Is RankIQ Accurate? (Tested & Explained)

Keyword research is arguably the most important and most difficult skill for a blogger. That’s what makes tools like RankIQ so incredibly valuable.

But is RankIQ accurate?

RankIQ is accurate for keyword research, search volume, keyword competition, ranking speed, and content optimization. RankIQ uses Watson’s IBM AI, along with human analysis, to handpick and validate good keywords. G2 and Capterra both gave RankIQ high marks for the tool’s accuracy.

In this article, you’ll learn everything you need to know about RankIQ accuracy.

What Is RankIQ?

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RankIQ is one of the most popular keyword search tools on the market today.

That’s because it’s incredibly accurate.

RankIQ is designed to help you find low-competition keywords that you can rank for quickly and easily. It’s built by a blogger for bloggers.

RankIQ uses a variety of factors to determine keyword difficulty, including:

  • Search volume
  • Keyword length
  • The number of competing websites
  • The age of the domain

5 Reasons That RankIQ Is Accurate

There are five good reasons that RankIQ is highly accurate when it comes to keyword research, SEO optimization, and rapid ranking on Google.

1) A Professional Blogger Manually Handpicks the Keywords

The major reason RankIQ is accurate is that a professional blogger manually handpicks the keywords for you.

Brandon Gaille created and runs RankIQ.

If you don’t know, Brandon has built multiple sites to millions of views per month. He also hosts the Millionaire Blogger Podcast, which I absolutely love.

Brandon and his team do the hard work of pre-validating keywords in every niche.

No other keyword search tool offers this level of customized service.

And that’s why RankIQ is accurate.

2) The Keywords Are Very Low Competition (And It’s Easy To Check)

RankIQ is also accurate because it specialized in finding the lowest competition keywords.

You can easily find keywords with little to no other competing content.

This is easy to verify by searching the keyword in Google. Even if there is a little competition, it is usually pretty weak and easy to beat.

The ease of verifying the keyword competition supports the accuracy of RankIQ.

3) Bloggers Use the Keywords To Rank Fast (Sometimes within 24 hours)

Bloggers use the keywords to rank fast (even within 24 hours sometimes).

That’s incredibly fast.

RankIQ helps your business get ahead of your competition by providing you with a keyword analysis.

They provide you with information on the number of monthly searches, how competitive the term is, and how quickly you can rank for the keyword.

I don’t know any other keyword tool that tells you how long it will take to rank.

You won’t always rank for keywords in 24 hours.

That depends on how much authority our blog has in Google’s eyes. The higher your authority, the faster you will rank. The lower, the slower.

But you will still get a detailed and specific timeline to ranking.

This makes RankIQ an all-in-one keyword search tool that will help your business stand out from your competition.

4) I’ve Personally Tested the Keyword Research Tool (And It’s Accurate)

I have personally tested the keyword research tool myself as a paid user of the tool.

And I can say that it is accurate.

I’ve used RankIQ to find low competition keywords that I’ve then ranked for quickly on my portfolio of websites.

I’ve also verified the:

  • Search volume
  • Level of competition
  • Content optimization guidance

5) RankIQ Uses Sophisticated AI Technology

RankIQ is an SEO tool that was created with sophisticated AI technology.

The service is based on IBM’s Watson AI.

Watson is the same AI technology that helps doctors diagnose cancer and is used by NASA to find asteroids.

That’s a pretty solid vote for RankIQs accuracy.

The keyword search and SEO tool has also been designed with simplicity in mind, so even if you’re new to SEO there will be a level of predictability with this tool.

You shouldn’t have any trouble getting started with the RankIQ keyword search tool or using its features.

Everything is easy to understand and navigate.

Here is a good video about how RankIQ works:

YouTube video by RankIQ – Is RankIQ Accurate?

Is the RankIQ Suggested Word Count Accurate?

Some keyword search tools have suggested word counts, which can be misleading.

However, the keyword search tool RankIQ is an exception.

