Is WeScreenplay Coverage Worth It? (Solved With Examples)

If you’re a screenwriter, then chances are good that you have heard of WeScreenplay. They offer paid coverage services where professional screenwriters read and critique submitted scripts.

 But is WeScreenplay coverage worth it?

Here’s The Main Reason WeScreenplay Coverage Is Worth It:

WeScreenplay coverage is a great way for screenwriters to get their work read by industry professionals. Their feedback can save aspiring screenwriters a lot of time and effort in improving the overall quality of their script. One good coverage can help a screenplay get an agent and movie deal.

However, there are some things that writers should consider before they spend money on WeScreenplay coverage.

In this article, we will be exploring what exactly they do, how much they charge, and whether or not their service is actually worth it for you.

By the end, you should have all the information needed to make an informed decision about whether or not WeScreenplay coverage is right for you.

So let’s jump right in!

10 Good Reasons WeScreenplay Coverage Is Worth It

How can you be sure that WeScreenplay coverage is worth the cost? Here are 10 good reasons why you should give WeScreenplay Coverage a try.

1. They carefully select the best screenwriters for their coverage services

This guarantee’s that your screenplay will be in good hands when it gets evaluated. 

WeScreenplay’s readers are professionals who have extensive experience in the film and television industry. 

WeScreenplay Coverage also works with several scouts, managers, and agents who can use WeScreenplay Coverage to find promising talent.

2. They offer coverage by script format

WeScreenplay offers coverage in three pricing tiers and three formats.

Pricing Tiers:

  • Classic (2 page of detailed notes and scores in 72 hours)
  • Bespoke (Everything in the Classic tier plus a Marketing Plan)
  • Comprehensive (Everything in the Bespoke tier plus in-line notes with detailed suggestions for your script)


  • Feature
  • Television
  • Shorts

3. A strict code of ethics 

WeScreenplay works hard at upholding an ethical standard. They are constantly working to improve their service and to add to the benefits you get from the coverage.

Their services are always evolving and always striving to provide screenwriters with the best possible experience.

Most importantly, you don’t have to worry about shady tactics or scams.

4. Extensive network that spans across all genres

From newcomers to seasoned veterans, WeScreenplay will work with you and your script so that it can succeed in the industry.

By reviewing your script, WeScreenplay’s readers will help you identify areas where you can improve as a writer and what you can do to break into Hollywood.

5. You receive five pages of detailed notes

The WeScreenplay coverage ensures that writers will always get (at least) five pages of detailed notes from an industry professional.

This entails a thorough study of characters, plots, structure, dialogue, and concept. 

Reviewers will focus on these fundamental areas to succinctly express the major strengths and flaws of your script. They follow an extensive checklist of best practices to make sure they give you the most helpful advice.

You can use this advice to improve your story and make it more likely to attract agents and producers.

6. You can ask for a new review

WeScreenplay will give you a completely new reader and a fresh read if the coverage you receive does not meet your expectations.

The company has established a name for itself for constructive, useful criticism, and they want all writers to feel that they’ve benefited from each and every coverage.

7. Scores your script in seven categories

They provide scores for your script in seven categories:

  • Plot
  • Characterization
  • Concept
  • Format
  • Voice
  • Structure
  • Dialouge

WeScreenplay uses these seven important criteria to measure the quality of your screenplay. This makes WeScreenplay one of the most comprehensive coverage services out there.

8. Bases their scores on industry standards

WeScreenplay coverage scores your script based on what would happen if your screenplay was actually considered for production. 

Their readers will tell you what they believe the market value of your screenplay is in detail. 

WeScreenplay also allows readers to include personal opinions about your script, so WeScreenplay Coverage will always be completely unbiased. They don’t hold back what they think, whether it’s good or bad feedback.

9. Offers marketability scores for different genres

These scores include genre-specific information about your script’s marketability. 

WeScreenplay will tell you if your screenplay falls into a highly desirable or undesirable genre, and what changes need to be made to make it sellable in the industry. 

These scores help writers make their work more marketable by giving them a better idea of what’s an acceptable standard for audiences and studios.

10. WeScreenplay Coverage provides you with genre-specific loglines based on your script

WeScreenplay helps you craft a great logline, which can often be the difference between a screenplay being optioned or going unnoticed.

