7 Best Shine Ranker Alternatives (Free and Paid)

Shine Ranker is a comprehensive SEO tool that helps you rank on Google.

Here is the best Shine Ranker alternative:

The best Shine Ranker alternative is Ahrefs, a search engine optimization platform that allows you to find keywords, audit websites, track website growth, analyze competition, and identify opportunities to rank on Google and Bing. Ahrefs offers a full suite of tools that you can pay for monthly.

In this article, I’ll:

  • Go over all the reasons Ahrefs is the best Shine Ranker alternative.
  • List 6 other Shine Ranker alternatives (free and paid)

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Shine Ranker Alternatives

5 Reasons Ahrefs Is the Best Shine Ranker Alternative

person at a laptop doing keyword research—Shine Ranker Alternative
Image by the author via Canva—Shine Ranker Alternative

I really like Shine Ranker but I’ve also used Ahrefs for years with great success.

Keep reading to learn the five main reasons I’m sold on Ahrefs as a Shine Ranker alternative for keyword research, SEO optimization, and ranking my websites on Google.

  1. Ahrefs Is a More Robust Tool
  2. Ahrefs Offers Lower Pricing Tiers
  3. Ahrefs Allows Monthly Pricing
  4. Ahrefs Helps Find My Favorite 5 Types of Keywords
  5. Ahrefs Has Made Me $10,000 +

1) Ahrefs Is a More Robust SEO Tool

There is simply more you can do with Ahrefs than Shine Ranker (at least for now).

Ahrefs has been around for a lot longer, so there are more features.

Here are some of my favorite Ahref features:

  • Easy Dashboard: On the homepage, you get a dashboard with your domain authority, organic traffic, keyword growth, the value of your keywords, and more.
  • Site Explorer: Plug any URL into this feature and you get all the details about the website, including their backlinks and best keywords with traffic numbers.
  • Site Audit: This feature gives you a deep inside look into your website data. You’ll see where there are gaps in your website to improve your SEO, Google rankings, and organic search volume.
  • Rank Tracker: Track keywords on all of your websites in one place.
  • Link Intersect: Enter any URL or domain name and see all of the websites linking to that domain or URL (great for seeking backlinks for your own site)

These are just a few of the many main features.

Within these features, there are a ton of subfeatures—far too many to go over here. The best way to check it out is to sign up for their lowest pricing plan.

2) Ahrefs Offers Lower Pricing Tiers

Ahrefs offers several pricing tiers that range from around $100 up to nearly $1,000 per month.

Here is a simple list with an idea of their pricing:

  • Lite = $
  • Standard = $$
  • Advanced = $$$
  • Agency = $$$$

I’ve never needed anything more than the smallest plan (Lite plan) as an individual blogger who runs a portfolio of websites.

In comparison, Shine Ranker currently offers a single plan that is around $180 per month.

Again, Shine Ranker is a great tool—especially for teams.

However, if you are an individual blogger like me, you might want to check out Ahrefs as a viable alternative.

3) Ahrefs Allows Monthly Pricing

Another reason I think Ahrefs is a great Shine Ranker alternative is that it offers monthly billing.

This means you can stop and start your subscription as needed.

For example, I only use Ahrefs every other month throughout the year when I’m doing a lot of SEO work on my websites.

Then, I’ll stop my subscription and pick it back up later when I need it.

This flexibility is not currently available with Shine Ranker. However, it appears that Shine Ranker will eventually offer a monthly plan that is comparable (and perhaps a bit cheaper) than Ahrefs in the future.

4) Ahrefs Helps Find My Favorite 5 Types of Keywords

I use five main types of keywords to grow my portfolio of websites.

Ahrefs helps me identify all five types of keywords:

  • Long-tail, low-competition with high search volume (A blogger’s bread-and-butter)
  • Invisible keywords (keywords with virtually non-existent competition for easy ranking—for example, I used an invisible keyword recently to rank #1 on Google in 11 hours)
  • Glossary keywords (keywords with words and phrases specific to my niches)
  • Beginner keywords (questions beginners ask about my niches)
  • Prebuying keywords (questions people ask before making a purchase in my niches)

Now, to be fair, both Ahrefs and Shine Ranker can help you find these types of keywords, along with Keyword Golden Ratio (KGR) keywords.

I just find the keywords easier on Ahrefs with the current features.

