompts that produce desired outputs from AI models.

While it is considered an emerging field, whether it is the “best” job field is subjective and depends on individual interests, skills, and job market demand.


  • Detailed tutorials
  • Directly publish to WordPress
  • Rephrase text
  • SEO-optimized content

Ease of Use

AI Writer easily writes and researches the topic of your blog post. You’ll still need to review, edit, and fact-check but it does a decent job of it.


Free Plan: Yes
Basic Ai Writer Plan: $29/month
Standard Ai Writer Plan: $59/month
Power Ai Writer Plan: $375/month

My Personal Notes

One cool thing about AI Writer is that you can see examples on their website.

The content is good enough for a rough draft.

Just don’t expect miracles – you’ll need to add life and personality so that it doesn’t read too dry.

30) Simplified AI Writer

Simplified AI Writer is a powerful AI writing tool that provides a no-cost version with some limitations.

You can use 50+ templates to craft any kind of blog post (or website) copy you’ll need. You can write, rewrite, expand, and generate long-form copy – all for free.


When it comes to building a safe and effective fire, there are a few things you need to keep in mind.

First and foremost, you need to make sure that the area around the fire is clear of any combustible materials. This means that you should clear space around the fire of at least three feet in all directions.

Secondly, you need to ensure that the fire is built in a way that will allow for proper ventilation. This means that you need to build the fire in such a way that there is a draft of air that will help to feed the fire.

Lastly, you need to make sure that you have all of the necessary firefighting equipment on hand in case the fire gets out of control. This includes a fire extinguisher, a water hose, and a bucket of sand.


  • Outline blog posts
  • Generate intros
  • Produce bios
  • 5 Templates for blogging

Ease of Use

As soon as you sign up, you can get started immediately. And, if you run into any trouble, there are videos to help guide you on how to use every part of the software.

Customer support is also available to answer your questions.


Free Trial: Free Version
Small Team: $21/ month up to 5 member
Business: $35/ month up to 5 member
Growth: $85/ month up to 5 member

My Personal Notes

When I was testing out Simplified, I realized that it offers a whole package of video and image tools, along with AI writing.

The fact that there is any kind of free version is pretty remarkable.

31) Surfer SEO

Surfer SEO AI is an innovative solution that employs advanced technology to enhance your website and blog posts for the purpose of search engine optimization.

It started as an SEO-only tool but then branched out into more and more AI writing.

Basically, Surfer gives you an entire workflow for SEO-optimized content. And that’s going to only help your blog get traffic.

As a side note, Jasper is closely partnered with Surfer, although it is not the same company.


  • Surfer AI can automatically research and suggest the best keywords to target
  • Surfer AI can help optimize your content for better search engine visibility
  • Surfer SEO saves you a lot of time by automating many of the tasks involved in SEO content creation.
  • Surfer can generate outlines, create research briefs, and make content suggestions

Ease of Use

One of the best things about Surfer SEO AI is how easy it is to use.

Simply enter your target keyword and the tool does most of the rest, making it easy to write high-quality content.

Most of the features are very easy.

However, sometimes Surfer wants you to add so many words and phrases (for SEO) that you can spend hours following suggestions to improve your content.


Free: Not available
Basic Subscription: $49/month
Pro Subscription: $99/month
Business Subscription: $199/month
Enterprise Subscription: Custom price (contact Surfer)

My Personal Notes

I really like the Surfer.

I have used it myself and found it to be very helpful in writing SEO-optimized content for my blog. If you focus heavily on SEO optimization, then you’ll probably love Surfer.

If you go after competitive keywords, it can be very helpful.

32) Grammarly

Grammarly AI is a powerful writing tool that can help you improve your writing skills.

It analyzes your text and provides feedback on your grammar, spelling, and punctuation. It also suggests alternative words and phrases that can help you improve your writing.

Grammarly AI is available as a free online tool or as a paid subscription.


Grammarly AI Writer can help you write better content by:

  • Providing suggestions for tone, engagement, fluency, and formatting
  • Grammarly Premium’s plagiarism detector can also help you avoid accidentally copying someone else’s work
  • Free Chrome extension
  • Easy integration across platforms

Ease of Use

Grammarly AI is designed to be easy to use.

You can start using it with just a few clicks, and it will immediately begin checking your writing for errors.


Basic Plan: Free
Premium Plan: $12/month
Business Plan: $15/month

My Personal Notes

The Grammarly AI tool is fantastic.

It’s helped to improve my writing skills and has made me a better writer. I’ve used it for years for all of my writing. However, it’s really more an editing tool than a standard AI writer.

33) WordHero

WordHero is a content-generating tool for bloggers and affiliate marketers that can help them quickly create high-quality content.

It allows the user to generate blog ideas, outlines, intros, paragraphs, and conclusions as well as specific types of content like reviews and product descriptions. WordHero also helps optimize websites for search engines.


You can use WordHero to write blog posts about products you’re promoting as an affiliate marketer – including a list of top products in the category, along with brief descriptions and links.

Or, you can use it to craft SEO-optimized content that will help improve website visibility on search engines.


  • 70+ tools
  • WordHero offers templates such as Blog Intros, Paragraphs, and Conclusions
  • Generate listicles, examples, product descriptions, product reviews, and features & benefits
  • Create bios instantly
  • Produce About Me pages
  • Write stories, scripts, and screenplays

Ease of Use

WordHero is designed to be an intuitive and straightforward tool.

It doesn’t require any coding skills or technical knowledge, so anyone can start creating content quickly and easily. All you need to do is give it a topic, and the AI will generate a range of high-quality content tailored to your needs.


Starter: $49/month
Annually: $348/year

My Personal Notes

I really like the WordHero AI tool. It’s one of the more robust ai writers on the market. I don’t think anyone would be disappointed in its capabilities.

34) Quillbot

Quillbot is a powerful paraphrasing and summarization tool that can help you get the most out of your writing.  I have used this tool for over a year for my rewriting needs.

Although I use Jasper for rewriting now, I would highly recommend Quillbot as well.

The summarizer is also a great way to get a quick overview of your content, with up to 6000 words summarized in just a few minutes.


  • Unlimited words in the paraphraser for paid plans
  • Multiple modes: Standard, formal, fluency, simple, expand, shorten, and creative
  • 4 synonym options

And the plagiarism checker is a handy way to make sure you’re not accidentally copying someone else’s work.

Ease of Use

Quillbot is also very easy to use. All you need to do is enter your topic and then let Quillbot do its job.


Free Version: Available
Monthly: $19.95/month
Semiannually: $13.33/month
Annually: $8.33/month

My Personal Notes

If you’re worried about accidental plagiarism, Quillbot can help by providing alternative words or rearranging the sentence structure, so it no longer matches other published material.

This is the way I’ve mostly used Quillbot.

You can also manually adjust words in case their suggestion doesn’t quite fit what you had in mind.

35) Write Cream

WriteCream AI Writer is a state-of-the-art tool that affords users the ability to write, collaborate and create.

For those who want an all-in-one package to help them craft compelling content, WriteCream AI Writer offers a comprehensive suite of features.


In recent years, more and more writers have been turning to Artificial Intelligence (AI) programs to help them write their works.

However, these AI writers also face the challenge of having their works detected as being written by a computer.

Yet, there are ways to help writers fool AI detectors.


