What Is a Beauty Blog? (7 Great Examples for Making Money)

Beauty is a billion dollar business. Beauty blogs have blown up on the internet and social media. Website creators, Instagram influencers, and YouTube content creators produce a staggering amount of beauty-related content every single day.

If you want in on some of those beauty blogging profits, this is the article for you. We’re going to cover what you need to know about a beauty blog—fully explained for beginners.

First of all, what is a beauty blog?

A beauty blog is a website with content about beauty, makeup, hair, fashion, skincare, and any other beauty-related topics. Beauty blogs share tips, review products, create tutorials, and discuss trending beauty news. Since beauty is a highly visual topic, these blogs usually posts lots of images and videos.

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What Is a Beauty Blogger? (Explained)

A beauty blogger is someone who blogs about beauty. They either write beauty content on their own website or for other websites as guest bloggers or contract writers. Most beauty bloggers create their own websites so that they can build traffic and monetize their content with ads, sponsorships, brand deals, and affiliate products.

Beauty bloggers are often:

  • Experts on makeup, skincare, and fashion
  • Licensed cosmetologists
  • Social media influencers (Instagram, YouTube, etc.)

7 Examples of Awesome Beauty Blogs

Let’s look at examples of awesome blogs about beauty. I always find concrete examples super helpful when learning anything online, especially about blogging or websites.

This list includes both beginner blogs and more established sites.

If you’re anything like me, it’s inspiring to see the bigger blogs making massive amounts of money, but it’s also motivating to see the smaller, newer blogs. So, you’ll find both in this section of the article. I’m hoping that browsing the main points about these websites will help you better understand beauty blogs.

First, here is a quick table with just the main points (website name, how much Google trusts the website—aka, domain ranking—and how much organic search traffic they get each month):

(This post may have afilliate links. Please see my full disclosure)
Website NameDomain RankingOrganic Traffic
Cruelty Free Kitty63103K
The Baller On A Budget3141.1K
Liana Desu101.2K
Cult of Pretty3022
Classy Black Girl4.470
Caroline Hirons58 63.8K
Table: What is a beauty blog?

Next, let’s take a slightly deeper look at each of these beauty blogs.

Cruelty Free Kitty

Screenshot of cruelty free kitty website for what is a beauty blog?

What they do well: They cover cruelty-free news, products, skincare, brands. They use lots of images with short articles.

The Baller On A Budget

Screenshot of Baller on a Budget website homepage for what is a beauty blog?

What they do well: Lots of organized categories, a pop-up to grab email addresses, and a great profile pic with an About Me section to build trust. Almost 100% of the images on the site are of the author so this creates authenticity and credibility.

Liana Desu

Screenshot of Liana Desu website for what is a beauty blog?

What they do well: Beautiful looking website with great colors, organized content, and easy navigation. In her About Me section, she shares lots of ways to contact her by email and social media platforms.

Cult of Pretty

Screenshot of Cult of Pretty beauty blog website

What they do well: Once again, they use vivid, clear images. They cover makeup, wellness, nails, grooming, and fragrance. Finally, they include a “most recommended section” to promote affiliate products.


Screenshot of Afrobella beauty blog

What they do well: The website owner uses authentic images of herself with the products she’s pitching in her content. In addition to beauty topics, she covers black pop culture.

Classy Black Girl

Screenshot of Classy Black Girl beauty blog website

What they do well: I really like how the name of the website stands out at the top of the homepage. Also, there are only a few categories so website visitors don’t get overwhelmed with options.

Caroline Hirons

Screenshot of Caroline Hirons website

What they do well: The homepage is very clean and uncluttered. There are only a few, intuitive categories. The colors really pop. Finally, they use experts to create awesome content.

What Do Beauty Bloggers Do?

Beauty bloggers show others how to be beautiful. They write step-by-step tutorials, usually with images and videos. They test products, review them, and share their opinions on their websites, YouTube channels, Instagram accounts, and other social media platforms.

Therefore, beauty bloggers build websites, social media accounts, and create lots of content related to beauty.

Many beauty bloggers write 1-7 beauty articles per week while also posting daily to social media and making 1-5 videos for YouTube. If you think beauty bloggers stay busy, you are absolutely right!

Probably the best way to know what beauty influencers do is to check out a video of an actual beauty vlogger. Even if you mainly write blog posts, you will likely want to include videos.

Check this one out:

Video by Jessica Clements via YouTube for What is a beauty blog?

Do Beauty Bloggers Make Money? (Hint: You Might Be Shocked!)

Yes, many beauty bloggers make a great living from their beauty blogs.

Beauty bloggers can make from $0 to 10K or more per month. How much beauty bloggers make depends on how many articles they have on their website, how many pageviews their articles get per month, and how they monetize their blogs.

