20 Best YouTube Channels for Writers

Great writers are great learners. And where do we all go to learn something new – be it fly fishing, microwave maintenance, or DIY truck bed hot tubs (Just me?)? YouTube! It’s not all car parts and kittens, though. There’s plenty of secrets to glean about writing, publishing, building a readership, and marketing your books. That’s why in this post, I’m going to share with you my favorite list of the 20 Best YouTube Channels for Writers.

This isn’t your English professor’s boring list, and it’s not the rehashed list of another blogger. This is a curated list of the very best YouTube writing channels.

How do I know?

  • They are uber popular among writers.
  • They give awesome advice that actually helps.
  • I actually subscribe to each one and watch their videos.
  • Most of them use a tool like this to make their channel successful.

If you want to be a great writer, you must constantly push yourself to grow, dig deeper and explore new territory. You keep honing your craft and gobbling up information to help you write better, publish faster and delight readers with your stories and content.

If you think about it, YouTube is the perfect platform to ramp up your writing skills. YouTube channels are great because they are visual, simple to follow and you can easily embed them in your schedule as you do chores, exercise or give your fingers a break from rocking your daily word count. (That DIY truck bed hot tub can help with that, too 😉)

So, let’s get to it. Here are 20 YouTube channels you can subscribe to which will inspire, educate, and empower you. These channels are in no particular order. I love them all. Enjoy!

Let’s dive in!

1. Writing with Jenna Moreci

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I feel you clenched teeth emoji. I. Feel. You.

If you can’t tell from the thumbnails on her channel page, Jenna Moreci’s writing channel is incredibly fun. She covers a variety of topics for everyone’s interest ( I see you “Editing Sucks” video thumbnail). The best thing about her channel is the bounty of writing tips on character building, perspective setting, and developing the plot.

Her life hacks to master an author lifestyle are another great reason you should check out her channel. For example, her 10 Toxic Mindsets to Drop as a Writer is a great motivational and educational resource for beginner writers.

Our pick from her highly valuable videos is 10 Tips for Writing The First Chapter of Your Book.

2. Alexa Donne

If your blue-eyed character suddenly sports green eyes, you are doing this novel stuff wrong

When you are searching for any resource from conceptualizing your book to planning it to actually writing and publishing it, Alexa’s channel makes a great choice. And look at those gorgeous thumbnails! (yeah, I’m a bit of a graphic design nerd).

If you are an aspiring writer, you will love her videos on the author’s mindset, lifestyle, and the tough love of her harsh (but oh so true) writing advice. For writers looking for practical insights into the writing process, her brainstorming, niche-based, event-specific, or style-based tips come in handy.

You can find one of her pep-talks (yeah, I would call it a pep-talk) about talent and hard work to drive you toward success as a writer.

Check out her more specific writing hack at Writing Consistent Characters.

Read my post on How Many Characters Should A Book Have?

3. The Creative Penn

Ooooh Monsters. Creepy.

Another comprehensive resource, The Creative Pen, is Joanna Pen’s take on writing as a business. In her podcast-based videos, she details specific processes that writers tackle on a day-to-day basis. Other than publishing-how-to writing tips, she also shares some lifestyle hacks. One such video is How To Effectively Work From Home With Amanda Brown, The Homepreneur.

Our pick from some cool writing nuggets is Writing Tips: How To Write Monsters With Philip Athans.

4. Jerry B Jenkins

It’s block-busting time ya’ll!

Jerry B. Jenkins has kept it targeted and simple. You won’t see much drift from videos on the writing process and his own life. The writer behind this channel, Jerry B. Jenkins, is a mega-bestselling author (Left Behind series) with contributions to almost 220 books. We can safely guarantee he knows what sells and what doesn’t – and well-crafted manuscripts is high on the “what-sells” list.

How to Overcome Writer’s Block Once and For All is one of many videos on the channel which simplifies writers’ lives.

While How to Write a Short Story in 6 Steps gives practical insights into the nuts-and-bolts, sit-your-butt-down-and-type writing process.

Also, check out my post on How to Overcome Writer’s Block (Ultimate No Fail System)

5. Ellen Brock

There’s love in the air

If you really want to take matters into your hands, start looking at your manuscript from the eyes of an editor. If you agree with me, Ellen Brock’s channel is your new favorite go-to YouTube channel.

She gives you insider information on how you can write better characters, scenes, openings, and endings. Her help doesn’t end with the writing process. You will also find a video or two about publishing.

If you struggle with “killing your darlings,” especially your beloved character creations, she has a video for you. Here it is: What To Do When You’re Too Attached to a Character | Novel Writing Advice.

This writing specific advice should be included in every writer’s playlist: How to Write a Believable World (Four Common Problems).

