150 Best Fantasy Writing Prompts to Spark Your Creativity

Fantasy has always been my gateway to the impossible, a realm where my creativity knows no bounds.

From my earliest scribbles to the novels I’ve published, the lure of fantastical worlds has been a constant companion.

With that in mind, let’s go through 150 fantasy writing prompts. I invite you to step into the unknown, to challenge your imagination, and to craft stories that resonate with the magic and wonder of what lies beyond our reality.

Epic Quests

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Necromancer Tower Silhouette Moonlight -- Fantasy Writing Prompts
I made this image — Fantasy Writing Prompts

  1. The Last Ember of Hope: In a world where darkness has swallowed the lands, your protagonist discovers the last ember of hope, capable of reviving the ancient light. What quest must they embark on to use it?
  2. The Broken Crown: A royal heir finds the pieces of a legendary crown that promises ultimate power. Each piece is guarded by a mythical beast. How do they go about reclaiming their kingdom?
  3. The Forbidden Manuscript: A map hidden within an ancient, forbidden manuscript reveals the path to a city of gold. But what perils guard the way?
  4. The Elemental Swords: Four swords imbued with elemental powers are scattered across the realms. Who seeks them, and why?
  5. The Mirror of Futures: A mirror that shows possible futures has been shattered into seven pieces. Can your characters prevent the darkest of futures from becoming reality?
  6. The Last Dragon Egg: Your protagonist finds the last dragon egg. What forces of darkness covet it, and for what purpose?
  7. The Library of Lost Voices: A library containing the knowledge of civilizations long gone beckons. But entering is a pact with eternity. Who dares to enter, and what do they seek?
  8. The Weaver’s Loom: A loom that can weave fate itself has been discovered. Who controls it, and to what end?
  9. The Celestial Tournament: A tournament where the prize is a wish granted by the gods themselves. Who are the contenders?
  10. The Gatekeeper’s Riddle: A gate that leads to paradise itself, but only those who can solve the Gatekeeper’s riddle may enter. What is the riddle, and who wishes to solve it?

Magical Realms

  1. Whispering Woods: In a forest where trees communicate and guard ancient secrets, a lost traveler hears their whispers. What do they learn?
  2. The City Beneath the Waves: A city submerged beneath the ocean, hidden from the modern world, is discovered by a daring marine biologist. What mysteries lie within?
  3. The Mountain That Eats Memories: A mountain rumored to consume the memories of those who climb it. Who ventures there, and what are they hoping to forget?
  4. The Crystal Caverns: Vast caverns filled with crystals that can store thoughts and dreams. A thief seeks the crystal containing the secret to eternal life.
  5. The Valley of Eternal Autumn: A hidden valley where it’s always autumn, and the inhabitants never age. A newcomer stumbles upon it by chance.
  6. The Sky Cities: Cities that float in the sky, accessible only by those who can tame the winds. What brings a ground-dweller to their lofty domains?
  7. The Frozen Garden: A garden where every plant is encased in ice, preserving its beauty forever. What is its keeper’s sorrow?
  8. The Library of Echoes: A library where every book contains the life story of a person, still alive or long dead. A young scholar finds their own story among the shelves.
  9. The Night Market: A market that appears only at night, selling wares that can’t be found in the light of day. Who runs it, and what is the price of its goods?
  10. The Bridge of Mist: A bridge that connects the world of the living with the world of the dead. A grieving person seeks to cross it.

Dark Fantasy

  1. The Feast of Shadows: A kingdom where once a year, the dead return to feast with the living. What happens when one guest refuses to leave?
  2. The Cursed Knight: A knight cursed to live in the shadows, unseen by the world. What quest could lift their curse?
  3. The Ashen Plague: A plague that turns its victims to ash, spreading across the land. Who discovers its origin, and can they stop it?
  4. The Pit of Despair: A pit that appears in the center of a city, from which horrifying creatures emerge. What ancient evil has been awakened?
  5. The Blood Moon Cult: A cult that believes the blood moon grants them unspeakable powers. What ceremony are they planning?
  6. The Witch’s Forest: A forest ruled by a powerful witch, feared by all. A band of rebels seeks to challenge her reign.
  7. The Demon’s Pact: A desperate soul makes a pact with a demon, trading their humanity for power. What is the price of such a deal?
  8. The Haunted Armor: Armor that possesses those who wear it, making them invincible in battle but at a great cost. Who dares to don it?
  9. The Necromancer’s Tower: A tower that appears overnight, home to a necromancer who seeks to conquer the dead and the living. Who can stop them?
  10. The Shadows’ Whisper: A town where shadows whisper secrets to those who walk at night. What truth is too dangerous to be known?

