30 Best AI Script Writers in 2024 (With Examples)

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a powerful tool for screenwriters. It can be used to automate tasks and generate creative scripts.

What’s the best AI script writer?

The best AI script writer is Jasper. This tool can produce original, long-form screenplays using over 50 advanced tools. Jasper can match any tone of voice and writing pattern. With guidance, Jasper can write an entire script in a few days. Alternatives include ChatGPT, Bard, and WriteSonic.

I’ve tested many AI writers.

Read on to learn about the 30 best ai script writers that are changing the game for screenwriters. 

1. Jasper

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Jasper is my choice for the best ai script writer.

It’s an advanced artificial intelligence powered by machine learning, which enables it to write scripts from scratch, or re-write existing human-generated screenplays.

In short, Jasper really helps people who struggle with coming up with ideas.

Jasper asks you a few questions, learns your preferences, and then generates original content for you. With over 50 tools, it can write scripts in any genre of movies or TV shows.

I use Jasper every day to write thousands of words for articles, screenplays, books, and more.

5 Reasons Jasper Is the Best AI Script Writer

There are five good reasons that the best AI script writer is Jasper.

Here is the quick summary:

  • Jasper produces high-quality screenplays
  • Jasper is fast
  • Jasper content is 100% plagiarism free
  • Jasper gives you more creative flexibility than any other ai tool
  • Jasper needs minimal human intervention

1) High-Quality Scripts

Jasper is the best way to get high-quality content.

There’s no need for more expensive services, like hiring a writer, when you can simply generate your own scenes in seconds using Jasper.

Of course, speed and saving money don’t matter if the screenplay sucks.

After testing many AI writers, Jasper clearly comes out on top for generating the best content.

Most other AI writers produced broken dialogue, weak characterization, and thin scenes.

Or, they simply didn’t produce enough of a script without a lot of handholding and human editing.

Jasper produces high-quality screenplays that are nearly ready to submit to agents or Hollywood producers.

The dialogue is fresh, the characters funny and deep, the scenes dynamic, and everything else you’d expect from a professional writer.

2) Fast Production Time

The best AI script writer needs to be fast.

Speed is important because many writers get blocked if they don’t have enough ideas or content. I’ve been there—where inspiration goes, so does your productivity.

Plus, what screenwriter doesn’t want to crank out a screenplay as far as possible?

If you’re looking for a quick turnaround, Jasper is the best. This AI script writer can easily produce thousands of words in just a few hours.

I’ve personally used Jasper to create several TV pilot episodes worth of screenplay content overnight.

3) Plagiarism-Free Screenplays

You don’t have to worry about being sued or losing your shirt if you use Jasper.

Conversion.ai is 100% plagiarism-free.

This makes it perfect for writers who want to experiment with ideas without fear of being accused of stealing someone else’s work.

Besides, originality is key in the entertainment industry.

Especially in screenwriting. You want Jasper to write something familiar but with a twist. This AI writer only produces original content.

4) Unlimited Creative Freedom

Jasper gives you unlimited creative freedom.

In other words, it never blocks your productivity because it doesn’t know how to generate a certain type of content.

Jasper is the best when it comes to being free from creative constraints.

This AI writer gives you complete control over what to do with its ideas and suggestions so you can work in any way you want.

You’re not stuck making sweeping changes to weak content.

You’re not stuck telling Jasper what type of content you want it to generate for every beat.

Ultimately, it’s entirely your choice whether or not to use what Jasper gives you as-is or turn the ideas into something completely different.

I really like that I can take the script in any direction that I want.

5) Minimal Human Intervention

The best AI script writer needs minimal human intervention so you can work on your screenplay without having to babysit the AI or hire a writer.

In my experience, Jasper only needs a little guidance per 1,000 words (or more) of content to make sure everything is on course.

This makes it perfect for new writers who may want to focus their time on enhancing the screenplay, not creating it.

2. OpenAI’s ChatGPT

There is a good reason that ChatGPT is the talk of the town.

It’s the star player in this AI scriptwriting business – and for good reason. With a powerful model that understands context like nobody’s business, it’s super helpful for scriptwriting.

After Jasper, ChatGPT is my second favorite ai script writer.

The ability to generate complex and highly engaging dialogues is its bread and butter.

You tell it what you want, and it’ll whip up a unique piece of script like magic.

No more writer’s block.

Let me tell ya, the beauty of ChatGPT lies in its ability to adapt to different writing styles.

Got a romantic comedy or a thrilling mystery? No sweat.

This tool molds itself to suit your script’s tone and genre.

