Best AI Script Writer (With Examples and Proof)

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a powerful tool for screenwriters. It can be used to automate tasks and generate creative scripts.

What’s the best AI script writer?

The best AI script writer is Jasper, formerly known as Jarvis. The Jasper AI writer can produce original, long-form screenplays using over 50 advanced tools. Jasper can match any tone of voice and writing pattern. With guidance, Jasper can write an entire script in a few days.

I’ve tested many AI writers and Jasper is by far my favorite (Try a free trial to see for yourself).

Read on to learn more about how this AI writer is changing the game for screenwriters. 

What Is Jasper (Jarvis)?

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Jasper is basically your writing assistant.

It’s an advanced artificial intelligence powered by machine learning, which enables it to write scripts from scratch, or re-write existing human-generated screenplays.

In short, Jasper really helps people who struggle with coming up with ideas.

Jasper asks you a few questions, learns your preferences, and then generates original content for you. With over 50 tools, it can write scripts in any genre of movies or TV shows.

I use Jasper every day to write thousands of words for articles, screenplays, books, and more.

5 Reasons Jasper Is the Best AI Script Writer

There are five good reasons that the best AI script writer is Jasper (Jarvis/

Here is the quick summary:

  • Jasper produces high-quality screenplays
  • Jasper is fast
  • Jasper content is 100% plagiarism free
  • Jasper gives you more creative flexibility than any other ai tool
  • Jasper needs minimal human intervention

1) High-Quality Scripts

Jasper is the best way to get high-quality content.

There’s no need for more expensive services, like hiring a writer, when you can simply generate your own scenes in seconds using Jasper.

Of course, speed and saving money don’t matter if the screenplay sucks.

After testing many AI writers, Jasper clearly comes out on top for generating the best content. Most other AI writers produced broken dialogue, weak characterization, and thin scenes.

Or, they simply didn’t produce enough of a script without a lot of handholding and human editing.

Jasper produces high-quality screenplays that are nearly ready to submit to agents or Hollywood producers. The dialogue is fresh, the characters funny and deep, the scenes dynamic, and everything else you’d expect from a professional writer.

2) Fast Production Time

The best AI script writer needs to be fast.

Speed is important because many writers get blocked if they don’t have enough ideas or content. I’ve been there—where inspiration goes, so does your productivity.

Plus, what screenwriter doesn’t want to crank out a screenplay as far as possible?

If you’re looking for a quick turnaround, Jasper is the best. This AI script writer can easily produce thousands of words in just a few hours.

I’ve personally used Jasper to create several TV pilot episodes worth of screenplay content overnight.

3) Plagiarism-Free Screenplays

You don’t have to worry about being sued or losing your shirt if you use Jasper. is 100% plagiarism-free.

This makes it perfect for writers who want to experiment with ideas without fear of being accused of stealing someone else’s work.

Besides, originality is key in the entertainment industry.

Especially in screenwriting. You want Jasper to write something familiar but with a twist. This AI writer only produces original content.

4) Unlimited Creative Freedom

Jasper gives you unlimited creative freedom.

In other words, it never blocks your productivity because it doesn’t know how to generate a certain type of content.

Jasper is the best when it comes to being free from creative constraints.

This AI writer gives you complete control over what to do with its ideas and suggestions so you can work in any way you want.

You’re not stuck making sweeping changes to weak content.

You’re not stuck telling Jasper what type of content you want it to generate for every beat.

Ultimately, it’s entirely your choice whether or not to use what Jasper gives you as-is or turn the ideas into something completely different. I really like that I can take the script in any direction that I want.

5) Minimal Human Intervention

The best AI script writer needs minimal human intervention so you can work on your screenplay without having to babysit the AI or hire a writer.

In my experience, Jasper only needs a little guidance per 1,000 words (or more) of content to make sure everything is on course.

This makes it perfect for new writers who may want to focus their time on enhancing the screenplay, not creating it.

Best AI Script Writer (Examples)

The proof is in the pudding.

I can speak the praises of Jasper all day long, but clear examples will show you what this AI writer can do.

Check out these three examples of Jasper-generated content.

Example 1: Comedy

INT. Goat Yoga Class – Day

A new age, hipster spa retreat for rich women. Darcy rolls out her mat next to a flexible, Gumby-like SUPERMODEL MOM.

Darcy plops down on her mat.


This is so relaxing, isn’t it? I love goat yoga! Do you have goats?


(flustered) Oh yeah…I love goats. I love everything about goats. Goat hair, goat eyes, goat feet. I LOVE goat feet. I mean, who doesn’t, am I right?

SUPERMODEL MOM stares at her in silence.

Darcy frantically looks around the room for help with the goat conversation.

SUPERMODEL MOM contorts herself into an impossible pretzel.


(stretching) I just love yoga. It’s so spiritual, you know? Like, if it doesn’t have goats in it, what’s the point? Right? Right!?

DARCY (struggling to touch her toes)

Oh yeah! Right! So spiritual. Totally agree. Can’t wait to pray to the goat god.

SUPERMODEL MOM makes a face, then rolls away.

