How Many Pages Is 650 Words? (Solved W/ 10 Examples)

For this article, I tested and solved how many pages it takes to write 650 words.

How many pages is 650 words?

650 words is 1 1/3 (or 1.3) single-spaced pages using average-length words, 11-point standard fonts, 1-inch margins, an 8X11 page, and no sections. 650 words equal just over 2.5 pages based on the same criteria. Page count depends on spacing, font, margins, word length, and sections.

In this article, you’ll learn everything you need to know about 650 words and page counts.

8 Factors That Affect How Many Pages 650 Words Make

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To determine how many pages you can get out of 650 words, you need to consider at least eight factors.

Here are eight factors that determine page counts for 650 words:

  1. Spacing
  2. Typed or handwritten
  3. Font Type
  4. Font Size
  5. Page Size
  6. Margins
  7. Word Length
  8. Number of Sections

Let’s go through and answer “How many pages is 650 words?” for each factor.

How Many Pages Is 650 Words Single Spaced?

650 words are usually 1 1/3 (1.3) pages.

That means a little less than 1 and 1/2 standard size pages using standard size fonts. All other things being equal, most pages you’ll come across contain 500 words.

Therefore, doing simple math, you can conclude that 1 page (500 words) plus 1/3 page (150 words) equals 1.3 pages.

You can shorten or lengthen the number of single-spaced pages by:

  • Using fewer or no paragraphs (not recommended)
  • Using short words
  • Using short sentences
  • Using only one space after periods
  • Not using a comma before the “and” or the “or” in a series of three (Example: words, punctuation and style)

For a visual reference, there are 287 words in this article as of the end of this sentence.

How Many Pages Is 650 Words Double Spaced?

Double-spaced, 650 words is a little over 2 pages of written text.

The exact number is 2.6 pages of double-spaced sentences. Again, using basic math and the standard of 500 words per page, you can calculate the number of pages fairly easily.

For reference, there are approximately 33-36 lines and between 14 to 18 words per line on a single-spaced page.

On a double-spaced page that is approximately 18 lines with 14-18 words each.


18 double-spaced lines with 18 words per line = 647 words (or 2.6 pages)

Here is a short video where I also answer this question about 650 words:

YouTube Video by Writing Secrets

How Many Pages Is 650 Words Handwritten?

650 words equal 2.6 pages of handwritten text.

A lined piece of college-ruled paper typically has around 33 lines of writing space.

When you write by hand, the size of your words and spacing between your words will change the page count. However, on average, most people handwrite larger than a standard 12-size font.

Therefore, handwriting 650 words gets you nearly the same number of pages as typing 650 double-spaced words.

How Many Pages Are 650 Words With Different Font Types?

As we mentioned, the font you use will change how many words you can cram onto a page.

Most people use fonts such as:

  • Times New Roman
  • Ariel
  • Helvetica
  • Calibri
  • Verdana

How many pages is 650 words with these fonts?

Using these font types, you’ll get 1.3 single-spaced pages or 2.6 double-spaced pages.

However, if you get fancy and use other fonts, you might get more or fewer pages out of 650 words. For example, Verdana or Ariel fonts are usually the biggest fonts you can get away with for work or school reports.

How Many Pages Are 650 Words With Different Font Sizes?

Using standard font size, 650 words will make 1.3 single-spaced pages or 2.6 double-spaced pages.

You can also play around with font size.

In Microsoft Word, you can choose a font size between 8-72. Yes, you can go smaller or bigger by manually entering a font size between 1-1638 but I don’t know why you would ever want to do that.

Most writing uses 11 or 12-sized font.

Therefore, here are some other page counts with 650 words:

  • If you resize your font to 5.5 to 6, you will lower your page count to .65 (which looks like a small paragraph of barely legible text)
  • If you resize your font to 22 to 24, you will double your page count to 2.6 single-spaced pages or 5.2 double-spaced pages

How Many Pages Are 650 Words With Different Page Sizes?

650 words is 1.3 standard-sized, single-spaced pages. If you double-space your text, 650 words are 2.6 pages.

A standard page is 8 X 11 inches.

If you use smaller or bigger pages, you’re going to either get fewer or more pages.

How Many Pages Are 650 Words With Different Margins?

Here is a quick breakdown of how many pages you can make with 650 words using various margin sizes:

  • 1 inch margins = 1.3 single-spaced pages and 2.6 double-spaced pages
  • .5 inch margins = 1 single-spaced page and almost 1.8 pages (almost two pages)
  • 1.5-inch margins = 1.5 single-spaced pages and almost 3 double-spaced pages

Keep in mind that most workplaces and schools require 1-inch margins.

Most of the other margin sizes look pretty strange, anyway, so you’re better off keeping the default size for your pages.

How Many Pages Are 650 Words With Long Words?

650-average length words equal 1.3 single-spaced pages and 2.6 double-spaced pages.

By the way, the average number of letters in an English word is 4.7.

Things get interesting when you change the length of your words in your email, paper, report, or piece of writing.

I ran an experiment where I wrote 650 short words and then 650 long words.

For the test, I counted short words as words between 1-4 letters and long words as words having 5 or more letters.