Myth & Legend Retellings

Enchanted forest with glowing trees whispers secrets of ancient magic.
I made this image — Fantasy Writing Prompts

  1. The Sword in the Stone: A young peasant discovers a sword lodged in a stone, said to be the key to uniting the kingdom. Who is worthy to wield it?
  2. The Phoenix Reborn: A phoenix, thought to be extinct, is reborn from its ashes. What role does it play in the fate of the world?
  3. The Labyrinth of the Minotaur: A labyrinth that traps those who enter, guarded by a monstrous minotaur. Who dares to navigate its twists and turns?
  4. The Sirens’ Song: A sailor hears the haunting song of sirens, drawing them toward treacherous waters. What do they seek beyond the waves?
  5. The Curse of Medusa: A curse that turns those who gaze upon Medusa to stone. Who seeks to break it, and at what cost?
  6. The Quest for Excalibur: A quest to find King Arthur’s legendary sword, said to grant its wielder unrivaled power. Who is worthy of such a weapon?
  7. The Tale of Prometheus: The story of Prometheus, who stole fire from the gods to give to humanity. What consequences follow his act of rebellion?
  8. The Call of the Valkyries: The Valkyries descend from the heavens to claim the souls of fallen warriors. What do they see in the heart of a hero?
  9. The Trickster’s Gamble: A trickster god challenges mortals to a game with high stakes. What do they stand to win or lose?
  10. The Song of Orpheus: Orpheus descends into the underworld to retrieve his beloved Eurydice. Can he resist the temptation to look back?

Fairy Tales Reimagined

  1. The Tower of Rapunzel: A tower hidden deep in the forest, where a princess with hair of gold is held captive. Who seeks to rescue her?
  2. The Three Wishes: A genie grants three wishes to whoever releases them from their lamp. What are the unintended consequences of each wish?
  3. The Pied Piper’s Promise: The Pied Piper returns to a town that once betrayed him, seeking retribution. What price will they pay for their betrayal?
  4. The Mirror of Snow White: A mirror that tells the truth, no matter how painful. What does the fairest of them all see when she gazes into it?
  5. The Goose That Laid the Golden Egg: A farmer discovers a goose that lays golden eggs. What greed consumes those who covet its treasures?
  6. The Frog Prince’s Curse: A prince cursed to live as a frog until he receives true love’s kiss. Who is brave enough to see past his appearance?
  7. The Magic Beans: A farmer trades his cow for magic beans that grow into a beanstalk reaching the clouds. What awaits at the top?
  8. The Seven Dwarfs’ Secret: Seven dwarfs protect a mine filled with precious gems. What do they fear more than thieves?
  9. The Sleeping Kingdom: A kingdom cursed to sleep for a hundred years. Who will awaken them from their slumber?
  10. The Red Riding Hood’s Revenge: Little Red Riding Hood returns to the forest, armed with knowledge and vengeance. Who is the true wolf in this tale?

Dystopian & Utopian Societies

  1. The Last City on Earth: In a world ravaged by environmental catastrophe, the last remaining city struggles to survive. What hope remains for humanity?
  2. The Perfect Society: A utopian society where every need is met, but at what cost? What flaws lie beneath the surface of perfection?
  3. The Rebellion’s Revolt: A rebellion rises against a tyrannical government that promises safety in exchange for freedom. What sacrifices must be made for true liberation?
  4. The Lost Colony: A colony on a distant planet loses contact with Earth and must fend for themselves. What secrets do they uncover about their new home?
  5. The Class Divide: A society divided between the privileged elite and the oppressed masses. What sparks the flames of revolution?
  6. The Cult of Technology: A society where technology reigns supreme, blurring the lines between humanity and machines. What happens when the machines rebel?
  7. The Garden of Eden: A secluded paradise where nature thrives in harmony with humanity. What dangers lurk beyond its borders?
  8. The Experiment: A social experiment gone awry, where citizens are pawns in a game of power and control. Who will defy the rules and break free?
  9. The New World Order: A world where a single entity rules over all, enforcing peace through absolute control. What resistance movements emerge in the shadows?
  10. The Hope of Tomorrow: A glimmer of hope shines through the darkness, promising a better future for those who dare to fight for it.