Plus, it takes user instructions into account with uncanny accuracy, allowing for customizations galore.

3. Copy.ai

Next on our list is the dynamo of AI scriptwriting, Copy.ai.

This tool is designed to help you write scripts that are engaging, effective, and, most importantly, human-like. Ain’t nothing robotic about this AI, I swear.

It takes your ideas and turns them into full-fledged scripts, ready to be used in your next blockbuster.

But here’s the real kicker. Copy.ai ain’t just about scriptwriting.

Nope, it’s a multi-talented beast. With an extensive list of writing tools, it can handle everything from social media content to product descriptions, blog posts to emails.

You name it, Copy.ai has got it. This versatility can be super helpful for scriptwriters who dabble in other types of content creation too.

4. Writesonic

Time to meet Writesonic, another titan in the AI scriptwriting arena.

Writesonic comes with an advanced AI model that generates engaging, persuasive, and natural-sounding scripts.

Say goodbye to stale, bland scripts ’cause Writesonic is here to jazz things up.

Writesonic offers a feature called “AI Article Writer” which automatically writes entire articles on any subject.

I hear you say, “What’s that gotta do with scriptwriting?”

Well, it’s perfect for those instances when you need to generate backstory or detailed character profiles.

You know, all those intricate details that breathe life into your script.

5. AI Writer

Meet AI Writer, a dark horse in the AI scriptwriting scene.

AI Writer uses a powerful AI algorithm to generate scripts that are rich in context, engaging, and downright appealing.

It’s got the knack for understanding complex ideas and translating them into easy-to-understand scripts.

But here’s the icing on the cake.

AI Writer offers a “Revise”‘” feature which gives you the chance to edit and fine-tune your script to your heart’s content.

And if you’re stuck, the AI can provide suggestions on how to improve the script.

6. WordAi

WordAi, another champ in the AI scriptwriting league, prides itself on its ability to understand the meaning of text.

It ain’t just about replacing words with synonyms.

Nope. WordAi takes into consideration the context and relevancy of each word.

What you get are scripts that are not only unique but also make perfect sense.

The thing I really dig about WordAi is its ability to automatically rewrite sentences. You feed it a sentence, and it gives you back multiple versions that retain the original meaning but with different wording.

Now, that’s a real time-saver.

If you’re all about efficiency and maintaining the essence of your script, WordAi is a solid pick.

7. Kuki Chatbot

Give a hearty welcome to Kuki Chatbot, an AI tool that takes scriptwriting to a whole new level.

It’s a full-fledged chatbot designed to engage users in natural, flowing conversations.

Imagine the insights you could gain for writing dialogue!

Kuki Chatbot’s impressive ability to maintain the context throughout a conversation is nothing short of magic.

It can handle multiple topics at once, all while keeping track of the conversation flow.

It’s like having a professional dialogist right at your fingertips. If your script is heavy on dialogue, Kuki Chatbot’s your secret weapon.

8. CopySmith

CopySmith, the brainchild of a bunch of smarty-pants from Yale, has set out to make scriptwriting as easy as pie.

This AI-powered tool can turn any idea, no matter how big or small, into a fully-formed script.

It’s got an impressive knack for crafting content that’s just the right mix of creative and engaging.

But here’s what sets CopySmith apart.

It’s designed to handle a wide array of content types. From blog posts to ads, landing pages to product descriptions, it’s got all the bases covered.

9. Textun

Textun crafts beautifully worded scripts that really pack a punch.

The tool uses advanced algorithms to understand your ideas and bring them to life. So if you’re after an AI tool that’s got a way with words, this is the one for you.

Textun ain’t just about creating quality scripts.

It’s also designed to do it fast, real fast. Whether you’re up against a tight deadline or just want to speed up your workflow, Textun can be your secret weapon.

It’s all about giving you the freedom to focus on the big picture, while it takes care of the grunt work.

10. Copywritech

Copywritech knows a thing or two about crafting compelling, persuasive scripts.

Whether you’re penning a dialogue-heavy screenplay or a plot-heavy teleplay, Copywritech delivers the goods.

Copywritech offers a neat little feature that allows you to choose the tone of your script.

Want to keep things light and humorous? Or maybe go for a darker, more mysterious vibe? Either way, Copywritech’s can help you reach the vision for your script.

11. AI21 Labs’ Juris.ai

Ladies and gentlemen, give it up for Juris.ai from AI21 Labs.

This AI-powered tool is a godsend for anyone looking to write scripts that require a solid understanding of legal terminology.

With its advanced language model, Juris.ai can generate accurate, contextually relevant content that adheres to legal guidelines.

