52 Ways To Connect With Other Bloggers

I’ve been blogging full-time for almost 3 years and I know one thing: Blogging can be extremely lonely.

It’s surprisingly easy to lose sight of healthy, in-person connections.

Here are some of the best ways to connect with other bloggers:

The best way to connect with other bloggers is by engaging genuinely, attending blogging events, guest posting, co-creating content, sharing insights, and fostering a sense of community. From leaving thoughtful comments to hosting joint webinars, building relationships is key to mutual success.

In this article, you’ll discover 52 unique and effective ways to nurture connections with fellow bloggers.

1. Leave Thoughtful Comments

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Leaving comments on other bloggers’ posts is a straightforward and genuine way to get noticed.

Everyone appreciates feedback, and a well-thought-out comment can showcase your interest and knowledge about the topic.

When you leave a comment, make sure it’s meaningful and adds value to the conversation.

Avoid generic statements like “Great post!” Instead, dive deeper into the content, ask questions, or share a relevant personal experience.

By doing so, not only will the blogger recognize your engagement, but their audience might also take notice.

2. Attend Blogging Conferences

Blogging conferences are goldmines for networking.

They offer the chance to meet influencers, experts, and bloggers from various niches face-to-face.

Before attending a conference, do your homework.

Research the speakers, sessions, and attendees. Prepare a list of bloggers you’d like to meet and come up with conversation starters.

Remember, the goal is to create lasting connections, so aim for genuine interactions rather than just handing out business cards.

3. Guest Post

Guest posting is when you write a piece of content for another blogger’s website.

This method not only showcases your expertise but also introduces you to a new audience.

To successfully connect through guest posting, choose blogs that align with your niche or interests. Pitch topics that are beneficial for both you and the host blog’s audience.

Ensure that your content is top-notch and free from errors.

Once your post is published, stay active in the comments section to interact with the readers and the host blogger.

4. Host Webinars or Podcasts

Hosting webinars or podcasts can position you as an expert in your field.

Inviting other bloggers as guests can be an effective way to build relationships.

Begin by researching potential guest bloggers who have a strong voice in your niche. Send them a personalized invitation, explaining the value they can bring to your audience.

Not only does this give them a platform to share their expertise, but it also facilitates mutual growth through cross-promotion.

5. Collaborate on Projects

Collaborations can range from co-authoring e-books to hosting joint giveaways.

Teaming up with another blogger can merge audiences and share expertise.

Identify bloggers who share your values and target audience.

Propose collaborative ideas that are win-win for both parties. Collaboration can be a powerful way to grow together, fostering deep connections built on shared work and mutual benefits.

6. Share Their Content

Sharing another blogger’s content on your social media or blog is a simple gesture that speaks volumes.

It shows appreciation and acknowledges their expertise.

When sharing, always credit the original author.

Tag them on social platforms and add a few words about what you loved in their content.

This not only directs traffic to their blog but also initiates conversations and potential reciprocation.

7. Start a Blogging Group

Blogging groups, be it on Facebook, LinkedIn, or other platforms, offer a space for bloggers to share ideas, seek feedback, and promote content.

Starting a group centered around a particular niche or blogging challenge can attract like-minded individuals.

Being the admin gives you the opportunity to facilitate connections, not just for yourself but for all group members.

And this is a great way to foster a supportive community.

8. Engage on Social Media

Engaging on social media means more than just liking a post.

Dive deep into discussions, share stories, and offer support or feedback.

Follow fellow bloggers, retweet their content, participate in Twitter chats, or share their Instagram stories.

Active participation showcases your genuine interest and can lead to meaningful conversations and potential collaborations.

9. Offer Freebies or Discounts

If you offer a product or service, providing freebies or discounts to fellow bloggers can be a way to catch their attention and start a conversation.

Make sure your offer aligns with the blogger’s needs or interests.

Personalize your approach by explaining why you think they’d benefit from your offer.

This not only introduces them to your products but can also lead to testimonials or reviews.

10. Join Blogging Courses

I have enrolled in several blogging courses and it has made so much difference in my blogging career — and connections.

You can connect with both fellow learners and the course creator.

Engage actively in course forums, attend Q&A sessions, and network with other participants.

Share your experiences and insights, and be open to collaborations or joint ventures that might emerge from these interactions.

My favorite blogging course is Passive Income Geek.

11. Run a Joint Contest

Running joint contests is a fantastic way to combine your audiences and offer something valuable.

This initiative is both fun and collaborative.

Find a blogger whose audience aligns with yours.

Discuss the prize, participation rules, and how you’ll promote the contest.

A joint contest can increase exposure for both blogs and give an opportunity for both communities to interact and overlap.

12. Feature in Round-Up Posts

Round-up posts collect expert opinions or resources on a specific topic.

Featuring other bloggers in your round-ups can be a great way to introduce them to your audience.