It was harder than you might imagine.

Here are the results of my test:

  • 650 short words = .6 single-spaced pages and 1.5 double-spaced pages
  • 650 long words = 1.3 single-spaced pages and 4.5 double-spaced pages

I was most surprised that I didn’t get more pages out of longer words when single-spacing my paragraphs.

How Many Pages Are 650 Words With Sections?

650 words with five sections or subheaders are 1.5 single-spaced pages or 3.4 double-spaced pages.

The more sections you use, the more pages you can get out of your 650 words.

On the flip side, the fewer sections you get, the fewer pages 650 words will stretch. Thankfully, most writing allows for a section every 1-3 paragraphs.

I suggest using as many as you can to break up the text.

How Many Pages Is a 650-Word Essay?

A 650-word essay is 1.2 single-spaced pages and 2.6 double-spaced pages.

Most essays follow the usual rules for writing:

  • 11 to 12-point font
  • Standard font types like Times New Roman
  • Standard 8X11-sized pages
  • 1-inch margins

How To Make a 650-Word Essay Longer

Depending on the requirements for your essay, there are several possible ways to make a 650-word essay longer than 1.2 or 2.6 pages.

Here are some ways to extend your number of pages:

  • Use the largest acceptable font type
  • Use the largest acceptable font size
  • Use the largest acceptable margin size
  • Use the smallest acceptable page size
  • Write sentences where the last word goes to the next line on the page
  • Make sure that all of your paragraphs end with one-word lines
  • Use more sections and subheadings to break up the text
  • Use the largest acceptable size for your headings
  • If acceptable, adjust the size of your punctuation (periods, commas, etc.)

How Long Does It Take To Write a 650-Word Essay?

It will probably take you 16 minutes to write a 650-word essay, report, email, or blog post.

That’s assuming you write an average of 40 words per minute.

If you type faster, you can speed through 650 words. If you type slower, it may take you a bit longer.

Here are my tips for writing a 650-word essay faster:

  • Outline your essay before you write it (include all of your sections and subheadings on a document)
  • Perform all of your research before you start to write (spend 30 minutes researching before writing)
  • Write your first draft without stopping to edit, revise, or correct
  • Write simple, direct sentences.
  • Don’t worry about formatting when writing your first draft
  • Use voice-to-text apps or software because more people speak faster than they type
  • Use AI writers to write 650-word essays in a few minutes

My biggest two recommendations are to use voice-to-text apps and AI writers.

These two methods alone will probably shrink your writing time down to 1-5 minutes max. However, it depends on the quality of the apps you choose.

Here are some of my favorite tools for writing 650-word essays:

Tools to Write 650-Word Essays FasterTry It Yourself
Jasper AI WriterTry It Yourself
CopyMatic AI WriterTry It Yourself
Dragon Voice to TextTry It Yourself
Essay Writing Tools

How Long Does It Take to Read 650-Words?

It will take most people about two minutes to silently read 650 words.

If you read the words out loud, it will take you a bit longer—somewhere around 3.3 to 3.5 minutes. Of course, if you read super-fast, you can zip through 650 words in two minutes or less.

When I let a basic text-to-speech app read 650 words, it took 3:48 minutes.

How Many Paragraphs Is 650 Words?

650 words are 3-6 paragraphs of 100-300 words per paragraph.

There are no hard and fast rules about the length of a paragraph. In general, though, most paragraphs contain at least a few sentences and can range from a single sentence to several hundred words.

The number of paragraphs you’ll get from 650-words will vary depending on the topic you’re writing about and the style of your writing.

If you’re writing for an academic audience, your paragraphs may be longer and more complex. If you’re writing for a more general readership, your paragraphs will likely be shorter and simpler.

Ultimately, the best way to determine how many paragraphs you get from 650 words is to write a few paragraphs.

Then you can calculate your average number of words per paragraph:

  • Write 3 paragraphs
  • Use a tool like WordCounter to count the number of total words in all three paragraphs combined
  • Divide the total number of words in all 3 paragraphs by three

For example, if you write three paragraphs with word counts of 150, 210, and 245, your total word count is 605 words.

You then divide 605 by three (the number of paragraphs you wrote).

After the math, you find out that your average paragraph is 201 words.

There’s no need to force yourself into a particular number of paragraphs—just let your ideas flow and see where they take you. Your final piece of writing will be all the stronger for it.

How Many Sentences Is 650 Words?

650 words usually mean 33-44 sentences.

Most people write sentences that average between 15-20 words. Some writers craft longer sentences and others might use shorter sentences, based on their particular writing style.

You can write longer sentences by:

  • Adding description
  • Spelling out numbers
  • Adding modifying phrases

How Many Characters Is 650 words?

650 words is approximately 3732 characters.

The number of characters in 650 words varies by word length, punctuation, and spacing.

You can increase character count by:

  • Using longer words
  • Using more punctuation
  • Using more spacing

Final Thoughts

As a recap, if you use the tools and tricks in this article, your 650 words will likely get you 2-4 pages, 3-6 paragraphs, and 33-44 sentences.

I wouldn’t be surprised if you are able to write 650+ quality words in 10 minutes or less.

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