Which Font Was Used in the Miami Vice Logo? (Solved)

In the crime drama Miami Vice, which aired from 1984 to 1990, there was a particular font used in the iconic logo.

Which font was used in the Miami Vice Logo?

The Miami Vice Logo used two different fonts. For the top line, the typeface was Broadway Regular, while for the bottom line it was Broadway Stencil. This Art Deco font was created by Morris Fuller Benton in 1927 and is named after his hometown of New York City. Broadway is a Sans Serif font.

In this article, I’ll answer the most common questions related to which font was used in the Miami Vice Logo.

Miami Vice Font Family (16 Typefaces)

The Miami Vice font is part of a larger “font family.”

To put that into proper perspective, there are at least 16 variations of the Miami Vice font.

Here is a list of the 16 typefaces in the Miami Vice font-family:

  1. Broadway Flat Regular
  2. Broadway 3D Regular
  3. Broadway 3D Filled Regular
  4. Broadway Regular
  5. Broadway Italic
  6. Broadway Gradient 3D Regular
  7. Broadway Shadow Regular
  8. Broadway Gradient 3D Italic
  9. Broadway 3D Italic
  10. Broadway 3D Filled Italic
  11. Broadway Flat Italic
  12. Broadway Flat 3D Italic
  13. Broadway Flat 3D Filled Italic
  14. Broadway Flat 3D Regular
  15. Broadway Flat 3D Filled Regular
  16. Broadway Shadow Italic

Is the Broadway Font Used in the Miami Vice Logo Also Called Billabong?

No, the Broadway font used in the Miami Vice logo is not the same as the Billabong font.

The Billabong font is a hand-drawn typeface with a playful, childlike quality. It’s not nearly as sleek and sophisticated as the Broadway font.

The two fonts are actually very different in style and appearance.

Probably the only connection is the letter “B” in their font name.

Is the Miami Vice Logo Font Called Manhattan?

Manhattan is not the same as the Broadway font used in the Miami Vice logo.

However, Manhattan is pretty close.

Manhattan is a font designed by Tom Carnase and published by the International Typeface Corporation (ITC).

Miami Vice Font Download

You can download the Miami Vice font from many sources.

Here is a list of Miami Vice font download websites:

Miami Vice Font Generators

You can also use a Miami Vice font generator to create your own text.

The only good Miami Vice font generator I could find is FontsPool.

You can type any written message into a text box, hit “submit,” and the automatic tool will transform your words into the Miami Vice font.

Then, you simply download the transformed text to your computer or device.

It’s pretty cool, free, and easy to use.

Here is a video showing me using the retro Miami Vice font generator and template:

YouTube video by Writing Secrets—Which Font Was Used in the Miami Vice Logo?

Miami Vice Logo Template

While I couldn’t find a perfect Miami Vice logo template, the best automatic template generator is from Placeit.com.

On this website, you can enter your top and bottom text in available fields.

Then, the artificial intelligence behind the website will change your font and slap it on a Miami Vice-like logo background.

The second best way to create a Miami Vice Logo Template is on Canva.

Here is a Miami Vice Logo Template video demonstration.

Why Did Miami Vice Use The Broadway Font for Their Logo? (3 Good Reasons)

The use of the unique Broadway typeface in the Miami Vice logo helps to create a feeling of sophistication and elegance, which is befitting of the show’s luxurious setting.

Additionally, the stenciled shadow effect of the bottom line adds a sense of urgency and excitement, emphasizing the danger and suspense that are central to the show’s plot.

The use of two different fonts helps to create depth and movement in the logo, which is fitting for a show about crime and suspense.

The Miami Vice logo is a work of art.

The sleek lines and sharp angles give it a modern look, while the blue and pink color scheme inject a bit of fun and excitement.

The white background ensures that the logo pops, while the black accent adds a touch of sophistication. The stark contrast between the blue and pink letters on the white background also makes the logo stand out from other TV show logos.

The logo is simple but effective, and it perfectly captures the essence of the show.

All in all, the choice of font was spot on and helped to make the Miami Vice logo one of the most iconic and recognizable TV logos of all time.

What Font Color Scheme Was Used in the Miami Vice Logo?

Blue, pink, white, and black—these are the colors that make up the Miami Vice logo.

The “blue” is actually two different shades—cyan and dark slate blue.

What looks like “pink” is actually called “middle purple.”

Here is the technical breakdown of the color scheme of the Miami Vice font:

Miami Vice ColorsColor Details
Process CyanHex: #02B7DD
RGB: (2, 183, 221)
CMYK: 0.990, 0.171, 0, 0.133
Dark Slate BlueHex: #443A84
RGB: (68, 58, 132)
CMYK: 0.484, 0.560, 0, 0.482
WhiteHex: #FFFFFF
RGB: (255, 255, 255)
CMYK: 0, 0, 0, 0
Middle PurpleHex: #E97DB1
RGB: (233, 125, 177)
CMYK: 0, 0.463, 0.240, 0.086
YouTube video by Writing Secrets—Which Font Was Used in the Miami Vice Logo?

What I find fascinating is that there are different ways to interpret the colors.

The Emotional Psychology of the Miami Vice Logo Colors

Some marketing experts believe the colors in the Miami Vice logo tap into the psychology of color.

According to this viewpoint:

  • Pink or middle purple: Stands for sincerity and authenticity
  • Cyan: Stands for trust
  • White: Stands for simplicity
  • Slate blue: Stands for luxury

The Show-Stopping Visuals of the Miami Vice Logo Colors

Another way to interpret the color scheme of the Miami Vice logo is how the colors relate to the show.

For example, the shades of blue represent the ocean, a major setting and essentially a character in the show. The pink represents the sun and heat of Miami, and maybe the “blood” of the crimes the detectives face on the show.

The white represents the sand and beach, while the black represents the shadowy suspects or hidden motives.

There’s also another way to interpret the color scheme based on the show.

The blue represents the crime-ridden city that is Miami, the pink represents the flashy lifestyle of Miami, the white represents the purity and innocence of the Miami Vice main characters, and the black represents the darkness and mystery of the show. Each color plays an important role in conveying the message of Miami Vice.

No matter what interpretation you believe, the color scheme of the logo is clearly meant to reflect the different aspects of Miami Vice.

Final Thoughts: Which Font Was Used in the Miami Vice Logo?

The font in the Miami Vice Logo is a fun and funky way to bring back some retro nostalgia.

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