346 Fluff Prompts (Easy & Unique)

Sometimes you just feel like writing a fluffy, happy story.

In order to do that, you need some inspiration. Here’s a list of 300+ fluff prompts to give you ideas for your stories.

I wanted to make this the best possible resource for you, so I divided up the fanfiction prompts into 13 separate categories:

  1. General Fluff
  2. Romantic Fluff
  3. Platonic Fluff
  4. Family Fluff
  5. Cute Fluff
  6. One True Pairing (OTP) Fluff
  7. Winter Fluff
  8. Morning Fluff
  9. Funny Fluff
  10. Baby Fluff
  11. Pet Fluff
  12. Dialogue
  13. Drawing

I hope you enjoy them!

Don’t forget to read all the way to the end of this article.

I’ve saved some really cool tips for the end—tips like, how to use these prompts and where I find even more really good fluffy story starters.

General Fluff Prompts

  1. In a world with no gravity, a young adventurer learns to fly.
  2. Hiro leaves his life of crime for good after meeting Tadashi’s family.
  3. Her new partner arrives unexpectedly.
  4. A robot is activated and his first words are, “I need your help.”
  5. Scarlet Witch is extremely grateful to the Avengers for keeping Earth safe, so she decides to make them all little thank-you gifts.
  6. At age 65, after a lifetime of adventure, he decides it’s finally time to settle down in the suburbs with his wife.
  7. His girlfriend’s friends are very supportive, but he is not so sure about one of them.
  8. A girl is very excited to meet her crush’s family for the first time, but when she gets there…she realizes they’re actually aliens.
  9. A girl has an imaginary friend growing up, but one day he/she decides to leave her alone because she’s old enough now. Or maybe because she finally needs to learn how to stand on her own two feet.
  10. A college student returns home for the summer and realizes that their hometown has changed in some subtle ways during their months away.
  11. A couple moves into a new apartment together but discovers that there’s something weird about their roommates.
  12. A woman writes letters to people from her past to share with them the news of who she is now compared to who she used to be.
  13. His wife has been acting odd lately, but he just puts it off as nothing because she’s…
  14. She accidentally left her wallet at home when she went to school that day, but luckily someone turned it in.
  15. He starts working for a company that turns out to be a lot different from what he expected.
  16. His girlfriend is very excited about meeting his family for the first time, but she’s worried they won’t like her.
  17. She comes home one day to find that there’s this mysterious man who says he lives with her now.
  18. The protagonist thinks they’re the only ones in the world who have this certain talent…but then they meet someone else just like them.
  19. He falls asleep during his shift one night because he was up late studying, but wakes up to find that something wonderful has happened.
  20. Someone he trusts tells him that they’re really not who he thinks they are.
  21. His employers hire someone new and, although she’s very talente, she has a secret.
  22. He graduates college and he doesn’t have any plans yet, but she does.
  23. She’s a witch and every kid around town comes to her for help, but she’s been keeping a huge secret from everyone for a long time.
  24. The guy/girl has always thought of their siblings as their enemies instead of allies…until one day they both have to work together.
  25. A man travels back in time to encourage his younger self.
  26. Wings sprout from his back on his birthday and he realizes that he’s actually an angel.
  27. He takes his little sister to an arcade in their neighborhood for the first time and realizes she’s really fun.
  28. An evil character becomes nice and/or good in an alternate universe.
  29. A famous character travels back in time in an alternate universe.
  30. A secret relationship in a fandom pairing is public in an alternate universe.