  • Generate any type of content you need for your blog
  • Produce blog images from simple text input
  • ChatGenie, a chatbot that rivals ChatGPT and Google Bard

Ease of Use

WriteCream AI Writer is incredibly user-friendly and easy to set up.

With its simple point-and-click interface, users can quickly generate a variety of content types, from social media posts to blog posts and more.

Additionally, the program’s intuitive editing features allow for complete control over the final product.

That way you can make sure it looks exactly how you want it.


Free Forever: $0/month
Unlimited: $29/month
Standard: $49/month
Extended: $69/month

My Personal Notes

I’m impressed with this ai writer for blog posts (and more). I look forward to seeing how the people behind the bot continue to innovate in the very competitive race of AI.

36) Bramework

Bramework is a powerful and innovative content creation platform designed to help you optimize your content and get seen by the right audience.

Get more click-throughs, subscribers, and engagement in a fraction of the time it usually takes to create a blog post.

It combines years of manual SEO blog post writing research with an AI-backed formula.

This is the same formula the creators used to scale their own websites quickly (within 90 days).


Yes, AI can write entire stand-up comedy routines.

However, the quality of the jokes may not be as good as those written by humans. AI can use natural language processing and machine learning to understand the intent of a joke and then generate appropriate responses, but it cannot replicate the creative flair of a human.


  • Uses a patented blogging formula to generate high-quality content
  • Helps you find relevant images for your blog post
  • SEO booster that analyzes your blog post
  • Provides customized SEO suggestions to improve ranking
  • Plagiarism checker
  • Keyword suggestions

Ease of Use

Bramework makes it easy for writers to generate titles, outline content structure, and paragraphs in seconds with a structured workflow.

Streamline the writing process with an AI-generated outline and intro.


Free Trial: Yes, a 7-day free trial is available
Basic: $17/month.
Starter: $42/month.
Professional: $83/month.
Team: $250/month.

My Personal Notes

I honestly believe that this tool is great for anyone who is looking to get into the field of Artificial Intelligence. You can tell that it was created by bloggers for bloggers.

37) Outranking

Outranking is an AI-powered content intelligence and strategy platform that gives businesses a data-driven approach to planning and creating SEO-optimized content.

Outranking utilizes SERP (search engine results page) data to help it figure out search intent and related keywords analytics.

This helps ensure that your content is tailored to what people are actually searching for.

It also optimizes your content for specific keywords.

In addition to all of this, Outranking creates almost finished drafts with just a few clicks.

Meaning you can get started on building out the perfect article without spending hours generating ideas from scratch.

Plus, the streamlined editing interface makes it easy to make changes quickly.


The power of creative yet keyword-optimized content cannot be underestimated when it comes to online marketing success.

It’s why more businesses than ever before are relying on targeted keyword research technologies like Outanking to take their content marketing strategy up a notch — while simultaneously streamlining creation processes.


  • Creates quality drafts with a few clicks
  • Makes forms
  • Checks for plagiarism
  • Performs research
  • Becomes a subject matter expert in minutes
  • Utilizes SERP data to figure out search intent
  • Related keyword analytics
  • Optimizes content for keywords

Ease of Use

Outranking makes content creation and optimization easy and accessible to everyone.

Their streamlined user interface allows you to generate new ideas, make forms, check for plagiarism, and more in just a few clicks.

As a result, Outranking ensures that you get the most out of your content while also saving time.


Starter: $7/month
Solo: $79/month
Pro: $149/month
Company: $219/month
Business: $449.95/month

My Personal Notes

I tried out this AI blog writer recently and I have to say – I was pretty impressed.

Not only did I save time by having the ability to generate new ideas quickly, but I also felt confident knowing my work would be SEO-optimized thanks to its keyword research features.

The almost-finished drafts were really helpful too.

They made it easier for me to hit the ground running and start writing sooner rather than later.

38) Linguix Business

Linguix AI provides data-driven writing assistance to help you create engaging blog posts, ad copy, email newsletters, and more.

Their AI-fueled features will help your team finalize, get approval, and publish faster to maximize revenue.


Here are some of the key features included in Linguix:

  • Content Quality Score
  • Advanced Language Insights
  • Client style preferences Compliance
  • 360 Degree Analytics
  • Cover all Market Channels
  • Enterprise Level Implementation
  • Tone Check
  • Sentence Formatting
  • Form Creation

Ease of Use

The ability to perform large-scale document analysis with only a few clicks is really a time-saver. It’s easy to copy and paste your content into the ai tool and get help with your grammar and spelling.


Free Trial: Yes, you can try it for free and there is a free plan
Pro: $5/month

My Personal Notes

Linguix is more of an ai editing tool for your blog posts.

It does not offer as many features, tools, or templates as many of the other ai blog writers on this list.

However, it does a decent job of editing your blog post content and is very cheap compared to the others.

39) Riku AI

With Riku, you can create and train a custom ai writer for your topic and in your voice.

Riku is an AI tool that helps businesses automate their workflows. It can be used to manage customer relations, schedule appointments, and track sales. And, of course, produce original content for social media and blog posts.

It’s the automation and ability to customize the ai writer that makes it stand apart.


Search engines are almost as picky about presentation as they are about good content.

Make sure all titles, headings, subheadings, and images are correctly formatted so that search engines know how to view and interpret them.

Also, make sure to use appropriate meta tags so readers can easily discover your work through social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook.


  • Riku AI tool can help you create prompts, datasets, fine-tunes, images, and chain prompts.
  • You can create entire blog post creation workflows.
  • You can train an ai writer on your topic, voice, and style.
  • Unlimited use cases for any type of blog writing.

Ease of Use

Riku AI is easy to use if you go with the pre-made community prompts.

There are plenty available for creating blog posts with available ai models like DaVinci and GPT.


Advance Builder: $29/ month
Pro Builder: $49/ month

My Personal Notes

I think Riku is a great AI tool for writing blogs. It’s easy to use and it produces high-quality content.

The downside is that it takes work and know-how to train an ai writer to produce highly customized content. There is a learning curve, but it is well worth it to try.

40) Longshot AI

Longshot AI is one of the most effective AI blog writers because it can help you generate high-quality long-form content quickly and easily.

It uses cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology to understand your needs.

 And then create blogs that are tailored to your specific audience.


When your blog post doesn’t rank in search engine results, it can be quite frustrating.

But don’t worry – there are some common mistakes that you can avoid, ensuring your posts reach their potential.

Here are the top reasons why a blog post may not be ranking.


Here are some of the key features of Long Shot:

  • Real-time content updates
  • Fact-checking
  • Semantic SEO optimization
  • Custom AI functions for specific use cases and industries
  • Ability to link external sources for contextual information
  • Citation & links provided for trustable source material

Ease of Use

Using LongShot is easy as it requires just simple instructions from the user in plain language.

The results are always accurate so users can count on getting exactly what they need without spending too much time researching themselves.

You still need to fact-check everything, though.


Basic: $0/month
Pro: $29/month
Team: $49/month
Enterprise: $375/month

My Personal Notes

My absolute favorite thing about LongShot AI is that you can plug in links to the source material. The AI uses that source information to generate context-heavy content.

I wish every AI offered this feature.

41) TextCortext

TextCortex AI is an advanced writing software that utilizes artificial intelligence to create optimized and unique content for businesses, marketers, and writers.

