How Do I Write My First Beauty Blog Post? (Step-by-Step for Beginners)

How do I write my first beauty blog post?

When you start a new beauty blog, that’s the number one thing you want to know. How do you launch your new site? How do you begin?

You write your first beauty blog post by finding a low-competition topic, researching your topic, formulating a clickable title, outlining your article, choosing a relevant image, and providing the best answer to a simple beauty question.

The rest of this article dives deeper into each one of these areas so that you know exactly, step-by-step, how to write your first beauty blog post.

How To Write a Beauty Blog Post

You write a beauty blog by providing the best answers to simple beauty questions, reviewing products, sharing tips, making tutorials, and being insanely helpful.

It starts with knowing how to identify topics with weak content, where there are no good answers to simple questions. You find those topics, do some research, and then give the best answer in 1,500 to 3,000 words. Then you repeat this process over and over again until your beauty blog website increases domain authority.

Once your blog is more authoritative, you can go after harder topics with more competition.

Since everything starts with ideas, let’s talk about how to find those low competition topics for your first blog post.

100+ Beauty Blog Post Ideas

If you’re asking, “How do I write my first beauty blog post?,” the answer starts with great blog post ideas.

The most important element of a good blog post (whether it’s your first or one thousandth article) is that you rank high in Google. This will bring your website traffic, which you can monetize with display ads, sponsorships, affiliate offers, and informational products.

With that said, here is a compilation of blog post ideas that you can use to write your first beauty blog post. With this massive list, you’ll never need to worry about dealing with Writer’s Block.

Over 100 Beauty blog ideas:

  • Introduce yourself
  • Introduce your website
  • Share your makeup routine
  • Share your skincare routine
  • Share your daily routine
  • Budget-friendly fashion
  • Budget-friendly makeup
  • Budget-friendly skincare
  • First date beauty tips
  • How to dress like a celebrity on a budget
  • How to copy a celebrity’s makeup routine
  • Easy skincare routine for beginners
  • Easy fashion tips for beginners
  • Your top five hair tips for men
  • Your top five lipsticks
  • Your top 10 hair care products
  • Your top 5 lotions
  • Summer skincare tips
  • Winter skincare tips
  • Fall skincare tips
  • Spring skincare tips
  • Contouring tutorial
  • DIY facemask tutorial
  • Top 5 cruelty-free products
  • Top 10 beginner beauty mistakes
  • Top 5 face masks for wrinkles
  • Favorite facemask for acne
  • High-priced makeup that disappoints
  • Top fashion tips for young men
  • Top fashion tips for men over 50
  • Best wrinkle cream for men
  • Trending fashion fad review
  • DIY spa hacks for healthy skin
  • Makeup subscription service review
  • Your swimsuit collection
  • Best swimsuits for tall girls
  • Best swimsuits for short girls
  • Best swimsuits for curvy girls
  • Favorite cologne for men
  • Favorite jeans for men
  • Skincare routine for busy people
  • Best exfoliating tips
  • Best exfoliating products
  • Your top 10 sunblock recommendations
  • Your top 5 beauty tips for first dates
  • Your top 10 beauty tips for weddings
  • Your favorite lip-gloss
  • Your favorite summer dress
  • Your favorite eyeliner
  • Your favorite bra
  • Your favorite sports bra
  • Your favorite lingerie
  • Your favorite hair extensions
  • Your favorite foundation
  • Your favorite blush
  • Summer makeup tips
  • Winter makeup tips
  • Fall makeup tips
  • Spring makeup tips
  • Natural makeup routine
  • Favorite winter dresses
  • Favorite spring outfits
  • Favorite Fall scarfs
  • Favorite summer shoes
  • Favorite lotion for greasy skin
  • Favorite shampoo for curly hair
  • Favorite shampoo for thin hair
  • Top 5 conditioners of all time
  • Top 5 deep conditioners
  • Top 5 conditioners for curly hair
  • Favorite conditioner for curly hair
  • Favorite body wash for dry skin
  • Favorite body wash for sensitive skin
  • High-priced wrinkle lotions that don’t work
  • Lipstick review
  • Eyeliner review
  • Minimalist makeup tips
  • Trending beauty news
  • Makeup after a breakup
  • Wedding day hairstyles
  • The best salon in [City]
  • Top 5 watches for men
  • Top 5 shoes for men
  • Top 5 suits for men
  • Top 5 ties for men
  • Top 5 jeans for tall girls
  • Supermodel fashion tips
  • Supermodel makeup tips
  • New mom skincare routines
  • Working women fashion tips
  • Low-cost perfumes
  • Skincare routine for men
  • Skincare routine for women over 50
  • Makeup routine for women over 50
  • Tips for skincare when traveling
  • Tips for makeup when traveling
  • Fashion tips when traveling
  • Embarrassing makeup stories
  • Skincare disasters
  • Fashion disasters
  • Makeup disasters
  • Favorite beachwear
  • Shoe collection
  • Hat collection
  • Top 5 high-end shoes
  • Top 5 high-end earings
  • Top 5 high-end pantsuits
  • Your skincare wishlist
  • Your shopping haul
  • Top 5 tips for long hair
  • Top 5 tips for short hair
  • Top 10 tips for curly hair
  • Favorite hairstyle for going out
  • Top beauty bag hacks
  • Diet tips for healthy weight loss
  • Trending beauty fad review
  • Your favorite foods for skincare
  • Your favorite foods for slimming down fast
  • Your beauty sleep routine
  • Your 30-minute emergency makeup routine
  • The best shoe store in [city]
  • Makeup statistics
  • Worst beauty tips
  • Making Beauty Products with Common Household Items
  • DIY Mani-Pedi
  • Favorite nail designs
  • Nail design tutorials
  • Best nail polishes
  • Favorite makeup remover

