50 Must-Read Power Rangers Fanfiction

The Power Rangers universe is exciting, complex, and fun.

It’s no surprise, then, that it has inspired an especially large fan following. Some fans have even gone so far as to write their own stories about the Power Rangers and/or other things from their universe.

Here is a collection of my 50 favorite Power Rangers fanfiction.

Important Fanfiction Vocabulary You Need To Know

When reading fanfiction, it’s helpful to know the lingo.

Before we dive into the 50 must-read Power-Rangers fanfiction stories, browse this vocabulary list. Knowing the verbiage will make enjoying the stories much easier.

Alternate Universe (AU)

In Power Rangers fanfiction, Alternate Universe (AU) means that the events are not canon. For example, a fanfiction story set in an alternate universe where all seasons of Power Rangers take place simultaneously.

Mundane (or non-powered) AU takes the characters from the canon universe—aka, Power Rangers—and removes the familiar genre elements.

In other words, the Power Rangers usually don’t fight monsters in these stories. Instead, they act more like normal humans living normal lives.


A Crossover is a fanfiction story where all or some of the canon characters from two different universes interact.

In many cases, an element from one universe will exist in a different form. For example, a cross between Lord of the Rings and Power Rangers might have Legolas as a Ranger who looks like his LOTR self.

Original Character (OC)

In fanfiction, OC means original character. An original character is not part of the canon universe (in this case, it would be Power Rangers).

OCs are created by the author to act as the main characters in the story. The three most popular types of OCs include a reader insert, a self-insert, and a god-like being.

Out of Character (OOC)

In fanfiction, OOC is when the characters act very differently than they would in most circumstances.


Epilogue fanfiction takes place after the end of the canon series. These stories can take place immediately after the end of the series, or years after the end.


In fanfiction, parings are stories that focus on a specific romantic relationship between characters. For example, Andros and Ashley, Connor and Kira, or Falcon and Crane.

The Next Generation

When a Power Rangers fanfiction labels itself as “the next generation,” it means that the characters are the children of the original Rangers. These fanfictions usually feature a whole new set of Rangers with different powers and personalities than their parent.


In fanfic, a rewrite is when a fanfiction author posts the same story but with different characters and/or plot changes.

For example, if there was a popular Green Ranger series about Tommy Oliver, I could write another version of the story where Kim becomes the Green Ranger instead.


A Reunion fanfiction is one where all or most of the Power Rangers return to fight again. These can be really fun and creative.

Time Travel

Time travel fanfiction stories take characters out of their normal setting. For example, time-traveling to the Wild West or ancient Egypt.

Power Rangers Fanfiction (Alternate Universe)

In Power Rangers fanfiction, Alternate Universe means that the events are not canon. For example, a fanfiction story set in an alternate universe where all seasons of Power Rangers take place simultaneously.

1) Turning Point by Muddy Puppy

Tommy is constantly feeling like an outsider. What if he chooses to remain Evil after Rita’s spell gets broken? Green Ranger fanfics are always captivating, and this one is no exception.

2) Endorphin Rush by Scrubcake

One word that describes this story is “relatable.”

This non-powered AU fic offers a glimpse of what the Rangers might get into when they are not fighting evil. Zack suggests that they start a band, and it becomes a hit with Kim as lead singer.

3) Hear Me Now by Kea3

In a universe where Trini is deaf, she becomes part of the Power Rangers team and gains new powers to help her fight. It is interesting how Trini’s deafness alters the entire team dynamic, especially her relationship with Kim.

4) The Sixth Ranger Book 1 by Gryffinpuff39

The Power Rangers are finally getting a full-time female leader. The OC, Jaylyn, is set as the Mighty Morphin Red ranger with Jason the Blue Ranger and second in command.

5) The Prince Gets A New Life by Malik_I_Beaurifonte2

Finally, here is a fic about a villain. Prince Vrak has to live on earth as a human. It is his sentence for crimes committed against the Rangers.

Will his experience crack him or change his dark heart? Read this story to find out!