Supernatural Encounters

  1. The Haunted Mansion: A mansion rumored to be haunted by the ghosts of its past inhabitants. What secrets do its walls hold?
  2. The Ghost Ship: A ship lost at sea reappears, crewed by the restless spirits of those who perished aboard. What drove them to return?
  3. The Curse of the Werewolf: A curse that transforms its bearer into a savage beast under the light of the full moon. Who seeks to break the curse, and at what cost?
  4. The Vampire’s Masquerade: A masquerade ball attended by vampires, where mortals are unwitting guests. What dark secrets are concealed behind their elegant facades?
  5. The Witching Hour: A town where magic is real, and witches practice their craft in secret. What happens when their existence is threatened by outsiders?
  6. The Guardian Spirit: A spirit bound to protect a sacred place from harm. What lengths will it go to defend its charge?
  7. The Faerie Court: A hidden realm where the fae hold court, striking bargains with mortals. What do they demand in return for their favors?
  8. The Demon’s Bargain: A demon offers to grant a mortal’s deepest desire in exchange for their soul. What temptation proves too great to resist?
  9. The Cursed Forest: A forest cursed by an ancient evil, where the trees whisper dark secrets to those who dare to listen.
  10. The Seance: A seance to communicate with the spirits of the dead goes horribly wrong, unleashing forces beyond human comprehension.

Time Travel & Alternate Realities

  1. The Time Traveler’s Dilemma: A time traveler discovers they can change the course of history, but at what cost? What paradoxes do they face?
  2. The Parallel Universe: A rift opens, allowing travelers to visit alternate realities. What dangers lurk in worlds where history took a different path?
  3. The Time Loop: A person finds themselves trapped in a time loop, reliving the same day over and over again. What choices can break the cycle?
  4. The Butterfly Effect: A small change in the past leads to catastrophic consequences in the present. How do characters navigate the repercussions of their actions?
  5. The Future Imperfect: Travelers journey to the future to prevent a cataclysmic event. What sacrifices must they make to alter destiny?
  6. The Time Heist: A group of thieves uses time travel to steal priceless artifacts from the past. What consequences follow their actions?
  7. The Time Keeper: A guardian of the time stream seeks to maintain the balance of past, present, and future. What threats endanger the fabric of reality?
  8. The Timeless War: A war that spans centuries, fought across different eras by factions with access to time travel technology. What drives them to fight across time?
  9. The Alternate History: A world where pivotal moments in history unfolded differently, leading to a vastly altered present. What events shaped this alternate reality?
  10. The Time Capsule: A message from the future warns of impending doom. What steps can be taken to avert disaster?

Space Fantasy & Cosmic Adventures

  1. The Starship Voyager: A starship embarks on a journey to explore the far reaches of the galaxy. What wonders and dangers await its crew?
  2. The Alien Diplomat: A diplomat negotiates peace between warring alien factions. What hidden agendas threaten to derail their efforts?
  3. The Cosmic Entity: A being of immense power awakens from eons of slumber, reshaping galaxies with its whims. What challenges arise when mortals encounter such a force?
  4. The Galactic Empire: A vast empire spans the cosmos, ruled by an immortal emperor. What rebellions stir in the outer reaches of the galaxy?
  5. The Space Pirates: Pirates roam the stars, plundering ships and colonies with impunity. What drives them to seek riches among the stars?
  6. The Interstellar Colony: Colonists establish a settlement on a distant planet, facing unknown dangers and alien wildlife. What trials test their resilience?
  7. The Cosmic Phenomenon: An anomaly in space defies all scientific explanation, drawing explorers and scholars to unlock its secrets.
  8. The Celestial Guardians: Guardians protect the universe from cosmic threats, wielding ancient artifacts of unimaginable power. What challenges do they face in their quest to maintain order?
  9. The Intergalactic Tournament: A tournament brings warriors from across the galaxy to compete for honor and glory. What conflicts arise when rival factions clash?
  10. The Stellar Explorer: An explorer ventures into the depths of space, seeking knowledge and adventure among the stars.