Now that this list has hopefully primed your creativity, you should know that almost any topic can work for your first beauty blog post.

The most important element is that you choose a topic that gets traffic to your beauty blog. Most of these topics will be simple beginner questions related to beauty. I highly suggest that you focus on these beginner questions for your first blog post (and your first 50-100 posts).

How do you find beauty blog ideas with low competition?

  1. Open a private, incognito browser window on your computer or device.
  2. Go to Google search.
  3. Type a beauty-related word like lipstick, foundation, eyeliner, or exfoliate into the Google search bar.
  4. Start typing a question about that beauty-related word (ex. is lipstick, does eyeliner, when exfoliate, etc).
  5. Google will suggest searches (this is called the Google autosuggest feature).
  6. Click on each of these suggested searches.
  7. See if anyone else has written a 1,500+ word article that fully answers the specific question.
  8. If no other blogger has answered the specific question or has answered it with a short (under 500-word article), then write your first blog post about that simple topic.
  9. If you don’t find any good topics, then keep searching by adding each letter of the alphabet to the search phrase. For example, “is lipstick a”, “is lipstick b”, is lipstick c”, all the way through the alphabet. This will give you tons more search phrases to consider.

For example, when I did a simple Google autosuggestion search for “is lipstick”, I found a few low competition topics.

Here are a few real topics I found:

  • What is lipstick feathering?
  • What is jelly lipstick?
  • Is it ok to kiss with lipstick?
  • How do you get lipstick off a dog?
  • Is lipstick bad for cats?

Again, the key is to keep searching until you find low competition questions related to beauty and beauty products. One of the best explanations for this process is in the Passive Income Geek blogging course.

Here is a video that also talks about the extreme importance of finding these easy to rank topics for your beauty blog:

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Video by Curl Centric via YouTube—How Do I Write My First Beauty Blog Post?

The Structure of a Beauty Blog Post

The best way to structure a beauty blog post is to start with a short introduction, give a direct answer to a simple question, and then elaborate on your answer in short, clear subsections until the end of the article.

In practice, it’s going to look something like this on your post:

  • Short introduction.
  • Clear, direct answer to a simple question (the topic of the blog post, like “What is Lipstick Feathering?”
  • Elaborate on your answer in several clear subsections (Non-feathering lipstick, how to stop lipstick from feathering, what causes lipstick feathering, etc.)
  • Short, concise conclusion.

How To Research Your First Beauty Blog Post (5 Easy Ways)

Original research and information in your first blog post will make it stand out from any other articles. Google also really values original, well-researched content.

How do you research for your first beauty blog post?

  • You already know something about the topic from your life experience and/or education.
  • Read other articles on the topic—especially those you find on the first page of Google search results for the same topic.
  • If you have access to books on the subject, scan them for useful information.
  • Watch the most popular YouTube videos on the topic.
  • Reach out to subject experts for help.

