Is Content Writing Easy? (Explained By a Full-Time Blogger)

As a full-time content writer for the last three years, a lot of people ask me about the difficulty of writing for a living.

Most people want to know, “Is content writing easy?

Content writing is not easy. Content writing requires a grasp of grammar, spelling, blogging, editing, research, search engine optimization, writing headlines, copywriting, technology, and a particular subject matter. However, content writing is easier than many other professions.

In this article, you’ll learn everything you need to know to answer the question, “Is content writing easy?”

3 Reasons Why Content Writing Is Hard

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There are at least three reasons that content writing is hard.

Of course, it depends on how you look at content writing, your skill set, and your determination to make content writing work for you.

Here are the three reasons I believe content writing is hard:

  • Content writing requires multidisciplinary mastery
  • Content writing takes time to produce results
  • Content writing attracts a lot of competition

Let’s explore each of these reasons in more detail.

1) Content Writing Requires Multidiciplnary Mastery

Content writing requires a mastery of several disciplines, such as writing, editing, SEO, and research.

Here are a few major skills I’ve had to develop to illustrate the complexity involved in content writing:

  • Writing and Blogging – Writing is a cornerstone of content creation. A writer must be able to craft compelling headlines and stories that engage readers. They must also be able to explain complex subjects and deliver accurate information while making it interesting. Writers make sure there are few errors or mistakes that could mislead or misinform readers. Writing well is difficult and requires a great deal of skill and expertise.
  • Editing and Proofreading – Editing is another key element of successful content development. Content writers check for errors in grammar and spelling as well as readability and flow. They also ensure that content follows the style guide and meets all other guidelines set by the client or publication. Your attention to detail can make all the difference between an average piece of content and an exceptional one.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – SEO focuses on making sure that a website’s content has been optimized for search engine algorithms so that it will show up higher in search results pages (SERPs). This means ensuring keywords are properly placed throughout a piece of text, titles have been optimized, page loading speed is fast, etc., all with the aim of increasing visibility for websites onto SERPs and ultimately gaining more traffic from people searching for relevant topics.
  • Research and Expertise – Research plays a big role in crafting quality content too. Successful content writers take time to gather facts about their topic before putting pen to paper or taking fingers to keyboard. The information must be accurate, comprehensive, and source-verified when necessary. This ensures readers trust what they’re consuming whether it’s an article or blog post – so it’s important that any research undertaken is thorough. Personal experience is often preferred.

2) Content Writing Takes Time To Produce Results

Writing content can be difficult, particularly when starting from nothing.

For someone who is just beginning a blog, it can take months or years before they start to see organic traffic or revenue.

Writing for clients is also tricky and often there’s a long cycle of trial and error in finding those who are serious about their projects, pay fairly, and offer consistent work.

When I first started writing content full-time, I had no idea what I was getting myself into.

After years of practice, I eventually figured out the craft of content creation and turned it into a career – but not without a ton of patience and dedication.

It took me many months to build a portfolio that attracted clients with paying gigs.

Even then, it wasn’t easy to find steady work as a freelancer. At the same time, building my own blog brand from scratch was an arduous task that felt like pushing a boulder uphill – I expected to wait more than a year for any meaningful traffic or revenue.

And that’s exactly what happened.

Now I run multiple revenue-producing blogs while working for a limited number of personal clients.

For anyone wanting to begin creating content for others or for themselves, massive determination is key. Content writing takes months and years of hard work and rarely yields immediate results.

However, if you stay committed you will eventually reap the rewards of your labor.

3) Content Writing Attracts A Lot of Competition

Content writing is a popular field and, as such, it can be quite competitive.

It’s easy to assume that content creation is simple and straightforward, which motivates many individuals, groups, and companies of all sizes to jump in with full force.

As a result, the level of competition for attention can be daunting.

In any niche, there are likely to be well-established competitors vying for attention.

There are ways to manage this competition effectively but it requires learning certain techniques. For starters, identifying successful strategies employed by your competitors is a great way to stay ahead of the game.

Knowing which keywords they target as well as their SEO practices can keep you one step ahead.

The challenge then comes from fraudulent tactics by some competitors who employ unfair methods such as stealing keywords and copying content for their own use.

Other competitors might leverage massive backlink campaigns that make it harder for you to get noticed.

Dealing with competition in content writing can be frustrating and demoralizing at times.

However, if you have the right tools and knowledge then it is possible to rise above it. Learning how to write captivating content while employing effective SEO tactics will give you an edge over the competition and make sure your work stands out from the crowd.

Check out my recommended list of tools and resources at the end of this article.

5 Reasons Why Content Writing Is Easy

Content writing is actually quite straightforward and can be easier than some might think.

Based on my personal experience with content writing, there are five reasons content writing can be surprisingly easy:

  • If you can talk, you can write
  • Many of your competitors will quit
  • Tools exist to make writing easier
  • Courses exist to accelerate success
  • It is cheap to start blogging

1) If You Can Talk, You Can Write

First, it’s important to remember that if you can talk, then you can write.