Romantic Fluff Prompts

  1. A couple dance in the rain.
  2. Afer recovering from a long-term illness, she rushes over and kisses him.
  3. In their new relationship, they always…
  4. The prince learns that it’s not what you look like, but how you love.
  5. A woman goes to a costume party dressed up as the concept of “home,” and ends up meeting her future husband.
  6. Two men realize that they’re meant for each other.
  7. She meets the boy who lives in the apartment above hers, and instantly falls for him.
  8. It’s Valentine’s Day and she’s never received any cards or messages from anyone…until now.
  9. Every year on her birthday, someone leaves flowers and a gift on her doorstep before the clock strikes midnight.
  10. She runs into her high school crush and reminisces about the time that they had a really cute moment.
  11. The couple are celebrating their fifth anniversary when they realize that this is the first dance they’ve ever shared together.
  12. The couple go on their final date before he has to ship off for the military.
  13. When she’s having a really bad day, her boyfriend surprises her with an amazing gift that makes everything better.
  14. A girl is always bullied at school but everything changes when the most popular guy in school asks her out on a date.
  15. He asks her to marry him even though they’ve only been dating for three months.
  16. A guy gets a plane ticket from his grandma so he can visit the girl that he’s been talking to online.
  17. The first time a couple share a kiss is at their wedding.
  18. He proposes to her by hiding the ring in her food.
  19. A girl moves away but keeps in touch with her boyfriend.
  20. She meets her boyfriend’s family for the first time after dating for six months.
  21. They fall asleep together after watching their favorite movie for the millionth time.
  22. A girl is taking care of her sick grandmother but her boyfriend comes over and spoils her with snacks and a TV marathon.
  23. She proposes to him on their two-year anniversary.
  24. He plans a date for them out in nature—with a romantic picnic and a trail to hike.
  25. On their two-year anniversary, she thanks him with a list of all the reasons she’s so glad to have him in her life.
  26. A girl has been talking to this guy online but never expected him to be this cute in person.
  27. She wakes up from a coma and sees the video he made of all the reasons why he loves her.
  28. Shes posts the video of their first kiss online because it’s too cute not to share.
  29. They get engaged at their ten-year high school reunion.
  30. A guy comes back from his tour in Afghanistan for two weeks. That’s when he meets her…

Platonic Fluff Prompts

  1. A high schooler is very excited to start college and make new friends, but the only person who will give him the time of day is his TA.
  2. After years of bullying, two former schoolmates meet again to discover that they’ve both become better people.
  3. Two friends become completley obsessed with a random sport.
  4. During high school, she was bullied by someone because she had no friends…but now she’s found her niche and is much happier.
  5. He attends his first adult party after graduating college.
  6. She promises her best friend that she’ll stay in touch while they’re both off at college far away from each other.
  7. She wants to be good friends with them but she’s kind of bad at making friends.
  8. She loves the diverse people she meets and slowly finds a place in the world for herself.
  9. She’s tutoring a student in her university class who is having trouble with the material.
  10. The last person he expected is there for him when he needs help the most.
  11. Traveling by himself helps him understand the true meaning of friendship.
  12. Friends throw a bonfire party at the beach.
  13. Her best friend gets some surprising news.
  14. He wants to make some new friends, so he starts organizing events for the people around him.
  15. Two fictional characters from different universes become unexpected friends.
  16. Two friends laugh and talk about their high school days as they burn some old stuff at the end-of-the-year bonfire.
  17. Two friends sneak into an amusement park.
  18. She finally tells her friend her secret.
  19. Two friends are playing video games. It’s really intense because they’re both trying their best!
  20. He finds out that his best friend is actually very good at something he enjoys doing, so now they do it together.
  21. He makes a new friend through his favorite activity/hobby.
  22. Friends share their most embarrasing moments with each other.
  23. She talks to her best friend on the phone when she is sick.
  24. After a few years of not speaking, the protagonist bumps into their childhood friend.
  25. Friends stick up for each other when someone is being rude or hurtful.
  26. They go out for ice cream and tell each other stories from their childhood.
  27. Her best friend is the only one who understands.
  28. Two strangers in a nursing home become fast friends.
  29. Retired superheroes chat while grocery shopping.
  30. Everyone talks on the phone together while getting ready for a night on the town.