The suggested word count on this tool is accurate because it compares the top-ranking articles from Google. It uses the current ranking information to show you how many words are needed to compete with those already ranked articles.

For example, if the top-ranking articles all possess 2,000 words, RankIQ will recommend that your article is around 2,000 words as well.

On the other hand, if the ranking article is a mere 600 words, RankIQ would likely recommend that you write a shorter article.

This is just one of the features that make RankIQ an exceptional keyword search tool.

It’s also one of the reasons why I believe in its accuracy.

You can trust that the word count suggestion is a good starting point for your content optimization.

Is RankIQ Accurate for New Blogs?

The best keyword search tools are often ones that are designed specifically for new blogs.

RankIQ fits the bill.

It helps you quickly find the key phrases and keywords that you need to target on your blog.

If a tool helps your website rank as quickly as possible, it’s going to give you an advantage over any other site competing in the same space.

And that’s a lifesaver as a new blog owner.

Starting a blog is already tough enough without wasting precious time and energy chasing keywords for which you’ll never rank.

Enough new bloggers have found early success with RankIQ that it has proven its accuracy.

Is RankIQ Accurate for All Niches?

The tool is designed to work well in the most popular niches, such as recipes, travel, finance, health and fitness, and many more.

RankIQ is also accurate in less popular niches.

For example, the tool can even help short story blogs drive more traffic and revenue.

Although there are less data available, the tool organizes and synthesizes the available information.

If you are in a super micro-niche, the accuracy may vary.

Is Rank IQ Accurate for Ecommerce Sites?

RankIQ is accurate for eCommerce sites that want to improve their organic traffic.

The tool will help you quickly find the keywords that you need to target on your site.

You can use this information to create product descriptions and title tags that are optimized for Google’s search algorithm.

For example, if you sell women’s shoes, you can use RankIQ to find out what keywords and phrases are being used by your competitors.

You can then use this information to optimize your own site and improve your ranking in Google’s search results.

Is RankIQ Accurate Enough?

Yes, RankIQ is more than accurate enough to help you rank on Google.

If you use the service as it’s intended, you will be able to quickly find low-competition keywords that you can rank for.

The service is especially useful for new bloggers who are looking for low-hanging keyword fruit.

In addition to being accurate, RankIQ is also:

  • User-friendly
  • Affordable
  • Easy to understand

The tool will give you the information that you need to rank on Google without any fluff or filler.

This is one of the reasons why I recommend it to anyone who is looking for a keyword research tool.

Is RankIQ More Accurate Than Other Keyword Tools?

RankIQ is one of the most accurate keyword tools on the market.

The accuracy of any keyword tool depends on how well it works and how it processes keywords.

All keyword tools scrape data from the internet.

However, the best keyword tools use artificial intelligence (AI) to interpret that data.

This is what gives them an edge over other keyword research tools.

RankIQ uses both AI and human analysis to process the data it collects.

This results in more accurate keyword information for you to use on your website.

If you want to be sure that your results are accurate, then you should use a tool with a custom check before you even get there.

Again, I don’t know of any other keyword tool with hand-selected keywords.

It just doesn’t exist.

If your goal is to find the most appropriate keywords and phrases, then these pre-validated results will provide helpful insights for your website optimization efforts.

RankIQ Is Not Perfectly Accurate All the Time

No tool is 100% accurate all of the time.

This is especially true for keyword research tools, which often have to rely on estimations and probabilities. The goal of these tools is to give you the best possible information so that you can make an informed decision about your website’s optimization.

However, there will always be some margin of error.

If you want to be as accurate as possible, then you should use multiple keyword research tools and compare the results.

This will give you a more comprehensive view of the market and how the keyword ranks in comparison to others. Since I use multiple keyword search tools on a daily basis, I do want to offer some suggestions.

I like these keyword tools:

Final Thoughts: Is RankIQ Accurate?

The bottom line is that RankIQ is a user-friendly, accurate, and affordable keyword research tool that can help you rank on Google.

Keyword research is just one part of starting a blog.

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