Can You Make Money On Medium? (Insane Six-Figure Case Study)

Can You Make Money on Medium? (Six-Figure Case Study) – Writing on sounds too good to be true. You sign up for free, post an article, and wait for the money to roll in.

Is it really that easy? Can you really make money on Medium?

Yes, you can make money on Medium. Many authors make $1000 + per month on Medium. Some make a full-time living. A few, like Tim Denning, make six figures (or more). You simply sign up for a free Medium account, write articles according to Medium guidelines, submit them to publications and you can get paid.

In this article, let’s look at a fascinating case study of one of the most popular and prolific writers on Medium. That writer is none other than Tim Denning.

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Case Study: Can You Make Money on Medium?

Tim Denning is one of the most popular bloggers on

He gets hundreds of thousands of views, even hundreds of millions of views on Medium, which translates into lots and lots of cash for him. So today I want to talk about why Tim Denning is a genius on Medium, how he dominates the platform, and how you can do it too.

So stay all the way through this article because we’re going to drop some knowledge bombs.

Can you make money on Medium Tim Denning case study profile image

You can see right here on this screenshot, that this is Tim Denning. It’s his profile page on Medium.

One of the first things you notice on his profile is that he has over a hundred million views and that he’s an Aussie blogger.

In this post, I want to distill what makes him such a genius on medium, so that you can see how you can make money on Medium.

Can you make money on Medium Tim Denning website screenshot

Here is a screenshot of his website, and you can see he also has an eBook for sale.

The name of his eBook is How to Earn 6-Figures on That got my attention, so I purchased a copy.

Can You Make a Full-Time Living on Medium? (Case Study)

Can you make money on Medium Tin Denning eBook screenshot
Here is my copy of the eBook

The book is his patented method for how to be successful, how to be a six-figure earner on, which he is. He’s probably seven figures.

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Case Study: How Tim Denning Makes 6-Figures on Medium

So what makes Tim Denning so crazy successful on After reading his book and studying his articles on, I broke his method down into 7 strategies.

His first strategy is choosing an awesome mentor.

I can’t leave out the fact that Tim says one of his biggest inspirations is none other than the incredible Tony Robbins.

Can you Make Money On Medium? (Yes, Be Inspired by…)

Tim says one of his biggest inspirations in life is Tony Robbins.

Who is Tony Robbins?

Here is a video of one of his conferences.

Tony is an incredible life coach who has consulted United States Presidents, the U.S. Army, entrepreneurs, scores of celebrities, and top athletes.

Oh, and he owns an island in Fiji. Yes, you read that sentence correctly.

That Tim Denning takes his inspiration from Tony Robbins means that Tim is super motivated, focused and productive.

You can’t underestimate the power of mobilizing your emotions and focus to your task – in this case, to dominating Medium.

Ok, on to the other strategies…

Is Writing on Medium Worth It? (Yes, if you Publish Lots of …)

Let’s dig into why Tim Denning is so successful on Medium. If you scroll down his profile page on Medium and you can see his most-viewed story this week.

As of the writing of this article, his most viewed story of the week is Surviving a Recession is the Real Financial Superpower. And then we see his all-time most-viewed stories.

And these are interesting to study because you can look at the titles and see patterns. And then when you dig into each one of these articles, you can see that he does certain things that other bloggers, other writers on Medium just don’t do.

And that is probably part of the secret to his success.

Even just looking at his profile page you can see that Denning publishes a lot of content. If you look into his list, you can see this one was published an hour ago.

And if you scroll down to his next one, this is four hours ago. Scroll down to his next one. This is 22 hours ago.

So for at least in 2020, it seems that he has been publishing about two articles per day for a very long time. Now that’s a lot of content.

So that is the first secret to his success is that he publishes a lot of content. He creates a lot of very, very good, helpful, readable content that his target audience loves.

Now, I know everybody says that.

They say it about YouTubers. You got to put out more content. They say it about bloggers. You’ve got to put out content.

And there’s a reason why it’s advice that’s given over and over again: it is because it’s so important. If you want to be successful as a blogger on Medium, if you want to match and mirror and copy Tim Denning’s secrets, then you need to put out lots of content as much as possible.

Now, right now, if you have a full-time job and a family, you might be able to get out just a few articles a week, but the more that you put out of content daily, the more you put out weekly, the better it’s going to be for you long-term with your audience. The more money you can make on Medium.

But putting out any kind of content isn’t going to be enough.

What kind of content does Tim Denning put out to be so super successful? Let’s let’s dig into some of his most popular articles because I think these are going to give us the insights that we need.

Can You Make Good Money on Medium? (Yes, if you write titles that make readers…)

First of all, look at the titles of these articles.

Can you make a full time income on Medium screenshot of article titles

You’ll see that each one creates what I call a curiosity gap. That is, it gets you to wonder, what is this article about? What is this article going to say?