Pretty cool, right?

This tool ain’t just about regurgitating legalese. It understands the nuance of legal language and can generate complex legal arguments with ease.

If you’re working on a courtroom drama or a crime thriller, Juris.ai is a must-have tool in your scriptwriting arsenal.

12. Toolbaz

Toolbaz stands out as a premier AI-powered content generation tool, optimized for scriptwriting.

Harnessing state-of-the-art AI technologies, Toolbaz delivers content that is not only coherent but also aligns with specific user directives.

One of the distinguishing features of Toolbaz is its precision.

The platform is adept at interpreting user input, ensuring the generated scripts adhere to the desired narrative structure and thematic elements.

Furthermore, its intuitive interface facilitates easy customization.

Toolbaz allows users to guide the content generation process to match their vision.

With its emphasis on accuracy and user-centric design, Toolbaz AI Script Generator emerges as an indispensable asset for professionals in the scriptwriting domain.

Best of all, it’s free.

13. Phrasee

Phrasee is an AI writing tool that’s all about marketing.

But, hang on a second, what’s a marketing tool doing on a scriptwriting list? Well, Phrasee has a unique talent for crafting catchy, persuasive language, a skill that can be super handy in scriptwriting.

Now, let’s dig a little deeper.

Phrasee uses deep learning to generate engaging, on-brand language that resonates with audiences.

14. Zyro

Zyro’s ability to deliver spot-on scripts that are engaging and creative is second to none.

Its advanced AI models can take your ideas and translate them into beautifully crafted scripts.

But here’s the clincher: Zyro also offers an AI-driven heat map.

This nifty feature shows you what parts of your content are most likely to draw attention.

In the scriptwriting realm, this can help you pinpoint where your most impactful dialogues or plot twists should go.

15. Articoolo

Next in line is Articoolo, an AI tool that prides itself on creating unique, high-quality content.

This clever tool uses Natural Language Generation (NLG) to whip up scripts that are engaging, relevant, and human-like.

It takes the stress out of scriptwriting, leaving you with more time for what matters: telling your story.

Articoolo also has a nifty “Rewrite” feature.

This allows you to paste your text and get a fresh, unique version in return.

This can be a real lifesaver when you’re dealing with writer’s block or simply need a new perspective on your script.

16. Essaybot

This AI tool is not just for essays.

Its knack for generating well-structured, cohesive content makes it a valuable asset in scriptwriting too.

With a sophisticated language model, Essaybot can create scripts that are engaging, readable, and packed with creative flair.

But here’s where things get really interesting.

Essaybot comes equipped with an AI-powered citation generator. Imagine having to include factual or scientific data in your script.

Essaybot can provide you with credible citations.

17. Quillbot

Next on deck is Quillbot, an AI tool that’s got quite the reputation for enhancing written content.

With a unique ability to paraphrase text while maintaining the original meaning, it’s an ace in scriptwriting.

It takes your ideas and gives them a fresh, unique spin.

No more fretting over repetitive phrases or stale dialogues.

But the icing on the cake? Quillbot allows you to select the tone of your script. From formal to informal, creative to straightforward, it can adapt to fit your specific needs.

18. Text Blaze

Text Blaze is a real trailblazer in the AI scriptwriting world.

This tool ain’t just about generating scripts. It’s about speeding up your writing process.

With its powerful text expansion feature, Text Blaze lets you create custom shortcuts for your most used phrases.

Think about it: less time typing, more time crafting your narrative.

Text Blaze also offers a snippet sharing feature. You can share your masterfully crafted dialogue lines or scene descriptions with your team with just a few clicks.

Collaboration has never been easier.

19. Text Machine

Text Machine’s strength lies in its ability to create content that’s engaging, persuasive, and downright compelling.

Text Machine brings together the power of AI and the art of storytelling, resulting in scripts that really hit the mark.

Text Machine also offers a translation feature, supporting a multitude of languages.

Need to craft a multilingual script or localize your narrative for international audiences? No sweat. Text Machine can help.

20. Scripted

Scripted is all about quality.

It generates scripts that are not only engaging and well-structured but also tailored to your unique narrative style.

If you’re after an AI tool that delivers screenplay genius while keeping things personal, this is the one for you.

But Scripted isn’t just a one-trick pony.

It also provides access to a vast network of professional scriptwriters who can review your AI-generated scripts. You get the speed and efficiency of AI, along with the expertise of industry pros.

21. BotPress

This tool is a chatbot platform, but don’t let that fool you.

Its ability to design conversational flows can offer priceless insights when writing dialogues for your scripts.