The act of content creation itself isn’t as hard as people generally make it out to be. By nature, the process is very conversational so the rules of the English language don’t necessarily apply in a strict sense.

All you need to do is grasp basic grammar and writing.

You can even use speech-to-text apps or devices to make it even easier for you.

2) Many Of Your Competitors Will Quit

Many of your competitors will quit once they experience difficulty or stagnation in their growth.

If you remain consistent and determined, this opens up a major opportunity for you to overtake those who have given up. Prepare to stay the course through Google algorithm updates, traffic variations, revenue drops, SEO trouble, and more.

Give yourself at least 3-5 years.

Most people quit in the first year or two after they face the slightest bit of risk and complications.

3) Tools Make Content Writing Easier

There are tools available to make content writing much easier than ever before.

From grammar-checkers and spell-checkers to keyword research tools, these resources will help speed up your content creation process and allow you to stay on top of industry trends.

Here are some of my favorite tools that I use and recommend:

Tech StackGet the Cheapest Price
RankIQ (Easy Keyword Research)Get the Cheapest Price
Passive Income Geek (Blogging Program)Get the Cheapest Price
Rocket Content AI (Bulk Content)Get the Cheapest Price
WordPlay AI (Instant Long-form blog posts)Get the Cheapest Price
Jasper AI (Content Generator)Get the Cheapest Price
EasyBib (Plagiarism Checker)Get the Cheapest Price
Ezoic (Display Ads & Optimization)Get the Cheapest Price
Tech Stack

4) Blogging Courses Shorten Your Learning Curve

As you can see from the chart of tools above, you can take blogging courses that provide tutorials on everything from basic SEO practices to effective keyword strategies.

These courses are great for shortening your learning curve when it comes to creating content.

They teach necessary skills quickly and simply. I took two courses to get started with blogging. Both were good but my favorite is Passive Income Geek.

I am still in this program and learn more all the time.

5) It’s Relatively Cheap To Start Content Writing

Compared to other businesses (and content writing is a business), you can start very cheaply.

For less than $100, you can launch an entirely new website and start blogging. If you invest in a blogging course, your cost is still often less than $500. Don’t get caught up spending thousands of dollars.

Finally, once you know the basics of content writing and have gained some practical experience, career opportunities open up considerably.

You can make a good living off providing quality content to clients or maintaining an audience around your own blog.

Is Content Writing Easy for Beginners?

Content writing can be a great way to make a living, but is it easy for beginners?

It depends on the skills and motivation you bring to the table. It’s as hard as most other new things that require learning, but with willingness, patience, and dedication content writing can become quite easy.

Those who know the basics of writing are able to jump in without too much trouble.

Reading books, watching tutorials on YouTube, or even taking blogging courses are all great ways to start transitioning into content writing.

Taking part in these activities enables one to learn quickly and apply what has been learned.

Ultimately, easy is relative.

You might think running a half-marathon is easy. My busted-up feet say differently lol. I might think writing a 5,000-word blog post is easy. You might get a headache from reading that sentence.

Does Content Writing Get Easier?

I can personally attest to the fact that it gets easier with time, practice, and experience.

I began my journey in content writing several years ago, and in the beginning, I was overwhelmed with all the information out there on how to write captivating content.

But as time went on and I worked hard to perfect my craft, I slowly began to understand what was necessary for great content creation.

One of the biggest ways in which content writing gets easier is through practice.

Writing regularly means that grammar, spelling, style, and flow become second nature; it’s like exercising a muscle – you do it enough times and, eventually, it becomes effortless.

Experience also plays an important role in making content writing easier.

Even though mistakes are inevitable when learning something new, over time we start trusting ourselves more and develop a sense of intuition when creating stories or pieces of copy.

This intuition comes from knowing exactly which elements need to be included in order to be successful while at the same time understanding which ideas won’t resonate with your audience.

Tips To Make Content Writing Easier

I listed my most recommended tools earlier, so here I’ll make a simple list.

These tools and tips will make content writing much easier:

  • A desktop or laptop computer
  • External hard drive backup (Get it and use it! Trust me)
  • Writing space (peace and quiet for me usually)
  • Choose a niche that you know well (saves time on research)
  • Start with one blog or one client
  • Consider raising your prices every 6 months
  • Launch a simple, fast blog (Use and the Astra theme)
  • Learn basic SEO
  • Use the RankMarth WordPress Plugin (it’s free)
  • Google the Alphabet Method of keyword research
  • Use keyword search tools like Deapmarket and AnswerSocrates
  • Use lots of subheadings and short 1-3 sentence paragraphs
  • Binge watch Passive Income Geek and Income School YouTube Channel

Speaking of Passive Income Geek, here is a good video from them about content writing and blogging:

YouTube video by Passive Income Geek – Is Content Writing Easy?

Final Thoughts: Is Content Writing Easy?

My biggest advice for content writing is to start small, take a good blogging course, and don’t quit.

If you can do that, you can be a full-time content writer.

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