Best Kids Desk and Chair for Writing

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As a parent, I know how important it is to find the best kid’s desk and chair for writing. As a writer for over 20 years, I know what kind of desk and chair works in the real world of daily life. Lots of kid desks and kid chairs look great in pictures online.

But that doesn’t always translate to what actually works best for your kids.

What’s the best kids desk and chair for writing?

The best kids desk and chair for writing is the ApexDesk ALSD2128-BL Children’s desk and ApexDesk Little Soleil DX Series Children’s Height Adjustable Chair. Both the desk and the chair feature customized settings like height adjustment for children between 3’11” to 5’6″.

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Image by Author via Canva—Best Kids Desk and Chair for Writing

Who Are The Desk and Chair For?

The ApexDesk Children’s Desk and Chair are for any kids and teens between 3’11” and 5’6″ in height. Both the chair and the desk feature height adjustment settings to grow with your child.

That’s great because it means you don’t need to replace either item for years to come.

Who Are The Desk and Chair Not For?

The desk and chair are not for anyone over 5’7″. The chair is not for anyone who is over 160 pounds, as that is the static weight limit. The desk is best used with one chair and does not easily facilitate two chairs. Unless you are a petite adult, this desk and chair will probably not be comfortable for you. These items are also not for anyone looking for a more rustic or farm-style desk.

If that’s what you’re looking for, check out the Martha Stewart Living and Learning Kids Desk with Hutch and Chair Set (Amazon).

Features & Benefits

I’ll split this section up to give you the details for both the desk and the chair. The two items work perfectly together, but you can get them separately. Read through the features and benefits, as I included everything I think most parents would want to know. I’ve tried to keep what’s most important to me as a parent near the top—height, safety, delivery, and how easy it is to set up.

The ApexDesk ALSD2128-BL Children’s Desk

  • Height adjustable for a perfect fit for your child (very important for comfortable writing)
  • Scratch-resistant tops made of engineered wood (and we all know how important scratch-resistant surfaces can be!)
  • Completely safe: All edges and corners protected
  • Completely safe: Made with lead-free paint
  • Completely safe: The top and all metal parts are CARB Phase II compliant
  • Super speedy delivery: In the United States, delivery is usually between 2-8 days
  • Easy set-up: Most parents say they can set up the desk in under an hour
  • The surface of the desk measures 43” x 27″ (plenty of space for all activities)
  • Top that tilts between 0 to 60 degrees (for writing, drawing, reading, learning, and playing)
  • Don’t worry: the top folds back down slowly so it won’t pinch your child’s fingers
  • Includes a drawer that is 9.5” x 9”
  • Includes a bookshelf that is 18.5” x 10”
  • Weight: 63 pounds
  • Total Size: 44 x 28 x 30 inches (keep in mind that the height adjustment crank extends about 3.5 inches beyond the listed width)
  • Assembly required: Yes, although the top of the desk comes already assembled
  • Warranty: 3-years
  • Strong: The desk is very sturdy
  • Colors: The desk comes in blue, pink, or green

ApexDesk Little Soleil DX Series Children’s Height Adjustable Chair

  • Height adjustable (Seat adjusts from 12″ to 21″ inches and the backrest adjusts from 21″ to 32″ inches)
  • Comes in three colors: green, blue, and pink
  • Total Size: Length = 18 inches, Width = 18 inches, Height = 34 inches
  • Ergonomically designed for both comfort and posture
  • Easy assembly (Most parents can put it together in 10 minutes)
  • An anti-swivel locking mechanism is included
  • Steel frame so it’s sturdy
  • Five-star base with castor locks to fully support your child
  • Weight: The chair weighs 32 pounds
  • Weight capacity: 160 pounds
  • Swivels 15 degrees to either side when castors are locked

Pros and Cons

While I love this desk and chair, every product on the planet comes with pros and cons. This combination is no exception. So, let’s go over the good, the bad, and the ugly about the best kid’s desk and chair for writing.

SafeNot for very small children
Height AdjustableNot for very tall children
Easy to assembleDelivered in two separate boxes
Top tilts Assembly required
SturdyCheaper options available (although the quality is also less)
Mid to low costThe top is not a dry erase board
Fits in smaller spacesThe drawer is only large enough for a few supplies
Pros and Cons table for the best kids desk and chair for writing

What Real Parents Say About It (Positive Reviews)

One of the things I always look for when buying something for my kids is what other real parents say about the items. Especially when it comes to the best kid’s desk and chair for writing. As a full-time writer, I know that safe and comfortable desks matter. I spend hours at my desk every day, and I want the same positive experience for my kids.