The software helps in generating descriptions, blogs, paid ads, and other types of text content in a fraction of the time.

TextCortex is designed to save up to 70% of the time it takes to write content.

At the same time, the ai blog writer produces high-quality, optimized content that helps businesses achieve higher conversion rates and organic traffic.


Using tools and software can help you write blog posts faster and more efficiently.

There are several writing tools available that can help you with everything from generating ideas to editing and proofreading your content.

For example, TextCortex AI can help you generate high-quality content quickly by providing real-time suggestions and optimization tips.


TextCortex AI offers a range of features to help writers generate high-quality content with ease.

Here are some of the features:

  • Rephrase. Finding the right words can be a challenge. With TextCortex, users can highlight text and paraphrase it in seconds, helping to optimize the language and improve readability.
  • Bullet to Mail. Simply type in a few bullet points, and the AI will create an email that effectively communicates your message to your audience. The AI suggests reasons for outreach, value propositions, and call-to-actions that work for your specific target audience.
  • Creative Writing. This feature helps users to overcome writer’s block by suggesting different ways to expand their initial ideas and finding inspiration in the AI’s creations.
  • Tone Changer. The AI offers a variety of tones to help users find the right voice to convey their message. The 13 different tones include cheerful, decisive, casual, encouraging, formal, and more.
  • Multilingual Support. The software supports 10+ languages, making it easy for you to generate content in different languages and expand your global reach.

Ease of Use

TextCortex AI is user-friendly and straightforward.

The software has a beginner-friendly interface that makes it easy for writers to create content.

All the features are located in a single window, and the software provides real-time suggestions as users type, helping to create better and faster content.

There is also a Chrome Extension.


Free Version: 100% free (but limited)
Pro: $19.99/month

Business: $49.99/month

My Personal Notes

I’ve tested TextCortex AI and found it to be an effective tool for enhancing the accuracy and clarity of writing.

The software helps writers to overcome common writing challenges like writer’s block, over-explaining, and using overly complex language.

TextCortex AI can help writers by providing real-time suggestions to improve readability, tone, and vocabulary.

Although the free trial version has strict limitations, the paid version provides full access to the features, making it an excellent investment for writers and businesses looking to create high-quality content.

42) WordBlot

WordBlot AI is an AI-based writing tool that offers a wide range of features to help you write better content. It is designed to make writing easier and more efficient, helping you to produce high-quality content with minimal effort.


Are you tired of wasting time trying to write content for your blog?

WordBlot AI is here to help! With its powerful writing tools, you can create high-quality content in no time.

Whether you’re working on a blog, academic report, short story, or any other writing project, WordBlot’s suite of tools provides you with all the resources you require.


Here are some of the key features of this tool:

  • Grade Level. The tool determines the US grade level equivalent of the education level that is required for the audience to understand the content that you have written.
  • Sentiment Analysis. The tool analyses the sentiment of the target audience in real-time as they read the content.
  • Word Count. WordBlot AI calculates the word count as you type, ensuring that you are aware of your content’s length.
  • Readability. The tool uses the Fleisch-Kincaid grade-level formula to measure how easy or difficult the content is for the audience to comprehend.

Ease of Use

WordBlot AI is very easy to use. The user interface is simple and straightforward, and the various features are easy to access and use.

Whether you’re a seasoned writer or a beginner, you should be able to get started with WordBlot AI quickly and easily.


Free Trial: Yes, a 7-Day Free Trial
Starter: $24/month

My Personal Notes

Seems like a primitive version of AI writers compared to other on this list but it is a useful source of content generation at a reasonably low price.

I’d suggest you look elsewhere first (Jasper, WriteSonic, and ChatGPT, for example).

43) Neuroflash

Neuroflash is an AI-powered marketing copy creation software that enables bloggers and marketing teams to generate short- and long-form copy quickly and efficiently.

The software offers a range of features that support human creativity with AI-backed performance prediction to ensure better performance and more confident copywriters.

This tool has the ability to produce over 100 texts in a wide range of languages.


AI prompts are a tool used to generate ideas for content creation using AI technology.

In essence, AI writing prompts serve the purpose of assisting writers in overcoming creative blocks or brainstorming new concepts for their writing ventures.

AI writing prompts function through the application of natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning algorithms to study and scrutinize extensive volumes of text information, generating ideas in accordance with the given parameters.


  • Supports Multiple Languages: Neuroflash can generate text in many different languages.
  • Large Database. With over 100 text types, the software offers a wide variety of content.
  • Rewrite and Summarize Text. Neuroflash can help summarize and rewrite text to ensure that your copy is more concise.
  • AI Image Generator. Neuroflash also offers an AI image generator that creates images based on the topic and style you define.
  • Performance Prediction. The software can predict the performance of your content, helping you improve your results.
  • Free Content. Create 2,000 words of content for free each month.

Ease of Use

I found Neuroflash to be incredibly user-friendly and intuitive.

The interface is clean and easy to navigate, making it simple to generate high-quality content. I was impressed with the command feature, which allowed me to create my own text types, making the software even more versatile.

Additionally, the grammar and spelling correction tools helped me to ensure that my content was error-free and of high quality.


Free Version: Yes
Basic: $29/month/per user
Premium: $59-$139 /month/per user
Advance: $199 /month/per user

My Personal Notes

As someone who writes a lot of blog posts and website copy, I found Neuroflash to be a winner.

The speed at which the software generated content was impressive, and the results were high-quality. While the AI-generated content still required some editing and polishing, the software saved me a lot of time and effort.

I could see myself using this tool regularly to generate high-quality content quickly and efficiently.

44) Canva AI Writer

Yes, the graphic design website and the app offer an AI writing tool built into their software.

The actual name of the tool is called Magic Write.

You find it in the Canva Docs section on the website. You get 25 free prompts to test it out. That should be enough to see if you like it.

It’s not as robust as some of the other AI writers on this list but it’s good enough.

Plus, I love everything about Canva (I use it for all of my graphic design already), so that’s a major plus.


Keyword research refers to the process of identifying and analyzing the terms and expressions that individuals enter into search engines while conducting online searches.

It can help your website be found more easily.

To do keyword research, you need to think like a customer. First, think about what kind of words and phrases your customer might use to find your website.

Then, use a keyword tool to help you find related words and phrases that people are searching for.

Finally, use those words and phrases throughout your website to make sure people can find you online.


  • Use a command prompt you want
  • Access the tool straight from Canva
  • Comes with an ai text to image generator
  • Access to all other Canva tools

Ease of Use

You simply log onto Canva, go to Docs, and click on the + symbol.

Then you give the ai tool a simple prompt and it generates some content for you. You’ll need to give multiple prompts to get enough content for a blog post, so that’s a bummer, but it works easy enough.


Free: Yes, you get 25 free prompts/queries
Pro: $12/month for Canva Pro (which gives you access to the ai tools)

My Personal Notes

If you only write blog posts about very basic and general topics, Canva Magic Write can probably work for you.

Since I already use Canva Pro for helping format and design my blog post images, I get access to the ai writer and ai text to image generator. Might as well use them when needed.

45) Writerly

Writerly AI is an AI-powered writing assistant that uses natural language processing to generate high-quality content for writers, bloggers, and content creators.

It’s an innovative tool that enables users to write faster, improve their writing, and create more engaging and SEO-friendly content.

