H-Supertools Ai Writer Ultimate Guide (23 Quick Answers)

After hearing about the H-Supertools AI writer, I decided to run a few tests on the free tool to see how it worked.

In this guide, I’ll share everything you need to know about the free content writing tool—what it is, how it works, pros and cons, pricing, real examples, and if the tool is worth using.

Here are 23 quick answers about the H-Supertools AI writer.

H-Supertools AI Writer Overview

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Let’s start with an overview of the H-Supertools writer.

You probably want to know what the ai writer from H-Supertools is, what it can do, and (equally important) what it can’t do.

What Is the H-Supertools AI Writer?

H-Supertools is a website that offers free online tools for blogging, SEO, and marketing.

The Ai writer generates content for free based on your input. The tool was created by Hasan Aboul Hasan, who is a popular YouTuber who runs several big websites such as H-Educate and H-Supertools.

The AI writer is a great resource for generating high-quality content quickly and easily.

What Does the H-Supertools AI Writer Do?

The AI writer can be used to generate all kinds of content:

  • Articles
  • Blog posts
  • Product descriptions
  • Marketing copy
  • Social media posts
  • Emails
  • Essays
  • Reports
  • Real estate listings
  • Google My Business listings
  • Google Ads (or any type of ads)
  • Bios
  • About Me pages
  • Website content
  • Code
  • Cover letters
  • Job descriptions
  • Filler content

As you can see, there is an unlimited number of ways you could use this free ai writer.

What Does the H-Supertools AI Writer Not Do?

However, there are a few things that the H-Supertools AI writer just won’t do.

The H-SuperTools AI Writer will not generate content about hate, harassment, violence, self-harm, or adult content. It will also not generate spam or deceptive content.

Additionally, the H-Supertools ai writer will only produce between 50 and 150 words (more on this in a moment).

There are a few reasons for this:

  • The tool uses GPT-3 (which filters such content)
  • The tool creator does not want the tool abused or used for harm

How Does the H-Supertools AI Writer Work?

To use the ai writer from H-Supertools, you follow a few simple steps.

  1. Go to the H-educate Supertools website
  2. Click on the AI drop-down tab
  3. Choose the AI Writer
  4. Enter a topic into the Topic textbox (You have a maximum of 50 characters)
  5. Choose the Intelligence Level for the output (the default is level 3)
  6. Select the Max OutPut Length (the default is 100 words)
  7. Click the “Generate” button

See, pretty simple.

If you’re like me, you probably have some questions about the topic box, intelligence, and max output.

What Should You Put In the Topic Box?

Other than those “banned” topics mentioned earlier, you can literally put anything in the topic textbox.

Anything that can be typed into a search engine can be input into the Topic Textbox.

This could be a topic, subtopic, keyword, goal, question, or more. The H-SuperTools AI Writer will then generate content for free based on your input.

For example, if you enter “travel” as the topic, the AI Writer might generate a list of ideas for vacation destinations. If you enter “dog breeds” as the topic, the AI Writer might generate a list of different types of dogs.

You could also type in a question, such as “What are some good travel tips?” Or you could type in a statement, such as “I love cats!”

One thing to keep in mind is that the AI Writer is designed to generate free content based on your input.

So, if you type in a question, the AI Writer will generate a response to that question. If you type in a statement, the AI Writer will generate a paragraph of content based on that statement.

What Is Intelligence in the H-Supertools Free AI Writer?

Intelligence level is the quality of output you will get for your topic.

The higher the intelligence level, the better the quality of the content that will be generated. There are four levels of intelligence available in the AI Writer: 1,2, 3, and 4.

  • Level 1 might be suitable for the most basic tasks (Use this as your last option)
  • Level 2 is ok for simple topics (Basic emails, web copy, and other general uses)
  • Level 3 is average quality content (usually good enough for most uses and the level I recommend the most)
  • Level 4 is the highest quality output (Good for complex content)

Note that the higher the intelligence level, the more AI credits or coins you will use.

I explain the AI credits/coins in the H-SuperTools Pricing section (Spoiler: It’s all free).

What Is Max Output Length in the Free AI Writer from H-Supertools?

The max output length in the free ai writer from H-SuperTools is 150 words.