Family Fluff Prompts

  1. A granddaughter finally holds her grandfather’s wrinkled hands.
  2. Robin meets her boyfriend’s mother for the first time and they click instantly.
  3. Twins trade lives for the day.
  4. Sans and Papyrus discover that they’re not actually brothers but they are best friends.
  5. A couple is very excited to start a family but struggles with infertility…until they adopt their first child.
  6. Two brothers, who grew up in a poor family, decide to work together and make their dream come true—a bakery!
  7. A woman talks to her children every day via video chat from college, but it’s been a while since she has seen her daughter’s face in person.
  8. His mom is hungry, so he decides to bake her a cake.
  9. The protagonist finds out they have a half-sibling from their father’s extramarital affair years ago.
  10. A couple is married and celebrating their anniversary, when one of their children sends them a video message, sharing surprising news…
  11. A man asks a stranger to take a picture of him and his family.
  12. Two sistes decide to cook dinner for the first time.
  13. Two brothers find out that they’re actually adopted and search for their birth parents.
  14. A couple talks about how they want to raise twenty children.
  15. The queen shows up after vanishing for 5 years.
  16. Children try to cheer up their parents.
  17. A family drives to their hometown and reminisces about the good times they had together.
  18. A brother helps his sister out of a bad situation.
  19. A mother watches her daughter’s ballet recital, tearfully thinking of how different it would be if not for medical interventions.
  20. A father tracks down his lost son.
  21. An old man, too feeble to make it to his granddaughter’s graduation, watches her on live stream video. She sends him a special message.
  22. A grandfather creates a photo album for his granddaughter.
  23. A nine-year-old girl wants to teach her dad how to paint.
  24. An older sister tries to convince her younger sister to play outside.
  25. A family watches their son graduate college.
  26. A little girl tries to convince her parents that she can take care of her baby brother for an afternoon while they run errands.
  27. Two siblings dress up for Halloween.
  28. A mother hilariously struggles to make her daughter understand that she can’t go on a play date with a boy because she is too young.
  29. Two siblings take care of the family pet fish while their parents are away for the weekend.
  30. An old man sits on the porch with his children and grandchildren at night, reminiscing about his life.

Cute Fluff Prompts

  1. The couple’s first kiss is ruined by an earthquake. They laugh it off.
  2. A couple holds hands for the first time.
  3. A newly married couple tours the world, seeing new places and meeting new friends.
  4. An elderly couple take a trip to Paris to celebrate their anniversary.
  5. A couple moves into an apartment together and realizes they have very different styles of decorating.
  6. Hercules meets the girl of his dreams on social media.
  7. A baker creates an incredible cupcake for someone he/she loves, just to watch them smile.
  8. One of his employees has become a very dear friend over the years, and it’s actually starting to look like something more than friendship.
  9. Someone at work brings in baked goods every few days for everyone to share. It turns out though that these baked goods are often schemingly created just to get attention from their crush at work.
  10. He’s always wanted to be a writer but he doesn’t know where to start. That’s when she walks into the coffee shop.
  11. She has to have surgery and asks her boyfriend to take her on a cute date before she goes under.
  12. She has a terrible relationship with her mom, so when she starts dating this guy who is just like her mother, she can’t believe how great it feels.
  13. She’s been dating her boyfriend for two years but has never been on a vacation with him…until now.
  14. Her boyfriend pretends to be a unicorn, and she gets so excited that he decides it’s time to actually surprise her with a real one.
  15. A guy thinks his girlfriend is going to dump him because they’ve been dating for two years, but she is actually planning a big surprise.
  16. A guy finds an old picture of his friends at their prom. He also sees his dream girl in the picture. He shows up at his old friend’s house to ask if they can help him track down the girl.
  17. Two best friends tease each other a lot and engage in a playful “fight” that ends with them kissing for the first time.
  18. Two kids accidentally swap phones and learn about each other.
  19. The couple first met as kids and reunite as adults.
  20. You’re a girl fairy who has a crush on her brother’s human best friend, but he doesn’t know you exist. One day, you slip into your crush’s coat pocket before he heads out to work, so you have to try to avoid getting caught for the rest of the day.
  21. A prince sees a poor girl trying to fish a coin from a wishing well, but her satchel is too heavy. He wades into the water and offers up his satchel, which is full of gold coins.
  22. The prince offers one of his servants freedom if they can find him a princess.
  23. His friend is upset about how losing his girlfriend, so he wants to do something nice for him. He sneaks into his fencing class and rains down flowers on his friend.
  24. A guy goes on a blind date and learns that his date is the girl he gave a note to in elementary school.
  25. The girl has secretly liked her crush for years but she’s afraid to tell him how she feels. When she finally does, he tells her something surprising.
  26. His girlfriend has been very busy lately. One night, she surprises him with a special feast.
  27. You’re at a school dance with your crush. When the clock strikes midnight, you start to…
  28. You’re at your dad’s surprise wedding and realize that his new wife is your favorite childhood kindergarten teacher.
  29. She just met this guy with the most amazing socks and she can’t stop thinking about them.
  30. A little girl prays every night for God to bring her mommy back…but she never thought He would actually listen.