Example 2: Suspense



A NEW IMAGE – The darkness is GONE, but it’s all white, like the darkness was peeled away. We see VICTORIA. She is beautiful, but she’s also young and tough, like a bare-knuckled boxer in an alley fight.

VICTORIA is alone in the Moscow night, standing by a wall.

She’s surrounded by the white noise of modern city life (cars honking, people yelling, etc.) but it fades out…

VICTORIA glances around, looking for someone. She pulls her phone out of her pocket to make sure we see we’re in the present day…

The sight of something on her phone scares her and she puts it away.

Example 3: Action/Thriller


A car SKIDS around a corner and hits a MAN, badly injuring him. With the screech of tires in the background, we see a motorist driving erratically, swerving to avoid SOMETHING in the road…

The WEALTHY RUSSIAN FATHER we saw earlier is dragged under the car and run over.

The car keeps going – leaving the Russian’s body STREWN in the street…


A DEALER is CARRYING a PACKAGE in a plastic grocery bag down the sidewalk. He looks up, sensing something – and then RUNS for his life as a CAR – driven by the RUSSIAN’S SON (28) – zooms into view. It tears across the sidewalk, trying to hit him…

The Dealer DIVES behind some people for protection, but the car SLAMS INTO THEM, stopping just short of the glass front of a small bakery.

Watch this fun (and enlightening) video to see another example of an AI-written movie:

YouTube video by Corridor Crew—Best AI Script Writer

Note: The AI in the video is not Jasper, but it shows some of the power behind AI writers to generate scripts.

The Best AI Script Writer for Beginners

The best AI script writer for beginners is still Jasper.

He’s the only AI tool on the market that can generate high-level story structure, dialogue, and plots. Jasper is an expert at generating story arcs for writers of any skill level—beginner to advanced.

The software is easy to learn and use from day one—I should know.

I was one of the first to sign up and test out the software. Even though I was skeptical at first, I gave it a try. Thank God I did!

Inside of the Jasper dashboard, you’ll also get access to tons of training videos, a Jasper Bootcamp, and a Facebook Community where you can ask specific questions.

As I mentioned earlier, it’s possible to use Jasper as a complete screenwriting solution.

The better input you give him (your ideas and logline), the better output he will generate.

I always recommend for beginners learn the basics of story structure and plotting. With this foundational knowledge, you can get Jasper to write even better screenplays.

Best AI Script Writer (3 Good Alternatives)

While I think Jasper is the best AI script writer, it’s not the only one.

Two drawbacks of Jasper include:

  • There are certain subjects that Jasper may flag (sex, hate speech, or extreme violence, etc).
  • You may also need to fact-check the content.

Now, this is true of almost all other AI writers, as well, but it’s worth mentioning.

Let’s take a look at the three alternative AI assistants for screenwriters.

AI WriterPrice
RytrGet the best price
WriterSonicGet the best price
Flacked AIGet the best price
Best AI Script Writer


Rytr includes a storytelling template where you can quickly produce screenplays.

With this template, you enter your preferred language, tone, and logline of your script. Push the “Ryte for me” button and Ryter generates your entire plot.

Then, use Rytr to automatically write each beat, paragraph by paragraph.

This tool will take longer to complete your script, but it may be more affordable for some screenwriters on a budget.

Get the best price for Rytr.


With WriterSonic, you get a full suite of templates to help you finish your script.

It’s not as robust as Jasper, but it can do the job.

You’ll probably want to use the Article/Blog Copy template, which you can tweak to create your script.

Like with most AI writers, this one comes with multiple pricing tiers so that you can test it out at lower price points. If you end up liking it, then you’ll want to upgrade to the “unlimited” plan.

Writing full screenplays will run through the word-count limitations of the lower tiers very quickly.

Get the best price for WriterSonic.

Flacked AI

Finally, there is Flacked AI.

The Flacked AI writer will expand sentences into paragraphs, rewrite your scenes, and predict ways to make your story more engaging to readers.

Jasper does all of this, too.

However, while I love Jasper, he’s not for everyone.

Get the best price for Flacked AI.

How To Write a Script With Jasper/Jarvis (Simple Process for Beginners)

The first step is to create an account on

Then, you start by typing out or uploading your basic idea. You can input the title of your script or let Jasper create one for you.

Next, you fill out the “content description” or “brief” section.

You can describe the type of media (TV/Movie), genre, plot, setting, characters, and other criteria. This determines what Jasper writes for you.

Choose your tone of voice (Hint: try your favorite screenwriter or just “expert screenwriter”), output length (short, medium, or long), and then click on the “compose” button.

At this point, all you need to do is keep clicking “compose.”

You may need to guide Jasper a little by starting a sentence or fixing any off-topic generated content.

I like to change the content description for each scene or section of my screenplay. I find I get better results with these little tweaks.

Final Thoughts: Best AI Script Writer

The bottom line is that Jasper is the best AI writer currently available for screenwriting.

You can also do a ton of other things with Jasper, so play around with it during your free trial. Take the Jasper Bootcamp, ask questions in the Facebook Group, and get ready for your mind to be blown.

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