This is the maximum amount of text that the ai writer will generate for you based on your input. Before you ask the ai writer to create content, you get to choose a max output between 50 words and 150 words.

After playing around with the tool for a while, I noticed that you sometimes get a little more or a little less than what you select.

How To Get The Best OutPut From the H-Supertools Free AI Writer

Having tested the ai writer, I discovered a few ways to maximize the output.

My suggestions:

  • Use the lowest intelligence level for bulk content (10-50 short social media posts, for example)
  • Test your content with the lowest intelligence level first (no reason to waste ai coins/credits if you don’t need to)
  • Use the default settings (intelligence level 3 and Max Output 3 for most uses)
  • Use intelligence level 4 for technical information or topics
  • Use as much of the 50 characters as possible
  • The better input you give the ai write, the better output it’s going to give you

Here is a video I made demonstrating how the H-Supertools Free AI Writer works:

YouTube video by Writing Secrets

Who Is the H-Supertools Free AI Writer For?

The H-SuperTools AI Writer is for anyone who wants quality content without the hassle of doing it themselves.

The H-Suptertools ai writer is for:

  • Bloggers
  • Marketers
  • Professionals
  • Students
  • Website owners
  • Small business owners
  • Coders
  • Letter-Writers
  • Poets
  • Fanfiction writers
  • Short story writers
  • Screenwriters
  • Anyone

It takes all of the work out of writing, so you can focus on what’s important.

Whether you need blog posts, website copy, or even just a little help with your social media, the H-SuperTools AI Writer can handle it all.

H-Supertools Free AI Writer Pricing (AI Coins)

It’s a little strange to talk about pricing with a free tool.

Let me explain.

The H-Supertools ai writer uses free ai coins (basically credits). You only get a certain amount of ai coins per month.

H-Supertools AI CoinsHow Often They RenewPrice
30K ai coinsMonthlyFree
Chart: Pricing for the H-Supertools Free AI Writer

Is the H-Supertools AI Writer Free?

Yes, the H Supertools ai writer is completely free.

Although they use ai coins, everything can be used at no cost. The site states that there is no plan to ever start charging for ai coins. The ai writer is provided as a free service to anyone who wants to use it.

What Are AI Coins?

AI coins are the H-Supertools’ version of credits.

Each word you generate with the ai-writer counts as a credit. The value of a credit depends on your choice of max output and intelligence (quality level).

For example:

  • 150 words at level one intelligence cost 600 ai coins
  • 150 words at level two intelligence cost 858 ai coins
  • 150 words at level three intelligence cost 1200 ai coins
  • 150 words at level four intelligence cost 1998 ai coins

Remember, all of this is 100% free. The ai coins are just a way to track usage on your personal account.

Since you get 30,000 ai coins per month, I created this chart to show you how to get the most out of the H-Supterools ai tool:

H-Suptertools Writer Max OutputIntelligence LevelWords Generated
Get the most words150 words17,500 words
Get the most ok words150 words25,2444
Get the most good words150 words33,750
Get the best words150 words42,252 words
How many words can you produce with 30K ai coins: H Supertool ai writer

How Many AI Coins Do You Get Per Month?

You get 30,000 ai coins every month. The coins reset to 30,000 at the beginning of every month.

That’s a lot of free use of a pretty good ai writer.

If you don’t write very much content or don’t need to use the tool every day, that may be enough for you.

Why Does the H-Supertools AI Writer Have Limits?

The ai writer at H-Supertools limits your usage so that people don’t spam-generate hundreds of thousands of words of content.

Without limits, a person could theoretically produce 100s of blog posts per month (or thousands).

Every ai-writer that I’ve ever used has a top limit for generated content—even ai writers with “unlimited” licenses. It’s just too easy to exploit and abuse the system.

As a comparison, I also use Jasper (ai writer).

  • The Starter Plan is limited to 20,000 words (you can upgrade and/or pay for more)
  • The Boss Mode Plan is limited to 50,000 words (you can pay for more)

Can You Buy More Coins?

No, you can not pay for more ai coins with the H-Supertools writer.

