11 Writing Utensils That Make Note-Taking Fun & Easy

After writing for more than 20 years (yeah, I’m old), I’ve used many different types of writing utensils. Like any good writer, I am always on the lookout for my next favorite pen or pencil.

There are a lot of lists of writing utensils on the internet. I know. I’ve read them. Most are thinly veiled attempts to sell you expensive equipment or basic items.

One “fun note-taking” post even has the gall to suggest Number 2 pencils as if they are hilariously helpful. Another article lists 40+ utensils. I don’t know about you, but that’s overwhelming.

A number 2 pencil – really!?

In this article, you will find the 10 Hilarious Writing Utensils That Make Note-Taking Easy.

How Are These Writing Utensils Hilarious and Easy?

What defines “hilarious” and “easy”? These utensils range from fun to silly to absurd, so that’s the “hilarious” part. Most importantly, they actually work. Each writing utensil is hand-picked to balance “fun” with “easy”.

These 10 writing utensils will help you take better notes, doodle, and color-code your writing. Doodling and color-coding are proven methods to make note-taking both fun and super effective.

According to an article in Harvard Health Publishing:

In 2009, psychologist Jackie Andrade asked 40 people to monitor a 2-½ minute dull and rambling voice mail message. Half of the group doodled while they did this (they shaded in a shape), and the other half did not.

They were not aware that their memories would be tested after the call. Surprisingly, when both groups were asked to recall details from the call, those that doodled were better at paying attention to the message and recalling the details. They recalled 29% more information!

And I promise I will not suggest a number 2 pencil! 🙂

Ok, let’s get to writing utensils!

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Row of colored pencils for my writing utensils article
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11 Fun and Useful Writing Utensils

Before we dive into the list, if you are looking for my recommendation for the best writing tool, I suggest the infinity pencil. It’s lightweight, eco-friendly, and lasts a very long time.

1. Smencils – pencils that smell

Smencils are the ultimate writing utensil. Not only do they smell incredible – watermelon, jelly donut, cheesecake, and more – but they can also boost learning and productivity.

According to a 2017 study, there is a clear connection between smell and memory. An article on MedicalNewsToday.com explains it this way:

The authors confirm that the strategic use of aromas while learning and during sleep might improve exam performance — even outside of the laboratory.

That means these smelly fun pencils meet all of our criteria for being hilarious and helpful.

Bonus: the smells last for up to two whole years!

2. GC Writing Quill Feather Pen

This calligraphy pen is 100% handmade awesomeness! Nothing says sophistication and old world charm like an actual feather and ink writing utensil.

I absolutely love this fun pen.

93 reviews on Amazon agree. This pen has a 4.6 out of 5 rating for a reason. Troy Rosembaum even says it might be “too nice”:

I bought this as a Christmas gift for my sister who wanted to get into calligraphy. Everything in it is very nice. The gold stem pen and all of its accessories are appealing to the eyes, and the feather piece also looks great on it. However, my sister told me that she does not want to use it because it is “too nice” to use. I have no guarantee that the product works because my sister refuses to let anyone use it, but I can say that it is a very nice product for those who want a stylish calligraphy pen set.

3. Magic Bendy Flexible Pencils

Pencils that bend? Count me in for these novelty writing utensils.

Like Smencils, these bendy pencils can actually help you stay focused, learn, and get more done.


Studies show that fidget toys aid concentration for children with ADHD. And bendy pencils can serve as a type of fidget toy.

If these pencils can help students with ADHD, imagine what they can do for your level of focus!

4. Dual Tip Brush Marker Pens

These bright dual-tip brush pens might not sound “hilarious” but they made the list because they are fun markers with many uses. You will love them when you give them a try.

This set comes with 36 multi-colored pens that you can use to color-code your notes or enjoy a relaxing night doodling away with your adult coloring books. Kids love these markers, too, so that might be a plus!

An Amazon reviewer who goes by the username MrsB10305 with a verified purchase says:

I’m a self-described planner nerd and I have been on the look for some dual tip pens that didn’t break the bank, but that didn’t bleed through paper either. I use the Happy Planner and these markets have worked perfectly.

