Best Eulogy Writers (Tested and Rated)

When you go to hire someone to write an eulogy for your loved one, you want only the best eulogy writers.

The best eulogy writer is Aubrey from She is based in the United States, speaks English as a first language, and has 100% positive reviews. She writes original, heartfelt eulogies that pass plagiarism checkers.

You can contact Aubrey at her website,

I don’t know her personally and am not an affiliate for her services. However, I tested and rated her service so that you don’t have to waste any money. Especially during painful times of loss when you might not be in a frame of mind to make the best decisions.

3 Best Eulogy Writers

CategoryEulogy WriterPriceVisit Website
Best OverallAubrey$$Visit Site
Budget-FriendlyHelen Down$Visit Site
Highest QualityDen Pope$$$Visit Site

In case you are looking for a specific type of writer, I’ll recommend the best eulogy writers across several categories, such as affordable, quality, and humor. We’ll end with what to look for when hiring a eulogy writer.

The Best Eulogy Writer: Pros and Cons

After conducting lots of research, I chose Aubrey from as the best eulogy writer overall. I dug around to find out what you might want to know about her.

Here is a table with pros and cons for her service:

Heartfelt, sincere eulogiesNot the cheapest option for eulogy writers
Reasonably pricedApproximately 1,000-word limit for stated price
Original (passes plagiarism checkers)No refunds for completed eulogies
Direct contact availablePeriodically unavailable due to personal time constraints
48-hour turnaround time
Reasonable revisions included in price
Example eulogies available
Free obituary upon request
Writes eulogies for adults, children, and pets

You can see her eulogy examples here. I also wanted to make sure that her eulogies were 100% original. Meaning no copy-and-paste templates, no automatic eulogy generators (which exist).

These templates and generators may help you write a fast eulogy, but they don’t produce very good ones. When you want to honor your loved one, whether human or pet, speed usually isn’t the most important factor. For me, it’s quality + price + originality. Speed matters but it’s a tacked-on afterthought behind quality and price.

So I tested her eulogies using my paid plagiarism detector. I’m happy to say that her eulogies passed with flying colors!

Aubrey’s prices are in the middle range for similar services, meaning that she is a professional eulogy writer, but not overpriced. Her turnaround time is exceptional at 48 hours. Death is seldom scheduled, so it’s nice to know that she can complete the eulogy quickly when you need it done fast.

And she can write eulogies for family members of all kinds—adults, children, and pets.

If you, or whoever is giving the eulogy, has dyslexia or any other disability, she can also alter the text size, font, spacing, or format of the eulogy.

The Best Affordable Eulogy Writer (Super Cheap)

Not everyone can afford middle to high-end eulogy writers.

Who is the best affordable eulogy writer?

Helen Down is the best eulogy writer for an affordable price. She offers tiered pricing of $15, $30, and $100.00. Her standard eulogy writing service is $30 and will accommodate most people.

She offers eulogy writing on Fiverr, a marketplace for affordable services. On the platform, she has an impressive 4.9-star review rating, with a steady stream of orders. There is one in the queue as I write this blog post. Just because she is affordable, doesn’t mean that she writes cheap or low-quality eulogies.

Some of her reviews mention phrases like “fantastic communication,” “exceptional,” and “channeled my thoughts perfectly.”

On her Fiverr gig page, you can see snippets of example eulogies. She also can work with very little details such as name and age, although she’ll likely ask a few questions to help fill out the eulogy.

The Best High-Quality Eulogy Writer

If, instead, you want a top-end eulogy writer, then the best eulogy writer is Den Pope.

Den Pope writes eulogies at He offers tiered pricing packages that start at $429.00 and go up to $699.00. His website is very professional-looking with many positive reviews. His focus is on high-quality, original, and inspirational eulogies.

His packages include:

  • Essential package—Quick interview, 6-9-minute eulogy, unlimited revisions, and the eulogy written on notecards for easy presentation.
  • Serenity package—You get everything in the Essential package plus personal coaching, and two ebooks on giving better presentations.
  • Legacy package—You get everything in the first two packages plus a hardcover memory book with the eulogy text and photos. The book includes a page for personal notes and a special pen with non-fade ink. The book is delivered in a “high-quality, custom-made black box with red looped ribbon to help lift the book from the box.”

Here is one of the many reviews from his website:

The eulogy could not have gone better. I hope I can share some highlights of it with you when you have a few minutes.

Bottom line — I cannot thank you enough for helping me share my sister’s life in a way that moved her family and friends. It went extraordinarily well because of your writing and speaking suggestions. As my very close friend said yesterday, “It was perfection” and that was just one of the countless praises. You offer a valuable service and I would be happy to highly recommend you and your services to anyone. Again, thanks so much.

Jackie, Wisconsin

The Best Online Eulogy Writing Service

Technically, all of the best eulogy writers in this article offer their services online. However, the top three eulogy writers in this list provide individual services on a more personal basis.

In contrast, eulogy writing services usually contract or hire many writers to craft eulogies.

The best online eulogy writing service is They offer a clear six-step process to create memorable eulogies. Their eulogy consultants and concierge writers can revise an existing draft of a eulogy or write a eulogy from scratch for a standard price of $515.