OTP Fluff Prompts

  1. Batman and Wonder Woman flirt on a balcony in Paris.
  2. Captain America convinces Black Widow to go on a date with him.
  3. Draco Malfoy and Luna Lovegood elope.
  4. Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger talk about their future kids.
  5. Steve Rogers doesn’t know how to react when Peggy Carter kisses him at the end of their date.
  6. Harry Potter and Hermione Granger go on a first date.
  7. Iron Man is feeling sick and wants his best friend, Captain America, to take care of him.
  8. Bucky Barnes and Peggy Carter have a movie night together at the Avengers Tower.
  9. The Doctor and River Song go on a date to a book store and find a mysterious old book.
  10. “I’m going to marry Pansy Parkinson,” Draco announced loudly, his eyes glittering proudly.
  11. Peter Parker and Gwen Stacy go out for ice cream.
  12. Jack Skellington makes pancakes for Sally while they watch It’s A Wonderful Life.
  13. Wolverine and Rogue get married, and Logan realizes how much he loves her.
  14. Thor asks Jane Foster on a date to watch horse races at Churchill Downs.
  15. Shrek and Fiona celebrate their one-year anniversary with a candlelit dinner.
  16. Tony Stark takes Pepper Potts out for lunch by the Eiffel Tower.
  17. Sherlock Holmes and Irene Adler get to know each other while solving a case at a famous museum.
  18. M’Baku and Okoye take a hot-air balloon ride.
  19. Bruce Banner and Betty Ross walk around Coney Island.
  20. Luigi and Princess Peach run away together.
  21. Kirk and Spock finally confess their love for each other.
  22. Goku and Chi-Chi enjoy a picnic on the side of a mountain.
  23. Bruce Banner goes with Betty Ross to visit his mom in Ohio.
  24. Tony Stark asks Pepper Potts out for coffee…and flies them to the coffee shop in his new Iron Man suit.
  25. Hiccup and Astrid go stargazing together.
  26. Steve Rogers and Peggy Carter make a big life decision together.
  27. Peeta Mellark takes Katniss Everdeen out for breakfast at Granny Ashpet’s house.
  28. Clint Barton wakes up next to Natasha Romanov after they spend the night together.
  29. Tris and Four go to the park and swing on the swings together.
  30. Mare and Cal ride horses on the beach.