6) Hopeful Hearts by SparklyTree3876

Master Vile has the hots for Kimberly, and who would blame him? His new evil plot is to capture Kim and make her his Queen. Can the Power Rangers protect her? This fic is impressive, especially since master Vile is an underutilized character.

7) It’s not about deserve, it’s about what you believe, and I believe in love by movingforthesakeofmotion

One of the defining traits of Trini is her rocky relationship with her mother. This fic is set in an alternate universe where Trini has a loving mom. It is simply heartwarming to see Trini happy like this.

8) Wild Pitch by UnicornAffair

The story gets set when the Mighty Morphin Rangers are ten, but Trini has to move away with her family. When she returns to Angel Grove, her friends have changed. She finds herself longing for the good old days.

Power Rangers Fanfiction (Pairings)

9) Conflict of Interest by Grey17

Tommy finally has a chance to find out what would have been with Kim when they meet years later in Dino Thunder. This romance is mature, allowing the couple to explore their emotions.

However, not everyone is happy about this reconnection.

10) Secrets by Mykkila09

This Conner/ Kim pairing has plenty of suspense and drama. While the couple has mutual friends, no one knows that the two are together. The tension as these secrets unfolds is almost tangible. How will Tommy react to all this?

11) The Winged Lord and Lady of the Skies by LilyannaSpiritOfTheCheetah

Tommy and Kim are soul mates whose bond traverses time and space. They keep finding each other despite the circumstances. Isn’t this how we all wish that story ended in the series?

12) Healing a Broken Crane by Mykkila09

Kim gets hurt by someone she trusts. The incident sends Tommy into a rage, transforming him into the Evil green ranger again to avenge her. The story has some dark parts. But if you can stomach it, it is a great storyline.

13) You light me up inside like the fourth of July by movingforthesakeofmotion

Kimberly and Trini get together (finally).

Trini’s mom gets shown in a new light. She is not simply horrible. She also has her struggles, which inform her behavior. Trini’s relationship with her mom is meaningful as it is a catalyst in getting her and Kim together.

14) I fell too fast, I feel too much by Thelonewolfdies

This story is another good Trimberly fic because it is from Kim’s point of view. She feels more relatable with insecurities and doubts that make it hard for her to admit her attraction to Trini.

15) Pink and Yellow Trimberly by _BananaShake

We read about the Kim/Trini affair from Trini’s point of view (POV). It is a Trimberly with a dramatic twist. It is a “will they or won’t they” rollercoaster because Trini cannot decide how she feels. Plus, the ending is terrific.

Power Rangers Fanfiction (OC)

16) Crossing Paths by Weesta

In this story, a villain has mastered patience with a little planning. Meet the OC, Fealdor.

Learning from Elsa and Zeltrax failures, he creates an elaborate plan to destroy the Rangers. Will he succeed?

17) Radiant *Power Rangers by Devoid

Based on the 2017 movie, where Billy Cranston (Blue Ranger) is autistic, we meet the beautiful and charming OC, Mia Jones. Mia becomes the Orange Ranger. Interestingly, the Rangers wear the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (MMPR) suits despite the fic’s canon.

18) The Black Ranger by StarWarrior1221

Set on the Warrior dome, the team must recover their power stars and battle Galvanax and Madame Odius. The OC, Annalise Plex, becomes the Black Ranger. There must be something between Annalise and Brody. This story features engaging battle scenes that include genuine Power Ranger antics.

19) The Purple Ranger by Musicalfan101

First-person fanfics are hard to write, but when well executed, the story unfolds in your mind as you read.

Bree Daniels, the OC, recounts her experience joining the Ninja Steel Rangers as the Purple Ranger. It is quite an adventure.

20) Choices – Book I – Power Rangers: Dino Charge by xxxMTFxxx

Following her dream of being a journalist, OC Kylie gets obsessed with outing the Power Rangers. Will she go through with it when she discovers that they are her friends, or is getting the scoop more critical? Find out in this fanfic.

21) Ninja Storm; Power of the Sun by FallenArcana

Ari is a young Sun Ninja and a student of the Celestial academy who discovers that she has unique powers.