High Fantasy & Political Intrigue

 Eerie medieval banquet where the living feast with the dead.
I made this image — Fantasy Writing Prompts

  1. The Throne of Eldoria: A kingdom divided by warring factions vies for control of the throne. What alliances are forged and betrayals committed in the pursuit of power?
  2. The Council of Magi: A council of mages governs the realm, but whispers of corruption threaten to tear it apart. What secrets do they hide behind their spells?
  3. The Exiled Prince: A prince returns from exile to reclaim his birthright, facing enemies both within and without. What price is he willing to pay for redemption?
  4. The War of the Five Kingdoms: Five kingdoms clash in a struggle for dominance, each with its own ambitions and alliances. What strategies are employed in the game of thrones?
  5. The Court of Shadows: A secret society pulls the strings of power from the shadows, manipulating kings and queens like pawns on a chessboard. Who dares to challenge their influence?
  6. The Prophecy’s Prodigy: A prophecy foretells the coming of a chosen one destined to change the course of history. How do they fulfill their destiny while navigating the machinations of fate?
  7. The Mage Rebellion: Mages revolt against their oppressive rulers, seeking freedom from persecution. What sacrifices are made in the name of liberation?
  8. The Sword of Kings: A legendary sword said to choose the rightful ruler of the realm. Who is worthy to wield its power, and what tests must they pass?
  9. The Noble Betrayal: A noble family plots against the crown, driven by ambition and revenge. What consequences follow their treachery?
  10. The Court Jester’s Jest: A court jester uses humor and wit to navigate the treacherous waters of political intrigue. What secrets lie behind their laughter?

Urban Fantasy

  1. The Hidden Enclave: A hidden enclave of mythical creatures exists within the heart of a modern city. What happens when their existence is threatened by urban development?
  2. The Detective’s Dilemma: A detective investigates supernatural crimes in a city where magic and technology collide. What mysteries lie beyond the veil of reality?
  3. The Vampire Masquerade: Vampires, werewolves, and witches live among humans, hiding their true nature in plain sight. What conflicts arise when their worlds collide?
  4. The Fey Market: A market where faeries and other mythical beings barter with mortals for rare and magical goods. What bargains are struck in the shadows of the city?
  5. The Witch’s Brew: A witch brews potions and spells in a modern-day apothecary, catering to the supernatural clientele of the city.
  6. The Werewolf Pack: A pack of werewolves navigates the complexities of pack dynamics and territorial disputes in an urban jungle.
  7. The Secret Society: A secret society of mages meets in the hidden corners of the city, wielding magic to influence the course of events.
  8. The Ghostly Guardian: A ghost haunts the streets of the city, seeking justice for past wrongs. What unfinished business binds them to the mortal realm?
  9. The Urban Shaman: A shaman walks the line between the spirit world and the modern world, protecting the city from supernatural threats.
  10. The Demon’s Deal: A demon offers power and riches to those willing to make a deal. What price do they demand in return?

Fantasy Creatures & Beasts

  1. The Dragon’s Hoard: A dragon guards a hoard of treasure, daring adventurers to brave its lair. What drives them to seek the dragon’s riches?
  2. The Griffin Riders: Warriors ride griffins into battle, their bond forged through years of training and trust. What challenges do they face in defending their kingdom?
  3. The Unicorn’s Blessing: A unicorn grants its blessing to those pure of heart, but what trials must they overcome to prove themselves worthy?
  4. The Phoenix’s Rebirth: A phoenix rises from the ashes, its flames a symbol of renewal and hope. What prophecy foretells its return?
  5. The Leviathan’s Wake: A massive sea creature awakens from its slumber, threatening to capsize ships and swallow sailors whole. What legends surround its origins?
  6. The Centaur Tribes: Centaur tribes roam the plains, their loyalty divided among ancient rivalries and alliances. What sparks the flames of war among them?
  7. The Mermaid’s Song: Mermaids lure sailors to their doom with their enchanting songs. What secrets lie beneath the waves, waiting to be discovered?
  8. The Basilisk’s Gaze: A basilisk turns its victims to stone with a single glance. Who seeks to slay the beast and claim its treasure?
  9. The Kraken’s Fury: A kraken rises from the depths, its tentacles threatening to drag ships to the ocean floor. What sacrifices are made to appease its wrath?
  10. The Chimera’s Challenge: A chimera stalks the countryside, its monstrous form a terror to all who encounter it. What hero dares to face the beast?