Winter Fluff Prompts

  1. Two strangers build a snowman.
  2. The two of them are home alone on Christmas Eve when the power goes out. It’s completely dark outside, but they can see twinkling Christmas lights everywhere.
  3. Two characters share their love for Christmas in a sweet, innocent way.
  4. All the lights go out during a blizzard.
  5. An average person is stuck with one of their favorite celebrities on a stranded snowy road.
  6. A snowman falls in love with an ice skater.
  7. Two strangers become friends during winter break.
  8. A teenager invites her crush—someone who’s in love with ice fishing—over to try out the sport.
  9. A couple falls deeper in love during a snowball fight.
  10. Two characters find places for themselves in the Christmas pageant.
  11. Two neighbors put aside their differences to play in the fresh snow together.
  12. A dad teaches his daughter how to cut down a Christmas tree.
  13. Two characters go sledding for the first time.
  14. A couple at a coffee shop share a drink and conversation.
  15. Snow angels become real and fall in love.
  16. Two best friends sing Christmas carols at a nursing home.
  17. It’s Christmas Eve and a character travels through time to visit their ancestors.
  18. A single parent takes care of their child during a snowstorm.
  19. Santa Claus helps the elves make toys.
  20. Two children are home alone on Christmas Eve because their parents went out to get milk and cookies.
  21. A character wishes for snow. They wake up the next morning to a winter wonderland.
  22. Someone has to help Santa with his reindeer in their backyard.
  23. Two characters fall in love after meeting at the mall on Christmas Eve to return/exchange terrible gifts.
  24. A family hosts an ugly Christmas tree decorating contest.
  25. A grandmother teaches her granddaughter how to make her famous Christmas cookies.
  26. A character goes out to get a Christmas tree, but falls in love with the person cutting it down.
  27. Two characters get trapped in an elevator together on Christmas Eve.
  28. A Jewish character celebrates Hannuka with their family.
  29. An angel watches over two characters during their first winter together.
  30. The morning after a blizzard, the streets are covered with snow angels made by random strangers.

Morning Fluff Prompts

  1. On the morning of their wedding day, he…
  2. A man wakes up to breakfast in bed. His wife is a chef!
  3. A couple wakes up next to each other and discover that they’ve gotten married the night before.
  4. A superhero knocks on her door on a Sunday morning.
  5. A girl gets ready for the big day.
  6. She wakes up and finds a trail of rose petals leading to her mirror, which is covered in messages from her lover.
  7. The sun rises and wakes up two friends who fell asleep on the beach.
  8. She wakes up and finds that all of the things in her apartment have been moved around. Her significant other is in their office, playing a friendly prank.
  9. He wakes her up to propose.
  10. She wakes up and finds that her significant other has made breakfast in bed. Everything is burnt, but she adores his effort.
  11. A young man wakes up in an alternate universe where he is married.
  12. She wakes up and finds a piece of paper with a poem on it next to her bed.
  13. He wakes up in a better timeline.
  14. During his morning shower, he teleports onto the Star Ship Enterprise.
  15. She wakes up to find that her significant other has prepared their children’s school lunches.
  16. A teacher welcomes her students to class on the first day of a new school year.
  17. A princess wakes up from a sleep spell to find…
  18. Two men wake up in the hospital after a difficult night.
  19. A couple wakes up to find out that they are now world-famous for an accidental video uploaded to the internet.
  20. A man wakes up to find that the world is now full of magic. Then he discovers his powers.
  21. The sun starts shining brightly outside her window, so she gets out of bed to look at the view. He’s already outside, looking down at something in his hand.
  22. Your favorite fictional characters go fishing before sunrise.
  23. Your favorite characters wake up in heaven together.
  24. He starts his day off by collecting all the garbage he can find on his walk to work. The sun is shining brightly, birds are chirping happily, and everyone who passes him wishes him a good morning.
  25. A couple wakes up in a post-apocalyptic world and thinks, Well…it could be worse.
  26. Best friends wake up to find that they’ve been transported inside of their favorite book.
  27. She wakes up, walks downstairs, and finds a magical mug of hot chocolate with marshmallows waiting for her on the dining room table.
  28. He starts his day off by doing some kind of physical activity—yoga, swimming, or lifting weights at the gym.
  29. A young girl wakes up to find all of her stuffed animals surrounding her bed in a semi-circle. They bow to her as queen.
  30. For his birthday, he wakes up to find that he was reverse-robbed and now his house is full of rare, expensive items.