If you want more coins, your only options are:

  • To wait until your 30K ai coins renew for the next month
  • Create multiple free accounts using different email addresses (you could potentially get over 100K to 200K free words with 3-6 separate accounts)

If you’re thinking that sounds clunky, you’re right.

That’s why many people choose to pay for ai writers such as WriterSonic, Rytr, WordHero, and Jasper.

My Overall H-Supertools AI Writer Review (Honest Opinion)

Reliability5 Stars
User Experience3 Stars
Quality3 Stars
Original Content5 Stars
Ranking Potential4 Stars
Overall Ranking Score4 Stars
My overall review of the ai writer from H-Supertools


  1. The H-Supertools writer is easy to use—you can simply copy and paste your content into the writer, and it will automatically format it into a blog post or article.
  2. The quality of the content is good—it is original and plagiarism free.
  3. You can get up to 30K credits per month, which is enough to write several blog posts or many shorter pieces of content.
  4. The content is well-written and informative—good enough for SEO purposes.
  5. Best of all it’s free—It’s hard to argue or complain about a good service that is absolutely free.


  1. The ai tool from H-Supertools has a limited word count, so it’s difficult to create a lot of content with it.
  2. You can’t give the tool any context or details, which makes it difficult to use effectively.
  3. You will need to pass a simple Captcha check between multiple uses of the tool.
  4. You can easily “waste” credits if you’re not careful, so you need to be careful when using the tool.
  5. You must run the content through a plagiarism checker (just in case), which can be time-consuming and frustrating.
  6. You will need to fact-check the content before publishing it, which can be tedious and time-consuming.
  7. You will need to edit the content before publishing it, which can also eat up a lot of time.

H-Supertools Examples: Free AI Writer Generated Content

To really show you the power of this free ai tool, I want to share several examples.

In this section of the guide, you’ll find examples for:

  • Blog content
  • Social media posts
  • Emails
  • Call to action
  • Video script

For each example, I’ll share a level 1, 2, 3, and 4 intelligence output so that you can compare the difference.

I’m not going to edit or fact-check the outputs, which I will highlight as quotes to separate them from the rest of the guide. From these examples, you can clearly see that the ai tool works best for general blog content, emails, and essay-type writing.

General Blog Content Example

I chose “How to train a dog not to jump on people” as the topic (which is 40 characters).

Level 1 output:

There’s no need to worry about having a dog that can’t handle the task of jumping on people. There’s a few things you can do to help and that would be very much appreciated by our little one.

The first thing you could do is get him to understand that it’s something that’s going to make him a little bit more uneasy at times. If he’s not feeling it himself, then tell him why it is and make sure he’s getting enough exercise before it becomes too much.

If you’re able, then you could try doing some basichand-outs/adventureswith him/her-aninexperience. If he’s not so inclined, then you could try taking him for a walkor working out some type of exercise program with him or her.

If all of these Inns are off limits to you then you could try looking through some of the other website articles that weamakingdogs.com has prepared about jumpedersinamerica

Level 2 output:

It’s not hard to train your dog not to jump on people, but it takes some effort. Here are some tips to help:

1. Start by teaching them a basic rule: If you see your dog jumping on people, stop it. This can be as simple as saying “no” firmly and repeating it often.

2. Make sure your home is healthy and free of obstacles so your dog can’t jump over things.

3. Be patient and consistent. If your dog starts to jump on people, keep working on the rule until it becomes second nature.

4. If your dog starts to jump on people on purpose, you may need to get them a behavior training class.

Level 3 output:

In order to prevent your dog from jumping on people, you will need to start by teaching them to sit.

If your dog is already sitting, you can start by rewarding them with a treat when they sit. If your dog does not sit when asked to, you can start by trying to get them to sit with a verbal command (like “sit”) and then rewarding them when they sit. If your dog does not sit after being told to, you can try to get them to sit by scruffing their neck and gently pulling them down.

If your dog still does not sit, you can try to get them to sit by putting their front paws on your shoulders and giving them a treat.

Level 4 output:

One of the first things you need to do when you bring a new dog into your home is to train them not to jump on people. It’s important to nip this behavior in the bud early on, otherwise you’ll have a big problem on your hands later on down the road.