With Writerly AI, you can choose from over 50 templates to generate content on a variety of topics.

Additionally, the software offers keyword research, research assistance, and SEO optimization to improve your content’s search engine ranking.


To give you an idea of what kind of content Writerly AI can produce, here is an example:

Original Prompt: “Write an article about the advantages of meditation”

Generated Content: Meditation is a powerful practice that can have many benefits for your mental and physical health.

Research has shown that meditation can reduce stress, improve your mood, and boost your immune system. Additionally, meditation can help improve your focus and attention, increase your creativity, and improve your overall sense of well-being.


  • Chrome Extension: Writerly AI offers a Chrome extension that allows you to use the software directly in your web browser.
  • 25+ Languages: The software supports over 25 languages, allowing users to create content in their native language.
  • Document Mode: This mode enables you to create an entire document, such as a research paper, with the help of Writerly AI.
  • Over 50 templates: Writerly AI provides a variety of templates for different types of content, such as blog posts, articles, and social media posts.
  • Personalization: The software can be personalized to match your writing style, voice, and brand.
  • Chatbot: Writerly AI’s chatbot feature can help you with content-related questions and provide suggestions.
  • Third-person to First-person conversion: The software can instantly convert third-person content to first-person, allowing you to personalize and tweak the content.
  • Keyword Research: The software offers keyword research, helping you to find the right keywords to optimize your content for search engines.
  • SEO Optimized: Writerly AI automatically writes SEO-optimized content, making it easier for you to rank higher on search engines.

Ease of Use

From a personal point of view, Writerly AI is easy to use.

The user interface is intuitive and straightforward, making it easy to navigate and understand. Additionally, the templates are helpful, and the AI-generated content is of high quality, making it easier to create engaging and SEO-friendly content.

I found the software to be an excellent tool to improve my writing skills.


Free: Free plan gives you 2k words per month
Creator Plan: $19/month (for 22K words) Price goes up from there based on words generated.

My Personal Notes

I found Writerly AI to be a reliable and easy-to-use tool.

The AI-generated content was of high quality, and the software provided excellent suggestions and research assistance. The keyword research feature was particularly helpful in identifying the right keywords to use for my content.

While the chatbot feature could use more advancements, it was still a useful feature to have (everyone loves a good chatbot these days).

46) Jenni AI

There are many reasons why Jenni AI is the best AI blog writer.

Jenni AI is constantly learning and improving her writing skills. Jenni AI is able to write in a variety of styles and voices, which makes her perfect for writing about any topic.

This is great for bloggers in very specific or rare niches.


Jenni AI can generate a wide range of content.

For instance, let’s say you want to write a blog post about traveling to Italy. You can start by typing a few sentences about the topic, and Jenni AI can generate the following:

“Traveling to Italy is an experience like no other.

The country is known for its art, architecture, and mouth-watering cuisine. Italy has some of the most beautiful cities in the world, including Rome, Florence, and Venice.

From the Colosseum in Rome to the canals in Venice, Italy offers visitors an opportunity to experience its rich history and culture.”


Jenni AI comes with several features that make it an excellent writing tool. Here are some of the key features of Jenni AI:

  • AI Completion: Jenni AI uses AI to complete your sentences if you get stuck. Every time you press the right arrow, you get more content.
  • Plagiarism-Free Writing: Jenni AI has a built-in plagiarism checker that you can use to check whether the content produced is located anywhere else on the internet.
  • Citations: Jenni AI provides in-text citations for quoted sources, so you don’t have to worry about referencing your sources.
  • Text Transformations: You can rephrase entire pieces of text if you want to expand, paraphrase, or modify the words. Jenni AI lets you modify the generated text to your liking.

Ease of Use

I found Jenni AI very easy to use.

The interface is straightforward, and I was able to start writing immediately. The software provides suggestions for every sentence I typed, and I could accept or reject them.

Jenni AI made it easy to generate content quickly, and the built-in plagiarism checker gave me confidence in the originality of my writing.


Free Trial: Yes
Starter: $12/Month at 6,000 words (Scales up from there)

My Personal Notes

After testing Jenni AI, I must say that I’m impressed with the software.

The generated content was of high quality, and the suggestions were helpful. I also appreciated the in-text citation feature, which made referencing sources easy.

Jenni AI is an excellent tool for bloggers, students, and anyone who needs to write quality content quickly.

However, while it is a great tool, it is still essential to edit and proofread the content before publishing to ensure that it meets your standards.

47) Qopywriter

Qopywriter.ai is a revolutionary tool that combines natural language processing and machine learning technologies to help users create unique and high-quality content for their businesses.

With just a few clicks, you can generate blog posts, SEO articles, press releases, news articles, product descriptions, and more.

One of the best things about Qopywriter.ai is that it can produce high-quality and plagiarism-free content in just a few seconds.

For example, if you provide the title of your article and a few sentences, Qopywriter.ai can generate a unique and SEO-optimized blog post or article that is ready to publish.

This saves time and effort, especially for those who need to produce a lot of content on a regular basis.


The game of Rock Paper Scissors, also known as Roshambo, has a mysterious origin, but it is believed to have originated in China over 2,000 years ago.

The game was known as “shoushiling” in China, and it involved using fingers to represent the elements of metal, wood, and water.


  • Cutting-edge language models based on deep learning algorithms
  • Ability to generate unique and plagiarism-free content
  • SEO-optimized content with important keywords included
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Export content in a variety of formats

Ease of Use

I can say that it is one of the easiest AI copywriting tools to use.

All you need to do is provide the title of your article and a few sentences, and the AI will take care of the rest. The interface is user-friendly, and the results are impressive.

It saves me a lot of time and effort, especially when I need to produce a lot of content in a short amount of time.


Free Trial: Yes
Lite: $9/month
Starter: $19/month
Business: $49/month
Annual: $420/yearly

My Personal Notes

As someone who has tested Qopywriter.ai, I can say that it is one of the best full-length AI blog writers on the market.

The content it generates is high-quality and SEO-optimized, which is important for any business that wants to rank high on search engines.

I also appreciate the fact that it can produce content in a variety of formats, which makes it versatile and useful for different types of content marketing tasks.

48) KafKai

Kafkai is a powerful AI Writer Assistant that enables users to create unique and SEO-friendly content without breaking the bank.

This software is specially trained to focus on SEO-friendly content production, making it the perfect tool for blog content, website copy, and social media posts.

With just a few clicks, Kafkai’s AI technology can generate articles that are optimized for search engines, leaving users free to focus on the other aspects of content writing, including editorial, curation, optimization, and fact-checking.


Here is an example based on the instruction: “How to give prompts to AI:”

Writing better AI prompts involves several factors that can help the AI to generate high-quality content. Here are some tips for writing better AI prompts:

  1. Be clear and concise: When writing prompts for AI, ensure that your instructions are clear and concise. Avoid using complex sentences and jargon that the AI may not understand. Use simple language that is easy for the AI to comprehend.
  2. Provide examples: Providing examples can help the AI to understand what you are looking for. It also gives the AI a reference point to generate content. Make sure your examples are relevant and concise.


Check out these distinguishing attributes that make it stand out:

  • Produce one-of-a-kind content that performs well on Google
  • Formulate exceptional, SEO-optimized blog posts with appropriate keywords
  • Complete your initial drafts in just a few minutes
  • Escape the dreaded writer’s block
  • Expand your content marketing efforts

Ease of Use

Kafkai is as easy to use as most of the other ai writers on this list.