Funny Fluff Prompts

  1. A young man is obsessed with Star Wars. When he finally gets a date with the girl of his dreams, he brings it up in conversation over and over again.
  2. He develops a weird rash that makes it look like he has everchanging tattoos.
  3. She tells her boyfriend that they’re going to have a double wedding with her sister and her husband, but he thinks she’s joking until the day of the ceremony.
  4. The weather is perfect, so they decide to have a picnic dressed in their superhero outfits.
  5. The girl is embarrassed about her family’s profession, so she doesn’t tell him until right before their wedding.
  6. She always tries to be as romantic as possible for their anniversary, but this time everything goes awry.
  7. The Avengers hide Easter Eggs.
  8. A couple has a pillow fight.
  9. A single dad tells dad jokes on a first date.
  10. Your favorite Disney character is on a blind date with your favorite superhero.
  11. A dad looks after his daughter’s pet unicorn for the weekend.
  12. The Tooth Fairy hunts down a tooth a child lost in an inconvenient spot.
  13. A teenager is embarrassed by everything her parents do when they’re out with her on a date.
  14. In an alternate universe, Girl Scouts sell those magical doors in Monsters, Inc.
  15. A man at the grocery store doesn’t understand why everyone is staring at him.
  16. A teen tries to sneak out of the house, but something stops him on every route he takes.
  17. Mid-argument over which Pokémon character is better, a husband and wife find a funny way to compromise.
  18. A child keeps interrupting their parents’ evening by coming down the stairs dressed in different costumes.
  19. A woman tries to make her boyfriend breakfast in bed, but it doesn’t turn out the way she planned.
  20. A woman disapproves of something her grandmother does. It turns out to be completely normal where her grandmother lives.
  21. A man tries to impress a lady with his knowledge of sports trivia, but he gets everything wrong.
  22. Two gentlemen find themselves in an awkward situation when they realize they are both on a date with the same woman.
  23. A man gets a call from his doctor’s office with some odd news.
  24. Two friends meet up for their monthly brunch, but they don’t recognize each other at first because of the disguises they’re both wearing.
  25. A couple finds that someone has already checked into their hotel room.
  26. When a boyfriend and girlfriend go out to eat, she keeps spontaneously breaking into song.
  27. Two men argue over a funny misunderstanding involving a duck, a boxing ring, and five missing clowns.
  28. Someone brings a hotdog cart into work with them on “Take Your Dog To Work” day.
  29. A couple has a food fight in a fancy restaurant.
  30. The Tooth Fairy meets a rival fairy who has an opinion on how she does her job.

Baby Fluff Prompts

  1. A woman is pregnant, but every time she goes to take a pregnancy test at home, it turns out to be negative. After going to several shops and testing positive twice, however, she realizes that the baby isn’t due until much later than she originally thought.
  2. She goes into labor while on a date with him and gives birth in the restaurant bathroom.
  3. A woman who doesn’t think she can have children gets pregnant.
  4. Two friends find an old video of themselves as babies and watch the footage together.
  5. A couple is finally expecting a child after years of trying and they plan out how they will decorate their baby’s nursery.
  6. A baby is born with stripes.
  7. Two children find an abandoned baby on their doorstep and take it into their home until they can find its parents.
  8. Parents find out that their baby can fly.
  9. Harry Potter has a baby with Ginny Weasley.
  10. An alien baby crash-lands on Earth and is kept by an average family until it is older.
  11. A baby crawls down a magical rabbit hole and goes through various adventures.
  12. A baby is caught in the middle of a wizarding war.
  13. Two babies are put into stasis pods on opposite ends of the galaxy and are later found by different people.
  14. A baby falls down a well, but ends up in Narnia.
  15. An ex-convict baby becomes an important character in her world’s society.
  16. You end up taking care of the baby born from your favorite fictional characters.
  17. A baby is raised by elves.
  18. A baby replaces you at work for a day.
  19. Batman and Robin discuss baby names.
  20. The Incredible Hulk entertains a group of toddlers.