When planning a round-up post, reach out to bloggers you admire, and ask for their insights or a quote.

Not only does this provide value to your readers, but it also gives featured bloggers a reason to share your post, broadening its reach.

13. Engage in Blogger Interviews

Interviewing fellow bloggers allows you to dive deep into their experiences and insights, offering valuable content to your readers.

Choose a theme or series of questions and invite bloggers to participate.

Whether it’s written, video, or podcast format, interviews help in forming a direct connection with the interviewee.

It also provides unique content for your audience.

14. Link to Their Content

Linking to other bloggers’ content within your posts can be a gesture of goodwill and a way to offer additional value to your readers.

When writing a post, link to relevant articles from other bloggers.

Notify them that you’ve linked to their work.

They might reciprocate, share your post, or at the very least, appreciate the gesture.

15. Start a Newsletter Swap

Newsletter swaps involve promoting another blogger’s content in your email newsletter in exchange for them doing the same.

Find bloggers with a similar audience size and relevance.

Propose a swap where you both introduce each other to your email subscribers.

This can be an effective way to tap into a new audience without coming off as overly promotional.

16. Attend Local Meet-Ups

Local blogging meet-ups are intimate events where bloggers gather to network, learn, and collaborate.

I hear of blogging meet-ups in several of the blogging groups in which I participate (Facebook and Passive Income Geek).

Search for such events in your city or consider organizing one yourself.

Meet-ups provide an informal setting to forge genuine connections, share experiences, and discuss potential collaborations.

17. Initiate a Blogging Challenge

Blogging challenges, like a “30-day writing challenge”, can encourage participation and community building.

Announce the challenge on your blog and invite other bloggers to participate.

Create a dedicated hashtag and encourage sharing.

This not only fosters community spirit but also provides a platform for bloggers to discover and support each other.

18. Create a Collaborative eBook

A collaborative eBook can be a compilation of insights, tips, or articles from various bloggers.

Propose a theme and invite bloggers to contribute a chapter or section.

Once published, this eBook serves as a testament to collective expertise and provides all contributors with a shared project to promote.

Plus, you can use the eBook to get newsletter signups or even sell it from your website.

19. Share Behind-the-Scenes Content

Sharing behind-the-scenes insights about your blogging journey can resonate with fellow bloggers who are experiencing similar challenges or milestones.

You can do this with blog posts, Instagram stories, or vlogs.

Show the raw, unfiltered side of blogging to foster deeper connections and open up channels for discussions, support, and collaborations.

20. Offer to Help

Sometimes, the simplest way to connect is to offer assistance.

Whether it’s giving feedback on a draft, sharing technical knowledge, or helping with promotions, your gesture can pave the way for a lasting relationship.

Reach out to bloggers you admire and offer specific ways you can help.

Genuine acts of kindness can lead to deep, enduring connections in the blogging community.

21. Collaborate on Research & Surveys

Joint research or surveys can provide significant value to your readers and establish you and your collaborators as thought leaders in your niche.

Find a topic that’s relevant to your audience, and partner with another blogger to create a survey.

Once the data is collected, co-write a post discussing the results.

This shared project can cement a bond between bloggers and provide compelling content for readers.

22. Join or Start a Mastermind Group

A mastermind group consists of like-minded individuals who meet regularly (virtually or in person) to discuss goals, challenges, and strategies.

Being in a mastermind is a game changer.

You get to develop deep connections, as you’re continually sharing insights, giving feedback, and supporting each other’s growth.

If you can’t find a group that suits your needs, consider starting your own.

23. Create a Joint Video Series

With the rise of platforms like YouTube and TikTok, joint video series can be a dynamic way to connect and engage with fellow bloggers.

Identify a topic that would benefit from multiple perspectives.

Then co-create content with another blogger. Boom, connection complete.

This format can be particularly engaging, giving both sets of audiences visual and informative content to enjoy.

24. Co-host Live Sessions

Live streaming sessions on platforms like Facebook Live, Instagram, or Twitch can be an interactive way to connect with audiences and fellow bloggers.

Invite another blogger to co-host a live session, discussing topics, answering audience questions, or even just having a casual chat.

The spontaneity and direct engagement of live sessions can create memorable experiences and deeper connections.

25. Create a Blogger Directory

A blogger directory is a list or database where bloggers from specific niches are showcased.

As you might imagine, this makes it easier for readers and other bloggers to find them.

By creating a directory, you can invite bloggers to submit their details.

This not only provides them with exposure but also establishes you as a connector in the blogging community.

26. Form a Joint Newsletter

Instead of just a newsletter swap, consider co-creating a joint newsletter with another blogger.

This can be a periodic release that dives deep into a particular subject, combining the expertise of both bloggers.

Such collaborations can draw readers from both audiences and offer fresh content that neither blogger would produce alone.