BotPress allows you to simulate conversations between multiple characters, complete with dynamic responses.

Think about it. You can trial run your dialogues, tweak them on the fly, and see how the conversation evolves.

It’s like having a script rehearsal at your fingertips.

22. CopyMatic

CopyMatic is a sophisticated AI writing tool designed for versatile content generation.

With its advanced AI capabilities, CopyMatic produces content tailored to specific user requirements, making it particularly effective for scriptwriting.

A standout feature of CopyMatic is its adaptability.

It can seamlessly transition from writing concise product descriptions to crafting detailed script dialogues.

Its user-friendly interface provides various customization options, ensuring the output aligns with the desired specifications.

Moreover, CopyMatic’s adaptive learning system refines its content generation based on user feedback, enhancing its effectiveness with each iteration.

This positions CopyMatic as a reliable tool for those seeking consistent quality in scriptwriting.

23. Textbroker

Textbroker offers a vast range of writing services, but it shines when it comes to scriptwriting.

With its knack for narrative storytelling, it can help you craft scripts that are engaging, captivating, and just plain fun to read.

But here’s the real showstopper: Textbroker’s order management system.

It allows you to manage your scriptwriting projects, set deadlines, and track progress all in one place.

If you’re juggling multiple scriptwriting tasks, Textbroker can help you stay on top of things.

24. Grammarly

Give a big round of applause for Grammarly, a familiar name in the AI writing sphere.

While it’s primarily known as a grammar checking tool, it can be a real gamechanger in scriptwriting.

With Grammarly, you can ensure that your dialogues and narratives are error-free and polished to perfection.

Grammarly also provides style-specific writing suggestions.

Whether your script is for a formal presentation or a casual conversation, Grammarly can give you tips to improve clarity, engagement, and delivery.

25. Blogely

This tool has a unique approach to generating content that can work wonders in scriptwriting.

It provides a rich, immersive writing environment where your ideas can grow and evolve into a captivating script.

The real gem, however, is Blogely’s research management feature.

It allows you to gather and organize your research all in one place. You can easily refer back to your notes, ideas, and inspirations while crafting your script.

No more scrambling to find that brilliant idea you jotted down somewhere.

26. Script AI

Script AI leverages machine learning to generate scripts that are engaging, narrative-driven, and audience-specific.

Script AI also provides a “collaboration” feature.

This means you can work on your script with teammates, bouncing ideas off each other and refining your script in real-time.

So, whether you’re part of a large writing team or a dynamic duo, Script AI can help streamline your creative process.

27. Inkforall

Inkforall is an AI writing tool that’s been making waves with its SEO-centric approach.

“Wait a minute,” you might say, “What’s SEO got to do with scriptwriting?”

Consider this: Inkforall can help you identify popular themes, phrases, or words, which can be super handy when writing scripts intended for a wide audience.

But don’t think that’s all Inkforall has to offer.

It also provides real-time text analysis, tracking readability, and keyword density.

This can be instrumental in creating dialogues that are catchy, memorable, and easy on the ear.

28. Google Bard

Backed by Google’s state-of-the-art AI, Bard is all about generating creative, engaging, and contextually rich scripts.

It’s got the smarts to take your ideas and turn them into a compelling narrative that’s bound to capture your audience’s attention.

It has a deep understanding of narrative tropes, character arcs, and storytelling techniques.

This means it can help you craft a script that’s not only well-structured but also follows the unspoken rules of storytelling.

29. Shortlyai

Shifting gears a bit, we’re diving into Shortlyai, another big hitter in the AI writing world. This tool is a bit like your favorite coffee – strong, smooth, and keeps you going.

Known for its intuitive interface and rapid content generation, Shortlyai can make scriptwriting feel like a breeze.

What’s the secret sauce, you ask?

Well, Shortlyai focuses on assisting writers in real-time. It doesn’t just spit out a complete script.

Instead, it guides you, offering suggestions and tweaks as you write.

Think of it as co-writing with a super-smart AI buddy.

If you’re the kind who likes a bit of back-and-forth in your writing process, Shortlyai might just be your jam.

30. WordHero

Last but not least, let’s talk WordHero.

It’s like the superhero of AI writing tools, swooping in to save the day when you’re faced with writer’s block.

WordHero uses advanced algorithms to generate vibrant, dynamic content across a range of topics, making it a gem for scriptwriting.

But here’s the kicker: WordHero is particularly ace at creating catchy titles, slogans, and taglines.

Imagine crafting a script and needing that perfect title or a punchy catchphrase for a character.

WordHero can churn out options that’ll leave you spoiled with choice.