Here are monthly earnings based on shared income reports from a few beauty bloggers:

It’s estimated that Cruelty Free Kitty makes a whopping $17,934 from ads and affiliate commissions. Although it’s not clear if this amount is per month or per year, based on the traffic to the site, I believe the number accounts for monthly earnings.

Keep in mind that these numbers reflect income made in a single month. That means these (and many other) beauty bloggers make six or seven figures per year, easy. This is very exciting if you want to start your own beauty blog. Just know that many beginner bloggers earn much less when they first start their blogs.

Most blogs start earning money within the first 6-12 months, but it takes time to build traffic to your site.

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How Do Beauty Bloggers Make Money? (5 Easy Ways)

Maybe you’re wondering how beauty bloggers earn money from blogging? Let’s dive into 5 easy ways beauty bloggers make a living.

Here are 5 ways even beginners can make money as a beauty blogger:

  1. Display Ads on their website (like Google Adsense, Ezoic, Mediavine, or AdThrive)
  2. Display ads on YouTube channel (YouTube ads) or Inistagram
  3. Sponsorships and brand deals
  4. Affiliate products
  5. Information products

Popular beauty bloggers, such as Sabrina Molu, can make upwards of $3,000 per post.

Who Is the Best Beauty Blogger?

The best beauty blogger depends on your definition of “best”. We can calculate “best” by audience size, earnings, platform, and more. If we include beauty influencers who “blog” on YouTube and Instagram, we get different names than those who mainly run websites.

The best beauty bloggers by category:

  • YouTube and Instagram combined: James Charles (He has a massive audience and makes approximately $117,000 per month).
  • Instagram only: Hudan Kattan ($97,000)
  • YouTube only: Antonio Gerza ($86,000)
  • Biggest Social Media Following: Hudan Kattan ($97,000)
  • Beauty Blogger Expert: Caroline Hirons (she’s an expert, has a huge audience, and several websites list her as one of the top bloggers).
  • Beauty Blogger High Earner (mainly blog content): Cruelty Free Kitty (Estimated $17,000 per month).

Who Is the Best Beauty Blogger in India?

Beauty blogging is huge in India. If we’re going to answer the question, “What is a beauty blog?”, we can’t overlook the huge impact of India on the topic.

While there are many awesome beauty bloggers in India, Anshita Juneja stands out as the best with her blog, Vanity No Apologies. She is highly trusted in the beauty world and well-known for in-depth reviews of makeup. Her stats are also impressive. Her website has a strong domain authority of 42 with an approximate 53K visitors each month from organic search alone.

Should I Start a Beauty Blog?

Since beauty blogs can make so much money, you might be wondering if you should start a beauty blog. If beauty is a passion of yours, I highly recommend that you consider starting a beauty blog.

Here are a few things to consider:

  • Your platform
  • Your expectations
  • Your timeline

The first thing you might want to consider is your platform. Which platform or platforms do you want to use? Some bloggers focus solely on their website. That’s fine if you want to simply write great content. However, many beauty bloggers also build an Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube channel.

They do so because many beauty topics lend themselves to images and video.

I suggest that you start a website and focus on one other platform (like Instagram, Pinterest, or YouTube). YouTube means you must know how to record and edit videos, which can take time away from posting new content to your website.

I wrote a very detailed article about how to start a blog and make money from it.

Next, please note that blogging is not a get-rich-quick business. Most bloggers make very little money for most of the first year of blogging. You should expect to wait up to 12 months to earn your first monthly income. It often takes 2-5 years to create a full-time blogging income.

That brings us to your timeline.

Making money blogging takes time. But if you want to speed up your potential earnings, check out my recommended tools for writers.

Do I Need To Be an Expert To Start a Beauty Blog?

It’s always helpful to know about your blogging topic or niche. It makes your job easier. You can write with authority, spend less time on research, and create better content.

However, it’s not necessary.

You can absolutely start a beauty blog without being an expert. You probably do want to be familiar with makeup, skincare, and related products. Or, you should be very interested in learning about all kinds of beauty products. If you’re not interested in the topic, I would suggest that you choose another blogging niche.

What Should I Post on a Beauty Blog?

If you do start a beauty blog, there are many things you can post on your website.

Here are some of the things you can post on a beauty blog:

  • Make-up tutorials
  • Skincare routines
  • Beauty product reviews
  • Beauty-related news
  • Top 5 or top 10 lists
  • How-to guides
  • Answers to common beauty questions

Final Thoughts: What Is a Beauty Blog?

Thank you for reading my article!

I hope you found all of the answers you needed about beauty blogs. If you enjoyed this article, you might like these other related posts:

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