6. Diane Callahan – Quotidian Writer

There’s a little Harry Potter in this one just for you Potterheads 🙂

Here’s another channel that focuses entirely on polishing your writing. This channel from Diane Callahan takes writing from a developmental editor’s perspective.

Got an inconsistency in the plot? Want to make your characters more memorable? Brainstorming the first line of your novel? Diane has covered everything about developing your masterpiece. Sometimes combined with examples from popular non-fiction work, her tips help writers in dashing off their first draft.

How to Motivate Yourself to Write Every Day is the perfect video if you are struggling to write or if you are in the habit-building stage of writing.

Our favorite pick from her videos is All About Writing in Third Person. This video details the tricky element of selecting and effectively executing point of view in your novels.

7. iWriterly

Watch this video before you write another page of your WIP!

Meg LaTorre uses her channel, iWriterly, to empower authors on every aspect of being a writer. This multidimensional channel includes tips on self-publishing, first page critiques, pitching, and a little bit about writing.

More focused on traditional versus self-publishing, you will find only a couple of videos on the writer lifestyle. Here is one of them: Coping with Anxiety as a Writer.

Literary Agents Share the Top Reasons Why Manuscripts Are Rejected in the Query Box makes a great video detailing how not to write a novel.

8. Vivien Reis

Please don’t hurt me 😉

If you are a parent and you want to sneak your writing hobby into your busy schedule, you should get the right inspiration and tools from Vivien Reis.

Don’t assume that it’s a time management blog for parents because it isn’t. Instead, it’s a uniquely versatile blog detailing the everyday routine and struggles of an author. You also get a few doses of writing advice in between these daily mindset and lifestyle developments.

Interested in building a writing habit? Check out How to Write with a Full-time Job/Life!

Want to write better fighting scenes? Take Vivien’s advice: 8 Tips to Writing Better Fight Scenes!

9. Bookishpixie

I instinctively trust anyone with glasses and a bookshelf

The first impression you get from Bookishpixie is that the channel managed by a smart and friendly science fiction writer. The brain behind this channel, Ava Jae, is a young adult writer and editor. So, if you want to look at your craft from the perspective of both a writer and an editor, Bookishpixie is a must-watch channel.

Get tips on writing your manuscript, getting it edited, pitching, and living your author’s life from a writer who has done it all.

Here is her well-received take on life as a writer: Writing When You Don’t Want To.

And here is our favorite video of hers on practical writing advice: How to Write Third Person When You’re Used to First.

10. ShaelinWrites

She’s glowing in this thumbnail so it’s basically sacrilegious if you don’t watch it

If you are looking for personal inspiration and in-depth knowledge about writing craft, follow Shaelin Bishop at her YouTube channel, ShaelinWrites. If you want more of her authentic counsel and need to get involved in her marketplace, head over to her side project, Reedsy.

This channel focuses more on writing than on publishing or marketing. Other than writing tips, advice for new writers, and Shaelin writing plans, this channel covers some information about developmental editing.

On mindset, I love her video about letting go.

Her video Writing Morally Ambiguous Characters | Writing Tips is one that I highly recommend you watch.

11. The Write Channel with Nicola Monaghan

We writers really struggle with his point of view stuff, huh?

If you are a completely new writer in search of some no-fluff advice about creative writing to get started, subscribe to this channel. Lessons cover details about finding ideas, POV selection, applying the show-don’t-tell rule, dialogue writing, and developing structure.

She touches on topics about the daily struggles of budding writers. One of her nuggets of wisdom is How to beat writer’s block (creative writing).

Her video on POV selection is one of her most popular videos on writing tips.

12. Rachael Stephen

Ok, ok…I’m going to go write it right now. Geeze lol

Her quirkiness is one reason viewers click the subscribe button. But that’s not her only appealing quality. Her no-punch-pulled approach is what makes her stand out from the crowd. Our writing craft is too chaotic and unbecoming if it doesn’t accompany an adequate writing process. Rachael focuses primarily on the writing process to make it seamless and to promptly and adequately deliver the writing outcomes you want.

Write Your Damn Novel | Pep Talk is her most loved video.

She rarely gives tips on the actual writing. Here is what we love in her infrequent tips: How to Build a Scene | Writing.

13. Katesbookdate

Let’s do this!

Katie’s tips don’t start with brainstorming an idea. They start by broadening your perspective and knowing about the world. After all, one of the best growth hacks for your writing is to voraciously consume good books. That’s why she features a reading vlog and book recommendations on her channel.

She also throws in a lot of videos about her own writing journey. This allows you to peek inside the daily life and struggles of a real writer.

Write With Me #1 | The Rough Draft is the first video new visitors should check out on her channel.

14. Abbie Emmons

Temptation you say? You have my attention…

In the channel’s trailer, Abbie claims that she focuses on the “why” behind the story. She wants her viewers to know that their stories matter and to present them that way.