Best AI Script Writer (Examples)

The proof is in the pudding.

I can speak the praises of Jasper all day long, but clear examples will show you what this AI writer can do.

Check out these three examples of Jasper-generated content.

Example 1: Comedy

INT. Goat Yoga Class – Day

A new age, hipster spa retreat for rich women. Darcy rolls out her mat next to a flexible, Gumby-like SUPERMODEL MOM.

Darcy plops down on her mat.


This is so relaxing, isn’t it? I love goat yoga! Do you have goats?


(flustered) Oh yeah…I love goats. I love everything about goats. Goat hair, goat eyes, goat feet. I LOVE goat feet. I mean, who doesn’t, am I right?

SUPERMODEL MOM stares at her in silence.

Darcy frantically looks around the room for help with the goat conversation.

SUPERMODEL MOM contorts herself into an impossible pretzel.


(stretching) I just love yoga. It’s so spiritual, you know? Like, if it doesn’t have goats in it, what’s the point? Right? Right!?

DARCY (struggling to touch her toes)

Oh yeah! Right! So spiritual. Totally agree. Can’t wait to pray to the goat god.

SUPERMODEL MOM makes a face, then rolls away.

Example 2: Suspense



A NEW IMAGE – The darkness is GONE, but it’s all white, like the darkness was peeled away. We see VICTORIA. She is beautiful, but she’s also young and tough, like a bare-knuckled boxer in an alley fight.

VICTORIA is alone in the Moscow night, standing by a wall.

She’s surrounded by the white noise of modern city life (cars honking, people yelling, etc.) but it fades out…

VICTORIA glances around, looking for someone. She pulls her phone out of her pocket to make sure we see we’re in the present day…

The sight of something on her phone scares her and she puts it away.

Example 3: Action/Thriller


A car SKIDS around a corner and hits a MAN, badly injuring him. With the screech of tires in the background, we see a motorist driving erratically, swerving to avoid SOMETHING in the road…

The WEALTHY RUSSIAN FATHER we saw earlier is dragged under the car and run over.

The car keeps going – leaving the Russian’s body STREWN in the street…


A DEALER is CARRYING a PACKAGE in a plastic grocery bag down the sidewalk. He looks up, sensing something – and then RUNS for his life as a CAR – driven by the RUSSIAN’S SON (28) – zooms into view. It tears across the sidewalk, trying to hit him…

The Dealer DIVES behind some people for protection, but the car SLAMS INTO THEM, stopping just short of the glass front of a small bakery.

The Best AI Script Writer for Beginners

The best AI script writer for beginners is still Jasper.

He’s the only AI tool on the market that can generate high-level story structure, dialogue, and plots. Jasper is an expert at generating story arcs for writers of any skill level—beginner to advanced.

The software is easy to learn and use from day one—I should know.

I was one of the first to sign up and test out the software. Even though I was skeptical at first, I gave it a try. Thank God I did!

Inside of the Jasper dashboard, you’ll also get access to tons of training videos, a Jasper Bootcamp, and a Facebook Community where you can ask specific questions.

As I mentioned earlier, it’s possible to use Jasper as a complete screenwriting solution.

The better input you give him (your ideas and logline), the better output he will generate.

I always recommend for beginners learn the basics of story structure and plotting. With this foundational knowledge, you can get Jasper to write even better screenplays.

How To Write a Script With AI (Simple Process for Beginners)

For our example, I’ll use Jasper AI.

The first step is to create an account on Jasper.com.

Then, you start by typing out or uploading your basic idea. You can input the title of your script or let Jasper create one for you.

Next, you fill out the “content description” or “brief” section.

You can describe the type of media (TV/Movie), genre, plot, setting, characters, and other criteria. This determines what Jasper writes for you.

Choose your tone of voice (Hint: try your favorite screenwriter or just “expert screenwriter”), output length (short, medium, or long), and then click on the “compose” button.

At this point, all you need to do is keep clicking “compose.”

You may need to guide Jasper a little by starting a sentence or fixing any off-topic generated content.

I like to change the content description for each scene or section of my screenplay. I find I get better results with these little tweaks.

For another example, check out this video I made of how to write a screenplay with ChatGPT:

YouTube video by Writing Secrets (That’s Me!) – Best AI Script Writer

Final Thoughts: Best AI Script Writer

The bottom line is that Jasper is the best AI writer currently available for screenwriting.

You can also do a ton of other things with Jasper, so play around with it during your free trial. Take the Jasper Bootcamp, ask questions in the Facebook Group, and get ready for your mind to be blown.

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