She joins the Ninja Storm team but struggles to earn the respect of the other Rangers.

22) Troy’s Sister by TheWhiteRabbit24

Tia Burros, Troy’s sister, gets recruited as the new Purple Ranger in Power by Gosei. However, she cannot tell anyone, including her brother. The story follows her difficult journey.

23) The Evil to Good Trilogy by TheWhiteRabbit24

This trilogy features a crossover between the Mystic Force, Dino Thunder, and Jungle Fury universes. It also features several OCs and canon-compliant storylines. You would think that would create Bizzaro-level confusion, but the author really pulls it off.

24) Welcome to Reefside by TracyBurlew

The author bases her fic on herself. Tracy Burlew moves to Reefside and accidentally finds a pink dino gem. The story includes rewrites of popular episodes like Green with Evil with an exciting twist.

25) Mystic Force: The Sun’s Destiny by FallenArcana

This story is a sequel to Ninja storm: Power of the Sun by the same author.

We see Ari again and meet her father, Daggeron, another OC with Sun Magic. There are many secrets to uncover about Ari and her destiny. That romance with Xander is an excellent addition.

26) How it all began: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers by Mightytosave457

Jason Scott fanfics are a rare find. This one has an OC, Molly Walsh. It is another first-person POV written beautifully. The tension between Molly and Jason keeps you glued.

27) The beginning// Jason Scott by Emily- Jayde

Another Jason Scott fanfic. The original character, Annie, meets Jason in detention. They become members of the original Power Rangers. Based on the original Mighty Morphin canon, it is quite a treat.

Power Rangers Fanfiction (Time Travel)

28) Chronology Conundrum by Fateless Wanderer

In the Dino Thunder universe, something strange gets released in Reefside that sends the Rangers back to 1995 in Angel Grove. They must find a way back to the present without affecting the timeline.

29) Power Rangers: Mythos by ThePimpKnight

Set in 2600, an evil alchemist poisons the Morphin Grid. It is up to Fae Lockart to save the world. She builds a time machine to transport five past Rangers to her time so they can save the Grid.

The extra dash of sci-fi on this one is just amazing.

Power Rangers Fanfiction (The Next Generation)

30) Legacy by CharmedGirl3892

Tommy Oliver has a daughter, Bay. She joins the Samurai Rangers team with the power of winter. Can she become Ranger of her own making, or is she destined to live in her father’s shadow?

31) Dino Thunder: The Prodigy by Felwhinter

This time, it is a boy. Alexander is Tommy’s son, but he has trained him in preparation for his calling as a warrior. When trouble brews in Reefside, Alexander must join the fight against evil as Tommy’s prodigy.

32) I Lost my Heart by KairiAngel13

Kimberly moves back to Reefside with her daughter Molly. A long-kept secret about Molly’s descent gets uncovered at the same time that she joins a new team of rangers. I really enjoyed seeing how this secret impacted the characters and story.

33) All I want for Christmas by Cheryl Roberts

This fanfic is another pairing/ holiday special that satisfies the curiosity of what becomes of Tommy and Kimberly after that infamous letter.

Kim has an adorable daughter Olivia who brings the two together.

Power Rangers Fanfiction: Epilogue (After the End of the Series)

34) Pulse by Logicproblem

You got to love the drama on this one. Twelve years after Kimberly and Tommy part ways, they find each other. Has time altered the intensity of their feelings, or has he moved on?

35) When Calls the Hart by Catlovingmermaid

Tommy thinks he has made peace with losing Kim until he learns that she is dying. He puts everything on hold to try and save her and be there for her daughter.

Power Rangers Fanfiction (Crossover)

36) Dino Thunder: Generations by Marcus S. Lazarus

Since Power Rangers have many dimensions, fanfics often feature a crossover between two universes. This story is a cross between Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and Dino Thunder. The Evil Green Ranger returns, and the team must make a trip to the past to fight evil. The best part is a budding romance between Conner and Kimberly.

37) I am meant to be wherever you are (hopefully, next to me) by ComeBackBeHere

Trini is living large in this crossover. Diana Prince, also known as Wonder Woman, is her mother. Besides, she finally gets together with Kimberly.