My guess is that Shine Ranker will continue to add features that will make it just as good or better than Ahrefs.

5) Ahrefs Has Made Me $10,000 +

Using Ahrefs over the last year has made me over $10,000. It’s probably closer to $15 or $20K as of now.

For making money with organic traffic, Ahrefs is a perfect keyword tool.

I’ve used Ahrefs to find keyword opportunities that consistently bring tens of thousands of visitors to my websites each month.

And this is as a beginner blogger in my first full year of running websites.

If you’re interested, I wrote a good article about why Ahrefs is good for beginners.

Here is a good video I made that highlights why Ahrefs is the best Shine Ranker alternative:

YouTube Video by Writing Secrets—Shine Ranker Alternative

Keep in mind that Ahrefs no longer offers a free 7-day trial, but the functionality I show in the video is still accurate.

6 Other Shine Ranker Alternatives (Free and Paid)

If you’re still looking for other Shine Ranker alternatives, here are six that I think are worth your time (and money).

A quick chart:

  • LowFruits
  • UberSuggest
  • MozBar
  • SEMRush
  • Mongools
  • SearchResponse.io Free

Now, let’s go through each alternative and compare it to the Shine Ranker tool.


LowFruits is technically called Lowfruits.io.

It’s a new keyword search tool that specializes in helping you find the best, low-competition keywords in your niche.

I am registered with this site and have found it to be very helpful in identifying keywords for quick and easy ranking on Google. Hence, the name.

The website literally helps you locate low-hanging fruit keywords.

Screenshot of LowFruits.io by the author
Screenshot of LowFruits.io by the author

My favorite feature is how LowFruits shows you the keywords with the highest monthly search volume where forums rank in the top spots. Most of the time, you can beat forums.

I really like this alternative for new bloggers with new websites.

Get the cheapest price for LowFruits.io here.

How LowFruits Compares to Shine Ranker

LowFruits is cheaper than Shine Ranker and more focused on helping you find the easiest keywords for fast ranking on Google. However, it’s a credit-based system, so you can run out of credits.

That’s a major downside if you are doing lots of keyword research.

The good news is that the better you get with LowFruits, the fewer credits you need to find those untapped keywords.

If you’re a solo blogger targeting “hidden” keywords, LowFruits is a nice alternative to Shine Ranker.

However, if you’re looking for an all-around SEO tool or working on a team at an agency, you should probably stick with Shine Ranker or Ahrefs.


This tool used to be 100% free but now they also offer a few low-cost pricing tiers and a 7-day free trial.

You can still register and create a free account with limited features.

Another cool paid option is the lifetime deal.

You pay once and you get access to the full tool forever. And for individual bloggers, the lifetime deal is still under $300, making it a bargain.

Still, as one of the most budget-friendly Shine Ranker alternatives, it makes my shortlist for SEO tools.

Here is what I like about UberSuggest:

  • The easy user interface (It’s pretty simple to get around the tool)
  • You can see the trend of each search term
  • You can see the SEO difficulty, paid difficulty, and cost per click very easily for your main keyword search term
  • You can save keywords in lists

The bottom line is that UberSuggest is a good tool at a good price.

How UberSuggest Compares to Shine Ranker

In a direct comparison, I tend to favor Shine Ranker for user experience and robust features.

The biggest selling point for UberSuggest is the price.

Ultimately, what you need in an SEO tool is the outcome of rankable keywords in your niche that bring you traffic.

For this reason, my vote is still on Shine Ranker (and Ahrefs).


MozBar is a free Chrome extension that allows you to see domain authority and page authority (along with some other metrics) as you browse the web.

I like it because:

  • It is free
  • It is easy to use alongside manual keyword research (such as the Google Autocomplete Method)
  • Helpful metrics

I tend to mostly use the Ahrefs toolbar extension these days (as it does much the same thing with a few more features).

However, it’s hard to beat free.

With MozBar, you can analyze the competition of your keywords. It makes it super easy.

If you’re doing mostly manual keyword research following programs like Income School or Passive Income Geek, then MozBar is a great tool.

Note: Even the pro version, called Moz Pro, is very limited in functionality. That’s the reason I am not mentioning it in detail here.

Shine Ranker or Ahrefs are better options than Moz Pro.

How MozBar Compares to Shine Ranker

Overall, Shine Ranker is the obvious winner in a head-to-head SEO battle.