With AI tools like ChatGPT, Claude, and Jasper, you can crank out and entire year of newletters in half an hour.

I’ve done it with my Substack, Writing Beginner.

27. Run Joint Promotions or Sales

If you and another blogger offer products or services, consider running joint promotions or sales.

This could be bundled offers, discounts, or special packages that provide value to both audiences.

Joint promotions not only drive sales but also strengthen the bond between collaborating bloggers. Anything you do together with other bloggers will help you connect.

28. Write Testimonials or Reviews

A great way to connect is to offer an honest and positive review.

Writing a genuine testimonial or review for a fellow blogger’s product, service, or even their blog can be a heartwarming gesture.

If you’ve benefited from a blogger’s content, e-course, or product, let them and the world know.

Such endorsements can foster goodwill and initiate deeper connections.

29. Start a Shared Pinterest Board

Pinterest boards are excellent tools for collaboration.

Starting a shared Pinterest board allows multiple bloggers to pin relevant content, driving traffic to everyone’s posts.

Invite bloggers to contribute to a themed board.

This not only aggregates quality content in one place but also fosters a sense of community and mutual promotion.

30. Collaborate on Merchandise

If you’re into creating merchandise, consider collaborating with another blogger on designs.

This could be t-shirts, mugs, stickers, or any merchandise relevant to your niche.

Co-branded merchandise can introduce your work to a new audience and also provide a tangible symbol of your collaboration with another blogger.

31. Start a Blogger Book Club

A blogger book club offers a space to delve into industry-related books or any chosen theme, fostering discussions and deeper connections.

Select a book each month and invite bloggers to discuss insights, takeaways, and applications.

This not only enhances collective learning but also strengthens relationships through shared experiences.

And, honestly, it sounds like a blast to me.

32. Feature in “Day in the Life” Collaborations

Showcasing a “Day in the Life” of various bloggers can provide readers with unique insights into the blogging journey and the person behind the blog.

Invite bloggers to share their routines, challenges, and triumphs.

This personal touch can foster a sense of community and give readers a multi-faceted view of the blogging world.

Not to mention that I’m a sucker for a positive surprise.

33. Organize Blogging Retreats

Physical blogging retreats can be transformative experiences.

These events, lasting a weekend or more, immerse participants in workshops, discussions, and networking in a relaxed environment.

Organizing or attending such retreats can solidify connections, spark collaborations, and refresh the creative spirit.

If you don’t have a big budget, that’s okay.

Spending time together doesn’t need to cost a lot of money.

34. Engage in Blog Swaps

A blog swap is when two bloggers exchange articles for a day.

This approach introduces each blogger to a new audience and offers fresh content to regular readers.

Coordinate with a fellow blogger to write for each other’s blogs.

Ensure the topics align with both audiences and promote each other’s content enthusiastically.

35. Participate in Blogger Award Nominations

Blogging awards recognize excellent content and noteworthy bloggers.

Nominating fellow bloggers for these awards can be a way of showing admiration and appreciation.

By highlighting the work of others, you not only boost their morale but also foster a sense of camaraderie within the community.

Just make sure that the awards are authentic and not purely for meeting other bloggers.

36. Create Joint Courses or Workshops

If you have expertise in a particular area, consider co-creating an online course or workshop with another blogger.

Combining your skills can produce a comprehensive learning experience for participants.

Joint courses can tap into the combined audiences of both bloggers.

This will almost certainly increase enrollments and foster mutual growth.

37. Collaborate on Giveaways

Collaborative giveaways can attract a broad audience.

Pool resources with another blogger so that you can offer a more enticing prize and draw in more participants from both communities.

Ensure the giveaway terms encourage engagement with both blogs.

Such as following both accounts or commenting on both sites.

38. Offer Affiliate Opportunities

If you sell products or services, offer affiliate opportunities to fellow bloggers.

They can promote your offerings and earn a commission on sales they refer.

This can be a win-win, driving sales for you and providing income opportunities for them.

It also deepens trust, as you’re essentially entering a business partnership.

39. Collaborate on Case Studies

If you’ve had a shared experience or worked together on a project, write a joint case study.

This detailed analysis can provide readers with insights, strategies, and tangible results.

Case studies stand as a testament to collaboration and can attract a readership interested in the intricacies of the blogging journey.

40. Build a Collaborative Resource Library

Create a shared resource library by pooling tools, e-books, templates, and other resources with fellow bloggers.

This library can be a one-stop shop for readers, offering value from multiple sources.

A collaborative library showcases the combined expertise of contributors and provides readers with a wealth of knowledge in one place.

41. Collaborate on Instagram Takeovers

An Instagram takeover is when one blogger manages another’s Instagram account for a day, sharing posts, stories, or even going live.

It’s a refreshing way to present content and connect with a new audience.

Pair with a blogger whose content you admire and organize a takeover.