They will help you come up with a logline that reflects the story you want to tell, so it’s more likely to resonate with readers and Hollywood professionals.

WeScreenplay Coverage Example

Your coverage will likely be sent to you as a PDF.

The coverage is split into two basic sections:

  • The Cover Page
  • The Detailed Coverage Notes

The Cover Page

The cover page includes a rating (Pass, Consider, or Recommend) and an over score for your screenplay (an average of the seven scores for the seven categories).

You’ll also receive individual scores for all seven categories and a brief bio of your professional reviewer.

The Coverage Notes

The second part of the coverage starts with a logline, followed by an introduction called “Opening Thoughts.”

It’s basically an overview that goes something like this:

This mystery thriller is highly original with Hitchcockian notes and a dap of Stephen King. The plot contains a lot of action, which is great when writing a thriller or suspense mystery. And right from the beginning, the reader knows that they are following Eric Shooter. But the relationship between him and Dr. Samantha Jones is unclear for the first few scenes. There needs to be more dialogue and character interaction for this relationship to develop. There also needs to be more mystery about what happened in their past lives and how it relates to what is going on in the present-day murder investigation.

The rest of the coverage is further divided into sections by the seven categories. Your reviewer will provide a detailed analysis of what’s good and not so good with your screenplay.

For example, you will get information about your characters:

Eric Shooter, the protagonist, is a well-constructed character because he’s not overly complex and readers can easily relate with him. His actions are not out of the norm, which allows the reader to step into his shoes. The inner conflict between his “past life” nature and “present life” nature is interesting to read about. He has good dialogue and his first-person perspective is engaging for the reader.

Detective Wolfe comes on strong with his interrogation of Eric Shooter. It’s rather direct and hostile, which makes readers side with Shooter because he doesn’t yet know anything about who he was in a past life.

Here’s a video from a screenwriter who used WeScreenplay:

Video by Pika Lee via YouTube—Is WeScreenplay Coverage Worth It?

3 Times WeScreenplay Coverage Is Not Worth It

There are three conditions in which WeScreenplay may not be worth it.

1) Your Script Is Not Finished

WeScreenplay will not provide coverage for half-finished screenplays or incomplete treatments.

If you still haven’t reached the finish line with your script, then consider holding off on coverage until you finish it completely.

2) You’re Not Open to Feedback and Criticism

WeScreenplay is a service that provides feedback to screenplays, but it’s not for everyone. 

It is only worth using if you want feedback on your script and are open to constructive criticism instead of only praise.

If you aren’t completely ready for constructive criticism and feedback on your screenplay, WeScreenplay coverage might not be right for you.

3) You’re Not 100% Committed to Screenwriting

WeScreenplay coverage is not worth it if you are not 100% committed to screenwriting. 

It takes a lot of time and dedication when it comes to writing a screenplay. If you are not prepared to commit the time and energy, WeScreenplay coverage is not worth the cost.

WeScreenplay can be a great resource in helping you improve your craft, but only if you are ready to fully commit to screenwriting.

WeScreenplay Coupon Codes

If you’re looking for a little more convincing to sway you into WeScreenplay coverage, then it’s worth mentioning their promotion codes.

You can find promotion codes by Googling “WeScreenplay coupons.”

Follow them on Twitter (@WeScreenplay) for other news and possible discounts whenever they arise.

Alternate Script Coverage Services

WeScreenplay isn’t the only screenplay coverage service available.

Here are some other services worth checking out:

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BulletproofLearn More
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WeScreenplay Coverage AlternativesIs WeScreenplay Coverage Worth it?

Most screenwriting coverage websites offer similar services for script review, analysis, and critique.

Pretty much all of these script review services use industry professionals with years of experience in the field of acting, directing, and writing. These analysts offer written coverage on the content of a screenplay as well as offering insight into how the story might be improved.

The coverage service often comes with a fee per script, depending on the type of service you purchase.

If you are looking for feedback on your screenplay or are hoping to break into the industry with your latest spec, these services may be very helpful.

Final Thoughts: Is WeScreenplay Coverage Worth It?

As an extra bonus, WeScreenplay returns your coverage within 3 days or less.

If you can’t risk a delay, there’s a rush option that guarantees your coverage back within 24 hours.

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