Does Final Draft Work on Chromebook? (Solved)

Does Final Draft work on Chromebook?

Final Draft does not work natively on Chromebooks and Chrome OS. Final Draft is a Windows-only program that’s designed to create scripts for film, TV, theater, games, and more. If you’re using a Chromebook or Chrome OS device, you’ll need an alternative screenwriting application.

Final Draft screenwriting software does not work on Chromebooks, but there are alternatives. In this article, we’ll answer a few of the most frequently asked questions about Final Draft and Chromebooks.

Why Is Final Draft Not Compatible With Chrome OS?

Final Draft is not compatible with Chrome OS for several reasons. The main reason is that the software developers did not make it compatible. Chromebooks are designed to work with internet service, and Final Draft is mainly an offline application.

Final Draft requires an internet connection the first time you active it to work properly, but you don’t need internet access beyond this first use.

Final Draft is essentially an off-line app. You can use it if you’re disconnected from the internet, and Chromebooks are meant for internet connection. While you can switch a Chromebook into the “offline” mode, Final Draft will still not work.

While you will not be able to use Final Draft on Chromebooks, you can use alternative screenwriting software. There may even be a work-around using another application. We’re going to dive into all of the best options (but still keep it brief and actionable).

What Computers Are Compatible With Final Draft?

What Computers Are Compatible With Final Draft?

Final Draft is compatible with Windows and Mac (Apple) computers and devices. You can activate Final Draft once and use the software on either platform. You can also use Final Draft on your Apple iPad or iPhone.

As I hinted earlier, there just might be a way to make a Chromebook compatible with Final Draft. Or, at least, to use Final Draft on your Chromebook. But it appears to take additional paid software, several steps, and you must have a specific type of Chromebook.

Let’s look at this option next.

Is There a Way To Make Chromebooks Compatible With Final Draft?

In my research, I found a software called Crossover from Codeweavers that promises to enable Windows apps on Chromebook. There is not any specific information available about whether or not this works for Final Draft on Chromebooks, but if it may be the only option.

If you are desperate, maybe give it a try.

The downloadable software is called Crossover Chrome and allows you to use apps not available in the Google Play store. According to their website, there is a free trial. The regular price is $39.95 to $59.95 per month.

There is a nice step-by-step breakdown of how to run Scrivener on Chromebooks. Scrivener is another screenwriting software that does not work directly with Chromebooks. Someone, at least, has promised a work-around that you might be able to borrow for using Final Draft.

The gist is that you download both software (for a price) onto your Chromebook, then sync the two programs.

I can’t promise you that it will work, but you can use the free trial of Final Draft to try it out. You will need a compatible Chromebook with an intel processor.

Worst case scenario, you cancel Final Draft and Crossover if it doesn’t work for you.

Alternatives to Final Draft for Chromebook

If you’re using a Chromebook, there are several alternatives to Final Draft. Here is a look at some of them. I created this simple table so that you could easily learn more about the various screenwriting software.

NamePriceLearn More
Celtx Studio$Learn more
WriterDuet$Learn more
Writer Pro$Learn more
Scrivener$$Learn more
Screenwriting software—Does Final Draft work on Chromebook?

Here’s a 5-minute video quickly covering screenwriting software on Chromebooks:

Video by Thomas Midena via YouTube—Does Final Draft Work on Chromebook?

Scrivener has many features like revision tracking, word counts, and exporting into multiple formats. Its biggest drawback is the price tag: $40 (US) for the cheapest version. If budget isn’t an issue, then this software might just be what you’re looking for on your Chromebook.

Celtx Studio has many features similar to Final Draft. Celtx also has revision tracking which is a really essential feature so that you can see all of the changes you make over time. Celtx lacks some of the more advanced features that Final Draft offers like exporting to PDF in different formats, maintaining script formating when copying and pasting, and auto-fill predictive text.

Final Draft is still the best software for screenwriting, but there are some decent options for writing your screenplays on Chromebook.

Are Final Draft Documents Accessible on Chromebook or Android Devices?

Are Final Draft documents accessible on Chromebook or android devices (in an efficient way at least)?

The short answer is, “No.” Final Draft documents are not easily accessible on Chromebook or android devices. Final Draft documents can be reformatted (or copied and pasted) to be accessible on Chromebooks but that takes a few extra steps and can alter the clean screenwriting format you want for your screenplay (which may defeat the purpose of using Final Draft).

However, you may be able to use the Crossover Chrome application to access Final Draft documents on your Chromebook.

The downside is the additional cost and software to manage. If you already own a Chromebook and don’t mind the extra cost (at least while you experiment with this possibility), the Crossover app might be your best option.

Conclusion: Does Final Draft Work on Chromebook?

Final Draft may not be readily available on Chromebook but there are still some very good alternatives for the clever screenwriter. The alternatives range from cheap to more expensive—and some require additional software—but at least there are options.

Ultimately, for the serious screenwriter, I definitely recommend that you eventually upgrade to a Final-Draft compatible computer. I use the HP VH240a 23.8 inch Full HD 1080 desktop computer. It’s inexpensive for a computer and does everything I need for my writing.

I hope this article answered every question about Chromebooks and Final Draft for you.

Thanks for reading!

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