Since you are answering a simple beginner question, you can probably limit your research to 30 minutes or an hour max.

How To Title Your First Beauty Blog Post (5 Great Examples)

The title of your first beauty blog post is very important. Sometimes, a title can make or break an article.

For your title, use the simple question you found when doing your topic research. Then add a word or phrase to make your title more clickable.

Here are a few examples:

  • What is lipstick feathering? (Fully Explained)
  • What is jelly lipstick? (Answered)
  • Is it ok to kiss with lipstick? (Solved)
  • How do you get lipstick off a dog? (Step-by-Step Guide with Examples)
  • Is lipstick bad for cats? (A Vet Answers)

Short, clear titles with a clickable word or phrase can really drive traffic to your beauty blog.

How To Start Your First Beauty Blog Post

Start your beauty blog with a short introduction of the topic, then move straight into the direct answer to the simple question.

Long, drawn-out introductions prompt readers to leave the article. This gives you a larger bounce rate, lower display ad earnings, and less engagement with your content. Short and sweet intros keep readers on the page.

Simply tell readers what the article is about and then get right to answering the question they came to solve.

Just like I tried to do at the beginning of this blog post.

The Best Subheadings for Your First Beauty Blog Post

As you outline and organize your article, use lots of subheadings. I recommend a new subheading for every 100-300 words, on average. The point is to break up your content into easily digestible sections.

The best subheadings for your beauty blog are clear, concise, and compelling. Think of your subheadings as titles for each subsection. Choose short subheadings that clearly tell readers what the section will cover. Make your subheadings compelling by treating them like mini-titles.

Add words or phrases like “11 best answers” or “examples included” to the subheading.

Here are a few examples:

  • What is the cause of lipstick bleeding? (5 Worst Causes)
  • Best lip liner to prevent bleeding? (Budget-Freindly

How To Get Images for Your First Beauty Blog Post

You want beautiful images for your beauty blog. Clear, crisp images can drive readership and help you earn credibility with your audience.

How do you find free images for your beauty blog?

You can use screenshots on your blog, but be sure to properly cite the sources. Personally, I try to avoid screenshots unless I am posting content from an account that I own (like my Twitter or YouTube account).

Sometimes you can’t find the perfect picture that you want on free image sites. So here are a few other options to try when searching for your perfect blog post image.

How to get the best images for your beauty blog?

How To End Your First Beauty Blog Post

End your beauty blog post by summarizing the article, offering a personal insight or experience with the topic, and suggesting another blog post for the reader to read. How you end your articles will often determine if the reader will stay on your beauty blog or leave for another site.

Here is a list of specific ways you can end your beauty blog post:

  • Circle back to reference the introduction.
  • Thank the reader for reading.
  • Recommend a product.
  • Share a quote.
  • Summarize the takeaways from the article.
  • Share a personal story or anecdote.

5 Ways To Make Your First Beauty Blog Post Even Better

Now that you’ve researched, outlined, and written your first blog post, you can enhance it with a few simple tweaks that won’t take you anytime at all. In fact, these five methods work for just about any blog post your write.

Here are 5 easy way to make your first beauty blog post better:

  1. Include a video that helps answer the simple question (or at least is related).
  2. Include a table of contents near the beginning of the article. (If you use WordPress for your beauty blog, you can use a free plugin that automatically adds a table of contents. Personally, I use LuckyWP Table of Contents).
  3. Use short paragraphs of 1-3 sentences. This makes your content more readable.
  4. If you can, include a table that summarizes information for the reader.
  5. If applicable, offer free printables, downloads, or templates that give even more value to readers.

Final Thoughts

Thank you for reading my article!

I always like to offer a summary for my articles, so here goes a quick rundown of the main points of this post. Hopefully, it will help you as you build your beauty blog.

How Do I Write My First Beauty Blog Post?

  • Find low competition search phrases or topics with Google autosuggest.
  • Focus on simple beginner questions.
  • Check the competition for any articles that answer the same question.
  • Write an article that is 2,000 to 3,000 words long that fully covers the answer. For very simple questions, you can probably get away with a 1,500-word article.

If you liked this article, I have many more blog posts like it on my website. You might enjoy these topics:

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