No better, no worse. I can confidently say that you won’t have any trouble getting started with it.


Free Trial: Yes
Writer Plan: $29/month
Newsroom Plan: $49/month
Printing Press Plan: $129/ month
Industrial Plan: $199/month

My Personal Notes

As someone who has tested a lot of AI writing tools, I was pleasantly surprised by Kafkai’s ability to generate high-quality, SEO-friendly content in just a few clicks.

The majority of the content generated by Kafkai was well-written, engaging, and informative.

I particularly appreciated the software’s ability to generate content that sounded like it was written by a human, which is a big plus in the world of SEO.

49) Better Writer

Better Writer helps you craft exceptional blog posts, articles, and various other content types, providing an effortless writing experience.

It uses advanced algorithms to analyze your writing style, tone, and content preferences to generate content that is optimized for your target audience.


Here’s an example of a section on how to make cheese sticks, generated by Better Writer:

Making cheese sticks at home is a great way to enjoy a tasty and healthy snack. To get started, you will need some mozzarella cheese, bread crumbs, and eggs.

First, cut the mozzarella cheese into sticks and set them aside.

Then, beat the eggs in a bowl and dip the cheese sticks in the egg mixture. After that, roll the cheese sticks in the bread crumbs until they are fully coated. Finally, heat up some oil in a frying pan and cook the cheese sticks until they are golden brown.


Here are some of the top features of Better Writer:

  • Elaborate, complete, summarize, and create compelling stories
  • Improve content quality and change tone to match your brand
  • Generate blog post outlines and topic ideas to jump-start your writing process
  • Use AIDA and PAS frameworks to write persuasive content
  • Write Amazon product descriptions and cold emails that convert
  • Craft Quora answers that establish your authority in your niche

Ease of Use

As a blogger, I’ve been using Better Writer for a few months now, and I must say that it has been seamless for me.

The user interface is intuitive and easy to navigate, and I love the fact that I can generate topic ideas and outlines with just a few clicks.

The content generated by Better Writer is of high quality and requires minimal editing, which saves me a lot of time and effort.


Free Trial: $0, 7-day free trial
Basic: $19/month
Annual: $180/year

My Personal Notes

In my experience, the content generated by Better Writer is not only high quality but also engaging and SEO-friendly.

I also appreciate the fact that AI is constantly learning and improving based on my feedback, which means that the content generated by Better Writer will only get better with time.


AISEO is an artificial intelligence-powered tool that helps content creators to create better and more engaging content.

With its advanced algorithms, AISEO helps users to generate high-quality content quickly and easily. From blog posts to social media updates, AISEO can help you create content that resonates with your audience and drives traffic to your website.


Power words are a great way to make your headlines more engaging and memorable.

They are words that evoke emotions or create curiosity, which makes people more likely to click on your content.

Some examples of power words include “amazing,” “incredible,” “shocking,” “surprising,” and “revolutionary.”


  • AI-powered content creation
  • Chrome extension for easy access
  • Long-form blog post capability
  • Paraphrasing tool for creating unique content
  • User-friendly interface
  • Real-time data analysis and reporting
  • Personalized content suggestions based on your niche

Ease of Use

As a busy professional, I appreciate tools that are easy to use and don’t require a lot of time to master.

AISEO is very user-friendly, with a simple interface that makes it easy to navigate and find the features you need. I also appreciate the Chrome extension, which allows me to access AISEO from anywhere on the web.

The tool is intuitive and easy to use, even for someone who is not a tech expert.


Grow: $15/month (paid annually)
Scale: $29/month (paid annually)
Team: $44/month (paid annually)

My Personal Notes

After testing AISEO for a few weeks, I have found that it is a great tool for creating engaging and informative content quickly.

I appreciate the range of features, including the paraphrasing tool, which helps to ensure that the content I create is unique and not just a copy of what’s already out there.

However, the AI-generated outputs are not always perfect, and I found myself having to make significant edits.

Additionally, I have noticed that it is easy to waste credits by regenerating content, so it’s important to use the tool strategically to maximize its benefits.

51) OpenAI

I know we mentioned OpenAI earlier when we discussed ChatGPT but Openai is honestly much bigger than just one ai writing tool.

OpenAI is a company that is dedicated to researching and developing artificial intelligence.

Their goal is to ensure that the benefits of artificial general intelligence are accessible to everyone.

OpenAI has created a variety of AI models, such as ChatGPT, Dall-E text-to-image, and Whisper, an open-source neural network that has achieved nearly human-like robustness and accuracy in recognizing English speech.


Prompt engineering is the process of designing prompts for language models to generate desired outputs.

It involves understanding the nuances of language and how to effectively communicate a prompt to a machine-learning model.

Beginners can start by experimenting with simple prompts and gradually incorporating more complex language structures.


  • This AI writer provides four primary models that offer varying levels of power to cater to different tasks.
  • Among these models, Davinci stands out as the most capable, while Ada is known for its impressive speed.
  • This tool is highly compatible with the API and offers reasonable pricing, making it accessible to more users.
  • It excels at complex tasks such as creating targeted summaries, generating creative content, and comprehending the intent behind the text.
  • Capable of handling nuanced tasks like sentiment classification, language translation, and Q&A.
  • Can improve performance by providing more context.

Ease of Use

OpenAI is remarkably easy to use.

Their API is well-documented and simple to integrate, and the pricing is reasonable. I appreciate the flexibility of their models, as I can choose the level of power that’s appropriate for the task at hand.

Additionally, the support team at OpenAI is responsive and helpful, making it easy to troubleshoot any issues that may arise.


OpenAI models are based on tokens so the price is low but not completely straightforward to compute.

Ada: $0.0004/1000 Tokens
Babbage: $0.0005/1000 Tokens
Curie: $0.0020/1000 Tokens
Davinci: $0.0200/1000 Tokens

My Personal Notes

Honestly, OpenAI has been one of my favorite AI blog writing tools for a long time.

With the release of ChatGPT, they are hard to beat on power, quality, and price. I have zero hesitation in recommending OpenAi as one of the top ai blog writers.

52) GetGenie

GetGenie is a revolutionary AI-powered WordPress plugin that simplifies content creation and SEO optimization.

With the power of AI, GetGenie takes the guesswork out of keyword research, competitor analysis, and content creation. It’s like having your own personal assistant for your website.


An example of the content generated by GetGenie:

Swinging a golf club can be both an art and a science. The key to a great golf swing is practice and proper technique. The first step is to get into the right stance.

Position yourself with your feet placed shoulder-width apart while keeping your toes pointed straight ahead.

Slightly bend your knees and distribute your weight evenly between your feet.


  • AI-Filtered Keyword Research: GetGenie analyzes and picks the best keywords for you based on trend data, search volume, competition, and CPC.
  • Analysis of Competitors: With GetGenie, you can evaluate the gaps and weaknesses in the content of your competitors and surpass them in the search engine result pages.
  • Creation of Content Assisted by AI: GetGenie deploys artificial intelligence to produce superior, SEO-optimized content that captivates your audience and leads traffic to your website.
  • Optimization of SERP: GetGenie’s SEO mode streamlines the optimization of your content for search engines and ensures it is ready for SERP from the get-go.
  • Plugin for WordPress: GetGenie is a plugin specially designed for WordPress that you can effortlessly install and utilize.