The first one, You will Destroy Yourself Financially if You Save, is surprising because most people think you’re supposed to save to be financially fit, healthy, and independent.

So, there’s a curiosity that this title creates. Like, what’s so bad about saving? How could that possibly be accurate?

What about the next article title: Warren Buffett’s Recent Explanation of How Money Now Works is the Most Important in History.

So now I’m asking myself, why is it so important? What’s the explanation. It creates a curiosity gap.

And then there’s one about Keanu Reeves. Why should we be aware of the quiet ones?

The last article title makes me want to know 13 ways to change my life. There’s a curiosity gap.

So, if you create titles to your medium articles that create curiosity and get readers wondering. that is another secret to his success.

What’s the Secret to Making Money on Medium? (Submit Articles to…)

So let’s dig into one of these articles to see exactly what else he does.

One of the things I want to point out is that many of his articles are published in what’s called “publications” on Medium, which are like magazines.

They go to a big, big audience.

So if you want to get more views and more claps and make more money on Medium, then publish in publications. The process couldn’t be more straightforward: You write your articles, follow each publication’s guidelines, and then submit the publications.

And when they pick you up, you can get bank.

It is important to note that each one of these most viewed articles is published in publications. And the cool thing about publications is that you don’t have to be an established article writer on Medium.

You can submit your articles to publications, even as a completely new blogger on Medium.

Should I Publish on Medium? (Yes, if you write articles that are exactly this length…)

Tim Denning article screenshot for Making money on Medium blog post

The other thing to notice is that the article in the above screenshot is a six-minute read.

If you scroll through his articles that he’s written, you’ll notice that most of his articles are between four and six minutes long to read. Now, some of them are nine minutes, 10 minutes, or longer.

Some of them may even be shorter, but most of them are in that four to six-minute time period.

And that’s his sweet spot. So if you want to replicate his success, go for articles that are around that length of reading time.

How many words is 4-6 minutes of reading time?

That’s approximately 750-900 words.

How Much Money Can You Make Writing for Medium?

You can make a ton if you format your articles this way.

How Much Money can you make on Medium Tim Denning article screenshot

Just scrolling down through Tim Denning’s article, look at his short sentences. His short paragraphs.

There’s lots of white space makes it much more readable. He’s got separations. He’s got subheaders. He’s got things underlined that are linked out to other websites.

You can see it’s a very, very easy to read way of writing, a very easy to read format.

And that’s another secret to his success: make the article as easy as possible for the reader to read, for the eyes to go down the page.

What Tim Denning Does Better Than Almost Any Other Medium Writer

Now I want to talk about another strategy that he uses in his introductions and all the way through his articles.

If you read enough of his work, you’ll notice this is another secret to his success.

Not only does he use curiosity gap titles, not only does he use shorter format, shorter, simple sentences and paragraphs, but he also does an emotional gut-punch usually right at the beginning.

Take a look at how he started one of his most viewed Medium articles of all time, 13 Ways I Completely Changed My Life In a Year And How You Can Too.

My life fell into a million tiny pieces. There were cries for help that nobody answered. It was a dark time.

I had left a business behind that I loved like a child. My family relationships were a mess. My financial situation was a disaster. I couldn’t even look at myself in the mirror I was so ashamed.

13 Ways I Completely Changed My Life in a Year and So Can You, by Tim Denning on

Look how he starts this article.

He says, my life fell into a million tiny pieces. There were cries for help that nobody answered. It was a dark time.

This is right away a very, very guttural type of introduction. It gets right to the raw emotions behind the writing. That’s what so many writers and bloggers on Medium (and other platforms) miss: this level of raw, authentic emotion.

Medium, as a website, loves articles that dig deep into authentic raw emotion. And Tim Denning is a master at this.

Look how he continues. I left a business behind that I loved like a child.

Notice the word choice. Look at how the emotion just follows.

My family relationships were a mess. My financial situation was a disaster. I couldn’t even look at myself in the mirror I was so ashamed.

He is making sure that everybody that reads this article can relate to some part and maybe all of the parts of this article.

It was a deep, dark, emotional time. He said he couldn’t even look in the mirror because he was so ashamed. So there’s lots and lots of emotion right away. It’s a gut punch.

He does this over and over again in his articles. And so can you.

When you write your articles on Medium, think about the emotions that you want your reader to feel and how you can implement, insert and inject as much raw, guttural, authentic emotion into your articles as possible.

Summary: Can You Make Money on Medium? (Case Study Strategies)

One of the best ways to learn how you can make money on Medium is to study Tim Denning’s articles and his content writing process.

You will not only notice the pattern, but you’ll learn his techniques.

Can you make money on Medium?

Yes, if you:

  • Choose an awesome mentor (like Tony Robbins)
  • Publish lots of good content
  • Craft titles that make readers curious
  • Publish in Medium publications
  • Write articles that are between 4 to 6-minute reads (750-900 words)
  • Format your articles for easy reading
  • Start with an emotional gut-punch

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