Read Medium on Kindle (Ultimate Guide for Beginners)

If you own a kindle or use the Kindle app on your mobile device, you usually want to read everything on it – including Medium articles.

Here’s how to read Medium on Kindle:

To read Medium on Kindle, download the Kindle app, enable the “Send to Activity” feature, and set up your Send to Kindle email address. Then, go to a Medium article, click on the share icon or button and email the document to your Send to Kindle email address.

Keep reading to learn multiple ways to read Medium on Kindle.

Can You Use Medium on Kindle?

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Redheaded Woman on a laptop in a coffee shop—Read Medium Article to Kindle
I made this image—Read Medium Article to Kindle

Yes, you can use Medium on a Kindle.

You can download Medium articles to your Kindle or use Kindle to browse the internet to the Medium website. Either option allows you full access to Medium right on your Kindle device.

Of course, you’ll need:

  • A Kindle device
  • A free or paid Medium account
  • Wi-Fi or internet access

You can read Medium articles on the Kindle App but you can not browse to the Medium website from the app.

So, it depends on your definition of “use.”

The bottom line is that you can access Medium content from a physical Kindle device or the Kindle app.

How To Send Medium Articles To Kindle

Let’s look at a few different ways to send and read Medium articles on Kindle.

The process is pretty simple:

  1. Download the Kindle App
  2. Enable the Send to Kindle feature
  3. Set up your Send to Kindle email address
  4. Go to a Medium article you want to read
  5. Click on the Send icon or button
  6. Email the article link to your Send to Kindle email address
  7. Read the article on your Kindle

YouTube video by Writing SecretsRead Medium on Kindle

Download the Kindle App

The Kindle app can be downloaded for free from the App Store or Google Play.

Once it is installed, open the app and sign in with your Amazon account information. This will allow you full access to all of the features, which is important for the next step.

Enable the Send to Kindle Feature

To enable the Send to Kindle feature, open the Kindle app and go to Settings.

Scroll down and toggle on the Send to Kindle “switch.”

You can also usually choose which folders you want your articles to be sent to on your Kindle.

Set Up Your Send to Kindle Email Address

To set up your Send to Kindle email address, open the Kindle app and go to Settings.

Scroll down to the Send To Kindle Email Address section. Click on that section. Then, type in the email address you want to use.

Don’t forget to save or update when you’re done.

Go to the Medium Article You Want to Read

Open a web browser and go to

Type in the title of the article you want to read into the search bar and click on Search. Alternatively, if you saved the article in a Medium list, go to your List and find the article.

Click on the Send Icon or Button

Once you have found the article you want to read, click on the Send icon or button located at the top of the article page.

A window will pop up with a drop-down list of options.

One of those options should be “Share Link to Email.”You’ll want to click on that link.

Here is a helpful screenshot with the send icon and email link both underlined in red:

Screenshot of Sending Medium Article to Kindle
This is my Screenshot of Sending a Medium Article to Kindle

Email the Article Link to Your Send To Kindle Email Address

First, choose the email account that you want to use.

Then, type in your send-to-kindle email address in the “To” box just like you are sending a regular email. Click on SEND. The article will be sent to your Kindle or Kindle app within a few seconds or minutes.

The only thing left to do is to go to your Kindle to access and read your Medium story.

How To Read Medium Articles on a Kindle

Open your Kindle device or Kindle app and go to your Library.

You should see your Medium article there in a PDF or other Kindle-supported format. Click on the image of the article in your Kindle Library to read the full article.

It really doesn’t get much simpler than that.

If you have any trouble accessing your Medium article, it’s usually because you accidentally typed in the wrong Send to Kindle email address.

Double-check the email address for any typos.

Whether you made a mistake or not, go ahead and send the article to your Kindle again. It should work this time.

Read Medium on Kindle With Chrome Extension

Another good option for sending Medium articles to Kindle is to use the Send to Kindle Chrome Extension.

You can download it for free from the Chrome store.

After you download it, you’ll be able to access it from any website, including Medium. When you want to send a Medium article, click on the Chrome Extension icon.

Then, Click “Send to Kindle” from the options that pop up on the screen.

Here is another screenshot that might help you with these steps:

Screenshot by me of using the Send to Kindle Chrome Extension
Screenshot by me of using the Send to Kindle Chrome Extension

Read Medium Articles on Kindle as a PDF

You can also save a Medium article as a PDF and then send the PDF to your Kindle.

To save a Medium article as a PDF:

  • Click SAVE AS
  • Choose PRINT
  • Select PRINT to PDF

Next, simply open the PDF in your Kindle.

You can also follow the instructions in this short video to read PDFs on your Kindle:

YouTube video by Digital Adventures

Final Thoughts: Read Medium on Kindle

If you use automation apps such as IFFT or Cheat Layer, you can automatically send Medium articles to your Kindle.

Once you set it up, it will all happen automatically for you.

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