She covers actual writing craft but only after she is done detailing the mindset that changes a boring story into a masterpiece. What’s cool about this is how she connects mindset to craft. Your writting is an extension of who you are and what you believe. Every top performer in every field masters the inner landscape of their mind. Writers are no different.

If you want to know her way of tackling writer fatigue, check out How to Overcome Writer Fatigue + Stop HATING Your Writing!

Check out her video How To Write a TEMPTATION MOMENT (Alternative to Disaster) to get her no-fluff advice on this little-covered topic.

15. Robert Mckee

Laugh dammit.

Learn writing from a celebrated screenwriter – even if you are not into screenwriting. Yes, I know he looks like a combination of your grandpa and Mr. Rogers (unless your grandpa is Mr. Rogers, and in that case, you lucky duck you). But stay with me. He’s also a full-bright scholar, the author of Story: Substance, Structure, Style, And The Principles Of Screenwriting, and called the “Aristotle of our times” for his incisive insight into writing.

His videos focus on writing in general and include character building, grabbing audience attention, developing incidents, and detailing emotions.

Many of his videos explore the impact of emotions on powerful writing: Q&A: Do You Have to Be Angry to Write Comedy?

On the craft of writing, you will find hundreds of videos full of education and insight. One such video is: Q&A: How Can Writers Generate Empathy for Their Characters?

16. Kate Cavanaugh

Eww…weird (lmao)

It’s a great channel for those writers who want to know more about the writing life of fellow authors. If you think you have the worst writing routine in the world, get some real-world-perspective from this channel.

Other areas of motivation this channel offers include preparing for writing challenges, tackling burnout, using writing prompts, and loving your characters.

Reacting to Your Weirdest Writing Habits is a great resource to regain belief in yourself. Plus, it’s super hilarious!

What Makes A Good Story Opening?! is just the video you need to jump-start that latest WIP (writing in progress).

17. Chris Fox

Wait a second: should we trust someone who wrote a novel called There’s No Such Thing as Werewolves? (I mean, have you been outside in the dark??)

You may know Chris Fox for his best-selling books Write to Market: Deliver a Book that Sells and 5,000 Words Per Hour. You can expect a similar level of infotainment from his YouTube channel. His channel is 90% about living life and believing in yourself. Your mindset often determines the success or failure as a writer.

Hi video, Motivation: Everybody Starts At Zero, can be any writer’s reason to start writing.

Check out his journey into successful self-publishing in How I Launched an Amazon Bestseller.

18. Kristine Martin

You mean I can’t just write “THE END” and “Now go buy my next book, papa’s got bills to pay”? Writing is hard.

Kristine is a great source of motivation for writers, especially those who have limited time because of other commitments (sooooo, everybody). Her videos on time constraints, budgets, and inspirations motivate each one of us to put our best foot forward.

Let’s learn a bit about the everyday life of a writer entrepreneur in her video WHAT I DO Every Day as a CREATIVE Entrepreneur.

Check out How To Complete The First Draft Of Your Novel (FINISH WRITING YOUR BOOK!).

19. Caffeinated Blogger

He’s got a cool Russian accent. That’s reason enough to watch.

The Caffeinated Blogger is the only self-described blogger in this list full of authors, editors, and publishers. Many of the others also blog, but this guy is a blogging dynamo. His primary areas of interest are affiliate marketing, niche selection, and traffic generation. But you also get loads of information about video marketing, SEO, and ranking.

If you are thinking that he doesn’t cover the craft of writing, you are partially correct. But his channel is an essential addition to your YouTubesubscriptions. Why? Because you can apply what he teaches to support your writing career, set up passive income streams, build a readership, and launch new books to more sales.

One of his key strategies is to write great content that drives traffic to your website. Check out this video: How To Write a Blog Post (Step by Step For Beginners).

20. Terrible Writing Advice

Why does every author recommend this channel to fellow writers? Well, for one, it’s creative and funny. Wait, that was two, wasn’t it? The Terrible Writing Advice channel delivers funny respites to the sometimes stressful struggle of writing.

His videos are animated bliss on the topics of tropes (like fantasy characters, mentors and the zombie apocalypse), along with general terrible writing advice that will make you laugh.

You can start with this video.

Final Thoughts

This article lists 20 YouTube channels for writers that offer inspiration, education, and empowerment. Some of them are focused on writing skills. Others cover writing as a business, while still others are about motivation and community.

I recommend including a mix of these featured channels on your personalized YouTube watch list.

In case you are wondering, yes, I do have my own YouTube channel on the topic of Writing Secrets. If you have a channel or are thinking about making one, this tool will be invaluable. I use it for every video I create.

What’s next? Read my post on Why Should Writers Start YouTube Channels?

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