There are a few different ways you can go about training your dog not to jump on people. One method is to simply ignore the behavior. When your dog jumps on you, turn your back on them and walk away. Eventually, they’ll learn that this behavior gets them nowhere and they’ll stop doing it.

Another method is to give them a firm “no” when they jump up. You can also gently push them down in a sitting position. It’s important to be consistent with this, though, as they’ll quickly catch on if you only do it sometimes.

Finally, you can also try using a cue like “sit” or “down” to get them to stop jumping.

Social Media Post Examples

For these examples, I put “Make a Twitter post for International Cat Day” into the topic section. That’s 45 characters.

Level 1 output:

Hey everyone!

It’s international cat day! Let’s all make a tweet about our favorite feline friends and help inscribed cats out!

Level 2 output:

International Cat Day is a day to celebrate the love of cats and the importance of cat care. Cats represent a lot of the happiness and joy in our lives, and we owe it to them to take good care of them. Here are a few ideas on how to celebrate International Cat Day:

-Celebrate with a photo

Level 3 output:

Happy International Cat Day! Today, we celebrate all of the amazing felines out there, whether they’re living in our homes or roaming free on the streets. Whether you’re a cat lover or not, we think it’s worth taking the time to learn about these charming creatures.

Level 4 output:

Twitter is a great way to connect with fellow cat lovers on International Cat Day! Here are some tips for creating a great post:

-Include a photo or video of your cat (or cats!)

-Tell us your cat’s name and a little bit about them

– Use the hashtag #InternationalCat

Email Examples

I decided to go with “Write an email to follow up with a customer” for the email example (43 characters).

Level 1 output:

Dear Customer,

I hope you are doing well. I wanted to follow up with you about something that I discovered recently. I was using your software for a little over a year and a half and it was really helping me out. Then I realized that I’ve been using it for a little over a year and a half and the email quality has gotten better. How do I fix this?

Thank you for your time and I hope to have more news soon.

Level 2 output:

Thank you for contacting me about your product. I am glad to hear that you are enjoying your product and that it is working well for you.

I hope you have a great day.


Your Name

Level 3 output:

Thank you for your purchase of the __. I’m glad to hear that you’re enjoying it.

If there’s any way I can help you further, please don’t hesitate to let me know. I’ll be happy to help in any way I can.

Thank you again for your purchase, and I hope to see you soon.


Level 4 output:

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us. We would be more than happy to help.

Thank you for your business, and we look forward to serving you in the future.


[Your Name]

Call To Action Examples

This time I input “Write a CTA to get email sign-ups” in the topic box (33 characters).

Note: In these examples, you’ll see that sometimes the ai writer gets confused about what I want from it. Instead of giving me a CTA, the ai writer instead explains how to write an effective CTA.

That’s one of the issues with such a short “Topic” box and no other place to give directions and background details.

Level 1 output:

Hey everyone!

We’ve got a new writing program up and running – sign up now to get 0.00 off your first purchase!

Level 2 output:

When you create a CTA for a product, you want to make sure that the email sign up is easy to understand and carry out. Here are a few tips to make your CTA more effective:

Make sure that your CTA is clear and easy to read.

Make sure that the

Level 3 output:

Great way to get email sign ups is to create a CTA that asks people to subscribe to your email list. You could also offer a free ebook or other bonus for signing up.

Level 4 output:

If you’re looking to grow your email list, a strong call-to-action is key. Here are a few tips to create an effective CTA for email signups:

– Keep it simple and clear. Your CTA should be easy to understand and should take minimal effort to act on.

H-Supertools AI Writer Alternatives

H-Supertools AI Writer alternatives:

  • Jasper AI
  • Copymatic
  • Rytr
  • WordHero
  • WriterSonic
  • Persado
  • Peppertype AI
  • INK
  • Flacked AI
  • Wordplay AI

H-Supertools AI Writer: Frequently Asked Questions

We’ll wrap up this guide by answering some of the most common questions we get about the free ai writer from H-Supertools.

Is the H-Supertools AI Writer Safe?

The H-Supertools AI Writer is a safe and effective tool that will help you write high-quality content.

It does not steal your content or information, and your content will be original and safe. The Google algorithm will rank your content accordingly.

Is the H-Supertools AI Writer Worth It?

