Which Rappers Use Ghostwriters? (Info on 30+ Rappers)

Many rappers use ghostwriters to compose their lyrics.

A rap ghostwriter is someone who writes songs for a rapper but is not credited on the finished product, so as not to steal glory from the star.

Which rappers use ghostwriters?

Let’s look at a comprehensive list of which rappers use ghostwriters and which do not.

Rappers Who Use Ghostwriters

Ghostwriters are generally anonymous, but some rappers have gone public with their use of them.

One of the best-known examples of this phenomenon may be Diddy’s, “I’ll Be Missing You,” a tribute song to Biggie Smalls.

His verse was ghostwritten by one of Jay-Z’s associates named Sauce Money.

Some other notable examples include:

  • Tung Twista (Used Ernest Wilson, aka “Slow Jammin’” Eddie Sermon)
  • Outsidaz (Aspiring rapper Young Noble outed his group for using ghostwriters)
  • Biz Markie (Teamed up with MF DOOM to write lyrics for Biz’s album, All Samples Cleared!)

These are just a few examples. The use of ghostwriters is nothing new: artists have been using them since way before hip hop even started.

Many rappers write some or most of their first albums, but then hire ghostwriters for future albums.

Almost all artists eventually hire ghostwriters.

For example, Motown songs were mostly written by the studio musicians at Berry Gordy’s “hit factory.” Even further back than that, people like Cole Porter used ghostwriters.

Let’s get into some of today’s well-known rappers who have been accused of using ghostwriters, and some who have openly admitted to using them.

Here is a YouTube video by HipHop Madness about the ghostwriters behind your favorite rappers:

YouTube video by HipHopMadness—Which rappers use ghostwriters?

What Famous Rappers Have Ghostwriters? (All the Answers)

Most artists use ghostwriters at some point in their career. Rappers are no different.

Here is information about what rappers use ghostwriters.

Does Drake Use Ghostwriters?

No, according to Drake.

But, yes, according to other sources and rappers who have called him out.

It has been reported that Drake uses ghostwriters, and his friend Quentin Miller claimed he wrote many songs for Drake’s album, If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late.

However, Drake has (for the most part) always credited his writers, which means they do not fall into the ghostwriter category.

Does Kayne Have Ghostwriters?

Yes. Kanye does not write many of his songs.

Most of his lyrics are written through a collaboration between himself and ghostwriters.

CyHi (CyHi Da Prynce), Cons (Consequence), and Pardi (Pardison Fontaine) are a few ghostwriters that Kanye has used in the past.

There is also Rhymefest who wrote Kanye’s infamous song, “Jesus Walks.”

Some of his songs are completely ghostwritten, but he retains creative control throughout the writing process.

Does Future Have Ghostwriters?

No. Future does not use ghostwriters.

In fact, Future has ghostwritten for other rappers. He has openly appeared in interviews confirming that he has written for YC.

He also wrote Beyonce’s, “Drunk in Love,” and is not credited on the track.

Does NF Have Ghostwriters?

No. There are no claims that Nathan Feuerstein, better known as NF, had a ghostwriter.

There is no solid evidence that NF has in the past or currently uses a ghostwriter to help him with his tracks.

It’s no surprise that he doesn’t since one of his biggest influences is Eminem.

Does Kendrick Lamar Use Ghostwriters?

No. Kendrick Lamar has never used a ghostwriter, nor will he ever consider it.

He has a very close-knit circle of collaborators, who help him produce his music.

His main collaborator is Punch from TDE, and he also mentions Terrence Martin as a great songwriter on “Control” (he also wrote the hook of “Complexion”).

Does Eminem Use Ghostwriters?

Yes, but he has never used a ghostwriter on his albums.

Eminem is very open about using ghostwriters for his mixtape/street album, Infinite (he even says it on the intro of “D12 World”).

However, he does not use ghostwriters for his main projects.

Eminem has served as a ghostwriter himself for several other artists.

Does Cardi B Use Ghostwriters?

No. Although she has been accused of using ghostwriters, she denies using them.

Cardi B has weighed in on the debate of whether her long-time co-writer Pardison is actually a ghostwriter.

According to Cardi, he is not because he recieves credit for everything he works on for the rapper.

Does Nicki Minaj Use Ghostwriters?

This is still up for debate.

Nicki says no, but Nicki Minaj’s ex-boyfriend claims otherwise. He has openly stated that he ghostwrote on The Pinkprint. For example, he says that he wrote lyrics for the album in his song,”Lifeline.”

In the track, Samuels raps: “My bars on The Pinkprint no one will ever match.”

Does Post Malone Use Ghostwriters?

Yes, he uses ghostwriters.

Post Malone used a ghostwriter for “Rockstar” (featuring 21 Savage).

Joey Badass and T-Pain have claimed to be the ghostwriters for the song. Joey openly posted this claim on his Twitter account.

Does Jay Z Have Ghostwriters?

Yes, Jay Z uses ghostwriters.

Many people credit J.Cole for helping Jay Z with his 4:44 album, but it was actually Memphis Bleek who wrote most of the songs (with help from No I.D.).

Jay Z has also used many other ghostwriters throughout the year.

Writers like Nas, Talib Kweli, and Mr. Porter have been credited for their contributions.

