Is Vi a Scrabble Word? (Official Answer + 300 Alternatives)

Is vi a scrabble word?

Vi is not a Scrabble word in English. Vi does not have a dictionary definition and is not included in the Official Scrabble Players Dictionary. If vi was a Scrabble word, it would be worth five points. There are 300+ alternative Scrabble words that begin, end, or include the two letters,”vi.”

In this article, you’ll learn everything you need to know about vi as a Scrabble word, including definitions, examples, and valid alternatives.

Why Is Vi Not a Scrabble Word?

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Scrabble Board—Is Vi a Scrabble Word
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In the game of Scrabble, there are only certain words that are allowed to be played.

These words are all found in the Official Scrabble Players Dictionary. Vi is not found in this dictionary and, therefore, it is not an official word in Scrabble.

There are no exceptions (when following the official English rules).

You can only use vi if you are not following the official rules of the game or playing in another language. Some people might go by house rules that allow for vi to be played, but this is not standard.

There are a few different languages that vi appears in, but these are not English.

Therefore, vi is not an official English Scrabble word with legal use in the game.

Is Vi a Scrabble Word in Other Languages?

Just because vi isn’t a valid Scrabble word in English doesn’t mean that it isn’t a legal word in other languages.

Is vi a valid scrabble word in other languages?

Vi is a Scrabble word in four other languages. Vi is a legal and official Scrabble word in Italian, Spanish, Danish, and Serbian. Vi is not a valid Scrabble word in any other language.

Here is what vi means in other languages:

  • In Italian, vi means “you”
  • In Spanish, vi means “saw”
  • In Danish, vi means “we”
  • In Serbian, vi means “you”

Therefore, if you play Scrabble internationally, online, or in any of these languages, then vi is a valid word in Scrabble.

Here is a good video that also talks about, “Is Vi a Scrabble word?” in other languages:

YouTube video by Writing Secrets—Is Vi a Scrabble Word?

Vi Scrabble Word Scoring

According to the official Scrabble rules, vi is equal to zero.

In other words, vi earns you no points in the game. If vi was a valid word in Scrabble, the “V” would equal four points and the “I” would equal one point.

Therefore, vi would earn you a total of five points.

Top 7 Vi Scrabble Word Builds

If you have the letters “V” and “I” in your rack, here are the top 7 easy builds.

If you’re looking for the 300 alternatives, skip to the next section. Otherwise, here are fast builds to clear your rack.

Top 7 Scrabble word builds with “vi” chart:

VI Scrabble BuildsGame Points
Chart: Is Vi a Scrabble Word?

Therefore, Vim is your best bet for the most points for the least amount of effort.

300 Vi Scrabble Word Alternatives

To help you use “vi” in the game, here is a massive list of 300 alternative Scrabble words that use the letters.

For easy reading, I’ve divided the massive number of alternate words into three categories.

Those categories are:

  • Scrabble words that begin with Vi
  • Scrabble words that include Vi
  • Scrabble words that end with Vi

By the way, I went through the painstaking process of checking each and every one of these 300 words in the Official Scrabble Players Dictionary.

All of these words are usable in the game.

