Is Jo a Scrabble Word? (Official Answer + 100 Alternatives)

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Is Jo a Scrabble word?

Jo is an official Scrabble word. Jo has a dictionary definition and is included in the Official Scrabble Players Dictionary. In the game, Jo is worth nine points. There are over 100 alternative words that include the letters “Jo” at the beginning, in the middle, or at the end.

Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about Jo as a Scrabble word, including:

  • What it means (definition of Jo)
  • Examples of how to use it
  • The highest scoring word you can make with Jo
  • 100+ alternatives for more points

Why Is Jo a Scrabble Word?

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The word Jo earns its status as an official Scrabble word through several qualifying factors:

  • Adherence to Scrabble Rules: Jo meets all the criteria set by the official Scrabble rules.
  • Inclusion in Official Scrabble Dictionary: It appears in the Official Scrabble Players Dictionary, solidifying its legitimacy.
  • Recognition in Standard Dictionaries: Jo is also recognized in standard dictionaries, ensuring its acceptance beyond just the game.

These factors combined not only make Jo a valid choice in Scrabble but also reflect its usage and acceptance in broader linguistic contexts.

Is Jo a Scrabble Word in Other Languages?

The word “Jo” transcends the boundaries of the English language, finding its place in Scrabble games in various languages around the world. Here are some examples demonstrating its eligibility and adaptations:

  1. Spanish: In Spanish, “Jo” is recognized as an interjection expressing surprise or strong emotion. It’s an acceptable word in Spanish language Scrabble games.
  2. French: In French, while “Jo” might not be a standard word, the game of Scrabble often includes anglicisms and names, making “Jo” a potential candidate in certain informal or localized variations of the game.
  3. German: German Scrabble also acknowledges “Jo,” albeit as a colloquial affirmative akin to “yeah” or “yes,” adding to its versatile usage across different languages.
  4. Italian: In Italian, “Jo” can be used in Scrabble, reflecting its adoption of foreign words and names, especially those that are short and can fit easily onto the Scrabble board.
  5. Portuguese: Similar to Spanish, in Portuguese, “Jo” serves as an interjection and is recognized in Scrabble games, aligning with the language’s inclusion of expressive words and phrases.
  6. Dutch: Dutch Scrabble integrates “Jo” as it does with many other loanwords and interjections, making it a usable word in the game.
  7. Swedish: In Swedish, while “Jo” is not a traditional word, Scrabble adaptations often include foreign words, especially those that are concise and commonly known, thereby allowing “Jo” in gameplay.
  8. Polish: In Polish Scrabble, “Jo” can be used, reflecting the game’s flexibility in incorporating foreign terms and names.

Jo Scrabble Word Scoring

Scoring with Jo in Scrabble can be highly impactful due to its strategic advantages.

As a two-letter word with a high point value, it can significantly boost your score when placed on premium squares.

Here are some of the scoring options and their associated point values:

  • Standard Placement: Playing Jo in a standard position without any multipliers yields 9 points.
  • Double Letter Score: If either ‘J’ or ‘O’ lands on a Double Letter Score square, the score for that letter is doubled. For example, if ‘J’ (worth 8 points) is on Double Letter Score, it would add 16 points for the letter, plus 1 for ‘O’, totaling 17 points for the word.
  • Triple Letter Score: Similarly, if either letter lands on a Triple Letter Score square, the score for that letter is tripled. For instance, if ‘J’ lands on a Triple Letter Score square, it would add 24 points for the letter, plus 1 for ‘O’, totaling 25 points for the word.
  • Double Word Score: If Jo is placed on a Double Word Score square, the total word value is doubled, taking the score from 9 to 18 points.
  • Triple Word Score: Placing Jo on a Triple Word Score square triples the total word value, elevating the score from 9 to 27 points.

Top 7 Jo Scrabble Word Builds

Here are the top seven highest scoring word builds that you can make with Jo:

Jo WordPoints
Best Scrabble Builds With Jo – Is Jo a Scrabble Word?

Therefore, the highest scoring Jo word is photojournalism, which will give you 29 points.

100+ Scrabble Word Alternatives for Jo

If you’re looking for even more options, check out all of these options.

Scrabble Words that Begin with Jo

  1. Jobber
  2. Jobbery
  3. Jobbing
  4. Jobless
  5. Jockey
  6. Jocose
  7. Jocular
  8. Jocund
  9. Jodhpurs
  10. Jogged
  11. Jogger
  12. Joggle
  13. Joggled
  14. Johanne
  15. Joined
  16. Joiner
  17. Joinery
  18. Jointed
  19. Jointer
  20. Jointly
  21. Joisted
  22. Jokers
  23. Jokiest
  24. Joking
  25. Jolted
  26. Jolters
  27. Jolting
  28. Jonquil
  29. Joropos
  30. Jostled
  31. Jostles
  32. Jotting
  33. Jotters
  34. Jousted
  35. Journos
  36. Journal
  37. Journey
  38. Jovial
  39. Joyance
  40. Joyless
  41. Joyride
  42. Joyrode
  43. Joypads
  44. Joypops
  45. Joyous

