Best AI Essay Writer (With Examples)

I’ve used AI writers for years, and use them every single day.

In this article, I’ll share the very best AI essay writer, why it’s the best, and give real examples of AI-written essays.

The Overall Best AI Essay Writer

The overall best AI essay writer is Jasper (formerly known as Jarvis). Jasper uses the most advanced artificial intelligence software in an intuitive interface to help you create your essay title, outline your essay, and write most of your essay for you.

I just wish I had it when I was still in school!

For example, I just knocked out 1,000 words of a “test essay” in less than 10 minutes (Watch the video, then come back to finish this article).

The only word that can describe it is “insane.”

I use Jasper every day for all sorts of writing, so the software definitely works. There are a ton of how-to training videos and an entire Jasper Bootcamp that you can take to maximize your results.

Why Is Jasper The Best AI Essay Writer?

Here’s the short list of reasons (Read a more complete list of pros and cons in the very next section):

  • Jasper uses the most advanced contextual algorithms.
  • It provides plagiarism-free essays.
  • It has over 50 tools to help with every aspect of writing your essay.
  • This software saves a great deal of time and effort (it helps me write at least 2-3X faster).

This AI-writer enables you to create quality, human-sounding essays, solves your writer’s block with robotic intelligence, generates content in a large variety of languages, and incorporates both writing and revision tools supercharged with machine-learning speed.

A.K.A., Jasper is super cool.

Best AI Essay Writer: Pros and Cons

That’s all great, but maybe hard to digest. So, I put all the information about why Jasper is the best AI essay writer into an easy-to-read table.

Here is the table of major pros and cons:

Inexpensive starter plan pricingMonthly fee
Generates high-quality contentRequires training to maximize effectiveness
Produces content super-fast (hour or less)Requires fact-checking
Writes professional-level essaysRequires a little guidance
Competitive pricing for the industryNot magic
Includes hundreds of voice tone options
100% original content (no plagiarism)
Most accurate and natural-sounding AI writer
5-star support and customer service
Jasper AI Writer

You can’t just push a button and Jasper will magically write a perfect 2,000-word essay for you.

However, it’s ALMOST that easy. You just need to feed Jasper some information, guide him here and there, and fact-check him.

I use Jasper to write essays, articles, website content, and medical articles, so I know Jasper will have no problem with your essay topic.

How Much Does The Jasper AI Essay Writer Cost?

There are multiple monthly pricing tiers for Jasper:

I use the highest tier called Boss Mode, which is what I suggest for you to get the most out of the AI engine. Compared to paying someone to write a quality essay for you, the cost of Jasper is very competitive.

Note: Pricing on software can change, so it’s best to check the website for the latest price.

You can try Jasper right now with a seven-day money-back guarantee (Read my complete article about Jasper).

Best AI Essay Writer: Examples

I promised examples of AI-written essays, and that’s what I’m going to give you.

Check out these 100% Jasper-written essay sections. I don’t know about you, but Jasper continues to impress me.

Example 1: Effects of Social Networking Sites

The first social networking sites began as early as the mid-1990s, but these sites became household names with MySpace and Facebook.

In order to better understand the effects of being able to interact with others online, it is necessary to explore the differences between those who use social networking sites and those who do not.

A study was conducted in 2012 with college students. They recorded the number of social networking sites used and the amount of time spent per day on these sites. The results showed that most (97%) were daily users and many (71%) were at least weekly users.

It was also found that for every 10 minutes a participant had been on the Internet, they had spent 1.7 minutes on social networking sites.

Another study was conducted in 2012 with young adults about to enter college. They were surveyed about their Internet usage and how much time they spend per day on social networking sites. The results showed that 88% of participants used social networking sites throughout college; however, this number dropped to 78% when they graduated.

Example 2: Pollution Due to Urbanization

Urbanization is defined as “the concentration of rural dwellers in increasingly crowded towns and cities.” (Stilgoe, Stafford, & Smith). Causes of urbanization include a rural dweller’s wish to be closer to amenities such as hospitals and fire stations, or the pull of employment in cities.

Factors that affect urbanization are government policies, natural disasters, and outside pressures, such as climate change, which is causing migration from tropical areas to areas with mild climates.

Urbanization leads directly to pollution problems.

Pollution, is “the release of chemicals or other materials into the environment that reduces the quality of air, water, and land resources; leads to undesirable consequences for humans, animals, plants, or material things; and interferes with human activity” (Miller-Young). Pollution is an area in which urbanization has had a significant effect.

Example 3: What Is Free Speech?

Free speech is the right to express oneself without censorship or limitation, especially by the government. It is a democratic ideal that developed in North America during the eighteenth century.

Free speech is also known as freedom of expression. The terms are often used interchangeably.

Prior to the establishment of free speech rights, governments had regulated speech for centuries under common law doctrines such as seditious libel, which outlawed “false statements against the government.” Free speech rights were first established in court judgments and legislation during the English Civil War.