Scrabble Words that Begin with Vi

  1. Via
  2. Viaduct
  3. Viaducts
  4. Vial
  5. Vials
  6. Vialed
  7. Viatic
  8. Viator
  9. Vibe
  10. Vibes
  11. Vibrant
  12. Vibrate
  13. Vibrato
  14. Vibracular
  15. Vibrator
  16. Vibrators
  17. Vibrionic
  18. Vibrometer
  19. Viburnums
  20. Vicar
  21. Vicars
  22. Vicariant
  23. Vice
  24. Vices
  25. Viceroy
  26. Vicious
  27. Vicinity
  28. Vicious
  29. Victim
  30. Victims
  31. Victimhood
  32. Victimize
  33. Victor
  34. Victors
  35. Victoria
  36. Victory
  37. Victoriously
  38. Vid
  39. Vids
  40. Video
  41. Videos
  42. Videography
  43. Vie
  44. Vier
  45. View
  47. Viewer
  48. Viewed
  49. Vig
  50. Vigil
  51. Vigils
  52. Vigor
  53. Vigorous
  54. Viking
  55. Vikings
  56. Vile
  57. Villa
  58. Villas
  59. Village
  60. Villian
  61. Villians
  62. Villify
  63. Vim
  64. Vin
  65. Vindicate
  66. Vindicated
  67. Vindicates
  68. Vine
  69. Vines
  70. Vinegar
  71. Vintage
  72. Vineyard
  73. Vineyards
  74. Vinyl
  75. Violate
  76. Violative
  77. Violin
  78. Violins
  79. Violinist
  80. Violent
  81. Violet
  82. Viper
  83. Viperfish
  84. Virago
  85. Viral
  86. Virge
  87. Virgin
  88. Virgins
  89. Virid
  90. Virile
  91. Virility
  92. Virtual
  93. Virtue
  94. Virtues
  95. Virus
  96. Visa
  97. Visas
  98. Visage
  99. Viscid
  100. Viscose
  101. Vise
  102. Visibly
  103. Vision
  104. Visionaries
  105. Visit
  106. Visits
  107. Visitor
  108. Visitors
  109. Visitations
  110. Visual
  111. Visuals
  112. Visualize
  113. Vital
  114. Vitals
  115. Vitality
  116. Vitamin
  117. Vitamins
  118. Vitrify
  119. Vive
  120. Vivid
  121. Vividly
  122. Vixen
  123. Vixens
  124. Vizor
  125. Vizors

Scrabble Words that Include Vi

  1. Abbreviate
  2. Abbreviated
  3. Abbreviates
  4. Abbreviating
  5. Activism
  6. Activist
  7. Activists
  8. Advice
  9. Adviser
  10. Advisers
  11. Alleviate
  12. Alleviates
  13. Antiviral
  14. Antivirals
  15. Anvil
  16. Anvils
  17. Avian
  18. Aviary
  19. Avid
  20. Behavior
  21. Behaviors
  22. Bovine
  23. Bovines
  24. Brevity
  25. Captivity
  26. Carving
  27. Carvings
  28. Caviar
  29. Cavity
  30. Cavities
  31. Cervix
  32. Chauvinism
  33. Chauvinist
  34. Circumnavigate
  35. Civic
  36. Civil
  37. Civilian
  38. Clavicle
  39. Clavicles
  40. Collectivism
  41. Conniving
  42. Convict
  43. Convicts
  44. Convince
  45. Craving
  46. Cravings
  47. Creativity
  48. Daredevil
  49. Daredevils
  50. Deceiving
  51. Deserving
  52. Devi
  53. Deviance
  54. Deviant
  55. Deviants
  56. Deviate
  57. Deviates
  58. Device
  59. Devices
  60. Devil
  61. Devils
  62. Devilish
  63. Devilishly
  64. Devious
  65. Deviously
  66. Devise
  67. Devised
  68. Devolving
  69. Disapproving
  70. Disservice
  71. Dissolving
  72. Divide
  73. Dividend
  74. Dividends
  75. Diving
  76. Divine
  77. Divines
  78. Divinity
  79. Division
  80. Divisions
  81. Divisive
  82. Dovish
  83. Driving
  84. Elvish
  85. Engraving
  86. Enviable
  87. Eviscerate
  88. Eviscerated
  89. Envision
  90. Evolving
  91. Exclusivity
  92. Forgiving
  93. Giving
  94. Grapevine
  95. Grapevines
  96. Gravitate
  97. Gravitates
  98. Gravity
  99. Impervious
  100. Improving
  101. Improvisation
  102. Impulsivity
  103. Inactivity
  104. Incentivize
  105. Individual
  106. Individuals
  107. Interview
  108. Interviews
  109. Invigorate
  110. Invigorates
  111. Invincible
  112. Invisible
  113. Invite
  114. Invites
  115. Jive
  116. Lavish
  117. Levitate
  118. Loving
  119. Novice
  120. Passivist
  121. Pavillon
  122. Pavillons
  123. Paving
  124. Pavings
  125. Peevish
  126. Pelvic
  127. Preview
  128. Previous
  129. Ravine
  130. Ravioli
  131. Ravishing
  132. Revile
  133. Revise
  134. Revised
  135. Revisit
  136. Revisits
  137. Revive
  138. Revives
  139. Riviera
  140. Saving
  141. Savings
  142. Savior
  143. Saviors
  144. Service
  145. Services
  146. Shaving
  147. Shavings
  148. Shoving
  149. Soviet
  150. Soviets
  151. Subdivide
  152. Subdivides
  153. Subjectivity
  154. Subservient
  155. Supervised
  156. Survivals
  157. Television
  158. Televisions
  159. Trivia
  160. Trivial
  161. Uncivil
  162. Uncivilized
  163. Underprivileged
  164. Uninvited
  165. Wavier
  166. Waivers
  167. Waving
  168. Weaving
  169. Worldview
  170. Worldviews