I love the range of different colors, makes color-coding easier. I also have two little boys, 5 and 2, and they are able to use these markers easily. They wash off of skin well and do no stain carpet (my 2-year-old dropped one on the floor). I love the Brush Highlighter part for coloring and the fine tip for more detailed information in my planner. The colors are vibrant and the pen sits comfortably in your hand. I would recommend this set to anyone!

She had me sold at “planner nerd” :).

5. Colored brick pencils

Everyone’s favorite childhood toy on a pencil. Ok, maybe not everyone’s, but it’s still super fun.

You can write, draw and build with this Lego-licensed pencil. That’s a lot of value from a simple writing utensil.

According to research in the Journal of Marketing Research, Legos can help you:

  • Learn
  • Focus
  • Remember
  • Increase your creativity

6. Slingshot pencil

Amazon describes the slingshot pencil this way:

Catapencil – Catapult Pencil. Release your Dennis the Menace with our Catapencil!

Of course, you don’t have to use this cool writing utensil for evil. Just like all of the other writing utensils in this list, the slingshot pencil doubles as both note-taking genius and fun play toy.

Remember, fun, and play foster the perfect environment for optimum learning.

A pencil collector on Amazon has this to say:

As I am a pencil collector, this is an amazing add to my collection! Looks great and I am very happy with this purchase. Would recommend.

7. The 6-in-1 tool pen

What an incredible pen. This one offers six different tools in one utensil:

  • Ruler
  • Level
  • Ballpoint pen (of course)
  • Stylus
  • Flat-head screwdriver
  • Philips screwdriver

That’s probably enough said but this pen is seriously useful. You can do so much with it that it is a no-brainer for taking notes for school or work meetings.

8. Combat Pens

This set includes pens shaped like a RPG, pistol, bullet and grenades. Enough said.

These utensils are as unique as they are fun. you are sure to be the only one in school or the office with these bad boys. Of course, you may want to check the guidelines before showcasing them in class.

They are perfect addition to your note-taking arsenal. As we have seen, fun, playful pens support a relaxed focus optimal for better learning.

9. Branch and twig pencils

I have to admit that these branch and twig pencils are some of my favorite on this list.

They look stunning (for someone who geeks out over writing utensils, that’s important!). Not only that, but they also feel amazing and work as pencils.

Other cools facts:

  • They are fashioned out of wood from socially responsible sustainable forests
  • They are 100% biodegradable
  • Many people use them as decorations

Keep in mind that these rustic pencils do not fit in oridnary pencil-sharpeners. While they arrive already sharpened, it is unlikely that you will be able to reuse them.

According to Amazon FAQs and reviews, you may be able to sharpen the pencils with a knife.

10. Infinity Pencils

If you are looking for the perfect note-taking pencil, this is the one.

The tip never needs to be sharpened but can be replaced. It boasts that it can take the place of 200 pencils!

While it does write with a light gray shade (lighter than other pencils), it is eco friendly and lasts a very long time. Perfect for the note taker!

L. Valle on Amazon sums up this pencil nicely:

Love the pencil. A little lighter than your standard #2 but works great and still legible. It has nice weight and feels good in hand. I would buy again. So far so good. Hopefully I won’t drop it…don’t know if it could take the fall as it has a perpetual sharp point.

11. Potted plant pens

Last but certainly not least, the potted plan pens make writing utensils fun. In fact, these gel pens really do grow actual plants out of the eraser ends.

Yes, you do need to water the plants to start growing them.

A 2009 study of junior high school students in Taiwan suggests that plants positively impact health, psychology, and behavior.

According to the study:

In comparing data from the two classrooms, Han found that students in the experimental classroom where the plants were introduced had significantly higher scores than the regular classroom in terms of preference, comfort, and friendliness. In addition, he found that students in the classroom with plants had significantly fewer sick leave hours and punishment records than students in the regular classroom.

Final Thoughts

This list goes to show you that even simple writing utensils can really make a difference in your creativity, comfort, and enjoyment of note-taking.

Any one of the writing utensils on this list will serve you well. You won’t be disappointed.

However, if you are looking for a specific type of tool, consider these recommendations:

I hope that you find the perfect pen or pencil for you!