Enchanted Objects & Curses

  1. The Mirror of Truth: A mirror that reflects the truth of whoever gazes into it, revealing their deepest desires and darkest secrets.
  2. The Sword of Destiny: A sword forged by ancient gods, said to grant its wielder the power to shape the future. Who is worthy to wield it, and for what purpose?
  3. The Ring of Invisibility: A ring that grants its wearer the power of invisibility, but at what cost? What temptations lead to its misuse?
  4. The Amulet of Protection: An amulet that wards off evil and grants its wearer protection from harm. What dangers test its power?
  5. The Wand of Wishes: A wand that grants three wishes to whoever holds it. What unintended consequences follow each wish?
  6. The Curse of Silence: A curse that prevents its victim from speaking, condemning them to a life of solitude and isolation.
  7. The Book of Shadows: A book filled with spells and incantations, its pages whispering secrets to those who dare to read them.
  8. The Fountain of Youth: A fountain that grants eternal youth to those who drink from its waters. What lengths will people go to obtain its elusive power?
  9. The Locket of Memories: A locket that holds memories of a lost love, offering solace to those who grieve.
  10. The Key to the Unknown: A key that unlocks doors to other realms and dimensions, but what dangers lurk beyond each threshold?

Cross-Genre Fusion

Majestic cities soar among clouds, inaccessible to mere mortals
I made this image — Fantasy Writing Prompts

  1. Steampunk Sorcery: A world where magic and steam-powered technology coexist, blending the elegance of the Victorian era with the wonders of the arcane.
  2. Cybernetic Samurai: Samurai warriors enhanced with cybernetic implants, blending ancient martial arts with futuristic technology.
  3. Gothic Noir: A noir detective navigates the shadowy streets of a gothic city, where vampires and werewolves lurk in the darkness.
  4. Mythic Space Opera: Epic space battles unfold against the backdrop of ancient myths and legends, as heroes clash with cosmic deities.
  5. Fairy Tale Steampunk: Classic fairy tales reimagined in a steampunk world, where clockwork automatons and airships roam the skies.
  6. Post-Apocalyptic Fantasy: Magic emerges in a world ravaged by nuclear war, offering both hope and peril to the survivors.
  7. Historical Fantasy: Historical events infused with elements of fantasy, where legendary figures and mythical creatures shape the course of history.
  8. Contemporary Mythology: Modern-day gods and goddesses walk among mortals, their powers hidden in plain sight in the modern world.
  9. Cosmic Horror Fantasy: Eldritch horrors from beyond the stars threaten to consume the universe, driving mortals to the brink of madness.
  10. Magical Realism: Everyday life infused with subtle magic and wonder, blurring the line between the mundane and the fantastical.

Ancient Civilizations & Lost Worlds

  1. Atlantis Rediscovered: Explorers discover the lost city of Atlantis hidden beneath the waves, its secrets waiting to be uncovered.
  2. The Tomb of the Pharaoh: Archaeologists unearth the tomb of an ancient pharaoh, awakening a curse that threatens to unleash chaos upon the world.
  3. The Forgotten Temple: A hidden temple deep in the jungle holds the key to unlocking ancient mysteries and forgotten powers.
  4. The Ruins of El Dorado: Explorers search for the legendary city of gold, facing treacherous jungles and rival treasure hunters along the way.
  5. The Lost Library of Alexandria: Scholars seek to uncover the lost knowledge of the Library of Alexandria, rumored to contain secrets beyond imagination.
  6. The Labyrinth of Crete: Adventurers brave the labyrinth of Crete, facing deadly traps and mythical beasts in their quest for glory.
  7. The Sword of Excalibur: King Arthur’s legendary sword, Excalibur, lies hidden in a forgotten tomb, waiting for a new hero to claim it.
  8. The Oracle’s Prophecy: An oracle foretells the rise and fall of empires, guiding heroes and kings through the twists and turns of fate.
  9. The City of Shangri-La: A mythical city hidden in the Himalayas, where immortals dwell in eternal peace and harmony.
  10. The Gates of Babylon: The gates of Babylon open once more, revealing a gateway to other worlds and dimensions beyond imagination.

If you’d like a video version of 30 of my fantasy writing prompts, I made this recording for you:

YouTube Video by Writing Secrets (That’s me!) — Fantasy Writing Prompts

Final Thoughts: Best Fantasy Writing Prompts

Explore the limitless possibilities of fantasy writing with these enchanting prompts, igniting your imagination and guiding you through realms of wonder and darkness.

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