Does Chris Brown Have Ghostwriters?

Yes. There are many reports of Chris Brown using ghostwriters, but the main writer has always been Eric Bellinger.

This is because they used to be in a group together called “Bar Society” before it disbanded.

Many of Breezy’s songs like “Loyal” and “Don’t Judge Me” were ghostwritten by Bellinger.

He is also responsible for songs like “Liquor,“ “Roses,” and many more.

Does Playboi Carti Have Ghostwriters?

No. There is no evidence that Playboi Carti has a ghostwriter.

However, Playboi Carti has been accused of ghostwriting for Drake. He’s also been accused of having his own ghostwriters.

Does J Cole Have Ghostwriters?

Like Nicki Minaj, this is still up for debate.

There have been claims that J Cole uses his close friend and Dreamville artist, Bas, as a ghostwriter.

However, they have denied these claims on Twitter.

Does Snoop Dogg Have Ghostwriters?

Yes, Snoop Dogg uses ghostwriters.

A writer named Problem has openly confirmed that he wrote for The Doggfather in a 2013 interview.

Although he didn’t name anyone specifically, in a 2009 interview, Snoop also said Malice In Wonderland was written by others.

Does Polo G Have Ghostwriters?

Yes. Polo G has said in an interview that he writes his own lyrics, but others write the melodies for him.

This is because he has trouble coming up with catchy hooks on his own.

Polo still manages to rap over these beats, however, showcasing his talent.

Does Juice World Have Ghostwriters?

No. Juice World has said many times that he writes his own lyrics but doesn’t plan anything beforehand.

He prefers to freestyle everything so it comes off more natural.

Juice has used a co-writer though. Justin Strawn has helped him with songs like “I Like Girls” and “My Last Love.”

Does Lil Uzi Have Ghostwriters?

Yes. Even though he hasn’t been open about it, many of his old songs had lyrics written by others.

He has since hired Charlie Heat as a writer for his music, and credits him on the song, “XO Tour Llif3.”

There are also rumors that Don Cannon helps with his music too.

Does NBA Youngboy Have Ghostwriters?

No. NBA Youngboy has stated that he writes his own lyrics and doesn’t use ghostwriters for anything.

He does, however, get help from other producers like MexikoDro and Dubba-AA.

Like many other rappers, NBA Youngboy has been accused of using ghostwriters to help him write his songs.

Does Lil Nas X Have Ghostwriters?

No. In an interview Lil Nas bluntly confirmed that he never uses ghostwriters.

He says the inspiration for his songs comes exclusively from his friends, family, and the streets.

Does Will Smith Use Ghostwriters?

Yes, Will Smith uses ghostwriters.

Will Smith has often borrowed the talents of another famous rapper, Nas, to help him with the writing process of some of his biggest tracks.

Nas has stated that he helped write the song, “Getting Jiggy Wit It.”

Nas also takes credit for other tracks on Big Willie’s Yes, Yes Y’all, Miami, and Chasing Forever.

Does Dre. Dre Use Ghostwriters?

Yes. There are many reports of Dr. Dre using ghostwriters throughout his career.

One of his most infamous ghostwriters is Jay-Z.

The rap superstar was responsible for Dr. Dre’s hit, “Still Dre.” Another rapper who has written for Dre is Eminem on the hit song, “Forgot About Dre.”

Which Rappers Use Ghostwriters (Table)

Here is a table that shows which rappers use or have used ghostwriters:

Tung TwistaYes
Biz MarkieYes
Post MaloneYes
Jay ZYes
Chris BrownYes
Snoop DoggYes
Polo GYes
Lil UziYes
Will SmithYes
Dr. DreYes
Which rappers use ghostwriters?

Rappers Who Don’t Use Ghostwriters

All the rappers listed above have been accused of using ghostwriters. However, many other famous rappers have never used one before.

We’ve mentioned artists like Drake, Nicki Minaj, and J Cole where there is debate about whether or not they hire ghostwriters.

Then there are rappers who have a good reputation for not using a ghostwriter include:

RapperUse Ghostwriters?
Kendrick LamarNo
Lil WayneNo
Machine Gun KellyNo
Cardi BNo
Playboi CartiNo
Juice WorldNo
NBA YoungboyNo
Lil Nas XNo
Which rappers don’t use ghostwriters?

Why Do Rappers Use Ghostwriters?

Ghostwriters help rappers who want assistance in executing hit songs.

There are a number of reasons why rappers use ghostwriters:

  • Ghostwriters are talented artists
  • The rappers get too busy with other priorities
  • The rapper may not write good lyrics

After an artist becomes popular, recording music and touring often takes priority over creating original lyrics.

Some rap ghostwriters are also famous rappers themselves. For example, Jay-Z and Nas.

Ghostwriters are often hired by artists, who give them an outline of how they want the song to go and what kind of lyrics they want in it.

Some ghostwriters are also “freelancers,” which means their tone or style can be suited for different rappers who require a ghostwriter.

However, not every rapper uses ghostwriters.

Final Thoughts: Which Rappers Use Ghostwriters?

When it all comes down to it, whether or not to hire ghostwriters is up to the artist.

Using a ghostwriter does not take away from the talent, hard work, or artistry involved in producing and performing hit songs.

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