Approximately 93% of the reviews on Amazon gave the items a positive review (4 or 5 stars). 81% gave them 5 stars.

Here are few positive reviews from real parents like you and me:

I bought one for each of my kids for virtual learning, my kids are 6 and 4. They are very easy to assemble, just a couple of steps as the desktop arrives assembled in the box. The desk is described as adjustable and it is but is easy to adjust. There are a lot of other desks where you have to unscrew bolts on each leg to adjust. This desk uses a crank so there are no tools required to adjust it.

—Amazon user LeOB

LeOB makes an excellent point. The ease of assembly means your kids can use the desk and chair more quickly. It also means that you don’t need to hire a contractor to put the items together for you. It’s also nice that the crank makes adjusting the table super simple. You don’t need to take anything apart and then put it back together again.

I’m really impressed with the quality of this desk. The desk and chair seem very well built and sturdy. I like that the height on both the desk and chair can be adjusted so that it grows with the child. My daughter is in Kindergarten now, and I’m sure this will last her at least through elementary school.

—Anonymous Amazon reviewer

The quality is definitely something to consider. Many of the positive reviews mentioned the quality of the materials in both the desk and the chair. Items that will inevitably save you money in the long run. Depending on how tall your kids are, they might be able to use the desk and chair for writing all the way through elementary and high school.

Great desk for kids to use as they grow up. It’s very sturdy and strong, as some other reviews have mentioned. That is one of the reasons I bought it. It’s easy to clean, overall easy to put together…Overall it is a great desk, the chair is awesome…it’s cushiony. My sons loves, great for his school work.

JenL, Amazon reviewer

I included this review because it mentioned both the desk and the chair. Both are sturdy, strong, and comfortable. Plus, she had me at “easy to clean.” That’s a huge gamechanger when you are a busy parent.

I looked for a very long time to find a chair that would be appropriate for my 7 and 5-year-olds. With the remote learning, they’ve been sitting in kid-sized wooden chairs that aren’t really comfortable for 6-7 hours a day of screen time. These chairs are AMAZING.

Bubba L, Amazon reviewer

One of the most important concerns for me as a parent is the comfort of my children. Especially if they are going to spend hours on the chair writing their little hearts out.

What Real Parents Say About It (Negative Reviews)

No product gets 100% positive reviews. Even though negative reviews only accounted for around 7% of the Amazon reviews, I wanted to include a few of them, too. As you’ll see, the negative reviews can really help you make the best purchasing decision.

We like the table and the chair as it feels sturdy, but the table came chipped on one side. I wonder if that would affect the life of the table. Don’t want to return the whole thing as I don’t have the time to disassemble/repack but if I could replace the tabletop, then that would be a good option.

M. Chawla, Amazon reviewer

M. Chawla gave the items three stars, but like some others, they mostly complained about the shipping and packaging. If you do decide to buy these items, you might want to conduct a thorough inspection to see if the desk and chair were damaged during transport.

Cons: Box coming upside down, causing the damage of the Crossbar. The edge of one of the legs cut my palm while unpack the box.
Pros: Good customer service. After contacting the seller, the replacement parts was received in a few days. And the desk is very easy to assemble.

Rui Yan, Amazon Reviewer

The upside-down shipping and damage are certainly a con. Again, this is due to shipping. The reviewer had only good things to say about the actual products. Thankfully, customer support took care of the concerns very quickly.

Once assembled, I realized you cannot swivel it beyond the space between the legs. So you can’t swing it around to get into the chair, then swing back into position at my desk. It is also very tight and the swivel mechanism is difficult to maneuver. I went back and did read that the swivel is only 15 degrees, so I guess that that oversight is on me.

Hattie’s Mom

The chair doesn’t swivel all the way around, so if you like your chairs to fully swivel, you may want to combine another chair with the desk. Otherwise, I don’t think most kids will mind the partial swivel (at least when it comes to writing).

Cartoon image of a desk and chair for the best kids desk and chair for writing
Image by author via Canva—the best kids desk and chair for writing


I highly recommend the Apex desk and chair, but it’s always nice to have options!

The following table gives you a few other suggested options from Amazon depending on your favorite type of desk and budget:

ModelPrice RangeLearn More
Guidecraft Taiga Desk, Hutch, and Chair$$See item on Amazon
LVYUAN Children’s Desk and Chair Set$See item on Amazon
Wood Kids Study Desk with Chair$$$See item on Amazon
Alternatives to the best kids desk and chair for writing

Final Thoughts

I hope you found the answers you were looking for about the best kids desk and chair for writing. If you are looking for other writing tools, resources, and items, please check out my most recommended tools page.

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