This is a diagram of a birdseye view of a Free Speech Controversy from Wikipedia. The blue lines represent those who do not want Free Speech, while the red lines represent Free Speech advocates.

Free speech is widely regarded as an essential requirement for freedom of expression, thought, and conscience; the freedoms of association and assembly; and equality in social, economic, and cultural life. Free speech includes the freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media regardless of frontiers.

Best Affordable AI Essay Writer

I still think Jasper is the best AI Writer, but you’ll run out of “word credits” unless you get the unlimited words included in the higher price tiers.

So, you might be looking for a more affordable option for now.

What’s the best affordable AI essay writer?

The best affordable AI writer for essays is Rytr. The premium version costs under $50 right now (Check the current price) and offers unlimited character generation. With Rytr, you can expand sentences, rephrase sentences, or produce a paragraph of essay content at a time.

Rytr’s most prominent feature is the ability to read human input and write sentences similar to that input.

This makes writing essays very easy for the software.

How can Rytr help you autogenerate good essays? Rytr has several options: Rytr can read and generate essays or help you update old essays you already wrote to fit the current standards.

To let Rytr do most of the work, you just keep clicking that “paragraph” button until your essay is done.

Then you can edit, revise, and fact-check until you are satisfied. Easy peasy.

Best AI Essay Writer (4 Good Alternatives w/ Prices)

The AI writing assistant software industry is growing rapidly.

To help you decide on your best option, we will review four additional AI writers that are leading the pack as far as features and popularity are concerned. Keep in mind that you usually get what you pay for with this type of software.

Here’s a table that gives you a good overview of the AI tools and monthly prices:

AI Essay WriterCurrent Price Learn More
Rytr$29Learn More
WriterSonic$25Learn More
Flacked AI$27Learn More
EssayBot$9.95Learn More
Thunder Content$49Learn More
What is the best AI Essay writer?—See my full list of my recommended tools for writers.


Writersonic is a great alternative for using AI to help write your essay.

With Writersonic, you can effortlessly write your essay with the click of a few buttons. It’s my third favorite AI writer (after Jasper and Rytr), but it still offers a lot of features.

Here are some cool features:

  • Write your complete essay (using the article and blog template)
  • Summarize an article for research
  • Rewrite your content
  • Fix grammar errors

This is like having a professional essay writer in your pocket, ready to help with any kind of essay you need—including narrative essays, comparative essays, or expository essays.

WriterSonic offers a starter plan and a professional plan (and a business plan, but you won’t need that).

To simply try out the software, choose the starter plan. However, keep in mind that you will run out of characters fast. So, I highly recommend that you upgrade to one of the unlimited character plans as soon as possible.

Flacked AI

Flacked AI is a platform featuring a summarizing and writing tool that can make essay writing a breeze.

One feature that is perfect for essay writing is the ability to insert a link from any other website and Flacked will produce a summary.

Imagine how much time this tool will save you with research alone.

No other AI writer that I know of has this feature. So, that’s one major reason to check this one out.


Essaybot is an artificially intelligent (AI-powered) essay writing assistant/bot that assists you in writing genuine, original essays free of plagiarism.

By entering your essay title or topic, it helps you find a number of valuable sources that can provide you with inspiration and data.

With its Artificial Intelligence technology, it also suggests and paraphrases parts of sentences as well as generates full sentences, helping you write your essay faster.

With EssayBot, you can write 100% original essays that can pass the plagiarism tests of plagiarism checkers like Turnitin or Quetext.

Additionally, the software integrates a citation generator, which produces in-text citations according to your source and writing.

On their website, EssayBot even gives you a few samples of articles you can use to evaluate its performance.

Thunder Content

Thunder Content assists you in writing unique essays on various topics with lightning-fast speed.

The software helps you write essays of any length in different languages. In addition, it helps you edit and update old pieces using advanced AI technology.

Here’s what I like about Thunder Content:

It has a concise and clear text editor, flexible exportation tools, support of 12+ languages, a meta tag manager, and a 100% unique content creation feature. 

You can also implement the use of keyword optimization using Thundercontent’s AI-powered tools.

Finally, you can export your documents in the format of your choice. The software offers three price variations to fit all the budget types.

Best Free AI Essay Writer

EssayToolBox provides you with many free online tools to help improve your essay-writing process.

You can autogenerate essay ideas, thesis statements, and citations.

You can also:

All these features are available at the click of a button!

For a free option, you really can’t beat this software. Once you start writing essays with this software’s assistance, it will be clear that writing essays with AI is ten times easier than doing it manually all by yourself.

Final Thoughts

There’s a ton of information in this article, so let me give you the bottom line.

The very best AI essay writer is Jasper. It’s the highest price for a reason—because it offers the most features and produces the best original, quality content.

You can also watch my new YouTube video where I run through a live example of writing the first draft of a 1,000-word essay in 5 minutes.

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