There is no question that the H-Supertools Writer is worth it.

I have tried other free online content generators in the past, but none of them compare to the H-Supertools AI Writer. It is easy to use and produces high-quality content that is on par with what you would expect from a professional writer.

I’ve used it to write blog posts, essays, and even emails, and I’ve been impressed with how well it works.

The AI Writer is best at level 3 or 4 intelligence, which is more than enough for most content needs.

The AI Writer is also very reliable.

I have never had a problem with it crashing or freezing. It always works smoothly and produces great results. This is important because you don’t want to waste time struggling with a content generator that doesn’t work properly.

Overall, I highly recommend the H-Supertools AI Writer to anyone who needs quality content without paying a fortune. It is the best free content generator I have tried.

Can the H-Supertools Free AI Writer Help Rank Your Website?

Yes, the ai writer from H-Supertools can help your website rank.

If you choose a good low-competition keyword in your niche, you can use the ai-writer to generate a 1,000+ word blog post that you can optimize for SEO.

The ai writer doesn’t directly help you rank but it will crank out good content that you can use to grow your website.

I use this very process to build traffic to my portfolio of websites.

Does the H-Supertools AI Writer Produce Plagiarism-Free Articles?

Yes, the ai writer from H-Supertools produces original articles that pass plagiarism checkers.

During some of my tests of the ai writer, I pasted generated content into my paid plagiarism checker, EasyBib. The results? 100% original content.

You can’t beat that kind of originality—especially with a free tool.

How Many Articles Can the H-Supertools AI Writer Write For Me?

The number of articles you can create with the ai writer from H-Supertools depends on the length of your articles.

If you write 1,000-word articles using level 3 intelligence, you can produce 3 full articles a month, and one 750-word almost complete article.

Let’s say you write 1,500-word articles, though.

In that case, you will be able to generate 2 articles or blog posts per month. That’s good but not enough if you really want to grow your blog.

As I mentioned earlier, a workaround is to create multiple accounts with H-Supertools.

If you do that, you can easily write 10-20 full articles of 1,500 to 2,000 words each per month.

What Other Free Tools Can You Use on H-SuperTools?

H-Supertools offers many other free tools to go along with their ai writer.

For example, they offer an H-Supertools free YouTube keyword research tool, title generator, and topic explorer. There is also an H-Supertools email extractor and validator.

You might find these other H-Educate Supertools very helpful:

  • Keyword research tool
  • Bulk keyword data tool
  • Questions explorer
  • Backlinks checker
  • High CPC keywords
  • SEO analyzer
  • Paragraph translator
  • Article rewriter
  • Top affiliate programs list

My H-Supertools AI Tech Stack

Check out this chart for my personal tech stack that I use with the ai writer from H-Supertools:

Tech StackGet the Cheapest Price
RankIQ (Easy Keyword Research)Get the Cheapest Price
Passive Income Geek (Blogging Program)Get the Cheapest Price
Rocket Content AI (Bulk Content)Get the Cheapest Price
WordPlay AI (Instant Long-form blog posts)Get the Cheapest Price
Jasper AI (Content Generator)Get the Cheapest Price
EasyBib (Plagiarism Checker)Get the Cheapest Price
Ezoic (Display Ads & Optimization)Get the Cheapest Price
Tech Stack

I use RankIQ to find the easiest and fastest keywords to rank for in my multiple niches. There is simply nothing else like it on the market.

Then I create an outline following the strategies I’ve learned in the Passive Income Geek blogging course.

Finally, I send a detailed outline to Rocket Content AI.

Once I get articles back, I use Grammarly and Jasper AI for quick fixes and to add more content (if necessary).

You could also use The H-Supertools writer to create the content yourself or as a free alternative to Jasper and Rocket Content AI.

I always run the content through a plagiarism checker like EasyBib, add graphics with Canva, and a YouTube video with Tubebuddy. Finally, I set up all my sites on display ad networks such as Ezoic to monetize my traffic.

Final Thoughts: H-Supertools AI Writer

The bottom line is that the free ai writer from H-Supertools is a wonderful resource for content creators.

We have many more articles on this site about ai-writers and what they can do. Check a few of the articles out before you go.

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