Ease of Use

As someone who has struggled with content creation and SEO, GetGenie has been a game-changer for me.

The plugin is easy to install and use, and the AI-powered features make content creation and optimization a breeze.

The keyword research and competitor analysis tools have saved me hours of time and effort, and the content created by GetGenie is of high quality and optimized for search engines.

The AI-generated content has saved me time, and effort and helps my business rank and grow.


Starter: Free
Writer: $19/month
Pro: $49/month
Agency: $99/month

My Personal Notes

I have tested several AI writers in the past, but GetGenie stands out for its ease of use and AI-powered features.

The keyword research and competitor analysis features have helped me optimize my content for search engines, and the AI-generated content is of high quality and engaging.

I think you can save hours of time and effort using GetGenie, and the results will speak for themselves.

53) Chibi AI

Chibi AI is an AI-powered writing assistant designed for bloggers, marketers, and storytellers.

It is a creative and versatile tool that allows users to craft high-quality content with ease. Chibi is crafted specifically for writers and offers more control over context compared to other AI writing tools.

It features a dynamic context that users can control, making it easier to create custom content.


To use a toothpick, first, select a clean toothpick from the container.

Hold the toothpick gently between your thumb and forefinger and carefully guide it between your teeth. Gently wiggle the toothpick back and forth to remove any food particles or debris.

Be careful not to press too hard or force the toothpick too far between your teeth, as this can cause injury or irritation to your gums.


Some of the notable features include:

  • Dynamic context control that allows for more customized content
  • The Prompt Vault, which offers pre-made prompts and the ability to create your own custom prompts
  • An easy-to-use interface that fits into workflows easily
  • Augmented writing abilities that enhance your content creation process

Ease of Use

From my personal point of view, Chibi AI is extremely easy to use.

The interface is intuitive and user-friendly, which makes it easy to get started with your content creation. The tool is highly customizable, which allows for greater control over the content that you produce.

I found Chibi AI to be an excellent tool for creating high-quality content in a timely and efficient manner.


Free: Yes, 5,000 free credits
Simple Monthly Plan: $42
Simple Annual Plan: $420

My Personal Notes

I tested Chibi AI and found it to be an excellent tool for content creation.

The dynamic context control and Prompt Vault make it easy to create high-quality content quickly and efficiently. The price point is also very competitive, making Chibi AI a great option if you’re looking for a budget-friendly ai writer.

54) Storylab.ai

StoryLab AI is an innovative online tool that uses advanced natural language processing technology to generate content ideas, hooks, outlines, and ready-made copy.

The tool was developed by a team of passionate experts in content marketing, growth hacking, and storytelling.

Unlike other AI copy generators, StoryLab AI is built for storytelling, which is essential for bloggers, content creators, and marketers looking to write better stories faster and easier.


Pickleball is an amalgamation of tennis, badminton, and ping-pong, and it’s a racket sport that requires a paddle and a plastic ball with perforations, much like a wiffle ball.

The game is usually played in doubles on a court that is roughly the size of a badminton court.

The net is lower than a tennis net and the rules of the game are relatively simple, making it an easy sport to pick up and play for people of all ages and skill levels.


  • Natural Language Processing: StoryLab.AI is powered by the latest version of GPT, the most powerful natural language processing AI available in the market.
  • Content Library: StoryLab.AI provides a content library with ready-made copy for your marketing purposes.
  • Marketing Copy Generators: StoryLab.AI offers various marketing copy generators, including Instagram captions, Google ad headlines, Facebook ad copy, and email subject lines.
  • User-Friendly Interface: StoryLab.AI has a user-friendly interface that makes it easy for users to generate content ideas, hooks, outlines, and ready-made copy.

Ease of Use

From my personal point of view, StoryLab AI is very easy to use.

The tool has a clean and intuitive interface, and it only takes a few clicks to generate content ideas, hooks, outlines, and ready-made copy.

Additionally, the marketing copy generators are very helpful, and they have helped me create compelling copy for my marketing campaigns.


StoryLab.AI offers three price plans:

Free: This plan provides limited access to the tool.
Starter AI Plan: $5/month and provides access to all marketing copy generators.
Pro AI Plan: $15/month and provides access to all features, including the content library.
Unlimited AI Plan: $19/month and provides unlimited access to all features.

My Personal Notes

After testing StoryLab AI, I can honestly say that it is a powerful tool for bloggers, content creators, and marketers.

The tool has helped me generate content ideas, hooks, outlines, and ready-made copy for my blog posts and marketing campaigns.

Additionally, the marketing copy generators are very helpful, and they have helped me create compelling copy for my social media campaigns.

55) Smart Copy (Formally Called Snazzy)

Smart Copy is an AI writing tool that creates engaging and human-like content in minutes.

With a simple three-click process, you can create stunning landing pages, Google Ads, and taglines that are sure to impress your target audience.

Its platform offers a diverse set of templates that are easily customizable for your needs, making it the perfect writing tool for content teams, startups, enterprise, and agencies.


What is the Best AI Writer for Travel Blogs?

When it comes to the best AI writer for travel blogs, there are two top contenders: Jasper and ChatGPT.

Jasper is a great tool that provides excellent and robust blog writing assistance with its starter plan at a reasonable monthly cost, while ChatGPT offers more focus and free trials to help you decide if the tool is the right fit for your needs.

Both platforms have a range of features that make them valuable to travel bloggers who need to create compelling content.


Here are some of the most notable features of Smart Copy:

  • Unlimited Generations: With a paid plan, you can generate as much new daily content as you want.
  • Several Templates: Smart Copy offers more than 45 premade templates that you can use to create your content.
  • Many Languages: You can write in your native language and then translate it into over 30 languages.
  • Google Chrome Extension: Smart Copy offers a website application, or you can download the Google Chrome extension for easier use.
  • SEO Analysis: Smart Copy analyzes the web for keywords to elevate your writing.

Ease of Use

Smart Copy is very easy to use, even for those without a lot of writing experience.

The user interface is clean and easy to navigate, with all of the main features accessible from the main screen. I found the templates very helpful in guiding me toward creating content that was well-structured and easy to read.

I found Smart Copy to be a valuable tool that significantly expedited the content creation process.


Free: Yes
Essential Plan: $15/month
Unlimited Plan: $40/month

My Personal Notes

I was impressed with Smart Copy’s writing capabilities, especially its ability to create high-quality content quickly.

The software’s template feature made the writing process easier and more structured.

I was also pleased with the software’s SEO analysis, which elevated my writing by suggesting the most relevant keywords.

The fact that it supports over 30 languages is also a significant plus, making it a valuable tool for travel bloggers and those in the hospitality industry.

56) Sudowrite

Sudowrite is a powerful AI creative writing tool developed by a team of experienced developers and writers.

The name is a nod to the coding abbreviation “super user do,” reflecting the app’s advanced capabilities.

Sudowrite provides several unique features to help writers create compelling stories and content, including character and relationship design suggestions, description assistance, and even alternative plot points and twists.

With Sudowrite, writers can generate up to 1000 words in less time than it takes to make a cup of coffee.


I gave Sudowrite the prompt: “What is the Best Ai Writer for Fiction Writers (Sudeowrite, Jasper, ChatGPT)?”