Pet Fluff Prompts

  1. A lost dog finds his home.
  2. A squirrel falls in love with a tree.
  3. Someone knocks over a bike rack outside the library. The girl inside hears the noise and rushes to help, but when she gets there, she sees a cat.
  4. A puppy follows his new owner to work.
  5. He agrees to take his girlfriend/boyfriend’s dog on a walk in the park.
  6. She befriends a frog in her backyard.
  7. Two little girls explore the woods behind their house and find an injured lizard, which they nurse back to health.
  8. Two people work together to feed a stray dog.
  9. A young Dr. Spock finds a kitten in his backyard.
  10. A boy is so excited for school to end so he can be with his dog again.
  11. A pet mouse escapes from its cage and they go on a hunt to find it before their parents get home.
  12. A bunny becomes king of Narnia.
  13. A girl runs into her ex while training baby elephants.
  14. A girl finds a lost sheep and takes him on walks to find his owner.
  15. A couple goes on a date at a cat cafe.
  16. Three old dogs grumble over the poor food options at the local dog park.
  17. Someone rescues an injured squirrel in the park and trains it to perform in the squirrel circus.
  18. A piglet escapes from the farm finds a new home in the big city.
  19. A couple’s cat adopts an abandoned kitten.
  20. A bulldog falls off of his owner’s bike during a ride through the country. They find him again later, safe with some cows.

Dialouge Fluff Prompts

  1. “I have something to tell you.”
  2. “You will never believe this.”
  3. “Let’s do something spontaneous.”
  4. “Do you trust me?”
  5. “You’re so beautiful.”
  6. “I love you.”
  7. “Just because…”
  8. “No one is watching, don’t hold back.”
  9. “What do you mean?”
  10. “I’ve never felt this way before.”
  11. “Then let’s go buy a new one!”
  12. “You’ll never guess what I just did.”
  13. “I’m not interested in seeing anyone else.”
  14. “Let’s start over. Pretend we just met.”
  15. “Forget about them. It’ll be our little secret.”
  16. “What are you doing on Saturday night?”
  17. “Do you think I’m pretty?”
  18. “I need your help.”
  19. “Silly, it’s right here on the poster!”
  20. “It’s about to start.”
  21. “You’re my whole world.”
  22. “I don’t want you to go. Stay with me tonight?”
  23. “We belong together.”
  24. “Can I see your phone for a second?”
  25. “Yes! Yes! Yes!”
  26. “Thank you for never…”
  27. “Of course, how silly of me to ask that question..”
  28. “Everything’s going to be okay.”
  29. “That makes me happier than anything else in the world.”
  30. “I never said thank you for everything you’ve done.”

Drawing Fluff Prompts

You can also get inspired from drawings or images.

A man drawing a woman's face
Image via Canva
A sketch of a cat with kittens
Image via Canva
sketch of a gnome
Image via Canva

Drawing of a Raccoon
Image via Canva
Sketch of robot, dragon and fish
Image via Canva
Sketch of a butterfly
Image via Canva

Where I Find Even More Fluff Prompts

You can find even more fluff prompts using these websites:

Final Thoughts

You can use these prompts for almost any kind of fluff that you write, including fluff one shots, fluff fanfiction, and fluff roleplaying stories.

Choose one story starter or combine 1-3 story prompts. Be creative.

Here are a few helpful tips for writing fluff:

  • Keep them (mostly) short and sweet.
  • Don’t underestimate their value.
  • Weave dialogue, action, and description together (too much of any one element can get boring).
  • Choose one main point of view character (choose the least expected character).
  • Always do the unexpected (surprise can delight readers).
  • Experiment and play with your stories (it’s your story, so do what you want).

Allow yourself creative freedom with your planning and first draft. Since you want to write fluff, keep the stories light and cheerful (Read my full step-by-step tutorial on how to write fluffy stories).

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