38) Percy Jackson and Power Rangers by Gifted Wolf

The demi-god, Percy Jackson, flees Camp Half-Blood. He encounters a blue gem that opens a portal to the Power Rangers world. Will Percy become the new Blue Ranger, or is he better suited to his kind?

Discover how Percy’s demi-god powers interact with the blue gem’s powers.

39) POWER | Peter Parker / Power Rangers by stilesbiles

The Power Rangers go to New York to fight an alien threatening their world. They meet and team up with your friendly neighborhood Spiderman in an exciting crossover.

40) The Silver Ranger by xo_Writingxo

Isabella Thunderman is an OC who is supposedly the oldest daughter of Hank and Barb Thunderman.

She wants to leave her superhero life and be normal but instead becomes a Super Ninja Steel Ranger. I guess you cannot escape destiny. The holiday specials included are excellent.

41) Prank Wars and Snow Angels by Skyland2074

This story is strange yet exciting—it merges the Dino fury characters into the Hogwarts universe. A Harry Potter crossover goes with everything. Although none of the main Potter characters are included yet (I’m anxiously waiting to see where this one goes).

Power Rangers Fanfiction (Rewrite)

42) Ranger Danger by Orphan_account

This rewrite of the 25th-anniversary episode might be better than the real thing. The fic introduces more Rangers to help the Ninja Steel Rangers in a fight against Madame Odius outside Summer Cove.

43) A Darker Shade of Green by Unromanticpoetess

This story is a unique take on Green with Evil.

Tommy cannot get over what he did when he was evil. The struggle is real: Will he want to rejoin the Rangers as a good person? Will they even want him, or is he past redemption?

44) Hearts and Armour by Jade-Max

Based on the King for Day episode, Tommy thinks he is the king of the Machine Empire. When Jason and the others try to save him, they discover that he is too far gone.

Tommy may have gotten lost to the dark side.

45) Green Ranger by Stayleyhasmyheart

This story is based on the 2017 movie canon, but also includes crossovers from other dimensions, especially Mighty Morphin. It is a good rewrite of the Green Ranger storyline for all the Tommy lovers.

46) Legends and Heroes JTrevizo

The team discovers that Dr. Oliver, aka Tommy, was a Ranger. Hayley assembles a team to rescue Tommy, creating a new Power Rangers timeline where Tommy reconnects with Kim.

It is undeniably a fascinating rewrite of Dino Thunder.

47) Power Ranger one-shot stories by beabub0681

We have a collection of one-shots that spans the entire 25 years of Power Rangers episodes.

There is a standalone story from each dimension, so there is something for every Power Rangers fan. Better yet, it is an ongoing series, so there is more to come.

48) The Raptor Ranger by Aspiring – Writer14

Zordon needs a new Ranger to help the team, so he picks Carmen, the Raptor Ranger. The Dino dimension clearly inspires the story.

It is intriguing to see how this new character features in rewrites of famous episodes like The Mutiny and Island of Illusion (Isle of Illusion in the fic).

Power Rangers Fanfiction (Reunion)

49) Of love and bunnies by GrazyGirl47

Tommy brings together the Dino Thunder rangers with the original MMPR team. This elaborate story includes pairings like Tommy/Kim and Trent/Kira, lots of monster-fighting action, and a dash of splendid humor.

50) Return to Power by TriassicDragonRanger

Tommy and Kimberly have been apart for years. She goes to Reefside to see Tommy, and the events that follow lead to a reunion of different rangers, including Jason and Rocky. Can a team have more than one Red Ranger? Find out in this captivating fanfic.

Final Thoughts: Power Rangers Fanfiction

There are so many incredible fanfiction stories about Power Rangers.

In no way is this a comprehensive list of all the wonderfully creative variations of MMPR stories. I could go on for days about fanfiction featuring Beast Morphers, Samurais, parents finding out, or watching the show.

You can find hundreds or thousands of Power Rangers fanfiction on Archive of Our Own (AO3), fanfiction.net, wattpad, YouTube, and TikTok.

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