Here is what Sudowrite gave me:

When it comes to AI writers for fiction, the competition is fierce. Three of the most popular options are Sudowrite, Jasper, and ChatGPT.

Each has its strengths and weaknesses, but in our experience, Sudowrite stands out as a top performer.

With its Wormhole feature, Sudowrite can analyze a writer’s previous work and generate suggestions for future plot points, characters, and even the overall tone.

This is particularly useful for novelists who need to keep track of multiple storylines and plot arcs.

Additionally, Sudowrite’s Extraordinary, Ominous, and Funny tones allow writers to experiment with different voices and styles, making it a versatile and flexible choice for creative writers.


Sudowrite offers a host of features to help writers improve their craft and streamline their workflow.

Here are some of the most notable features:

  • First Draft: Generate up to 1000 words based on a concept to get the ball rolling.
  • Write: Autocomplete on steroids. Analyzes characters, tone, and plot arc to generate the next 300 words in the writer’s voice.
  • Describe: Helps in creating descriptive passages to help readers connect with characters and settings.
  • Presto expand–o: Expands scenes to avoid pacing issues.
  • Feedback: Provides three actionable areas for improvement based on the writer’s work.
  • Canvas: Generates alternate plot points, character secrets, and twists.
  • Wormhole: Analyzes a writer’s previous work to generate suggestions for future plot points, characters, and overall tone.
  • Extraordinary, Ominous, and Funny tones: Allows writers to experiment with different voices and styles.

Ease of Use

In my personal experience, Sudowrite is straightforward and intuitive to use.

The interface is well-designed and easy to navigate, and the various features are clearly labeled and easily accessible. The Wormhole feature is particularly useful, as it provides quick and easy inspiration for future plot points and character arcs.

Sudowrite is a user-friendly and efficient tool for writers looking to improve their craft and streamline their workflow.


Sudowrite offers four price plans to fit a variety of needs and budgets:

Free Trial: Yes
Hobby & Student Plan: $10/month
Professional Plan: $40/Month
Max Plan: $100/Month

My Personal Notes

As someone who has tested Sudowrite, I can vouch for its effectiveness in generating both fiction and nonfiction content quickly and efficiently.

The Wormhole feature is especially useful for brainstorming and inspiration.

The Extraordinary, Ominous, and Funny tones provide an excellent way to experiment with different voices and styles.

In my experience, Sudowrite is a versatile and powerful tool for bloggers looking to take their craft to the next level.

57) Typli.Ai

Typli is an AI-powered content creation tool that merges the capabilities of AI writing and an SEO assistant to assist you in generating SEO-friendly content.

This tool is perfect for content creators and marketers who want to create long-form content that is both engaging and SEO-friendly.


I gave the ai article writer the prompt: “What is the Best Ai Writer for English as a Second Language?”

As a non-native English speaker, finding the right AI writer to help you create content in English can be challenging. Fortunately, there are two AI writers that stand out for their effectiveness in this area: Jasper and ChatGPT.

Jasper is a great option for those who are just starting out with AI writing.

It is user-friendly and has a robust interface that is easy to navigate and can meet all of your needs. However, it may not be the best option for those who are looking for more streamlined features that only offer AI chat features.


  • Unlimited word generation
  • Unlimited project creation
  • Unlimited SEO analysis
  • Browser extension access for both Chrome and Mozilla
  • WordPress plugin integration
  • Ability to use SEO analytics
  • Integration with Spin Text and Copyscape
  • Ability to export content in DOC and PDF
  • Chatbot functionality similar to ChatGPT

Ease of Use

From my personal experience, Typli is an incredibly user-friendly tool that is easy to navigate.

Its interface is simple and intuitive, making it easy for even the most inexperienced users to create high-quality content.

It also has a wide range of features that are easy to access and use, which makes it an ideal tool for those who want to create great content without spending a lot of time or effort.


Free Trial: Yes, a free trial is available
Monthly Unlimited Plan: $29/month
Yearly Unlimited Plan: $290/Year

My Personal Notes

Typli is one of the best on the market.

Its range of features, ease of use, and affordable pricing make it an ideal tool for content creators and marketers who want to create great content without spending a lot of time or money.

58) Bonus: Taskade AI Writer

Taskade AI is a tool designed to improve productivity and collaboration through AI-powered writing, task and project management, and team collaboration.

With Taskade AI, users can generate ideas, rewrite text in specific styles or tones, find answers to questions, and summarize long-form content.

In addition, it offers a unique feature that generates mind maps that are perfect for a creative workflow.


I gave the ai writer the prompt: “What is the Best AI Writer for Academic Writing?”

Here is the result:

When it comes to AI writing tools, Jasper and ChatGPT are two of the best options for academic writing.

Jasper offers more options and features while ChatGPT is the best ai writer for academic writing because it is the more streamlined and powerful AI tool for generating academic-level accuracy.


Some of its key features include:

  • AI-powered writing that helps generate new ideas or rewrite the text in a specific style or tone
  • The ability to find answers to questions or summarize long-form content
  • The ability to collaborate with others in real time through shared projects
  • Advanced permission management that allows users to control who has access to projects and documents
  • Unlimited storage, tasks, projects, and team members
  • A version history that allows users to review past changes made to documents
  • 500+ templates, including many for bloggers

Ease of Use

From my personal experience, Taskade AI is a user-friendly tool that is easy to navigate.

Its AI-powered features make it easy to generate ideas, rewrite text, and find answers to questions, saving time and improving productivity.

Its collaborative features are also easy to use, allowing multiple users to work on the same project simultaneously.


Free Plan: Yes, a free plan is available
Pro Plan: $19/month
Business Plan: $49/month
Ultimate Plan: $99/month

My Personal Notes

I was impressed by the tool’s features and ease of use.

The AI-powered writing feature is especially useful for generating new ideas and rewriting text, while the collaborative features make it easy to work with others in real time.

The 500+ templates offered are also a great resource for bloggers.

While the paid plans are more expensive than some of the other AI writing tools on the market, Taskade AI’s features make it a good investment for those who need an all-in-one tool for productivity and collaboration.

Best AI Blog Writer Comparison Chart

Here is a table that compares the best AI writers:

Tool NameFree TrialStarting PriceNumber of Words
PersadoNo$4.99/MoNot Mentioned
Pepper type AIYes$35/Mo50,0000
INKYes$59/MoUnlimited Words
Prowriting AidNo$20/MoNot Mentioned
Flacked AIYes$9/Mo20,000
Copy AIYes$49/Mo40,000
H-Supertools AI WriterYesFreeNot Mentioned
ZyroNo$2.59/MoNot Mentioned
RankMathYes$19/Mo25 Article Optimizations
ArticooloNo$29/Mo10 Articles
ChatGPTYes$20/MoNot mentioned
Article ForgeYes$13/Mo25,000
TextBlazeYes2.99/Mo1,000 Snippet
Sassbook             Yes$32.5Unlimited
CopySmithYes$19.99/Mo40,000 Words
Smodin AINo$10/MoUnlimited Rewrites
Content BotNo$29/Mo40,000 Words
Closers CopyNo$49/Mo300 Ai Runs
AI WriterYes$29/Mo40 Articles
Simplified AI WriterYes$21/MoNot Mentioned
Surfer SEONo$49/Month10 Articles
GrammarlyYesFreeUnlimited Words
WordHeroNo$49/MonthUnlimited Words
Write creamYes$29/MoUnlimited Words
OutrankingNo$7/MoNot Mentioned
LinguixBusinessYes$5/Mo250 Work Emails
Riku AINo$29/MoUnlimited
Longshot AINo$29/Mo50,000 Words
TextCortextNo$19/MoNot Mentioned
NeuroflashYes$29/Mo20,000 Words
Canva AI WriterYes$12/MoNot Mentioned
WriterlyNo$19/Mo60,000 Words
Jenni AIYes$12/Mo3,000 Words
QopywriterYes$9/Mo100 Credits
KafKaiYes$29/Mo100 Articles /Mo
Better writerYes$19/Mo23,800 Words
AISEONo$15/Mo50,000 Words
OpenAINoVaries by ModelTokens Vary by Model
GetGenieYes$19/Mo12,000 Words
Chibi AIYes$42/MoUnlimited
Storylab.aiYes$5/Mo25 Runs
Smart CopyYes$15/Mo200 Credits
SudowriteYes$10/Mo30,000 Words
Typli AIYes$29/MoUnlimited Words
Taskade AIYes$19/Mo50,000 Words
Comparison Chart: Best AI Blog Writers

What Is the Best AI Blog Writer for Beginners?

The best AI blog writer for beginners is Jasper AI.

My goal in this section is to provide you with the most accurate information that will explain why I believe Jasper is superior to any other option on the market for beginners.

Here are seven reasons that Jasper is the best AI for beginners.

1) Produces the Best Content

Since Jasper has read nearly every public entry on the internet, he has a vast and deep understanding of nearly every niche.

Jasper-generated content is derived from multiple sources, rather than pulling information from a single source, so it is 100% original and free of plagiarism.

I know because I run every single one of my blog posts through a paid plagiarism checker.

So far, I’ve had 100% original results and not a single issue.

The creators of Jasper used writing and marketing experts to teach Jasper how to produce well-written, grammatically correct content that matches the best professional bloggers.

I hate to admit it, but I’ve been writing professionally for 20 years and sometimes Jasper outwrites me.

Although I share some Jasper-written content later in this article, you may also want to know that Jasper wrote the majority of this article. You do need to guide and fact-check Jasper but there is really good free training available on how to maximize your outputs.

2) Provides the Most Features

Jasper can generate over 50 different kinds of content. The dashboard for Jasper currently includes 53 templates in boss mode (the highest tier, which is what I use).

Here are just a few of the features I love and use every day:

  • Long-form blog post or article generator
  • Blog post title generator
  • Blog post brief generator
  • Blog post outline generator
  • Blog post introduction generator
  • Sentence rewriter
  • Sentence simplifier
  • Sentence expander
  • Blog post conclusion generator
  • Recipes for creating Income School-style blog posts
  • Recipes for creating product descriptions

Jasper can also write social media posts, marketing emails, bios, advertisements, product descriptions, books, and so much more.

Jasper supports over 25+ different languages, so if you’re not writing in your native tongue or want to translate your content into several languages, Jasper can help.

3) Ease Of Use

With Jasper AI, you can create content that your audience will love, using relevant keywords and phrases.

You don’t need any specialized knowledge or skills in coding.

Jasper comes with a simple, intuitive interface so that you can focus on creating lots of content for your website. You can easily organize projects, collaborate on documents, and switch workspaces with individual logins for your team members.

There is also a brand-new Jasper Bootcamp that walks you, step-by-step, through how to produce the best content with the software.

If you simply sign up for a free trial of Jasper, you will be able to get a sense of what it is like to write an article before deciding whether you wish to continue using it for your blog.

4) Quality of Support

Jasper AI has a dedicated support team available virtually 24×7 to answer any questions or concerns customers may have regarding the tool.

Whether it is technical, payment, article, revision, or customer service questions, their staff can handle any problem quickly.

There is also a Jasper Facebook group so that you can reach out to other users with questions and concerns.

I’ve found the group incredibly encouraging and helpful for learning how others use Jasper.

5) Time-Saving

Jasper is very fast. The content he creates is amazing. It doesn’t matter how many paragraphs, blog outlines, headline ideas, or SEO metadata you ask Jasper to generate.

You can produce two or three articles per day by working only a few hours.

It used to take me four hours minimum to write one complete blog post. Now it takes an hour or less. I know some other bloggers who churn out three or more quality articles per day with Jasper.

The ability to scale your blog post-production will only help you grow your website, traffic, and earnings.

6) Makes Me The Most Money

Jasper is the first AI article writer that has made me over 10,000 dollars in just a few months. I’m on course to double or triple that amount over the next six months alone.

I make money through writing contracts, display ads, and affiliate marketing. Using Jasper, I have launched several websites that I’m packing with content.

I couldn’t have done it by myself without writing myself crazy. Although I plan to hire permanent writers to help grow my websites, right now I do 99% of the work myself using Jasper.

7) The Content Ranks on Google

One of the most important things to know is that Jasper creates content that ranks well on Google.

Dozens of my articles written with Jasper are already ranking on the first-page search results for my chosen keywords.

Some bloggers worry that AI-written content will not rank.

In my experience (and the experience of everyone I know), this is not the case. As long as you produce quality, relevant content that matches the search intent, you will rank.

Pros and Cons of the Best AI Blog Writer (Easy Table of Information)

There is a lot of information in this article, so I thought I’d create an easy table of pros and cons for the best AI blog writer, which is Jasper:

100% original content (no plagiarism)Monthly fee
Generates high-quality contentRequires training to maximize effectiveness
Produces blog posts super-fast (hour or less)Requires fact-checking
Content ranks high on GoogleRequires a little guidance
5-star support and customer service
Inexpensive starter plan pricing
Best AI Blog Writer Pros and Cons

Best Free AI Writer for Blogging

Other than the free version of ChatGPT, the H-Supertools AI Writer is a top choice for bloggers because it offers advanced artificial intelligence technology and a wide range of features at no cost.

With this tool, users can input their desired topic and the AI writer will generate unique content in seconds.

It also has built-in plagiarism detection and grammar-checking capabilities to ensure high-quality writing.

The H-Supertools AI Writer allows for seamless integration with popular blogging platforms such as WordPress and Blogger.

The easy-to-use interface and powerful features make the H-Supertools AI Writer an excellent choice for anyone in need of a free AI writing tool for their blog.

Best AI Writers In 5 Categories

After testing all 57 of these AI blog writers, here is my shortlist of best ai blog writers for your specific needs:

Best Overall AI Blog WriterJasper
Best Budget AI Blog WriterChatGPT
Best Runner Up Al Blog WriterWriteSonic
Best One Click AI Blog WriterWriteSonic
Best AI Blog Writer (Most Words Per Month)WordHero
Chart: Best AI Blog Writers

Final Thoughts: Best AI Blog Writers

I’ve been using Jasper AI for over a year and I’m totally obsessed with how much it helps me scale quality content.

I use it religiously for all of my websites (including this one), writing contracts, and other online writing platforms.

In total, Jasper has made me approximately $80,000 already. I 100% believe that using Jasper and the strategies I’ve learned from the Passive Income Geek Blogging program, I’ll be making close to six figures in the next 12-24 months.

If you write blog posts or articles (or any kind of writing), I strongly encourage you to check out how Jasper can help you.

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