Scrabble Words that Include Jo

  1. Rejoice
  2. Enjoy
  3. Banjo
  4. Cajole
  5. Joanne
  6. Joints
  7. Joists
  8. Jokers
  9. Joking
  10. Jolted
  11. Jostle
  12. Jotted
  13. Joules
  14. Jounce
  15. Jousts
  16. Journal
  17. Journey
  18. Joyful
  19. Joyous
  20. Majors
  21. Sojourn
  22. Adjoin
  23. Enjoin
  24. Enjoyed
  25. Frijole
  26. Jocular
  27. Jodhpur
  28. Joggling
  29. Jostling
  30. Joyfully
  31. Joystick
  32. Kabeljou
  33. Kurrajong
  34. Mahjongg
  35. Sojourns
  36. Adjoints
  37. Cajolery
  38. Disjoins
  39. Enjoined
  40. Enjoyers
  41. Jockeys
  42. Jocosely
  43. Jocosity
  44. Jocundly
  45. Johnboat
  46. Joinable
  47. Joinings
  48. Jointure
  49. Jokingly
  50. Jolliest
  51. Jollying
  52. Jollity
  53. Jonquils
  54. Jostlers
  55. Jottings
  56. Jousters
  57. Jovially
  58. Joyously
  59. Joyrider
  60. Joyrides

Scrabble Words that End with Jo

  1. Banjo
  2. Mojo
  3. Riojo
  4. Dojo
  5. Aparejo
  6. Azulejo

Jo Scrabble Word Meaning

As a noun, Jo refers to a term of endearment, often utilized in Scottish vernacular.

The plural form, Joes, means “sweetheart.”

It’s not a word that I’ve ever heard or used before as someone who grew up mostly in the United States (but also a few years in Germany as a young child).

In the next section, I’ll share some example sentences using “Jo” so that, hopefully, it makes more sense.

Jo Scrabble Word Sentence Examples

Here are 10 examples sentences that use the word “Jo”:

  1. “Every evening, he would write a sweet note to his Jo, expressing his undying love.”
  2. “Under the starlit sky, he whispered softly, ‘You will always be my Jo, my dearest love.'”
  3. “In his heart, she was more than just a partner; she was his Jo, his everything.”
  4. “During their anniversary dinner, he raised a toast, ‘To my Jo, the love of my life.'”
  5. “In every love song he wrote, there was always a verse dedicated to his beloved Jo.”
  6. “As they walked hand in hand along the beach, he felt grateful for his Jo, his guiding star.”
  7. “In his diary, he penned down his deepest thoughts, always beginning with ‘Dear Jo, my sweetheart…'”
  8. “With a gentle smile, he said, ‘To me, you’re more than just a name; you’re my Jo, my soulmate.'”
  9. “Whenever he felt lost, he thought of his Jo, the one who always brought light into his life.”
  10. “At the end of each day, his favorite moment was returning home to his Jo, his beloved companion.”

Jo Scrabble FAQs

When it comes to Scrabble, the word Jo often raises questions regarding its usage and validity in the game.

This section aims to address some of the most common inquiries players have about this particular word.

Is OJ a Scrabble Word?

No, “OJ” is not an acceptable word in Scrabble.

Unlike Jo, which is recognized in the Official Scrabble Players Dictionary, “OJ” does not meet the criteria for valid Scrabble words.

It’s important to distinguish between these two-letter combinations, as one is a permissible play while the other could cost you a turn if challenged.

Can Jo be used to form other words in Scrabble?

Yes, Jo can be used to form a variety of other words in Scrabble.

It is an especially useful word for building on existing letters on the board. For example, adding Jo to the end of “re” creates “Rejo,” and placing it before “urn” forms “Journal.”

This flexibility makes Jo a valuable word in Scrabble gameplay.

What is the best way to use Jo in Scrabble?

The best way to use Jo in Scrabble is to place it on premium board squares, such as double or triple word scores, to maximize point gain.

Additionally, using Jo to extend existing words or to create new compound words can be highly strategic, allowing players to earn points from multiple words in a single turn.

Are there any special rules for using Jo in Scrabble tournaments?

In Scrabble tournaments, Jo follows the same rules as any other word.

It must be found in the Official Scrabble Players Dictionary to be considered valid.

Players should be aware that tournament settings often have stricter enforcement of rules and word validity, so knowing which words are permissible, like Jo, is crucial for competitive play.

If you’re looking for Scrabble words to play with J (and other letters), check out this helpful video:

YouTube Video by Derek McKenzie – Is Jo a Scrabble Word?

Final Thoughts: Is Jo a Scrabble Word?

Jo is not the only surprising word you can play in Scrabble.

Find out if other two and three-letter combos can help you win your next game.

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