It not only diversifies content for followers but also strengthens ties between the collaborating bloggers.

42. Organize Joint Web Challenges

Web challenges can be interactive events, like a design challenge, writing prompts, or photo contests.

Collaborating with another blogger can pool resources and increase participation.

Promote the challenge across both blogs, monitor engagement, and celebrate participants’ contributions.

Challenges can spark creativity within the community and bolster connections.

43. Host AMAs (Ask Me Anything) Sessions

AMA sessions are interactive Q&A sessions where readers or followers can ask questions on a specific topic or general ones.

Co-hosting an AMA with another blogger can offer diverse perspectives.

Choose a platform like Reddit, Instagram, or a webinar tool, promote the event, and engage with participants.

AMAs can provide direct engagement with readers and foster a sense of community.

44. Engage in Collaborative Research Papers

If you’re inclined towards in-depth study, consider drafting a collaborative research paper with fellow bloggers.

Such projects delve deep into specific subjects, offering valuable insights.

Research papers can be published on academic platforms or your blogs and showcase your combined expertise and strengthening your authority in the niche.

45. Exchange Blogging Tools & Resources

Every blogger accumulates a set of tools and resources that they find invaluable.

Exchanging this knowledge can be a simple yet effective way to connect.

Share your list of blogging tools, plugins, or resources with fellow bloggers and ask for theirs in return.

This exchange can introduce both parties to new tools and foster mutual growth.

46. Start a Joint Blogging Forum

A joint blogging forum can be a dedicated space for bloggers to discuss topics, share experiences, and seek advice.

By co-starting a forum with another blogger, you can pool your audiences and create a vibrant community.

Forums allow for ongoing discussions and can be instrumental in building long-term relationships.

Besides, forums are ranking so high on Google because of the multiple perspectives and first-hand experience.

47. Co-Author a Physical Book

In the age of digital content, a physical book can stand out.

Collaborate with another blogger to co-author a book related to your niche.

This project can be a significant project, requiring deep collaboration, but the end result is a tangible product that can reach new audiences and establish both authors as experts in the shared field.

I probably don’t need to tell you that Google gives a lot of ranking power to bloggers with expertise.

48. Collaborate on Infographics

Infographics are visual representations of information, making complex data easily digestible.

Collaborating on infographics can combine your research and design skills.

Share the infographic on both blogs, social media, and even platforms like Pinterest. It can drive traffic, engage readers, and serve as a visual testament to your collaboration.

Also, a good infographic can get you lots of backlinks to help your content rank better.

49. Form Blogger Support Groups

Support groups are spaces for sharing challenges, seeking advice, and offering encouragement.

Forming or joining such groups can provide emotional and professional support.

These groups can exist on platforms like Facebook or WhatsApp and act as safe spaces to discuss the ups and downs of the blogging journey.

Not only can you connect with other bloggers, but you can also start a positive community movement.

50. Co-create Templates or Planners

Templates and planners can be invaluable tools for bloggers.

Collaborate to design templates (like content calendars, checklists, or e-book layouts) and share them with your audiences.

You can offer these resources for free or as part of a paid package, benefiting both collaborators and their readers.

Notice how many of these ways to connect help your blogging career.

51. Host Joint Workshops

Workshops are interactive sessions where participants learn and apply new skills.

Co-host a workshop with another blogger, tapping into both your skill sets.

Promote the workshop across both blogs, engage with participants, and offer combined insights.

It can be a rewarding experience both in terms of networking and imparting knowledge.

52. Create a Blogging Chain Post

A blogging chain post is where one blogger starts a topic, and others continue it on their blogs, linking back to the previous post.

Propose a theme and invite fellow bloggers to participate.

As the chain grows, it can create a web of interlinked posts, driving traffic between blogs and fostering a sense of community.

Talk about a traffic avalance that can bring dividends for weeks, months, or years to come.

Check out this video that shares great ways to connect with other bloggers:

YouTube Video by Lila – Ways to Connect With Other Bloggers

What Are the Best Ways To Connect With Other Bloggers?

Wondering which method suits your style and circumstances the best?

Here’s a quick table to guide you on the best ways to connect with other bloggers based on different categories:

CategoryBest Way to Connect
As an IntrovertEngage in online forums, leave thoughtful comments
Small BudgetGuest posting, social media engagement
Big BudgetHosting webinars, organizing blogging retreats
Tech SavvyCollaborative coding projects, joint webinars
Time-CrunchedQuick and meaningful social media interactions
Chart: Best Ways to Connect With Other Bloggers

Final Thoughts: Ways to Connect With Other Bloggers

Connecting with fellow bloggers isn’t just networking; it’s the art of turning URL friendships into IRL collaborations.

For more sage advice and whimsical wisdom on writing and blogging, don’t hesitate to dive down the rabbit hole of articles right here on this site.

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