As you can see, their services do not come cheap. Personally, I’m not a fan of what feels like a more impersonal eulogy service. Eulogies should be personal, emotional, and very individualized, in my opinion.

However, some people really like their services. It comes down to personal preference and what kind of service makes the most sense to you.

If you’re going to pay this high of a price, thought, I suggest you hire Den Pope.

The Best Funny Eulogy Writer

Yes, you can absolutely write a happy eulogy. Even if your eulogy is deeply serious and emotional, sharing a humorous story or anecdote about your loved one is perfectly acceptable. Showing emotional range can make for a powerful memorial.

The best funny eulogy writer is Beth Sherman. She is a professional comedy writer who has been featured on Ellen, The Tonight Show, and The Queen Latifa Show, among many others places.

While she doesn’t exclusively focus on eulogies, she does offer eulogy writing services from her website,

Writing comedy, funny stories, or humorous speeches is her bread-and-butter. I love the tag line on her site: “I help real people write and deliver authentically funny speeches.” Authenticity is important because not everyone can pull off every type of humor.

Perhaps one of the reviews on her website says it best:

Beth demonstrated tremendous empathy. She took time to learn about my friend and helped me craft a speech that struck the right balance of seriousness and levity.

Emily G.

The Best Free Eulogy Writer (100% Free)

I know I recommended that you avoid free eulogy templates and generators, but not everyone can afford even an affordable eulogy writer or service. You can absolute write your eulogy yourself or for free with an automatic eulogy generator. If nothing else, you can produce a draft version that can drastically reduce the price of hiring a writer to produce one from scratch.

What are the best free eulogy writers?

The best free eulogy writers are eulogy generators. The best automated content generator is Conversion Ai. You can use it to write a creative, original eulogy.

Here is a list of other eulogy templates and generators:

My highest recommendation for generated content is Conversion Ai (high-end software that automatically generates an opening, outline, and ideas at the click of a button). I use it to help create long-form articles and blog posts.

For this article, I tested the software by asking it to produce a eulogy for my grandma who recently passed away. Here is a snippet of the generated content:

I am here today to honor my grandma, Mama Ruth. She was a woman of great faith and joy. She lived an extraordinary life full of love and laughter that we all admired. Her hard work didn’t stop at the office, as she also spent her time with her kids and grandkids giving them more than enough love. I will miss you dearly, but know that your legacy lives on in our hearts forevermore!

Honestly, I’m amazed at the results!

The major downside is that Conversion Ai is expensive software. Unless you want to use it for copywriting, marketing, drafting emails, or blogging, it’s probably too hefty of a price tag to fork over for a single eulogy. On the bright side, it’s cheaper than most eulogy writers.

In case you want to get a free eulogy written without software, here are some other options.

  • You can also check with local schools and universities to see if anyone is willing to write your eulogy for free. That may sound silly, but many writers love to write. Writers just starting out with copywriting businesses might offer a pro bono (free) eulogy in return for using your positive review for marketing their services.
  • If time allows, you might post a free message on a marketplace like Craigslist for a free or pro bono eulogy writer.

It doesn’t hurt to check!

What To Look For When Hiring a Eulogy Writer (Checklist)

If you plan to hire a eulogy writer, I highly recommended you follow this checklist. Like with any other industry, eulogy writing is full of low-quality scammers who only want to take your money and provide you with a sub-par product.

Ask these eulogy writing questions to find the best eulogy writers:

  • Does the writer have a website?
  • What do reviews of the eulogy writer say?
  • How long (how many words) will the eulogy be?
  • What is included in the price of the eulogy?
  • What is the eulogy creation process? What are the exact steps?
  • Does the writer use templates or generators?
  • Will the eulogy be 100% original?
  • How soon will the eulogy be completed and delivered?
  • Do you (the client) own the copyright to the eulogy?
  • Can you see examples or samples of similar eulogies?
  • Are revisions included in the eulogy price?
  • Does the eulogy writer write the text or outsource it to another writer?
  • Is English (or your preferred language) their first language?
  • Do they offer presentation or delivery coaching?
  • Do they offer refunds?
  • How will they match the speaker’s voice and personality?

By asking these types of questions, you can figure out the best eulogy writer for your loved one. It’s important to know what you get, don’t get, and if the eulogy will be personal, original, and engaging.

I highly suggest that you run the final eulogy draft through a free plagiarism checker like That way, you’ll know if you get 100% original content that’s not based mostly on an existing template.

Check out this table for three recommendations that may further help with your funeral planning:

ItemPriceVisit Site
Overnight Caskets$$$Learn more
Titan Casket$$Learn more
Andover Series Casket$Learn more

Final Thoughts on The Best Eulogy Writer

You can, of course, write your own eulogy. That’s harder, but doable. I’ve given many speeches in my life, but only one eulogy for my grandfather. It was by far the most difficult speech to give. Unless you are a professional speaker or writer, I suggest that you outsource the writing of eulogies. However, I think a family member who loves the person who passed can best deliver a heart-felt eulogy.

Thank you for reading!

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