But, honestly, there is no reason not to use MozBar along with any other SEO platform or tool.

It’s free, after all.

At the end of the day, Shine Ranker is going to provide you with a lot more data to find good keywords.


In my experience, SEMRush is very much like Ahrefs in design and user experience.

However, Ahrefs is cheaper.

I also prefer Ahrefs because of how easy it is for me to find the tools and features I use daily as a full-time blogger.

Just like with some of the other SEO tools, with SEMRush, you get:

  • Keyword difficulty
  • Search volume
  • Matching terms
  • Related questions
  • Backlink tools
  • Site audit features
  • Competitor analysis tools

These are all pretty standard for the big SEO platforms like Shine Ranker and Ahrefs.

Probably my favorite feature of SEMRush (that I haven’t seen elsewhere) is the Magic Keyword Tool.

It looks like this:

Screenshot SEMRush
Screenshot by author of SEMRush

The Magic Keyword Tool looks almost identical to the Ahrefs Keyword Explorer tool.

One difference is that SEMRush gives you the search intent for the keyword. That is a crucial metric for finding profitable keywords.

SEMRush will tell you if a keyword is:

  • Informational
  • Commercial
  • Transactional
  • Some combination of these intents

With Ahrefs and Shine Ranker, you will need to figure out the search intent yourself.

To be fair, searcher intent is pretty easy to deduce with a little practice.

How SEMRush Compares to Shine Ranker

I think SEMRush is a better overall SEO tool than Shine Ranker (in its current form), simply because of the features and pricing.

If and when Shine Ranker offers multiple pricing tiers, payment options, and even more unique features, that might change.

Note: I still prefer Ahrefs to SEMRush for the overall user experience and price.


Mongools is another all-in-one SEO platform with multiple tools.

It is cheaper than Shine Ranker and Ahrefs, but you also get fewer tools with fewer filters.

You’ll get access to:

  • Keyword search
  • Backlink analysis
  • SERP data
  • Rank tracking tools
  • Site analysis (called Site Profiler)

Overall, I’ve found using the tools and features a little bit clunky.

The time drain and limited features are not worth the lower price, in my opinion. You’re better off with Shine Ranker or Ahrefs.

How Mongools Compares to Shine Ranker

It probably comes as no surprise that I prefer Shine Ranker to Mongools.

Shine Ranker is more comprehensive and easier to use.

Shine Ranker includes unique features (like Intitle search data) that Mongools doesn’t offer.

Even at a higher price, I still choose the Shine Ranker SEO platform.


I’m not going to lie: SearchResponse.io is one of my new favorite free tools for keyword research.

It is still iterating so the price may change anytime.

What I like about SearhResponse.io is that it gives you great keyword ideas pulled from Google’s People Also Ask and People Also Search sections.

I’ve been using it in my keyword tool stack for a few months now.

Here’s a screenshot of the free keyword tool in action:

Screenshot SearchResponse.io
Screenshot SearchResponse.io by author

Like LowFruits.io, this tool is hyper-focused on insights to find underserved keywords. I use it mostly for subheadings or subsections on my blog posts.

Two cool features of SearchResponse.io:

  • Popularity—This shows how popular this search is across Google
  • All and Recent Toggle—This shows you all the search phrases related to your keyword term or the most recent search phrases. More recent searches can sometimes be goldmines for keyword ranking.

How SearchResponse.io Compares With Shine Ranker

Shine Ranker is a better SEO platform than SearchResponse.io.

SearchResponse.io offers much fewer tools, features, and insights. However, it’s free for now (and will likely be cheaper forever), so there is no reason not to add it to your keyword tool stack.

Why I Still Like Shine Ranker

Look, Shine Ranker is a very cool tool.

The creator, Chase Reiner is constantly improving the platform. Therefore, I am keeping an eye on the new features as they roll out.

Some of my favorite available features include:

  • Track All Easy Keywords
  • SEO Team integration
  • Easy “In title” search to find low-competition keywords
  • Access to Chase Reiner’s courses and private SEO groups

If you want to, go ahead and try Shine Ranker.

You might love it.

Final Thoughts: Best Shine Ranker Alternative

My favorite keyword tool right now is Ahrefs. Shine Ranker is a close second.

The best free keyword tools I use are SearchResponse.io, AnswerSocrates, AnswerthePublic, MozBar, and Keyword Sheeter.

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