Scrabble Words that End with Vi

  1. Bravi
  2. Clavi
  3. Devi
  4. Nevi
  5. Peccavi

Vi Scrabble Meanings

Vi has no official meaning or definition in the game of Scrabble.

However, Vi actually has several meanings in the world. We already looked at what vi means in different languages, so we won’t repeat those here.

Instead, here are other things “Vi” might mean:

  • Roman numeral for the number “six”
  • Intransitive verb
  • Abbreviation of female names

Roman Numeral

Roman numerals are often used to represent numbers in a more formal way.

For example, they are often used to number the chapters in a book or the movement in a piece of classical music. This is because V stands for the number five and I stands for the number one.

When you put these two letters together, they symbolize six.

Intransitive Verb

Vi can also mean “intransitive verb.”

However, only when listed with the word “verb” before the word “intransitive.” Otherwise, it wouldn’t make sense.

“Intransitive” may sound like a fancy grammatical term, but it’s actually pretty simple.

An intransitive verb is a verb that does not receive a direct object. In other words, it’s a verb that cannot be used to describe an action that affects someone or something else.

For example, the verb “to walk” is intransitive.

You can walk by yourself, or you can walk with someone else, but you can’t walk somebody (at least not usually and probably not legally).

This is, admittedly, a stretch but the two letters, “vi” are known as intransitive verbs in some circles, so I wanted to mention it.

Abbreviation of Female Names

Vi can also be an abbreviation of many female names.

Here is a shortlist of some of the over 100 names:

  • Violet
  • Victoria
  • Vicky
  • Vidhu
  • Viola
  • Viona
  • Vivian
  • Videlle
  • Vienna
  • Virginia
  • Vida
  • Vivi
  • Viri
  • Via
  • Vianka

Vi Scrabble Word Sentence Examples

Here are examples of using the letters “Vi” in sentences.

Examples using the Italian word Vi:

  1. Vi ringrazio per il vostro aiuto. (Thank you for your help)
  2. Vi prego di darmi un altro gelato. (Please give me another ice cream)
  3. Vi do la mia parola che sarò puntuale. (I give you my word that I will be punctual)
  4. VI siete tutti invitati a cena stasera. (“You” are all invited to dinner tonight)
  5. Vi prego di lavarvi le mani prima di mangiare. (“You” please wash your hands before eating)

Examples using the Spanish word Vi:

  1. Yo vi un gato en el árbol. (I saw a cat in the tree)
  2. El niño vi a su papá. (The boy saw his father)
  3. Vi a un hombre en la calle. (I saw a man on the street)
  4. Vi un coche rojo. (I saw a red car)
  5. No vi nada. (I didn’t see anything)

Examples using the Danish word Vi:

  1. Vi elsker kage. (“We love cake”)
  2. Vi hader at rengøre huset. (“We hate cleaning the house”)
  3. Vi går på en picnic i parken. (“We’re going on a picnic in the park”)
  4. Vi kan ikke lide at se grimme film. (“We don’t like watching scary movies”)
  5. Vi elsker at gå på stranden. (“We love going to the beach”)

Final Thoughts: Is Vi a Scrabble Word?

The bottom line is that vi is not a Scrabble word when playing the official United States version of the game.

There are so many other words available, I highly recommend that you embrace the official rules, kick your creativity into high gear, and grab your favorite people for a fun game.

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